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    Cullen left his homeland of Ferelden a broken and damaged young man. Only his internal rage and hatred of mages drove him to wake each day and continue serving in the Templar Order. Once on board that destined cargo ship, he knew a new life awaited him as a templar officer in Kirkwall’s restrictive Gallows. However, a rogue hurricane shipwrecks him on Morcant Estate, a country isle retreat off Ostwick’s coast owned by the respected House Trevelyan. Unable to continue on his journey until the end of hurricane season, Cullen finds company in the family’s beautiful and talented daughter, Evie. An indescribable pull draws the templar towards this noble lady who deserves anyone but his attention. Her presence brings a much needed peace to his warring soul.

    Alas, things are not what they seem. The longer the knight remains an honored guest, the more House Trevelyan’s dark and criminal secrets surface, especially regarding the intoxicating Evie. Fate shows itself in mysterious ways, especially when lyrium branded on one’s skin.

    Theme Song: "Burning In The Skies" by Linkin Park & "Deeper" by Valerie Broussard feat. Lindsey Stirling
    Cullen & Evie's Theme: "Twin Flames" by In This Moment

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    Cullen x Female Mage Trevelyan
    Cullen x Evie

    Cullen is caught in a hurricane storm and is washed up on Ostwick harbor saved by Evie who is a mage knight enchanter captain of a ship with her own crew

    Cullen was supposed to be in Kirkwall after Kinloch Hold

    Bann Trevelyan keeps Cullen on the isle island because hurricane season and bad weather

    Cullen scared and hates mages and magic

    Rian is married and bonded to Cassandra and out in the world working with her as Templar Knight Divine when she's the Right Hand of the Divine

    Esme younger brother of Evie former Templar recruit in training

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    Read ch 1 July 4

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