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Why Hate When You Can Love?

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It was April 13, 2001 when the Earth's atmosphere was breached by a Unidentified Flying Object carrying a alien species seeking safety from persecution. The UFOs where spotted by the humans the day before the predicted impact date. However asteroids don't look like organic spacecrafts with sharp decor, so the humans were interested in its purpose and prepare a counterattack. The crash site of the alien ships would be a field near Maple Valley, Washington at 11:46 pm . The U.S. military would intercept the alien species when they would arrive to eliminate them if they showed signs of being a threat or at least try to speak with them. The meeting was kept a secret to avoid public madness, and so no conspiracy theorist living in their mother's basement would go on a hour long speech explaining how the government is full of lizard people. No one noticed a larger than small army go to a field in the middle of nowhere, but the ships burning through the atmosphere was highly noticeable. The army was set up and taking aim at the crashed spacecraft when it landed right where the head scientist said it would. Thank god for Ms. Lalonde and her precision in physics and calculations.

The air that flowing tonight was thick with tension, so much so it can be cut with a knife. The spacecraft opened up and a few minutes later grey skinned man with candy corn horns and a large grub like insect in his arms.The man gasped as he saw the soldiers ready to fire at him when the orders of their captain Mr. Harley said so. Another one came out of the ship next to the man and saw the army, however he ran at the troops and was instantly shot before he even got close. The body fell and began leaking cobalt blood as blue as the ocean. The army was about to open fire on the other, but the man holding the insect shouted for it to stop. The soldiers didn't fire due to the shock of learning that the alien spoke the same language as them. Their negotiator Mr. Egbert ran up to the front lines to speak to the alien life form. More of the aliens come out of the spacecraft to see what was happening outside of their view. Both sides had many questions as what is happening. The soldiers saw children and more of those insects come out and freeze upon seeing a body on the group oozing out blood that the soldier had finally noticed wasn't the same scarlet liquid that they had. To the trolls this was a normal occurrence that no one would lose any sleep over but what scared them was the army aiming at them. Had they finally come to their end after escaping the disaster of their home world. They knew there was no surviving if they resorted to their usual ideal of fighting the inhabitants conquering planets.

Both sides were silent until the negotiator started up again. It took ten minutes of talking to hear their story and for the press to arrive to get their once in a life time scoop. When the reporters did arrive the army handled it as easily as possible because what fool doesn't come up with a fake story when an medium sized army are in a field in the middle of nowhere. The daily news of the morning would be how a meteorite filled with uranium just landed. The higher ups would find a way to tell the population that the story they heard was fake and what really happened was a ship of alien refugees landed seeking asylum. That would go over as well as Watergate went. The aliens species were named trolls for whatever reason, yet the term gremlin fit better for some reason.

It took about a week for the public to get notified about alien situation and they handled it surprising well on the aliens arriving part, but threw a fit the government said they were staying. It took a month for the living arrangements to be made for the new earth inhabitants. However they were heavily suppressed when the news that they used to conquer planets by the dozens and commit mass genocide like it was a yes or no question. Some of the troll refused the idea of living in the world where they aren't higher than anyone else were quickly silenced when the threat of being sent back to space was announced. The trolls didn't cause to much trouble since a majority report they didn't feel trapped by the "empresses' pet" anymore or feel "subjugated to brainwashing to be evil" whatever that meant. Trolls went to school and got jobs, the perfect person to benefit society. That is what was made public, but in truth trolls were looked down upon and were bullied, repressed, and often beaten. To say they were denied any kindness would be incorrect, entire organization made to help troll were made to ensure equality. Many laws were created to benefit and restrict trolls such as banning buckets and refusing government jobs.

Some of the trolls traditions and customs were adopted into earth society such as 3 out of the 4 quadrants of troll romance and stuff piles for feelings jams. That is has happened, but time to see what will happen in present day.

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Today is August 27, 2014. A very special day for the planet Earth and it’s inhabitants. Today marks the first day of Skia High, a school built for both Trolls and Humans alike. As your dad would say “A day to be remembered for the ages.” You’ve have anticipating today for a long time.

Your name is John Egbert and your going to school at the new public outreach program for trolls and humans. Your father and uncle have been preparing for their speeches that they have to give. They practiced all day yesterday. You just hope your dad doesn’t bake a cake like he does for every occasion when it’s over. Right now you are getting dressed, but your friends have been texting you ever since you woke up. Dave has been messaging you about what classes you have together and how his bro’s music is the best. He will no doubt be labeled the class clown on the first day for ironic reasons. Jade is just excited to go school for the first time since kindergarten. She has been homeschooled for the majority of her life. You have no doubt Rose is already downstairs eating breakfast, and practicing her introductions fo today. She likes to always be prepared to make political negotiations wherever she goes.

You go downstairs to eat breakfast like you do every morning with your family. Your dad cooks when he’s stressed, so today you have a T.V. breakfast spread that is just way to much for any average household to eat. Your stepmom is trying to get your dad to relax, but to no avail. Your uncle is at the table going over his speech and planning city districts. He isn’t really your uncle but he is like family. He is the mayor of your city, and a close family friend who you hangout with. He has been voted in so many times because of his approval of both the trolls and humans. His name is William Val but he prefers WV. Your stepsister Rose is just eating her pancakes with a cup of that special earl grey tea she buys. The both of you would never have expected that your parents would get back into the dating scene, let alone get remarried. It was a shock at first, but later on you could see they were perfect for each other.

You eat your pancakes and eggs and get the rest of your stuff ready. You pack your school utensils and a joke book for material. Your nana would be proud to see the young comedian you’ve become. May she rest in that urn you keep in your dad’s study because it just kept getting knocked over. You are ready to go, but your dad is currently being kissed goodbye by your stepmom. Rose is trying not to look annoyed but you know she is glad her mom finally found that special someone. The drive to the school was a quick and easy. You get off with Rose, your dad, and uncle and enter through the front. You all enter the gymnasium for orientation and the speeches. You spot Dave sitting in the second row with Jade.

“Hey, are you ready for school?” Dave looked at you and said “Yeah, I’m ready to be put into a building meant to keep young children away from their homes for eight hours everyday.” Rose without batting an eye said “Dave it’s more of an mental intuition meant to form the minds of the new generation into the productive members of society.” Jade said “I thought it would be a place where we could learn and make friends.” You all end up talking for another 15 minutes before the seminar begins. Your dad and uncle both go up and give their speeches to the students, staff, and press. The school counselor Wanda Queen or WQ decides to split up your class into two groups Derse and Prospit. You and Jade get put into Prospit while Rose and Dave are put into Derse. You go to your classes and meet some of your fellow students. You meet meet both humans and trolls in your class.

As the day continues you get to meet some of the such as Karkat Vantas, Tavros Nitram, Kanaya Maryam, Terezi Pyrope, Vriska Serket, and Gamzee Makara. Karkat is very passionate guy who is grumpy. He sounds like you just insulted his whole family. Tavros is shy and handicapped. He didn’t seem like he enjoyed being bothered. Kanaya is prom and proper. She reminds you of Rose. Terezi is blind and weird. She said she smell you and you smelled like a idiot. Vriska was confident and snarky. She called Tavros a dork and ignored you. Gamzee was calm and friendly. He looked somewhat profession and gave you all his attention.

The day ended well despite some of the rude people you’ve just met. You want to ask Rose how her day went, but something is bothering her right now. You go to the parking lot where your dad is parked for you and Rose. He has spent most of the day going over political business over the school since he is in charge of the Troll side of society. He is fair and doesn’t discriminate against anyone unless they prove themselves unworthy of his respect. You have heard about some of the discrimination against Trollkind. You don’t see your uncle anywhere, but he is probably doing some important mayor duties. You all head home where your stepmother welcomes you back with a hug and dinner. You wonder what tomorrow has to offer.

Will it be good? Will it be bad? We may never know until the day is upon us.

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It’s been a week since the school year has started and the classes have been easy so far. You have been the pride and joy of your father for as long as you could remember. He always made time to teach you whenever you were falling behind on any academic challenges. You have also taken pride in your work so you always stay in the top ten percent of class. Biology has always been your strong suit since you were a kid. You are what schools call the star child because you are well rounded all aspects of school. This has brought you a great many things in your life, but the one thing you didn’t expect was the ire of a classmate. Terezi Pyrope has been challenging you to do better and has been teasing you for sometime. It all began on the third day of school when you were having lunch with your friends. Jade had made friends with a bubbly sea dweller troll named Feferi Pixces a student from the Derse side of Class.

She had talked about how amazing it was to be able to go to school and make human friends. You asked her if she has had any experience with human culture during the time. She talked about going to school at one of the many troll only schools where things weren’t the best. Then some of her other friends joined your table such as Aradia Megdio and Sollux Captor. If was fun to talk to them and get to know them all. It wasn’t until Vriska and Terezi showed up where things got messy. Vriska went on here daily ritual and bullied poor Tavros about his disability and self esteem issues. Your father has taught you a great many things that make a man a man such as protecting the weak. You told Vriska to stop picking on Tavros about the things he could not control and to stop degrading him to trash. Jade, Aradia, and Dave backed you up on the issue. Vriska then started spouting out the old Alternian saying of the hemospectrum. You countered with one of the many speeches about equality you’ve heard from WV. You think you could hear WV shed a tear knowing you listened and perform one of his speeches.

Vriska didn’t like that you challenged her so she made a deal with you. If you won a game of luck she would stop bothering Tavros, but if she won you had to be her servant. You agreed to her challenge but you knew she wasn’t a woman of honor from the looks of utter horror from troll classmates . She pulled out a set of dice from her jacket pocket and gave them to you. What she didn’t know was you were a master entertainer who could make jokes and do magic. Illusions to be exact. A quick shake of the dice and you could tell they were loaded. You called her out and pulled your very own set of dice. She looked both annoyed from you calling her trick and impressed you figured it out. You still played won the bet even if Vriska has all the luck in her possession. She was left speechless and you noticed a great many saw you as a hero and others as a dead man. All except one who saw you as a challenge to be beaten.

That is how you gained Terezi’s eye on you looking for any insecurities she could point out. She found them and used them, but you aren’t one to crumpled due to being made fun of. It lead to many challenges from her to knock you down a peg. That is what leads us to today. Today is the class battle which is a day where two teams from the same class go against each other. You can choose teams in the beginning of the match for the duration of the day. You teamed up with Jade, Karkat, and Kanaya with some other students. The rest joined the other team. It was a long and hard day of going over testing and classroom material to be able to be ready. At the end of the day it was time to battle the other side. To say you won would be a lie, you lost due to the other side heckling you to get the wrong answers and a small fight broke out between Karkat and another student.

