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My Itty Bitties

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June was the end of a seemingly endless torture that was known as school. College students, on the other hand, had to stay and attend their classes in hopes of grasping a degree. You? You didn’t have to worry about that. With a fortune left by your grandparents, you try to spend your time idly attending classes with minimum work effort.

Your parents weren’t pleased they you gained the riches and own properties from your grandparents on your mother’s side but they couldn’t do anything about it as it was illegal to take it without your consent. Life was hard, of course. So you often tried to please your parents in anyway you could—getting a degree and not relying on your grandparents fortune was the only thing they’re willing to accept. As the gifts and such would be brought with the money you’ve been handed to. A degree would mean that you had worked for it, something done by your hands alone.

Now, you weren’t stupid. You didn’t go on a shopping spree high on wealth and properties that could be worth more than you. You stayed vigilant and proper to prove to your parents that you weren’t so over your head with the new found wealth. Instead, you fed your unhealthy attractions to video games of all sorts, putting studying aside as your grandparents had already taught you the difficulties of math, history and English.

Exams were a thing, sadly. Which meant you’ll be buried deep within books in attempts to catch up with the schooling system. Math was easy, History was just lessons that were learned and you practically lived the English language.. Your other subjects weren’t as easy though as your grandparents didn’t think they were important enough to get you through life without any difficulty. Boy, they were wrong.

Self-indulging yourself in books, you flipped through the pages, reading and rereading paragraph after paragraph while occasionally writing now notes on the small slip of paper that was allowed in the examination room.

Humans, to you, were interesting bunch. How many times has the race started between chaos and terrible decisions been crossed? Many troublesome people in the past that were once alive rained blood and destruction. While the others tried to change the world for the best with their harmless experiments and inventions.

You flipped through another page of the history book. Nearly finished twitch the fast-study session before the exam starts. Writing down a few more notes and you shut the book with a soft ‘thud’ coming from both ends. A happy smile on your lips as you placed it on the ever-growing pile next to you, a cart filled with other books for your classes near the armchair sat. Besides it was a long lamp with a green coverup and gold accents. The arm chair was rustic, much like everything in your Grandparents cabin; where your parents resides in.

They didn’t want the mansion, neither did you, so you did what you could—you sold it to someone durable. Of course, you took your grandparents prized possessions and stored them safely in the cabin’s attic. From your grandfather’s prized suits to your grandmother’s favourite pearl earrings.

You thought about selling the vacation home, the beach house and the forest property. But maybe you might need it? Or maybe you’ll give it to your children one day.

The forest property had to stay. Most definitely, why? Because you grandfather (the jokester he is) had buried a box of money somewhere around the mass of land. Somewhere between northwest,he said.

You shook your head of your grandfather. He was always the one who cheered you up when you fell. Putting the books back one by one, your hand lingered on Six of Crows. a favourite of your parents. They didn’t let you read The Crooked Kingdom until you finished the exams. Not that you’ll complain, you tend to get lost within a video game or book.

Once you started, you had to see the end of it.

Maybe you relied on your grandparents a little too much but what could you do? You were the only child to your mother as she was with her parents, your grandparents. While your father has three younger brothers and two younger sisters. Whom, hadn’t spoken to your father after he eloped with your mother.

Little you would often listen to the story over and over again and end up crying as your father admitted quitting school just to keep you. If he went through, there was a high chance that your grandparents would have kept you away from your father.

Smiling softly, you pushed the book into a empty slot, fingertips running down the spine before taking a step back and comically bowed at the bookshelf.

“Thank you, Grandma.” You spoke in a soft whisper, turning away, you spared a single glance at the book for the last time and left the library, bidding the librarian a good day and quickly made your way towards the examination building.

The day was clear, clouds spreading thinly that it looks like separated wool. Holding onto your book bag, you entered the building, writing your name down and grabbed the exam packet. Making your way to one of the seats, you lowered your bag and pushed it beneath your seat, you pulled out the pencil and began.

An hour and a half passed, and you were stuck on the last question.

What was the name of the ship on which the Pilgrims traveled to North America in 1620?

Was this even necessary? Okay, okay. You’re bitter because you skipped this part in the books because you thought it wasn’t important!

