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Resident Evil: Legend of Zelda Style

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Once there was an ancient and beautiful kingdom surrounded by mountains and forests called Hyrule. Legends told of an omnipotent and omniscient golden power said to grant any wish to those who would lay their hands upon it hidden in a sacred land. One day, the entrance to the sacred land was discovered by many a warrior who fought aggressively hoping to have their wish worthy enough to be granted but none who ventured there returned. Soon evil power began spilling out from the Land of the Golden Power and into Hyrule, tainting it with the scars of war, destruction, battle and the scent of blood.

The King of Hyrule called his army to battle the forces of darkness as well as seven sages to seal the gate to the Golden Land. Although both sides suffered heavy casualties during the bloody war, the Sages were successful in closing the seal temporarily. A seal that should have remained closed for eternity. Unfortunately, these events became obscured by the sands of time and soon became legend...

Many moons later, a mysterious wizard known as Osmund Saddler appeared in Hyrule and began undoing the seal. He eliminated the good King of Hyrule then manipulated the army and by using his evil magic he began to make the descendants of the Seven Sages disappear, one after another. With a maliciously gleeful smile twisting his features, he spoke to an imprisoned Claire. "Soon it will not be long before it is your turn, my dear princess." The wicked wizard left the dungeon along with the distraught princess trapped inside it, cackling madly as he began setting the wheels in motion for his evil plans. The time of destiny for Princess Claire's sacrifice was drawing near...

Sometime later, not too far away from Hyrule Castle on the edge of a nearby forest sat a small house atop a little hill. The two occupants inside, Leon Scott Kennedy and his nephew Steve Burnside, the last descendants of the Knights of Hyrule were sleeping soundly until the voice of the Princess reached their ears, awaking them from whatever dreams they had.

"Help me... Please help me... I am a prisoner in the dungeon of the castle. My name is Claire. The wizard, Saddler has done... something to the other missing girls. Now only I remain... Saddler has seized control of the castle and is now trying to open the seven wise men's seal. I am in the dungeon of the castle. Please help me..."

Now wide awake after receiving Princess Claire's message, Steve was about to get out of bed until he saw his uncle Leon getting up from the table then grabbed some gear and headed for the door. Leon turned his head before leaving, "Steve, I'm going out for a while. I'll be back by morning. Don't leave the house until I return."

The younger male tried going back to sleep after his uncle departed for Hyrule Castle, but something in his mind's eye prevented him from being claimed by sleep's sweet embrace. Steve couldn't tell how much time had subsequently passed since Leon had left the house. Was it a minute or an hour? What he knew was that Claire had spoken to him and she needed help as soon as possible.

He did eventually get worried about Leon and wondered why he was really late coming home. Steve hoped that he didn't get held up or something, but sensed trouble brewing in the air. Sighing, he sprung out of bed, exchanged his night clothes for some standard ones then strolled over to grab a lantern from the chest that was tucked away in a nearby corner of the room.

"Thank goodness this thing has some oil left in it," the redhead said as he inspected the lantern and took a match to light the wick, flames igniting at the contact of oil.

With a satisfied nod Steve stepped out into the dark, rainy night then headed for the castle. Thunder boomed and lighting flashed across the cloudy sky as Steve floundered about in the raging storm. Guards were stationed around certain parts of Hyrule Field and the redhead had to carefully sneak past them to get to where he was going, but the heavy rains were making it hard for him to see. Due to his eyes constantly getting waterlogged, Steve eventually bumped into one of them.

"Son, what're ya doin' out this late at night?! Shouldn't you be heading home?" One guard barked while giving Steve a suspicious but questioning stare.

"Sorry, was on my way there," Steve mumbled and rushed off.

Any excuses he made would raise suspicion so he held his tongue and kept silent about it then continued on his way. He received a second message from the princess, this time telling him about a secret route that led into the castle from the outside garden. Inside the secret entrance Steve gasped at what appeared to be the familiar figure of his uncle Leon leaning up against a stone wall, badly wounded and unable to carry on.

"Uncle Leon!"

The older male weakly turned his head to see his nephew frantically approach him. "Unnh, Steve, I didn't want you involved in this... I told you not to leave the house..."

"Just hang on, Uncle, I think I have something to stop the bleeding," Steve said but froze at the sound of the old warrior coughing, agitating the gash on his stomach and causing the blood to spill from his mouth as well, staining his clothes even more. Tears welled up in the young man's eyes at the pitiful sight.

"Take my sword and shield and listen well, Steve. You can focus power in the blade... Then release it using the secret technique used by our people known as the Spin Attack. Steve, you can do it! Please save the Princess... Claire is your..." Leon's last words died out along with his final breath, his body now limp and lifeless.

"Uncle Leon? Uncle Leon! Please don't leave me!" Steve tried reviving his uncle, but it was all for naught as Leon had already departed for the afterlife. He wiped his tears, then made a silent vow to avenge his uncle, save Princess Claire and the rest of Hyrule. Standing up, Steve took Leon's sword and shield then marched into Hyrule Castle with newfound determination blooming in his heart.

"I promise to carry on in your stead, Uncle, rest easy til then."

Just as Steve stormed the entrance hall of the castle, at least three guards came swarming at him with weapons drawn. He pulled out his own blade and readied himself into a fighting stance. When one of them got close enough Steve noticed that the man's eyes were a menacing red, not like the eyes of the one he saw posted outside which were a grassy green color. Instead these unnerving eyes had a look of extreme hatred to them with the intent to kill as if they despised everything in existence. If looks could kill the redheaded teenager would have died on the spot.