Your side lost the battle and the other side just reminded you of it every single time they could. The day ended and you went home. The next day Terezi taunted you for the first two class periods. It was a little out of the ordinary that someone could hate you so much so. You decided to ask Feferi why does Terezi hate you so much, so the look on Feferi’s face made you wonder what could it be. Since trolls also live on earth there are classes that talk about the culture of trolls. That is where you learned that hate is a form of love to trolls. When you went home for the day you thought it over in your head. If she liked, no wait hated you that way it would be something. So when you woke up you got everything ready for the day and prepared to confront Terezi about her feelings. You found her licking her red glasses that she always wears, and for the first time you see Terezi she isn’t that bad. Until she realizes you are close by that is then she is a unruly gremlin who is slightly taller than you. It’s about one inch but it’s the inch she needs to make fun of you.

She turns to look at you and she says “What are you looking at Egdork. You finally realize I am better than you and you wish to gaze upon my superiority. Well what is it?” You take a minute to collect your thoughts “I just wanted to ask you if you think.” “ Think what Egberp?”she said. You say“If you think I’ll be your kismesis.” She looks at you like you just say the most idiotic thing ever “Why would you ever think I would want you to be my Kismesis” You respond with “Your always picking on me an calling me names, so I thought that is what you wanted.” She looks confused to the point of the question being impossible to be able be solved. “I don’t think it could work out if you and I were kismesises.” You ask why. “It’s because your a stupid and whimpering weeny. I have a reputation to uphold.”

Your not sure what you were expecting but it sure as hell wasn't this. “Oh, thank god. I didn’t know how this weird alien hate love thing works, but at least I know I don’t have to be a part of it. At least not with you. You look like a fed gremlin jumped into a vat of grey face paint and thought it was fashionable.” She looks you dead in the eye and saws “Flattery isn’t going to change my mind about this.” You respond with “What makes you think I want to change your mind. I just don’t like you in that way. It’s not compatible with my human culture so I don’t need to use it.” She is shocked but isn’t fully showing it. “You know what yeah. You will be my kismesis.” “But, I said I didn’t want to be a part of your weird alien hate love thing” “How about a coin flip” “Ok. Heads” She gives you a devious look as the coin flips “The coin only has one side. Tails.” “This is the worst day of your life.”

Today your father invited Dave, his brother and Jade, her grandpa, and WV to eat at your house. At dinner your father asks about your day at school. You turn to him and say “Not much. I studied biology and physics. I signed up for boxing club like you did in high school. I got a girlfriend.” Everyone at the table takes a second to let the information sink in. Dave is the first one to talk “Like an actual girl asked you out?” You reply “No, I asked her.” Jade smiles “Awaa, do we know her?” Your stepmother speaks then “We should hope so.” Rose pipes up “How long have you been courting this young mystery girl?” John speaks “Since the beginning of the year.” Dave grins ear to ear “You managed to hid a little lady from bro!” John’s face is getting more tired from the questions “Yep.” John’s day finally asks “What’s the girl’s name?” John whispers the name. Jade’s grandfather speaks “I’m sorry we couldn’t hear you my boy” John sighs and says it again “Terezi Pyrope.” Everyone at once exclaims “What?” Jade is the first to ask “Your currently dating Terezi Pyrope.” John nods and Rose is next to ask “You asked Terezi out.” John says “We’re kismesises.” Dave’s bro who has yet to ask any question does the expected and questions “Your hate dating a troll girl who Dave says is evil incarnate. How did that even work out” John shrugs

WV walks through the door late because he was busy at town hall. “What did I miss” John tells him everything. WV responds “You are currently in a kismesistude with a teal blooded, shark toothed, dangerous troll girl.” Everything is quiet until Dave high fives John “You did it John. You crazy motherf####r, you did it.”

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The morning after last nights dinner party was at best awkward. Everyone was silent after you all questioned John about his new love affair with a certain troll girl named Terezi Pyrope. He sounded very worn out after WV had gave him a talk about the trolls and people of the opposite gender.

Your name is Rose Lalonde and you have questions that you need answered. You pride yourself on knowing everything before everyone else. You have to be Abel to analyze and give your own opinion on every aspect in your life. You were awake all night mulling over the information you’ve have heard such as the feelings of hate have been there since the beginning and he ask her out. By the time the morning comes around you get dressed in your favorite lavender blouse and blue jeans and run downstairs. Upon entering the kitchen you see your stepfather Joel Egbert cooking breakfast. He has the nervous trait of cooking when he is stressed out. It makes sense for him to be stressed out but at this point it’s insanity because you have enough for a small army. He doesn’t see you until you cough and gain his attention.

When he does notice you he stops cooking for the time being. “Hey, Rose did you sleep well last night because I sure didn’t get any.” “I got some sleep, but I worried about how John will deal with this new experience.” “I don’t doubt John can handle himself. He has handled himself in the past.” John enters the kitchen with your mother in tow. “Is my dating life really the interesting to you guys.” You start to ask the many questions you prepared for him last night “Are you two private or public? Do you plan to take her out to dinner or take her out to box? Do you know how to deal with a kismesis?” John answers all your questions as follows “I don’t know what we are. I’m planning on a special kind of date night. And I know about what kismesises are.” You are going to ask more people when you get to school. You have no doubt Dave or Jade is going to ambush you when yo arrive.

By the time you get to school your guess is proved to be correct. Jade pretty much chases You and John down like a police dog. It’s not a bad comparison because Jade is a furry and she has said she wishes she was a dog. You don’t judge her because what kind of friend would you be if you did. She asks John if he plans on talking to Terezi today before class begins, but you don’t get to hear his answer. You immediately leave to go to class and talk to a certain troll. Upon entering class you spot both Nepeta Leijon and Equius Zahhak. They are the picture definition of a perfect Moirallegiance. Nepeta is a “relationship manger of troll romance.” You ask her “May I bother you for some of your time Nepeta. I need some information about troll romance and norms. A kismesistude to be exact.” Nepeta grins and says “Anything fur you Rose. A kismesistude is one of the four romances called quadrants of troll life. A kismesis is someone you hate but also admire. May I ask why you wanted this.” You plan on keeping the knowledge of John and Terezi in a relationship to yourself. That is until Dave opens his mouth “Our friend is dating Terezi.” Both Nepeta and Equius are shocked at the news, but it isn’t until they connect the dots that they are truly flabbergasted.

By the time lunch comes around everyone in the school knows about the hate affair between John and Terezi. Humans and Trolls alive crowd around them bombarding them with questions. You see a familiar jade blooded troll walking towards you to speak. She pulls you away to a corner so you could talk in peace. “I’m Kanaya Maryam and I want to ask you about your friend John and give you some advice.” You look at her and you respond “I’m his stepsister. He is nice and very caring if you’re concerned about Terezi.” She looks at you with pity and says “I’m not worried about Terezi. She will chew out John and spit him out within the day if he is as nice as you say he is.” You take her advice to heart but before you can talk you spot John and Terezi arguing. They are having a insult battle and that would mean the end of a relationship, but this trolls your talking about. It is only getting fueling the relationship on.

John and Terezi argued for five minutes and some how established a date on Saturday. You and Kanaya at aw at how well John handled the entire situation. You should congratulate John on a job well done. Maybe tomorrow he looks busy due to the other students staring at him.

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Today is September 14, 2014. Today is the day for your first date with the infamous Terezi Pyrope. She is quite the troll based on some of the accounts of her chapter from others. She is wild, manipulative, and cunning so you’ll have to move carefully if you want this to go right like you planned. The first date is the key point of knowing if they are eligible for a second. Your mother told you when you younger that she knew your dad was the one on their first date. Your stepmother knew on the third date but that’s because your father was out of the dating game for forever. Nonetheless, you want to show you can full of surprises and are very good at getting the job done.

You prepared for today by collecting information about Terezi. You asked what she likes, what she doesn’t like, and some advice about her. You are a natural born master prankster, so not preparing your attack would bring dishonor to your jokester heritage. Your great grandfather Colonel Sassacre would roll in his confetti cannon trapped grave if he knew you didn’t plan a prank on one of the most important days of your young adult life. From the people you collect you found out she is blind but can smell everything about the world around her. She likes to be the first one to insult anyone before another. She also licks every like if she was a dog who had a tongue that was too long. She will no doubt try to one up you at every given opportunity she has. You’ll have to play the kind and naive idiot that people think you are. You are sometimes naive and stupid, but not when their is a major prank on the line.

You arrive at the shared troll apartment complex in the troll district in your dad’s car at 3:30 pm. You hate that trolls are put into these wards of the city by themselves. You’re glad your dad is bringing both trolls and humans together as one unified population. Not like those bigots that choose to separate them and confide them in these troll only areas. You have to stop yourself from going to far into the politics of troll and human public relations. You can do that with your uncle WV later. You walk up to the main waiting room and look for Terezi’s apartment. Before you can get to the directory where everyone’s apartment number is you see Feferi. “Feferi do you know which apartment Terezi has?” She looks you up and down “Aren’t you and Terezi going on a hate date today?” She is probably committing on your attire. You are dressed in a bright violet suit and tie. “Yeah, we’re going on a picnic at the park. I need to know which apartment Terezi’s is because she didn’t give me her number or any contact info whatsoever.” She sees your point but is still unsure. “Here’s her number and pesterchum handle, so you can talk to her. Before you go can you try not to let Terezi force you into anything.” You nod to her and give her your best I understand look. You are about to contact Terezi on pesterchum, but you do she comes outside the elevator.

You look at her and notice she is wearing the same clothes as she did the day you guys started the relationship. She looks nice is the jeans and black blouse with teal highlights. She notices you in a suit and her face snaps into a grin. “Hey, John you now this is a hate date right. Didn’t forget that crucial piece of information like the idiot you are.” You make you best surprised face “No, didn’t forget that this is a hate date. I am a gentleman and have come to pick you up in my best attire.” You heard she is disgusted by the color violet so you made sure to buy the most flashiest, most cheap, and most saturated violet suit you could. You take her to the car and drive off to the park with the picnic basket drowned in poppy oil to mask the contents inside. You decide to make light conversation to keep her entertained and away from the basket.