You lifted your head to check the time, a small scoff coming from you as you thought over the question and it’s listed potential answers.

The Santa Maria was used by Christopher Columbus in his first(or second, you forgot.)voyage across the Atlantic Ocean in 1492 or 1493.

You moved in to the next, crossing out The Santa Maria with ink to show your bitterness to the question. You only had fifteen minutes left until you had to turn in the exam packet.

You narrowed your eyes at the other two. The HMS Beagle and the Beatle. Both nice ships, one a warship with cannons while the other was...used for adventuring, right?

Frustration slowly building up, you bit down on the pencil. Should you wing it? It’s only one question—oh. Never mind.

This is worth 40% of the grade.

Who the fuck studies ships and uses it to modern technology!? I mean, there is some people but you aren’t even aiming for that profession!

With an angry huff, you looked up once more and cringed silently at the time. Ten minutes until you had to turn it in.

The Mayflower ship was unknown to you, who sailed it? Who road on it? Did it sink? Was it overrun by pirates or owned by the English?

The unanswered questions beginning to bug you, you looked up at the professor then towards the camera above the door. A small frown on your lips as you lowered your head, placed the pencil on the table and ran your hand through your hair, trying to soothe the oncoming headache.

Fuck it, you’re winging it.

Circling The Mayflower you wrote your name, grabbed your bag and stood up, walking down the small flight of stairs and handed in the packet. A sense of relief washing over you as you walked out the door.

If you failed, at least you did it confidently.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Levi lived with you in a two bedroom apartment and one bathroom. He was gay. Not that you minded, as long as he leaned up after himself you had no complaints. Placing your book bag on the couch, you took out your phone and began researching on who the fuck went on pilgrim on the 1620’s.

Your blood ran cold upon seeing the familiar name. The fucking Mayflower went.

Your wing did wonders. (Ahah, that pun. Get it? Wing did — Wingdings. No? Okay.) you were gonna go for Santa Maria, luckily you changed your mind at the last minute.

“You’re home.” Levi spoke, voice a monotone with a little bite. Which was the norm. He was the bitter roommate you were the sunshine that brought a little bit of smiles into his life.

“Yep,” you grinned. “Totally winged and aced the exam. The results won’t be here until next week... now,” you paused, grabbing the PS4 controller and pressed the button. A wide grin appeared on your lips as Levi reluctantly sat on the spot next to you, leg over the other with his arms crossed on his chest.

“Huh, you better, you fucking trust fund.” He muttered, stern eyes watching the screen as you clicked on Detroit: Become Human.

You giggled, knowing that he’s only sitting down is because of Connor. Who could resist the android sent by Cyberlife? No one you could name, at least.

The original Chloe looked conflicted, looking around for a second before pleading ‘something’s wrong.. maybe, maybe you should leave things the way they are.. okay?’

Levi shivered besides you, a scoff coming from him as he leaned over and clicked ‘no’ and started where you left off.

You pouted at him, but when he sent a glare you stuck out your tongue and continued to maneuver Connor around, following Hank and inspecting the CCTV tower.

By the time you played, Levi made Black Tea and handed you a cup while sipping on his own. You thanked him and frowned at the screen as Simon shot himself.

“Damn. Did you know you could’ve saved him?” Levi spoke up, seating himself on his spot. Leaning back with a leg over the other.

“....really? But, if Connor went out of the hiding spot, wouldn’t he be killed?” You theorized. “Hank’s likeness would go down, too.” Maybe you should replay the scene and see the outcomes?

You cringed softly. They were self aware in the game, even if Connor is stubborn to admit it, the sense of resets made you uncomfortable. How could you play with someone’s life, see them achieve something then reset, taking their achievements and accomplishments away. What if someone had the knowledge of each resets?

You flinched when the screen shifted, going back to Kara. Swallowing the lump in your throat, you continued to play with the lingering thought of resets.

For four hours, you’ve been playing the game, the lingering thoughts of resets still heavily floating at the back of your mind when you and Levi heard the apartment’s door shake, a hard knock ripping through the dramatic scene.

Levi tch’d, leaning further into the couch and shot you a look. You frowned at him, shaking the controller—you were busy, dammit.

He, mockingly, shook the book in his hand. Sending you a half-mused grin that barely moved the corners of his mouth—but you knew better. He was enjoying this wordless conversation, that jackass!