Suddenly, a sword came crashing down in an overhead arc to slice its target in twain. Steve instinctively raised his shield to block the attack and as soon as he did, two more swords lunged at him only to be negated by the shield. As soon as there was an opening Steve took advantage of it, striking the guard in the middle with a quick slash attack just for his blade to hit another one and two others piling on top of it. After a short struggle fest, the teen used a good amount of adrenaline to push the blades off then backed some distance away.

"I don't have time for this!" He growled, "I need to find Claire and fast! And you guys are in my way, NOW MOVE!"

The redhead got into a stance and bent his knees while doing so then held his sword sideways to his body, his knuckles turning white from the tightened grip over the handle. The sword began to thrum with energy, a faint glow emitting from the weapon. His opponents thinking that he left himself open for attack wasted no time charging at their foe, only for Steve to let out a cry and spun his body around as a 360 degree shockwave appeared, blasting everything in its radius.

The armored soldiers were sent flying, grunting as their backs impacted the walls hard enough to fall unconscious. Steve panted a little from using some of his energy but he wasn't tired, not yet. He still had a mission to complete which was finding the Princess and getting her to safety, only then would he rest. The redhead pressed onwards to one of the nearby hallways, making a left as he did so. Going through the left corridor led to more possessed guards which were cut down. Another hallway had a staircase off to the side that descended to the next floor.

Steve instinctively took the stairs, noticing how different the temperature was in the air and decor. Going down a second flight of stairs, the teen saw a chest in the middle of the small room. He checked around for traps but found none. Thinking the coast was clear, Steve popped open the chest to grab a small key.

"Must lead to a door somewhere," he said before pocketing the key then went on his way.

Outside the room, was a dim corridor with hardly any railings meaning should the redhead slip and lose his footing or something or someone knock him off, he'd fall a very long way down. Steve quietly gulped then continued through the drafty hall, being careful as one misstep could cost him his life. A soldier had his back turned to the young teen, not knowing that there was someone behind him. Smirking mischievously, Steve silently picked up a vase and threw it at the soldier. The poor man didn't have time to turn around as he was pushed from his post, the force of the vase shattering against his back knocked him over the platform. His shriek filled the air, growing quiet as he fell to certain doom.

"Oops, did I do that?" Steve mockingly asked, an evil grin painted his lips as he chuckled at his foe's misfortune.

Two more guards were patrolling the next section ahead down the hall. In order to get by them however, the redhead had two options: either fight them or use a distraction. Wisely choosing the latter, he picked up another vase and hurled it into one of the guards as soon as they turned their backs. It shattered as it hit its intended target.

"Got your knickers in a knot already?" Guard A taunted.

"You bet I do!" Guard B retorted, possibly agitated about something. "I never wanted to go on patrol with you anyway!"

"I didn't want go on patrol with you either, but here we are in a cold, dark dungeon!"

"Aw piss off!"

"You piss off first!"

"Oh yeah?!"


"Well your mother was a Zora hag!"

"Oh yeah?! Your mother was a scurvy octorok!"

"You take that back!"

"You take back what you said about my mother first!"


'For Din's sake just knock each other off already so I can go!' Steve irritably thought as the two continued arguing.

Eventually, it culminated in the guards tackling and somehow knocking each other off the edge, more shrieks tearing through the air while the two met their demise. With a breath that he seemingly held for the longest time, the redhead exhaled then stepped out of his hiding place. Luckily for him, there was a set of stairs leading to a higher level of the hallway once he crossed the area where the idiot guards used to be.

Following the upper path ended with a few steps down and two walls in front of a couple of guards going their rounds on one side. Descending the steps, he quietly snuck past them, making his way into a room with a locked door on the right side. Noticing that it needed a key, Steve fished out the key from his pocket from earlier and unlocked the door.

Inside the room was a chest with a boomerang in it, but there was someone else in the room as well. Steve agitatedly sighed as he knew that this routine was getting on his nerves. Readying his weapon, he and his foe glared at one another as if daring the other to make a move, all the while sizing each other up. After a few tense moments that felt like hours, someone moved.

Steel clanged against steel as the two swords and shield danced with each other. The soldier went in for a jab but missed as his blade met Steve's shield who countered with one of his own. Gaining some distance away, Steve let loose another Spin Attack that knocked the soldier unconscious. Wiping sweat from his brow, the redhead grabbed the boomerang from the chest and quickly gave it a once over. He put it away for safe keeping as he knew that the boomerang would be useful in the future, but wondered what it was doing in the castle anyway.

Steve didn't have time to dwell on these thoughts however as he still had a task to complete, which involves one Princess Claire. Quickly leaving the room, he headed through another door that led to a few less occupied staircases and finally to the dungeon itself. Inside was cold and stark, as were the other areas of the castle leading up to this point. Three cells stood off to the side, two of them empty and unlocked while a table sat not too far from the entrance. The third cell housed none other than Hyrule's resident princess who looked less regal but still held the air of royalty about her.

At the very back of the dungeon was a trooper in heavier armor wielding a spiked ball with a chain attached. Steve guessed that this was the guy guarding the dungeon, and by the look of things he wasn't getting by without a fight.

"So you've come to rescue the princess have you, boy?" The trooper asked in condescending tone, fingers tightening over the chain ready to swing at any time. "Well, in order to get to Princess Claire you have to defeat me first. Don't think that you'll be leaving this place alive in one piece either!"

Aqua blue eyes narrowed dangerously as a pair of lips curled upward, exposing gritted, glistening white teeth. Sword unsheathed and gripped tightly in one hand, shield ready in the other as both opponents got into a fighting stance.