By the time the both of you get to the park and set up your blanket on the ground she jumps onto the basket to start ravishing it. You pull it away from before she could open. “Are you seriously that hungry Terezi? Did you not eat something before you came downstairs?” She looks at you with her burnt red eyes and says “I was expecting you to feed me. You are a big weeny pushover so I know you have food.” You want to fight her for insulting you and expecting to be given someone in return for it. You open the basket and pull out two ice cold grape faygos and a bowl of salad. You see Terezi’s face grimace. You can only smile and say “I ask what your favorites are and bought these just for today.” Terezi pushes the food and drinks back towards you and you know you won, but why not go further. “You don’t like this. Well now you know I’m so much of a pushover for you to step on.” She says “Screw you John!” You quickly retort with “At least eat the lunch I bought before we start this kind of conversations.” She looks surprised and proud at the same time. Just like when you beat Vriska at her game of dice. “You surprised me John. Here I thought you were some human who I could mess with until I got bored, but clearly know how to treat a kismesis. Don’t think you won just yet John.” You smile knowing she will get you back for today, but for the time being you beat her.

You finish the picnic hate date and get back in the car to take Terezi back home. Before you start the car you see rose has texted you. (John how did the date with Terezi go.)(Dad and mom says they wished you enjoyed yourself.) Dave also texted you. (Hey John you and Rezi finally decided to get married and have crazy genetic mutated offspring.) You cringe at Dave’s message and quickly drive Terezi home to her apartment. You arrive at the entrance of the shared apartment building where you wish Terezi a good afternoon. You see Feferi, Nepeta, Karkat, and Kanaya in the front. You wave at them and are about to leave when Terezi pulls you close and kisses your jaw. Everyone is staring at you and Terezi sharing a moment of passion in the front entrance of the apartment complex. When Terezi is done making out with you face she books it into the waiting room. You are shocked and end up staying as still as a statue. You look like Equius can make you cyborg based on how paralyzed you are right now. You head back home after waiting five minutes like a moron.

When you do enter your house you see Dave and Jade looking at Rose’s phone. They are paying attention to the door when you enter, so you decide to join them. You see Kanaya has been texting Rose and vise versa about your date. It looks like she hasn’t mentioned the kiss you received at the end of the date. Your dad enters the living room and spots you by the time the others notice you. You tell him it went great until he mentions a hicky on your face with a bite mark. You don’t understand him until you connect the dots. When dinner time comes you tell them about the whole date.

Chapter Text

Your name is Joel Egbert. You heard the front door to your house open and close. You know it’s your son John back from his picnic date with his girlfriend. You were understandably worried like any good parent should be when their kid goes into something unexpected. You’ve spent most of your day worrying about him and how well he did. John has had several girlfriends in the past, but not none who were trolls or interested in hate dating. Trolls and Humans dating let alone be in a kismesistude is a unheard of topic. You wondered if he was being attacked by her while he was away. All of your emotions go away when you see him. He looks the same. The same cheap violet suit that he got at the department store without a single scratch. He doesn’t look hurt physically in anyway possible. Your worrying has been for nothing. You are about to congratulate him for his first troll hate date. Which is one of the many major milestones of his young dating life when you notice he has a hicky.

“Johnathan, what happened?” John answers calmly “Terezi and I went to the park near the troll district and had a picnic. I then took her back to her home like any regular date date. She kissed me unexpectedly at the end, but that’s it.” You know he is speaking the truth. You point out the marking on his neck. “Looks like kissing isn’t all she did!” says Dave. You know trolls are territorial, so her giving John a love mark isn’t out of the picture. To humans however, that is something that is taboo and meant for serious lovers. John runs straight into the bathroom to look in the mirror for the marking. John looks at his reflection and screams “AAAAAAA! You win this round Terezi.” The new school may become a war zone when those two are done. They seem to be the definition of what a kismesistude should be.

You know their relationship will be under a spotlight because of your job. Being one of the first people to make peace with the trolls when they arrived you were given a position of authority in the new administration. It was terrifying at first because you were only 27 years old. You had started out pretty high on the career ladder because of of your both your parent’s influence. Your dad was rich and donated to the government. Your mother pulled a bunch of strings and you got the job immediately. For an old baker housewife your mother was a skilled politician with a lot of influence. You were doing paperwork when you got the message that you would be assigned as a negotiator for the anticipated meeting. After the ships crashed and you secured the trolls to a safer location you began the cohabitation dissuasion. It took a while until it was decided that trolls would get their own city district. You planned on everyone living in there same area but you were outvoted. It may have been a defeat for you, but at least the bigots who wanted them locked up like animals didn’t win. You met up with an old friend from your childhood by the name of WV. Together the both of you made life much more easier for both sides. However it wasn’t easy for you or your family.

You texted you wife Mary that you would be late and would have something to do when the ships arrived. She knew you were hard at work when you didn’t get until later in the night. You met when you went to a college frat party. She was nicknamed “Mary Jane” because she was the go to person for information about weed. She was a nice, smart, and cute Italian girl. You asked her out the second you found her again the next day. She playfully accepted your offer by joking around with you. You dated her for about four years while in college. Her family was great and ver supportive of her dream of being a doctor. She was everything you wanted in a woman and more, so you proposed when you were 21 years old. When you took her out to dinner at her favorite restaurant you made sure she knew she was special. When you got back home you got on one knee and gave her the ring in private. She leaned over to your ear and said “Took you long enough Joel.” The wedding was perfect for the both of you. The honeymoon was great until some drunk guy tried flirting with Mary. He almost grabbed her when she turned him down, but you were there to stop it. You told the guy to back off because she was your wife. He didn’t back down in the slightest, so you held him back until you were forced to knock him out. A few months later she told you she was pregnant with John.

When John was born it was very windy and cloudy. John was about five years old at time of the arrival and already being a master prankster. He would have made your mother proud if she was still alive. John was always smart and crafty like his nana with his pranks. You see him as your newborn baby when you look at him in his mother’s arms even if he was seven years old. Mary was pregnant again however this time with twins. John would have a pair siblings to grow up with. Everything was perfect until one day everything fell a part. Mary, John, and you were going to her parents house for a family get together when a drunk driver crashed into you. You and John were a little dinged up from the impact, but Mary was unconscious. When help had arrived it was too late to save the unborn children. Mary was in critical condition, but she wanted to say a few words to you and John before she passed. She told John that she loved him and told you to take care of him. As god is your witness you will honor that promise to take care of him.

Everyone in the family showed up to the funeral to bury her and the babies and comfort you and John. You and John weren’t the same people for sometime after the funeral. You were depressed because it was a lot to take into consideration. John was the only family you had left in the world. You lost your wife of 8 years and two children you never had the chance to know. John was a bright and very social boy, but after Mary died he became antisocial and depressed. It took about two years until life returned to the both of you. You found love again in Roxanne. You both decided to try dating again when your children wanted you to be happy. John became happy again when he met his friends Rose, Jade, and Dave. He was back to being the shining ray of sunshine he was born to be. You know he will be the best he can be. He will be the man you raised him to be without a doubt.

Chapter Text


Today is Monday September 16, 2014. Today you go back to school from the weekend. You are going  to wake up early today. You need to apply some foundation your step mom bought to hide the love mark Terezi gave after your date. It will give people the wrong impression if they see a hicky on your neck. Thank god your step mother Roxy got you the waterproof foundation because you have boxing practice after school. You undress from your sleeping attire and get on your regular clothes. As you look in the mirror you notice you are pretty well built, but your clothes hide your muscles and your glasses do make you look like a dork. You continue to get dressed and go down stairs for breakfast. You go to your dads office before you go to the kitchen to you school bag. You see your black bag on the acoustic piano in the room. You remember practicing with your mother on the piano all night for the school recital in elementary school. You stop yourself from reliving her death and her final words. You leave the room and to get some food.

Upon entering the kitchen you see you dad cooking eggs and bacon. This time without the  whole mass production of baked goods. You help out your dad by setting up the table for everyone. The coffee, juice, jams, and other assorted items used for sustenance. You know your uncle is going to come over because he has a meeting to attend with your father later on in the day. Some trolls have decided to make a factory that produce baby clothes for trolls. For some reason trolls have decided to dress grubs in clothes like their dolls. To you it’s pointless because the last time you saw a troll grub was in a commercial about cohabitation eight years ago. Nonetheless it’s important for cultural reasons. WV should arrive for breakfast in a few minutes. You finish preparing the table for everyone by the time everyone comes to get breakfast. 

WV gives you more guidance on how to form a democratic group and the ideals of social reform and rights. He is someone you look up to because he enforces his ideal to those who will listen. He also talks about how he has a date with a communications director Penny Messenger or PM. It’s about time he found someone to spend him time with. Now he can go on dates instead of playing with his replica of the city.

 You all eat your breakfast and go to where you are all needed. The drive to school you wonder if anyone will question you about the date. When you do arrive you see Dave and immediately go talk to him. You plan to hang out with him after school. Today you also plan on ambushing Terezi to get a little pay back for Saturday. You see her leaning on her locker like it’s her lifeline. 


Today is going to be bad. You woke up to both Ramona the rust blooded troll you room with arguing with Vriska your other roommate. The noise wouldn’t have woke you up if you still had a recupicoon, but sopor slime ran out twelve years ago. The a.c. also blew out in your room so you’re covered in sweat because of your naturally low body temperature. You should take a shower before everyone else wakes for the day. You get up and pack some clothes and soap for the shower room. As your walking you think communal apartments aren’t so bad as long as you stay out of trouble. When you arrive the shower room is filled other trolls taking showers and a line is there, but at least it’s short. It takes a while for you to get your turn in the shower. The cool water hits syour face and you begin to feel more clean. You wash up and do all the other hygienic activities such as brushing your teeth, putting on deodorant, and combing your hair. You don’t really need to comb your hair because it’s very short and unruly. 

You are heading back to your room when a purple blood hits you on the way out of their room. You land on the floor with your ass and a bloody nose. She don’t even try to apologize to you. You are now completely blind to the entire world around you because you can no longer smell. You managed to stumble your way back to your room. You clean your nose up and stop the bleeding so you could put on your school clothes and pull out your dragon cane. At least Vriska and Ramona stoped yelling at each other. You then head over to the big cafeteria at the first floor to get breakfast. Breakfast is a terrible slop that is just like your day. You eat none the less. You wait for the bus that takes you to and from school to come over. When that long yellow van arrives everyone quickly gets on. You get pushed again but this time people see you and don’t help you. You would have gotten help from your friends, but they couldn’t see you outside the bus since you got separated.

