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Mystic Messenger || Don’t Leave Me Behind

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Ok rules to requests, I don’t have much to say so just read this lil piece. 

👆🏾: When request please don’t automatically assume, “oh of course she’ll write mine!”. Of course I’m a horny lil shit but I do have standards. 

🤙🏾: As you can see you can request underage stuff from me, I am fine with writing anything like Jumin x daughter reader or Professor Yoosung x Student reader or even things like Zen x child reader. I’m just saying, I’m a disgusting person so what? Just be ready for that weird shit. 

🤟🏾: No hate bro. Any hate comments will be deleted or some harsh as salt from myself. No hate, no fighting, no nothing. Be chill in my Christian household the fuck. 

What is allowed:

- Yanderes

-Non con

- Incest

- Murder

-chubby Reader 

- etc. If I have a problem with your request I will tell you.

Well that’s all I really have to say, just basically don’t be a bunch of baby back assholes. I’ll take in almost any kink and I can write prompts as well. 

Ill try to update tomorrow but I’ll also be posting these on my tumblr at Yandereinmyguts.