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Flowers in the Ice

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It's Thursday morning and Jisung is cleaning up his shop when a man in a facemask, sunglasses and sporting a gray suit and jacket fit barges in. Jisung immediately greets him with a cheerful but when the man doesn’t respond his smile falters. He watches the man go straight to the dahlias and continues sweeping.
When he finishes he goes to the counter to wait for the man to finish looking. When the man comes to counter empty handed Jisung is a bit confused.
“How may I help you?”
“I’m looking for a dahlia and peony bouquet.” Jisung lights up at the choice of flowers.
“Any specific color? I have even more than whats on display, we got a new stock this week!”
“Uhm, no. Just do what you think is the prettiest.” When he stops talking he finally takes his sunglasses off and looks Jisung in the eyes. He freezes not expecting his eyes to be sparkling or for him to be so eye catching. Jisung is wearing a pair of skinny denim overalls over a baggy yellow hoodie. Jisung wears a matching yellow bandanna in his brown hair. He's staring, quiet obviously, and he’s so out of it he doesn’t even realize Jisung trying to get his attention.
“Oh! Sorry what did you say?”
“I-I was asking if you wanted the flowers delivered or to be made now?”
Now, now would be preferable.”
“Great, I’ll get this started. You can sit here and watch the me do them if you’d like, sir.”
“Call me Minho.”
“O-oh, okay, Minho-ssi.”
Jisung goes and gets the flowers while Minho gets seated, ready to watch Jisung make is bouquet. He comes back with a purple hue of peonies, dahlias and a few of an unfamiliar flower.
“I hope you don’t mind, I added a couple ranunculuses, I think they would bring the whole set together really nicely.”
“You know what’s best, I wouldn’t know a ugly bouquet from a pretty one.”
“Don’t be so modest, Minho-ssi! You have good taste, dahlias and peonies are my favorite flowers and are even prettier together. And if you add ranunculuses? You got a beautiful bunch, I’ve been wanting to try a set like this for a while now.” Minho watches Jisung lay the flowers out and get his stem cutters. He's never seen this process done and he's honestly quiet intrigued.
“Oh, really?” Minho isn’t a good conversationalist but he would like to keep this conversation going. The kids voice is soothing and Minho wouldn’t mind to hear him talk. Jisung moves his hands quickly and mindlessly while he speaks, obviously used to doing this.
“Oh, sure. I had to make this one set for a wedding last week that included these flowers but the bride wanted them in separate bouquets and I won’t lie it was kind of ugly and I really tried to make them as pretty as I could and tried even harder to get her to change her color scheme or at least her mind but she just wouldn’t budge. I hope she realized I was right at one point. Sheesh! I mean she was kind of a total b-word, and I don’t mean bride.” His exasperation makes Minho chuckle. “Ah, don’t laugh, Minho-ssi. I know I shouldn’t trash talk my clients but between you and me? She was crazy! A total handful! I feel bad for her husband and future children.” JIsung says while wrapping the flowers in a decorated parchment paper.
“She sounds horrible…” He trails off,
“Jisung. Do you get crazy brides often?”
“Uh, not really. I don’t get much business, I am a kind of new shop” He pauses to add up the total of the flowers. The flowershop opened up in late February, Minho watched the trucks move flowers inside from his office window. “Your total is $32.68, the ranunculuses are on me” Minho pays with a 50. He doesn't grab his receipt or change.
“Well, I will come see you more often, Jisungie.” Minho winks before he walks out with his bundle of flowers. He leaves a stunned and very flushed florist.
"Jisungie?" Jisung contemplates the nickname before shaking his head, as if that will rid of his thoughts, and starts cleaning off the broken flower stems and fallen petals from his counter.