You get to the school building and immediately get to your locker. You just hope it can’t get any worse than it already is. However just by you thinking it couldn’t get worse it goes up a level of how worse it could be. You notice you left all your school supplies and lunch money in your room. Despair quickly comes to you as breath the air around you. You can’t smell John who is standing right behind you ready to surprise you. He moves to put a hand on your shoulder to alert you of his presence, but to decide to take a swing thinking it’s an troll trying to harass you. John just dodges your arm and you end up hitting a locker thus hurting your hand. You want to cry on how bad it hurts because the locker is just made out of steel and you swung your arm pretty hard. However you have a reputation to uphold so you don’t. “Vriska, why are you bothering me at a time like this?” You clutch your arm to your side to not seem weak. “Wow Terezi you sure know how to talk to your kismesis and put lockers in their place.” Upon realizing its John in front of you instead of Vriska or any other troll you try to project a aura of confidence and strength. “John, why are you bothering a girl in front of her locker when she is having a bad day? Do you enjoy bringing utter disappointment to me?” “I would have to be so annoying if you would stop hiding like your some magical creatures.”

You believe he will leave you alone for the rest of the day, but you are wrong. He goes to grab onto your shoulders to anchor you down. Is he trying to kiss you right now. You attempt to hit  him with your head and push him away, but instead you fall face first into to ground when he lets go. Now your arm and nose hurt very badly. You don’t want to get at all from were you are currently flat on the floor. John speaks up “Why did you just try to ram into me. I notice your nose looks bruised and you try to bump into me.” What John does next doesn’t surprise you in the slightest. He helps you back up and listens to you rant about your day. “Do you need help right now.” You respond angrily, “Do I look like I need help from you John!” John just say, “You like a lost child who can’t walk straight and it’s honestly making me feel sad for you.” You know he wants to help you out because he was raised that way. You whisper to him “Fine!”

You followed John around all day so you could receive his help. You were almost entirely reliant on him for everything. You had to go all day like you were John pathetic matesprite who couldn’t do anything herself. He had to feed you because you couldn’t find the sandwich he had packed. Thank whatever higher being exists that braille is a thing. Otherwise you would need him to also do your work. Overall today was the day your ego took a nosedive into its certain death. When it finally ended you thanked John because if you didn’t you think you would have to ask another person for help. At least he will help you and not make fun of you the entire time.

You took the bus back to the apartments and went to your room. You just threw yourself onto the bed  and fell into a bad mood. John has just become the head of the relationship and there is nothing you can do to get that position back. Unless you play dirty which will probably end badly for you if John does the same. You hope tomorrow will be different so to avoid a more tarnished reputation.

Chapter Text


It’s September 23, 2014 today. A whole week has passed of helping out Terezi. It was cute seeing her trying to hide her embarrassment of being reliant on you. Whenever someone came up to ask Terezi something she always pretended you didn’t exist, so you decided to move away from her and let her try to find you. She was to prideful to ask anyone else for help getting around. It was fun while it lasted. Now her nose is back to its original state of sniffing everything within its close proximity. You can no longer creep behind her at school anymore. You had arrived at school when Terezi had decided to smack you with her cane. “Hello, egdork. Did you miss me over the weekend?” You try to answer her but she bites your lower lip when she leans into you. You just go with it and kiss her on her strangely soft and supple lips. The scene you two are making would put Karkat’s shitty romance novels to shame. For a guy who sounds like he is at war with everyone he is pretty finicky about his romance novels.

Terezi is the first to separate from your make out hug. Whatever it is you two split up and go in different directions. You think you Dave talking to his brother Dirk about something. “Bro stop trying to sell your new line  of smuppets toys on my website.” You will never understand why Dirk does the things he does ever. He works as a I.T. office as a programmer, DJs at nightclubs, and sells puppets that are adult toys on Dave’s webcomic site. For all intents and purposes only the first two are his actual jobs. “Dave, most of your fans are people who buy my merchandise.” You decide to walk past them. Last thing you need is to be in a battle of who could do something more ironically. The last time you did interfere with them you were married to Dave in 3rd grade. He proposed by giving you a plastic ring that he got from a coin machine. The marriage lasted only two weeks, so you had split custody of your adopted child Casey with him. The divorce was messy because you told Dave you weren’t a homosexual. Casey was a good daughter until she ran away because you forgot to close her lid. Dave yelled at you for losing his only ray of sunshine in his post divorce state. He also filed to get alimony because he needed to fund his hobbies of collecting dead things and drinking apple juice. He sold the plastic rings to another kid to jumpstart the school economic flow. Luckily he only got five dollars because Rose was your lawyer. 

You snap back into reality. That was the past and you need to pay attention to the present situation. Rose and Kanaya are next to each other flirting. It’s very light hearted right now but the way those two are going they might just start dating. The bell rings for the beginning of the school day. Class begins as usual like it does every other day except Karkat decides to sit next to you. “Hey, John can we talk for a minute?” You’re skeptical but your friendship mode gets the better of you. “Sure, what do you needing Karkat.” He stands a bit straighter and responds with “Well I came over to ask you if Rose a good person. She has been hanging out closely with my morail Kanaya. I want to make sure she doesn’t get her blood pusher broken.” It is at this moment you know you have to be Rose’s wingman. “Yeah, she is great. I would say she is the most caring person I know in a serious kind of way.” You see Karkat loosen up when you say that. “Good. Kanaya deserves someone special for all she does for us.” 

After you talk with Karkat about how awesome Rose is the teacher starts the lesson. You learn  algebraic equations and more information about troll and human culture. When chemistry class begins you answer all the questions on the work assignment quickly. Lunch time is supposed to be peaceful, but unfortunately Vriska doesn’t get the memo. Her and some guy from the derse class get into a fight.


Your day began much better than it usually does. Your three roommates don’t bother you at all. Sollux, Tavros, and a olive blooded troll are still asleep in the beds. The room is quiet and covered in shade. You go take care of all your hygiene needs in the restroom across the hall from your room. You finish up and get everything else ready for the day. Your mood hits the metaphorical crapper when you bump into Eridan. He ambushes you and tells you about his relationship troubles like it’s a simple hello. For a violet blood he is extremely pathetic at talking to people. You almost pity the poor fool, but you know he will take that as a relationship advancement. You just ignore him all the way back to your room. Sollux will most likely deal with him when he wakes up. You go get breakfast and get in line for the transportation to the school.

You get on the yellow deathtrap called a bus to get to the prison you call school. The school isn’t bad it’s just annoying having to deal with so many people. You walk around trying to find Kanaya to ask her to help you with your classes for today. You quickly spot John and Terezi making out in front of the school. Their kismesistude started out well until it began vacillating to matesprites. To say you expected this turnout would be a lie. You expected Terezi to have her fun and abandon John, but instead this happened. You wonder if their relationship will work out for the best because John is a sweet guy. You do end up finding Kanaya when you were walking around on your search. You find her talking to that girl John always hangs out with Rose. They seem to be engaged in a battle of who can say the most charming phrases. It looks like everyone you know is finding someone else to be in a relationship with. You walk away but quickly bump into Dave Strider. “Hey there KitKat. Couldn’t hold yourself back long enough to talk to me so you run into me.” He is a insufferable prick that has an ego that rivals Vriska’s. Yet he isn’t as bad a that blue blooded spider bitch.

You can barely stand to listen to him talk about whatever has his attention right now. You are thank the morning bell saves you at this moment. You go to class like you do every other day except you go to talk to John today. You want to know about this Rose Lalonde that has captured your morail’s interest. From what John has given you she is a good person who won’t hurt Kanaya’s feelings by leading her on.  You won’t let Kanaya be tortured like that again. Once class begins you try to pay attention to the lesson, but a certain blonde ass comes to mind. He is everything you hate in people, yet you can’t help but feel a connection to him. You think about what he said all class period. The rest of the day to give the teachers your undivided attention. It’s going pretty smoothly until lunchtime when Vriska causes a incident. She gets into a fight with a human from the derse side of the school. You are not surprised that Vriska is in a fight with someone. The fight lasts for about 10 minutes before Aaron Ranger or AR the security guard arrives to stop the fight. Both sides are bloody after the fight so the police were called to the school. 

When the police arrive at the school to handle the situation, they acted quickly. They handcuffed both Vriska and the other kid and questioned everyone. It was determined Vriska started the fight so she was quickly sent to a rehabilitation center. The only place that accepts trolls for rehabilitation is Felt Correctional Center. You’v Heard that that place is a living hell because the trolls are more repressed than they were on Alternia. You’ve seen what happens to the trolls that go there they become feral or gain very bad anxiety. The place isn’t owned by the government, so regulations are thrown outside the window. Some pompous asshat by the name of Lorde English owns the place. He is an old school racist who has donated to have his own opinion in the discussion of politics. You just hope Vriska can survive that prison for however long she has.



Your father called you to see if you were safe because he no doubt received a message about the event. You know that Vriska will be sent to Felt Correctional Center for what she has done. You are completely appalled that a place like that exists and isn’t being demolished by the government piece by piece.  Your dad has told you about how the trolls who go there are treated like they are insects who need to be exterminated. You both hates it. It is a private facility, so government inference isn’t allowed. Regulations for the treatment of trolls haven’t been drafted yet so they are suppressed heavily. You notice the other trolls freaking out at Vriska being arrested. Terezi is trying not to jump in to help Vriska out like she would usually. You go over to comfort her in her time of shock. She has just lost her best friend to a stupid mistake that could have been prevented. The school day ends early and everyone is sent home. The humans leave with their parents and friends while the trolls are put on a bus with security to make sure they don’t fight like wild animals. 

You get home to see your Roxy on the couch tapping her foot nervously. “Hey kids, your dad is gonna be late because he has a meeting to attend.” You think that today’s incident has caused interspecies relations to be set back. The other side will say that trolls are uncivilized and shouldn’t be put into schools with human children. Your dad and uncle will fight against it to make sure everyone is equally represented. You go up to your room and hop on a group chat on pesterchum with everyone. All the trolls who you friended and your regular friends. Terezi is  scared for Vriska and wonders what will happen. To finish up talking to the others for the night and then join a private chat between you and Terezi. She asks for your help in any way possible and she doesn’t care if your her kismesis. She just needs help. You talk until midnight and go to sleep. Let’s hope tomorrow isn’t bad.



Chapter Text


Today is September 24, 2014. Just yesterday there was an incident involving Vriska at school. She was caught picking a fight with some kid from the derse side of the school. Supposedly he was saying some crap about how preppy the prospit class is, so Vriska called him out. The fight was caused because of some bad mouthing. It wasn’t even serious enough to cause a fight over, yet Vriska’s giant ego couldn’t let it go so she got into it. The human that Vriska fought against was Delvin Hamshire. She was sent to Felt Correctional Center for being a troublemaker. Trolls are usually sent there for first time offenses in violence, however this isn’t Vriska’s first run in with the law. She has been trouble for most of her life as a cobalt blooded troll. It’s in her blood to be a troublemaker because of her ancestor. Delvin is trying to play the victim in this incident because he is such an angel. He's some spoiled asshole who got in because of daddy’s money. You hate those kinds of people. They never earn anything they have in their worthless lives. You wish you could make him pay for his crimes. Unfortunately for you he got expelled because of the fight. The school handled everything very quickly, so to avoid a media outbreak painting trolls as dangerous creatures. He has moved schools and has gone into hiding. He is impossible to track down due to your limited resources.