With a defeated sigh, you glared at him with no heat and paused your game mid-sing between Markus and the remaining deviants.

The knocking became frantic, making you stop in your stride. Zombie apocalypse? Oh, oh no please.

Looking through the peephole, albeit hesitantly, you furrowed your eyebrows at the empty hallway. Punkass kids and their knock-knock-ditch!

You opened your door, looking down the hallway on both sides. A scoff coming from you as you went to close the door—but you stopped just as it closed.

Reopening it, you furrowed your eyebrows at the box. In bright blue marker, the words: L O O K A F T E R T H E M F O R M E, T H A N K Y O U .

You wrinkled your nose, finding the sudden package out of the blue, kind of creepy.

Kicking the box, you were surprised to find that it wasn’t heavy. Well, heavy enough to carry a bomb that’s for sure.

Carrying the heavy but not-so heavy box into the kitchen, you grabbed a kitchen knife and lightly tapping the top.

“Whatcha got there?” Levi asked, leaning on the wall, steel blue eyes sharp on the blue letterings on top. The address sticker wasn’t noticeable anywhere so you couldn’t return it to the rightful owner nor could you send it back.

“Should you really open it? What if it is someone else’s, dumbass.” Levi spoke, taking a sip of his newly brewed black tea. You always found it odd that he held the tea cup by the rims instead of the handle, like the weirdo he was.

“I don’t know? I kinda want to see what’s inside.” You twirled the knife, nearly dropping it as you caught it with a nervous laugh.

Levi’s eyes narrowed. “No. Open it on Friday. If no one comes to claim it then do what you want.” He waved, placing the cup on the table and took the knife from you.

“Otherwise, don’t be a dumbass about it.” Today was Monday, so you had to wait all week! What a bore!

It’s the first day, and no one hadn’t came around asking if you or your roommate had seen a box. You continued to finish the game with Levi on the couch. After finishing it, he went to go cook while you took a shower.


Same thing like yesterday, you went to go do your English exam, came home and started up a new game. The only difference was like Levi had Erwin over. He was a respectable man. Tall and large, blond hair with sky blue eyes—his eyebrows were out of this world! It was so big! Other than that, he was well spoken and managed to play a few fighting games with you before they left for their date.


Okay, Math was fucking hard. Especially when you are late and just came from a nap that made you forget the basics. barely able to hand in your packet in time, you went home to take a long cold shower.

Instead of Erwin, you were met face to face with Mike and Hange with no sign of Levi anywhere. You pouted and asked what they were doing in your apartment.

“We’re hiding,” Grinned Hange, “managed to piss off Levi, so we came for you for protection. Don’t think we see him being all soft and protective over you, Y/n.”

“Yeah.” Mike spike from your fridge. “He considers you a sister. I’m not the one in trouble, though.” He pointed at Hange, who gasped loudly and claimed betrayal.

You restarted a game of Mass effect 3, wanting to feel your heart torn into shreds but instead you ended up seeing photos of experiments from the scientist, a video of Drunk Mike singing to Barbie girl and a photo of all three of them (Erwin,Mike And Hange) pink in the face while your roommate stayed rather sober.

Curse his high alcohol tolerance!!

You eyes would often wander towards the box tucked underneath the sink.


You didn’t find any scientist on your table, no silent giant in your fridge or any bushy brows snogging your roommate. Exams were an ass as usual and you were about to be done with it all. Just one more day and your finished for the semester. No more people, no more loud noise. Just you, your ass, and the couch with a controller in your hands.

You sighed loudly, looking at the front door almost expectantly. Was someone going to come today? Were they going to claim the box of mysterious items?

The door shook lightly as someone knocked. Feeling a lump in your throat, you pushed yourself off the chair in the kitchen and went to see through the peephole.

A teenager with a blond bowl cut, another teenager with the matching haircut but black and she was a girl while... you weren’t sure if the blondie was a boy and a girl. Maybe fluid? You didn’t know, not your place to judge.

You flinched as a green eyeball looked through the peephole, he was tan, angry-looking kid. Biting down on your bottom lip, you grinned mischievously.

The angry kid knocked once more, this time more urgent.