You are currently in biology class learning about cellular division. You would usually annoy John during class, however he doesn’t take biology. He is taking advanced classes for science in the Honors program. He just had to go to a different class when you need a distraction. He is both the best and worst kismesis right now. You had expected him to give up after the second week of dating you. Yet he has managed to handle you and all your antics. Not even Karkat survived that long in a relationship with you. Karkat gave up being your matesprite after three days. You thought he was going to stay because of how stubborn he is when he does something. He ranted about how unstable you were and how you refused to open up about anything. Doesn’t he know you had to make sure Vriska didn’t go off the deep end. She was the unstable one who unchecked would cause major problems. You believed that was your purpose in life. Now you are lost and don’t know what to do with yourself. You’ll probably visit Vriska when you can. You hope Vriska doesn’t cause more trouble now. What are you thinking Vriska definitely will cause more trouble. You get so lost in your thoughts that you don’t notice that the bell has rung for next period. You eventually snap out of your stupor when the teacher taps your shoulder.

You went to the rest of your classes with John and your other friends for the day and returned home. Upon entering your room you spot a new troll in Vriska’s side of the room. Management could wait any longer to replace Vriska and move in a new resident to get their money. The complex gets paid by the government on how many trolls it has in its facilities. The new girl looks to be about eight sweeps and seems to be a gold blood. She doesn’t have the multi colored eyes or the dual horn combo like other gold bloods. She has orange glasses and has long hair that reaches her waist. You walk up to her to get to know her. “Hey you the new room resident” she looks nervous and responds very shakily. “Uhh yeah. I’m Fregoi Biison. I’m staying here until my moirail can move me into his house with his matesprite.” She doesn’t look you in the eyes the entire time she talks. You know some trolls work to buy houses in the troll and human district and live with their quadrants in them. You planned on getting a job to get out of here, but no one is hiring a blind troll with the habit of licking things. You can’t help it sometimes when you smell something so colorful and delicious.

Fregoi is still looking down at her feet. You think she doesn’t want to be bothered by you right now. You go to your desk and start to work on your school assignments when you get a text. You don’t read it until you finish your school work. You finally grab your phone after working for about an hour on interspecies culture. It’s John. 


You are currently talking to your science teacher about your current assignment. You are one of the many students from your school who are in an advanced class. You have already taken your high school biology class when you were younger, so there is no reason for you to retake that class. You are planning on becoming a doctor like your mother did. It’s a way to honor her memory and to bring pride to her for you. The classes are more complex, but you have always had a speciality in science. A feeling of being needed is calling to you. You think Terezi might need someone to talk to about Vriska. You know that she had a strong moirialilgence with Vriska, so she must feel sad or something. You have been paying attention in interspecies culture class so you know that moirials are best friends that complete each other in there faults. You guess that makes Dave your semi moirial because he is your best bro. You have been together every since you had that crush on your kindergarten teacher. He was there when you were grieving your mother and he was there when you broke up with your first girlfriend. You are the best of friends almost to the point of where people thought you two were dating. Dave thought the same until you politely rejected him. He is still your friend to this day.

While on the subject of Terezi you saw her in your later classes. She looked so lost like she was truly blind instead of partially blind. You don’t know what she is. Is she disabled by having her eyes burnt or is she abled because she can smell and taste color. It’s beside the point of where you want to be in your mind set. You need to ask her if she is handling Vriska being incarcerated ok or not. She would usually bother you like a mosquito while in class, but so far she has only sat in her chair all day. You want to comfort her like your dad taught you to when you were growing up. It might not be appropriate because your her kismesis. Then again your only human so pity is just nature to you right now. The teacher is giving everyone work for the meantime. It seems like you’ll need to comfort her later on in the day when your not so busy. 

The school day ended with a good event. You have been put into the start of the boxing competition. Your father has always said that a man needs to know how to defend himself and his family. You’ll need to work out to stay in shape for the competition. That means more time lifting weights and those boxes at work. You work at Abraha Kaboba as a cashier. It’s both a magic and jokes shop for the customers. The job isn’t that bad. You get pocket money for hobbies, but you don’t get to show the customers the uses of the products. You think you’ll need another shift or two to finally get that Nick Cage movie memorabilia collection. That or fix your broken computer that you gave Terezi to use in class. You’ll never understand why she needed to download an entire data drive of crayons and lick it to absolute hell. She is weird like that and you find that kind of hot. Well since the day ended you head back home to do your homework and watch movies. You text Terezi asking if she wants to talk. You get a message about an hour later.

The two of you end up talking about how much you hate each other and other business. You share the idea of beating up Delvin for the justice of Vriska. You learn that Terezi is extremely worried about Vriska in Felt Correctional Center. She has also heard the stories about the trolls being more prisoners than patients. On paper that place is basically rehab and no evidence of wrongdoings has been reported. You also set a date with Terezi on Friday and to visit Vriska tomorrow. You end the messages to Terezi with a goodnight. You think she needs love rather than hate right now.



Chapter Text


Its been about three days since you entered the hellhole called Felt Correctional Center. The first day upon entering the facilities you got punched by a very scrawny rust blooded girl. You weren't expecting something like that from the lowblood when they were approaching you. The thought that the old caste structure existing in this place is what gave you confidence about coming here. Now you are a little bit more shaken up about the whole thing. You got your room arrangements for the rest of your sentence. You are roomed in a huge army barracks like room with all the other trolls who are serving time. You are filled with the feeling of dread when you enter the room. Everyone is looking at you which would normally be no problem, but they are looking at you to size you up. You would say you are a fearless person under any other situation but these tolls are more muscle than brain from the looks of them. You can't mind control them like you used to do on Alternia because the humans have suppressed your powers to the point of being nonexistent. Troll no longer have powers to prove that they are a superior species to other lower lifeforms like they used to. Maybe this is that great punishment that those stupid clowns were talking about. You always thought that they were off their swinging seats(Rocker) when they spoke about shit and their wicked elixir. You decide to stop thinking when you get to your assigned sleeping area. The beds are those double layered twin beds you see in movies but they are made out of metal and are screwed to the concrete floor. They are very uncomfortable. Upon closer inspection they are only made out of metal slabs and their is no padding underneath whatsoever. At least the apartments had a bed instead of these slabs without any form of softness to allow actual sleep. You attempt to close your eyes until you notice the room was clearly made for rustbloods because you're sweating due to the heat of the room. You are a blue blood so your body is naturally more inclined to colder temperatures. You finally mange to close your eyes and sleep in your new bed for however long you're actually here for.

You woke to an morning alarm blaring on in the entire room for its residents. You aren't used to waking up at five in the morning to get to work, so you get ignore it until it stops blaring out its annoying sounds. That was the worst idea you had so far because you get pulled out of bed and get thrown on the floor like some puppet. You are face to face with a monster of a human prison guard standing over you. He has the green guard uniform with a red stripe going down the middle with the number 15 on the side. He is yelling at you about not being up and decides to punish everyone by giving them extra work time. You are really making it hard for yourself to get friends in here. You just decide to follow everyone else to avoid causing more trouble and ending up on their shit list. You don't need enemies right now. The whole day is just torture with the amount of extra work you had brought to everyone else. The facility gets money from both the government and on forced labor from the trolls. Everyone makes poker chips for the owners other business, Casinos. Its all manually because the guards don't trust you with the machines. You get bullied by the others for being new to the area. They both verbally and physically assault you during the day. The guards don’t move until they have to separate everyone. You have no idea that they are planning on doing more to you.

You are worn out by the end of the day, so you fall asleep instantly. All the trolls in the room fill sacks made out of the blankets with their clothes to make improvised slings. They creep up on your sleeping body and restrain you while the others beat you with the slings. They go for your lower body to avoid making any visible bruises for everyone else to see. Retaliation from you will only cause more problems for you, so you endure it for the time being. You do plan to get back at them at some point. If you’re to soon they will get back at you with a better punishment. You doubt that the guards will help you at all they are mainly there to stop you from killing each other and protect the prison’s assets. One of the trolls restraining you is telling you that this is all your fault by whispering in your ear. The slings won’t hurt you to much but the ones who are punching are. It’s about an hour or two until they stop for the night. You now lay in bed busied all over your chest and legs. When morning comes around you get out of bed to avoid any more unwanted harassment. Your legs are sore and are aching every time you take a step. A new guard enters the room today instead of the muscle giant yesterday. He has a red spot with the number 7 instead of the red stripe. 

Today is better than yesterday. You are currently resting outside during yard time when you receive a letter. The letter looks to have been opened already from the top. It seems like you don’t have any privacy while you’re in here. You decide to read the letter right now. 

Hello Vriska

Its me your moirail Terezi. Just wondering how the life of being a felon is treating you. Have you already set the stage for your eventual uprising as the boss of the trolls inside. Did you find my replacement for yourself. I  will try to visit you when I can or if I can find time. Hopefully by then you’ll have probably learned your lesson about starting a fight in school. I’m doing good if you’re asking yourself that right now. John is the same geeky sap he has always been. You were wrong he hasn’t given up on the relationship. I guess the next time I see you I will get five dollars. The assholes in management have already replaced you in the room. I know right they are worse then the last management at the troll housing council. I hope you are safe.

 You crack a smile at the letter after you have read all of it. You are so lucky to have Terezi as your moirail in life. You want to tell her about what has happened, but it won’t reach her if the guards read your mail. They are more cruel here than Alternia. At least there you could have been judged correctly. You plan to send a letter to Terezi hopefully without it being held back. You think they will send it after they read it. Yard time ends a little while later. On your way back in you see two trolls from another block get into a fight. It’s a indigo and a jade blooded troll against the other. They are both split when a guard separates them. The indigo punches the guard who separated them in the face. The same guard who checked on your block in the morning comes over and beats the indigo to a bloody pulp. He has a billy club that looks like a giant crowbar. When he stops beating the indigo blood four other guards come over to pull away both the troll and the injured guard. The indigo blooded troll will not survive because of how bad that beating was. It is at this moment you know you’ll not survive here if you don’t change your attitude. You will die if you cause trouble for these people. You hope Terezi will never have to come here.


Chapter Text


Today is Friday, September 27, 2014. You have a date with your kismesis Terezi. You are planning on taking her to dinner and a movie after school. The dinner is going to be at a restaurant you heard about from WV. They offer traditional Italian dishes that are very spicy. The movie is going to be a black and white 80’s classic. You planned to use your dad’s car to drive around. It’s better go on a date tonight rather then tomorrow because you have a boxing competition. You don’t want to be going in public with Terezi looking like you fought a wall. It would make Terezi seem like an abuser and your her victim. That would be very disastrous for the both of you. You and Terezi have been getting closer as a couple, so much so she has stopped testing you to see if you’ll leave her. You are annoyed when Terezi does the random and insane crap she does, but you know she means well. She helps Tavros with his self confidence, role plays with Nepeta when Equius is gone, and stops Karkat whenever he starts a unwanted rant. She is a great friend to everyone, but she chooses to be mean to strike fear into everyone who isn’t her friend. You might give her something to show that she is appreciated by her friends. 

You are currently waiting for the bell to ring, so you can go home and get ready. You hear the bell and walk to your locker to grab your phone when you see Rose. Rose is talking to Kanaya at her locker. Rose and Kanaya are still in their weird flirting but not dating relationship. You have told Rose to ask Kanaya out for a date almost everyday since you noticed their flirting. Karkat agrees with you and he never agrees with anything. Then again he isn’t any better. You’ve seen the way he looks at Dave when they are talking. He has watched so many romcoms to make a teenage girl cry and yet he doesn’t know what to do. He has given romance advice to everyone, yet to him he can’t see what to do. Dave is probably clueless about his own damn feelings because he thought that he wanted to date Jade when he just wanted to be her friend. You are starting to think everyone you know is just clueless about their current romantic troubles. You stop thinking about your friends and grab your phone and text Terezi. You didn’t need to text her because you see her not even three feet away from you. She licks her phone and turns towards you.

“Why are you texting me John. I’m just right here and everything.” You tell her, “I wanted to remind you that we have a date today. I don’t want you to be making me wait outside like a chump.” She comes closer to you and says, “You weren’t already a chump John. I thought I knew you.” When Terezi stands this close to you your cheeks become red. You have to admit Terezi looks gorgeous up close. “If you get any closer you might like like a pretty girl instead of a gremlin.” You pinch her nose and push her gently away. You smile knowing she has been waiting for today to happen. You leave the school building and get in your dad’s car with Rose. Your dad was hesitant at first about your relationship with Terezi, but came around to support you and your dating life. You haven’t worked out if you’re going to date someone else with Terezi yet. Trolls do have multiple relationships with other people so why can’t you too. It might be a deal breaker for to you. What human girl would want to date some guy who is in a hate date relationship with a troll girl. Would she have to move in with you. You are finally thinking about the long term questions now. Now you are thinking about Karkat telling you how you and Terezi are vacillating. You are so lost in thought that you don’t notice that you are at your house until Rose gets your attention.

You get outside the car and go inside the house to get ready. You wash yourself, do your hair, grab your phone, and grab the keys for the car. If Dave was here he would say you were ready for prom and he would pretend to be your dad. He will do anything to become the most ironic person in your life. He gave you a box of rubbers on your first date. He told you to use them if you ever got lucky on the first date. Dirk got a good laugh, but your father was absolutely horrified. You hop into the white suburban family car. You drive to Terezi’s apartment to pick her up. The Italian restaurant is called Venice Kitchen. You get to the front podium that has the seating staff in every restaurant. The person who is in charge of seating everyone is a troll so are some of the people waiting. At least this place doesn’t segregated trolls like others. The host seats you and Terezi in the outdoors patio like you asked. The patio is decorated with hanging flowerpots with colorful flowers that hang off the side. Vines are sprouting out of walls with pretty flowers. 

You decide to try to cheer up Terezi. She has been sad ever since Vriska got sent to Felt Correctional Center. You hate to say you might being missing her over the top and very demeaning antics. She looked so natural when she insulted and played around with you. You think you’ll send Vriska a letter after this telling her how much Terezi misses her. She needs to know that her moirail is hurting inside. A waiter comes over to get your order for food and drinks. You order two plates of pork bruschetta with pepper and teas. They write up your order and go to the kitchens to have your food prepared. Trying to cheer up Terezi isn’t as hard as people would make you think. She cracks a small smile when you tell her about your past life experiences. She gives her signature crackle when you tell her about how you were married to Dave in elementary school. Hearing her laugh brings joy to you because it sounds like a soft and sweet melody. You look into Terezi’s eyes and she someone who wants to let all her worries out. You hear another kind of laughter from the table in the front. From what you see you notice WV is talking to somebody. Of course he would be here because he was the one who told you about this place. He is chatting it up with a woman in a cream dress. He might also be on a date with the amount of  looks he is giving her. At least he is back in the dating scene. Liv wasn’t a right fit for him at all. 

He is doing well for now so you turn your attention back to Terezi. She is currently paying attention to the color page the table has for kids. You look to see a crude drawing that looks to be her and Vriska hanging out. The drawings are so crude they make Dave’s webcomic look like a masterpiece. You won’t tell her that though since she doesn’t need to be hurt right now. You think you see a tear coming out of Terezi eye and you try to comfort her but get interrupted. The waiter brings the food and drinks to the table in the worst time possible. Terezi pulls herself out of her slump for the time being so she can appear confident and unwavering to everyone. How much longer can she keep up this facade of being charge for until she crumbles. You look to see if WV having any luck on his date. They have already left their table by now, so you’re in this for the long haul. The both of you eat your food get ready to leave. You go to pay for the service when you run into someone. “Johnny?”

The person you have just run into is your younger cousin Maria Vazquez. “Oh hey  Maria. I didn’t expect you to be here today.” Maria stands up straighter and gleefully asks you “I always visit Italian restaurants when I have the time. You however need to answer my question.” She leans closer to whisper “Who’s the lucky gal?” You tense up when she asks that question. What do you tell her exactly because she will no doubt tell the whole family about what happened. “Why do you want to know about my dating life Maria. Am I not entitled to my own secrets of who has captured my heart.” Maria deadpans to you “No, you’re not entitled to any secrets about love. I want to know who your new girlfriend is.” At that moment Terezi decides to make her appearance. “John are we almost ready to go. I have to be back before my curfew.” Maria is shocked beyond comprehension. She looks like you told her that papa was dead. You decide to speak up “Maria this is Terezi Pyrope my troll girlfriend. Well not girlfriend more like my kismesis.” All the color seems to drain out of her face when you tell her that you have a kismesistude with a troll girl. You leave her there to regain her composure and tell everyone the news.

You take Terezi back to her apartment and ask her a question. “Terezi are you feeling ok?” Terezi looks a little taken back by your statement. “Yes John, I perfect alright. Why are you asking.” “You haven’t talked at all today and I’m wondering if something is bothering you.” She pushes her glasses back up since they have been sliding down her face. “It’s none of your business if I’m upset John. Remember your my kismesis not my my moirail or my matesprite.” You look deeply into her eyes. “I know but isn’t a kismesis suppose to make you a better person. I’m here trying to get you out of this depressed mood you’re in.” She gets angry and yells at you. “I’m not depressed John. You should just mind your own business you stupid idiot.” You also get angry. “I’m just being a good person. You haven’t been the same and need help! I’m trying to help you deal with your problems! You don’t have to pretend to be some almighty badass when you hangout with me! You can stop trying to look strong and confident when your confused and don’t know what to do!” She slaps you in the face and gets out of the car. She walks back into the apartment and doesn’t look back at you.

You drive home a little faster than what is allowed. However you are a teenager who may have just broke up with their girlfriend, so you drive like you want to. When you get home you go straight into your room and punch your pillow. You throw the stuffed bear that Terezi got for a gag gift. You think you should save some of the rage for tomorrow’s competition. It isn’t until much later that your dad comes into the room to talk. You need to lose some of your rage so you don’t take it out on your family. You hate today and everything that has happened,


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Today is Saturday, September 28, 2014. Just yesterday you broke up with your kismesis Terezi Pyrope. You guys fought because you told Terezi that she is depressed. She didn’t take it too well. She shouted at and slapped you before she walked out of the car and into the apartments. You want to help her out of whatever kind of trouble she has. You know it may not be the best kind of behavior to be so caring for your kismesis, yet you don’t care about the about that right now. What you do care about right now is Terezi’s well-being. You don’t know what could be making her so sad. You thought it might have been Vriska being taken, but normally trolls replace lost moirails. That is what you learned in interspecies culture class. No troll objected the statement, so it must be true to some extent. It wasn’t like those two were close with the amount of independence Vriska had. She would always leave Terezi alone and Terezi would run after her. That isn’t the kind of behavior that happens in a normal healthy morailegance. So why is Terezi so desolate right now. She doesn’t seem like the type to have relationships that are so one sided or deep to the point of dependence. Maybe you’ll find out soon enough.

For now you have to prepare for your boxing competition today. You have been working out and practicing your moves for today all last week. You however built up a little bit more muscle in your legs than your arms. Unfortunately this competition isn’t a MMA fight or else you would use your legs. You are in the car with your dad, Rose, and Roxy your step mom. The competition is being held in the school’s gymnasium at 12pm. Your friends and mother’s family will as be there. Maria will have already told everyone about you dating a troll. She has never been known to keep a secrets for long. At least no one in your family is racist against trolls. They’re just very  judgmental if you don’t live the same linear black and white life they do. Old fashioned isn’t what you would use to describe them because they are with the times. Your grandparents will probably make you show them Terezi to see if she is future wife material. They did it with your past girlfriend Emily and they’ll do it to the next. Sometimes you wonder if they are pulling a big prank on you. That should be the only reason why they do those kind of things. You arrive at the school parking lot and head over to the gym. Upon entering the gym you see your coach and teammates. They are signing in at the front table. 

You go in the locker room and get changed into your equipment. The standard headgear, mouthguard, and shorts with the school’s colors. The coach enters to give his annual motivational speech. “Young lads the day you have been preparing for is finally upon us. I want ya to go out there and show them what you’re made of. Remember lads, fear is but the precursor to valor.” Everyone is now pumped up and ready for the competition. The team steps outside of the locker room and sits until it’s their turn. You watch a troll go against troll and human against human until you get your chance. You are against a monster of a guy in your fight. He looks like a brick wall with a head. He is roughly around 6 feet and 8 inches tall against your 6 feet. It will be a hard fight, but you never expected it to be easy. The bell rings for the fight to begin and you let him hit first. You watch how he swings his fists to see his fighting style and his weaknesses. As your fight him you spot a certain teal blooded girl in the middle row looking at you. Her red sunglasses are hanging on her button nose and she is wearing a black jacket with the school’s logo. You get distracted and the big brute lands a few good punches on your body. You wait for him to swing again so you can counter him. As he goes for the hit you dodge and hit him in the gut. He is tired and holding his stomach so you go for the kill. A well placed punch to the head will knock him out. You win the fight and go sit down on the bench with your team members.