“Who’s there?” You mused, leaning onto the door with your arms crossed. Levi wasn’t here so you might as well play with his students. Muffled murmurs rose and you looked through the peephole once more, a soft silent laugh coming from you as you watched the confusion drawn itself on their faces.

The blond knocked this time, and you almost cooed at how soft and polite it sounded. You almost felt back for pulling such harmless prank. Almost.

“Who’s there?” You mused once more, fighting back a snicker as the anger kid cursed.

“I think... they’re pulling a knock knock joke..” you heard the blond say.

“A knock knock joke? Are you sure this is professor Levi’s apartment?” Angry spoke, looking at the door as if it offended him.

The girl silently knocked.

“Who’s there?” You called.

“....hatch.” She spoke.

You furrowed your eyebrows. “Hatch, Who?”

The corners of her lips curled slightly, much like how Levi smiles. Not so noticeable unless you new and was close to him. She was smiling, amused.

“Bless you.”

You blinked silently, letting it sink in. Before you knew it, you were laughing. It was so lame but that’s what you found funny!

Unlocking the door, you opened it and leaned onto the frame. “Levs isn’t here right now, but I could offer you some tea while we wait.”


The day came. You hardly slept last night because of how excited you were. Today is the day you were going to see what was in the damned box that tormented you this past week. What was in it? Was it from the dark web! Oh oh Levi wouldn’t be too happy about it if it was.

The most, he’ll make you literally burn it with gasoline. A clean freak he was. A speck of dust? Absolutely not acceptable! So, you apartment was always the cleanest when the landlord came by. Oddly enough, you were never presented when he did. You shrugged at the thought, maybe Levi did something, who knows?

Walking to the kitchen, you quickly covered your eyes from the sinful view of Levi on the counter while Erwin hover over him, drowning him in kisses and hidden hickeys.

“Okay, uhm, stop?” You spoke, blindly walking into the kitchen.

Levi clicked his tongue and told you that he was decent. Uncovering your eyes, you nodded your head at the two lovers and sat on the chair, picking up the fork as Erwin placed the pan on the table underneath a cloth.

“Smells nice,” You said, picking up the food with the spatula and put your portion on your plate. “Tastes good, too.” You finished after swallowing the egg and toast.

“Do you have an exam today?” Levi asked, adjusting his black suit—you noticed Erwin had one on, too. Furrowing your eyebrows at the sudden getup.

“Yes, it’s my last class so it’ll be at 5.” You said, shoving a forkful of eggs in your mouth, biting down at the bacon strip.

Levi’s nose wrinkled at you. “We’re leaving for a week trip with the school, so you’ll be alone in the apartment until we get back.” He looked at you with a hard look in his eyes.

“Four-eyes and Mike will come check up on your during the time i’m gone. When I get back, I want this house to be spotless.”

You frowned softly, lowering the fork onto the plate. “I’m not four, i’m Twenty-two. I can look after the fort until you come back.”

“I know. You’re just a dumbass who forgets to eat sometimes.” He huffed, picking up the tea cup—you noticed that it was earl grey instead of Black Tea. Did you run out?

“Please excuse Levi, Y/n.” Erwin’s voice cut through the spark between you and Levi, immediately shifting the twos' attention to him. “He is just worried, can’t say i’m not, too. I share the same feelings as Levi. I am worried about your habit of forgetting to each three meals a day. You are a sister to all of us. We all want to make sure you’re doing okay.”

“Well.. if you put it like that, then I guess I can’t argue...” you muttered, suddenly flustered over the authority tone he held whilst talking to you. Swallowing down the tea, you finished the rest of your breakfast, put away your dishes and let the water rise with a little dish soap added and immediately grabbed the box from under the sink.

“Can’t you wait until we leave?” Levi hissed, picking up his plate and placing it in the rising bubbly waters. He touched the running water with the top of his finger, a disapproving furrow in his brow and turned the heat a little higher.

“Nope.” You popped the ‘p’. Grabbing a knife from the drawer and gently stabbed the tape—although, you paused as the blue lettering was now in red symbol.

“Wingdings?” You asked to no one in particular. The welcoming blue was now in crimson red markings, symbols familiar to the Wingdings font now lied where the English letters were.

Strange... that wasn’t there before.