Your team wins the competition by lucky two wins. Everyone gets up shakes the other teams hand and goes to the locker room. You shower with both hot and cold water to clean off all the sweat and treat your bruises. You put on a blue henley and a pair of black jeans after you dry yourself. Upon entering the lobby you get hugged by Roxy and a thumbs up from Dave. Dave being the ironic person he is has your old team jacket with a sign that shows picture of you photoshopped in a recreation of Rocky but in his comic format. Rose hugs you after Roxy does. Jade is lost in a conversation with Bro. The rest of your celebrating party is taking to your moms family. You see Maria, and her mother your mom’s older sister Lucy, and grandpa Leo. Your dad stops talking to them when he sees you standing there. “John, your grandpa Leo is here.” You walk towards them but before you do you see Terezi leave out the front door with a sad but happy expression on her face. You think you’ll talk on the phone with her after you talk to your family. Your aunt Lucy approach’s you first. “Hey John. I heard you are dating again. Who’s the lucky lady.” You decide to her it didn’t work out. “Used to. We broke up after we had a fight.” You preceded to tell them about the break up. Everyone’s mood gets dampened after hear about the break up. Dave breaks the tension when he asks where the boxing team is going to eat. 

You go to Olive Garden with your team and family to celebrate your recent victory. The coach makes a toast to the team with his weird irish accent. “Ye young lads have brought me pride by winning today. The days of today and morrow will be great.” He stops his speech when his drink spills onto his shirt. You just put your drink up to make the colliding drinks moment you see in movies. Everyone joins in the moment and then they start to eat their food. You turn around in your seat to see Maria ranting to Dave on how Olive Garden isn’t real Italian food. She will never will settle down until everyone agrees with her opinion. Your aunt Lucy is no doubt talking to your dad about her current boyfriend troubles. She refuses to date a guy who won’t accept her children. She has three kids and had a husband until she divorced him because he cheated. She has your older cousin Isaac, your younger cousin Maria, and your baby cousin Vinny. Your grandfather Leo is drinking his Whiskey while also listening to Lucy. You wish your grandma Juliet could’ve come but she is still nursing her broken leg. Your other aunts, uncles, and cousins are busy with work or school. Your uncle Vincent is still in China working for Skiatech. He doesn’t have any kids right now. Your aunt Levi and uncle Lincoln are at home taking care of their kids. Levi has one daughter named Sarah. Lincoln has twin sons named Mark and Jeff. Your mom was the youngest child of five children.  

As the celebratory dinner is ending you run into one of your troll teammates. He is a teal blood named Falnor. He reminds you about Terezi being in a bad mood because of his permanent droopy face. You need to send Vriska a letter about Terezi’s depressive mood ever since she left. You plan to write the letter when you get home. The dinner ends and you say goodbye to everyone so you can head home. Jade gives you a bear hug and Dave gives you a hug that only the best of bros can have. Maria and Lucy give you kisses on the cheek and your grandpa Leo pats you back. The ride home was long enough for you to think about what you are going to write. Once to get home you rush to your room and write up that letter.

Dear Vriska

I am writing this letter to you to tell you about Terezi. She has been really depressed about something and I tried to help her however we got into a fight and broke up. I know that writing to you and trying to be kind is not kismesis behavior but remember I’m only human. Being kind and caring is in my blood like how trolls say superiority is in their blood except they are heavily suppressed. That doesn’t matter. What does matter is that you need to be a good moirail and send Terezi a message or two. You guys may have a shitty moirailegance but it’s clear that she needs your comfort. You have enough pride to at least spare some and write to Terezi. She needs your strange alien soul bonding friendship.

Sincerely, John Egbert

 You finish writing the letter for Vriska about Terezi’s well being. You know she gets them because she responds to them. Now you wait to see if Terezi’s mood will stop being so depressing and be more happy. Hopefully everything will be alright. Oh how wrong you were at that moment.

Chapter Text


Today is Tuesday, October 1, 2014. You are currently crying in your bed. You had just received a letter from your moirail Vriska Serket for her current location of Felt Correctional Center. You had gone to school in the morning like you normal do expect today Kanaya had asked you if you had gotten any news from Vriska. You have been waiting patiently for a letter from Vriska for a week. Today you would get your wish from the hand of a monkey. Once you arrived at the community apartments you call home you heard from the front office that you received a letter. You opened your PO Box to find the letter you had been anticipating since last week. A letter from Vriska your moirail. You ran into your room and opened the letter like you were a kid on Christmas. You were so excited about the content of the letter that you almost ripped it apart. You got the message that was inside and you were ready to read. What was inside scared you. 

Hey Terezi 

I have been inside Felt Correctional Center for about a week. In that time I have learned many things about the world and most importantly about myself. This place is meant to break down and reconstruct people like me. For that reason alone I will need a competent moirail to help me adjust. You have always followed me, but I need some likeminded and more available. For that reason alone I have decided to dump you as a moirail and get another one from here. I have already met a few who could easily fill your position much better than yourself. They are more suited to be my moirail than you ever were. Just so you know that this is me I have left the bracelet that you made for me in wrigglehood in the package. You are now free to follow your own path and make a new moirail. They may not be as awesome and cool as I am but at least you have the memory that you and I were once connected.At least you still have that human of yours to play with. I wish I had him as my kismesis. He looks like a fun person to  manipulate. You were right all along humans are too easy. Anyway wish me luck on my moirail endeavors. What am I saying I have all the luck. You are free now Terezi.

The letter is stained a light blue from your tears. It sits there on your desk all wet and soggy. Your moirail the one person who is meant to be your support and anchor has just dumped you. You’ve spent all of your life dedicated to her and she drops you like garbage. You have abandoned all your relationships and opportunities to be with her. You were made to make sure she didn’t get herself in trouble. Your life’s purpose was to counteract her troublesome behavior. Now it’s nothing. You built a reputation of being a crazy jackass, so you naturally push people away. The only relationship that showed any potential of being successful is ruined because you couldn’t let your facade of being invincible fall. Now you lay in bed in a soup of your tears, hopes, and dreams. You don’t know what you’ll do now. Maybe you can fade into nothingness if you try hard enough. You close your eyes and relax all of your muscles in bed. You don’t fade-away instead you fall asleep.

You wake up early without having had a dream last night. You stay in bed and contemplate what life has to offer you. Crying into your pillow sounds like the best damn idea you’ve had in a while. The crying only lasts for an hour because you hear someone waking up. You want to sleep in your bed forever but you know you can’t. Someone will no doubt pull you out to see if you are still alive. No one will try to help you since most are scared of you. Being close to Vriska didn’t make you a very comforting person. Staying up right now leads you to a few more conclusions. If you continue to cry everyone will make fun of you. All of your reputation points you’ve earned will cease to exist. But the worst thought is you will prove Egbert right. He would’ve been right when he said their was something wrong with you. He will laugh at you being torn apart by your own depression. If he is right then that means you were wrong about everything. You don’t spend any more time being depressed. If only it that easy to stop being sad. As you wait for school to begin you prepare for everything. By everything you mean sulk in the corner and pack your bag. You go to school and do all you can to prove you are alright. However your actions speak in a different way than you want.

You have stopped being the sarcastic and overly dramatic girl you once were to become a husk of what was. You no longer talk to anyone except if it’s absolutely necessary. Colors smell less bright and exciting then before. Now it smells like a cloudy boring day without anything to do. Since your sense of smell has began deteriorating you’ve been bumping into more things than usually. You don’t mind running into objects or people when you’re walking. What does get your mind is John. When you see him in your classes you imagine him laughing at you. You are always angry when you see him smiling and laughing with your friends. When did he become so popular with everyone. He is just a stupid human who doesn’t know what he is doing. Why is so successful when you are on the ground struggling. You want to destroy his confidence so the both of you can stand on equal ground. It isn’t fair that he gets to be happy while you suffer. You too prideful to ever admit a defeat by his hands. You begin to look at him to see if you can spot any weakness and use it against him. You try to insult his looks but he counters by saying he will let Kanaya give him advice. You berate his knowledge and he rebuffs you by studying harder. You try and fail at this for a week.

You try to stop letting John be the center of your thoughts but it seems to be impossible. He represents everything you hate and admire. He doesn’t let your insults keep him down even when he can’t find a way to turn the table on you. He is free spirited where you are reserved and nervous of not being accepted in high standards. You want to say he is doesn’t look good, but that would be a lie. He looks absolutely amazing. His hair is so messy but he manages to pull it off so well. His glasses make him nerdy yet give him a seductive image at times. He is well built and he has grown in height. He is now imposing figure to you. Maybe life has destined you to be defeated by him. School life continues as usual but your stomach growls at the most inconvenient time. You’ve been so preoccupied not looking weak and trying to one up Egbert that you forgot to eat. You haven’t eaten since Vriska got sent to Felt Correctional Center. Your stomach is more flat and you are lacking more muscle than before. You are starting to look like lanky skeleton than a teal blooded troll girl. You wonder what will happen now. We’ll find out soon enough.


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Today is Thursday, October 17, 2014. You are currently in advanced biology class. The teacher has decided to let you work on any missing assignments you have. You have already finish all your work, so you spend your free time thinking about Terezi. You had sent a letter to Terezi’s moirail Vriska a little over two weeks ago talking about Terezi being unhappy in her life. Since then Terezi has fallen into a depressed husk like state. She continues to insult you at any given time, but the insults feels very empty. Her body seems to be working normally, yet her mind is blank and despondent. All traces of the former confident, energetic, slightly over the top troll girl is gone. All that is left is a body that no longer feels emotion or will. You overheard Kanaya talk about Terezi being dumped as a moirail by Vriska. The idea that your letter to Vriska might have caused this sudden change is prevalent right now. You never expected Terezi to take the news so badly. To you their moirailegance wasn’t healthy and was doomed to fail. Neither one was willing to let their pride fall to recognize their own faults were to big for themselves. They never sought help from the other because of their egos.

Your school day ends for the day and you decide to talk to Terezi. You walk down the long hallway of students to her locker. She isn’t there. Maybe she was there before you had arrived. You’ll never know the answer if you just stay there though. You began a journey across the school property to find the sad and lonely teal blood. The search begins in the arts room then the main office. She has a habit of wanting to lick colorful paintings so the arts room was your best bet. She wasn’t there eating the colors like you thought. You go to the main office next to see if she is talking to the principal WQ. The secretary says she hasn’t seen Terezi all day. If she isn’t here then where is she. You search the whole school trying to find any trace of Terezi. So far she has been to today’s classes but you didn’t see her. She probably sat in the back while you were in the front. That has become a habit of her lately. It isn’t until you’re about to leave that you find Terezi. You find her crying under one of the trees in the back of the school. She has her hands on her face and her legs hugged up to her chest. She is wearing the same black jacket she wore last two weeks ago with black leggings and a pair of boots. Her face is only visible to you for a few seconds. She has snot and tears flowing down her paler than usual grey skin. You feel sorry for her right now. You go and try to comfort her.

As you walking towards her you see she has one of Dave’s art sketches. It’s a picture of a comic he drew after you had announced your relationship with Terezi. You try to suppress a little giggle from coming out. You fail miserably at that task and gain Terezi’s attention. Terezi uses her jacket sleeve to wipe away the light blue tears and snot. She gets up and immediately starts yelling, “What the hell do you want Egbert!” You step back a little. “I came over to check up on you Terezi.” “No you didn’t! You came over here to laugh at my misery! Are you happy now that you see me crying John! Do you feel happy that you were right about me being sad?” You try to walk to her. “Why would I be happy about being right? You are unhappy and you look like you need help right now.” Is that what I am to you! Am I just some train wreck that you need to fix in order for you to feel good about yourself! Am I even a person to you!” She is crying more now than she was before you arrived. “Aren’t you going to try to defend yourself!” “Terezi you need to calm down you’re being a hysterical madman.” Terezi is now angry. “Let me help you Ter...” she tries to hit you but you grab her fist. She just gets more angry and more tearful as you hold her fist. You let go of her fist. You want to speak to her again, but she runs away. Rose calls you before you can run after her. “What do you want Rose!” “Hey, calm down John. I just wanted to ask you where you were. Dad has been trying to call you for a while.” You take a deep breath and talk to Rose right. “Sorry. I’ve just been busy is all.” “No problem John just get over here.” You walk to the parking lot.

Both your dad and Rose are in the car waiting for you. They don’t question you on why you were late until you get home. The questions are simple so you give one worded answers. You go to your room and go into your closet. There sits a blue box that you grab on occasions. You decide today is one such occasion. A picture of you, your mom, and your dad sits on the top. You grab it and ask your mother for some guidance on what to do. She always said she would help you with girls. Maybe she might help you right now or she might agree with you about Terezi being wild. You laugh because she would no doubt tell you to go after her even if Terezi has the temperament of a grouch. You put everything back and go to sleep for the day.


You are currently on your bed thinking about today’s events. You had gone to school to prove that you were strong, but that backfired. You were walking to your locker when you saw two moirails comforting each other in public. They were hugging and talking about what grades they got on the geometry test they took. To them life couldn’t be any more better than now. It made you angry at first so you yelled at them. The taller of the two began crying because you had insulted his horns. The smaller one just cursed at you and took the taller one away to calm him down. You saw how they took care of each other and that made you a little heartbroken. Will you ever meet someone who will make you feel that way about yourself. You ran outside and sat under a tree crying your miserable heart out. As you crying you heard someone giggle. You turn to see John Egbert trying to hide a smile behind his hand. How could he laugh at you at a time like this. Here you were crying about how unfair and cruel life is when a happy go lucky idiot laughs. You started to argue with him. Yelling felt so good to do, but it was a temporary relief for you. You tried to hit him when he didn’t answer your question about how he sees you. He grabbed your fist and held onto it for a few minutes. In those minutes you felt completely powerless to him. Once he let go you gathered all your things and ran away. You made it to the bus to go home and sleep in your bed. 

That is what happened today. That emotional rollercoaster of anger and sadness took a lot out of you, so you try to sleep. You did fall asleep once you got to your bed, but you woke up soon after. Sleep has been another thing you have been missing. You are tired, hungry, and unappreciated right now. You just lay in bed like a lifeless body until you have to go to school. There you can distract yourself from your own mind. You put on a teal hoodie with baggy blue jeans to hide your body. Not eating for about three weeks makes you more bones than skin. You do eat but it’s very little and it doesn’t always stay when you go to the bathroom. You don’t try to intentionally throw up your food it just happens. The only food you do seem to keep down is blueberry yogurt. Anything else is either impossible to eat or impossible to keep down in your stomach to digest. Unfortunately a diet of only yogurt is not healthy in the slightest. The cafeteria also has a very limited amount of yogurt available. Life just has to interfere and ruin everything about your life. When you get to the school you go immediately to class to claim a seat in the far back to avoid everyone. The classes are long and don’t have any point to them. When you see John in class you get angry and want to hit him. It won’t solve anything because he can easily stop you or simply let you hit him. John is just that much of a caring loser pushover. Humans have always been the more docile species against trolls.

You go to the rest of your classes except PE. It has started raining on the day you were supposed to exercise outside. You wouldn’t have been able to run around long, but the thought somewhat counts. Staying inside isn’t bad for in anyway possible. The day just continues on like usual. When it ends is when it gets very bad for you. John has found you and has cornered you to talk. The only escape for you is to run outside in the rain and hope he doesn’t want to get wet. You take the opportunity to bolt outside to escape John. John has a different idea because he runs after you. The rain is making it harder for your tired and malnourished body to continue running from John. Your clothes are getting heavier by the second until you collapse. Now you are on the floor soaked to the bone and defeated. John simply walks to you and picks you up to talk. “Terezi stop running!” You look at him and say, “Then stop running after me John! I have nothing to say to you or anyone else for that matter!” John’s face gets angry serious after you say that. “Terezi you need help! I know Vriska has dumped you as a moirail, but that doesn’t mean you need to be depressed!” “I’m not depressed John! I don’t know how many times I have to tell you that I’m not depressed!” He looks at your body and says, “Then why have you not been yourself lately! You haven’t even eaten anything since Vriska got sent to Felt Correctional Center! If that doesn’t mean you aren’t depressed then I don’t know what is!” Your clothes are hanging on your body and you see yourself. Your bones are showing through your skin and your under 100 pounds. “Ok I am depressed John! Are you happy with yourself now! Congratulations on figuring out that mystery before I did! I don’t need your help fixing myself though. I’m the only person who cares about myself so you can go now and be happy!” You are crying and yelling at John in the middle of nowhere in the city. Yelling is the only thing you have going for you. “I don’t need anyone’s help! I am an independent woman. You don’t even care about me do you. Nobody cares about me!” You try to continue ranting about your life but John just hugs you tightly. He whispers in your ear. “I care about you, your friends care about you, the school cares about you.” You see John crying and telling you about the people who care for you.

You push him away but he still has a grip on you. “What do you know about being depressed John! You are the most annoyingly happy person I know so what could you know about depression!” He looks you in your eyes. “I watched my mother and two unborn siblings die right in front of me. I know what it’s like to lose someone.” You begin to understand that he knows what you’re going through. He has already experienced the bottom of the barrel. You talk to him about your situation. “Vriska was my everything. I thought that the both of us would be inseparable. She would be the bad cop and I would be the good cop of our dynamic. She was my goddess. I thought our relationship could have worked out because you were the only other person who could deal with me. Then we began vacillating and I felt like you more of a moirail than her. You treated me as your equal and I was afraid that would mean I was wrong about Vriska. I started feeling a little red about you but I didn’t want Vriska to feel like I was leaving her.” You hugs you tighter and says something you didn’t expect. “I didn’t know you felt that way. I thought that you saw me as just your kismesis. In that case I feel the same way. I love you Terezi Pyrope” John tips your head upwards and kisses you. It feels great to have his arms holding you and kissing you. You begin to feel something you haven’t felt in a long time. You feel loved and appreciated. The kiss is warm and gentle like a soft blanket covering you at night. When it ends you tell John your feelings. “I love you to John Egbert.” It feels like a movie. A moment of passion in the rain has brought confessions of love. It’s so cliche that Karkat has ten film cases with the same scene. You and John are now Matesprites. 

Chapter Text


The date is still October 17, 2014. You and Terezi are still standing in the rain somewhere in the city. You weren’t expecting to confess your love for Terezi today. You wanted to go on a normal date with her before you confessed. It doesn’t matter now anymore. You have made your choice and it worked better than you had anticipated. She said she felt the same way about you and now you’re dating her. She is holding onto your shirt right now so she doesn’t fall. She is tired from lack of sleep and proper nutrition. The rain slows down and you see the sun going down on the horizon. You decide to say something about the time. “Hey Terezi it’s getting late. You might have to come home with me today because the troll district is to far to walk that way.” Terezi looks up and says,“Yeah, remind me next time to run in the direction of the apartments instead of away.” The both of you are 2 hours away from the shared troll apartment complex on foot, but are less than 15 minutes away from your house. Both of your clothes are soaked through, your bags were left at school, and it’s late. The troll apartments lock the front doors at night to keep out unwanted visitors. There aren’t any rules that say she can’t stay the night at your house. There isn’t any other option to choose so you take her to your place. The walk allows you to talk and reassure Terezi that you care about her.

When you get to your front lawn you spot Dirk’s orange pickup truck and Jade’s bike in the driveway. They must have come for dinner. Dave is probably inside the dining room sipping on the organic apple juice you bought for him like it’s an expensive wine. Jade will probably punch your arm for being late for dinner.You use your key to open up the door like usual. When the door opens you see your step mother Roxy pacing next to your dad. Rose is the first to notice you walk thru the door. “John where have you been? You just ran out of school without your backpack or your phone. We were worried sick about you.” You know Rose is being serious right now. “Sorry about running out on you Rose. I just had to talk to Terezi about something.” Rose sees Terezi standing right behind you in the doorway. Terezi waves at everyone. Your dad decides to talk, “What was so important that you had to run out of school.” “Well like I said I had to talk to Terezi. She needed my help so I happily gave it to her like a gentleman.” He gets more comfortable in his seat and continues to question you. “What did she need your help for. You broke up with her as kismesises. What is she doing here.” You let Terezi get inside the house and then speak with your father. “She was sad about Vriska getting sent away and dumping her, so I helped her to get her mind off of Vriska for a while. You do know that the apartments where Terezi lives locks the doors at a certain time. She is going to stay over for the night.” Your dad accepts your response without any questions but Dirk doesn’t. “Why in the living hell are you letting Terezi crash here. Remember you two broke up as hate lovers, so you don’t owe her anything. Unless she is carrying your kid then it makes total sense. Did y’all make some hate baby before you ended it.” Your cheeks get red at the mention of being told that the only reason you would allow Terezi to stay over is if you got her pregnant. “She isn’t pregnant. Stop assuming that. I know Emily was a basket case but don’t assume I do that. We haven’t even had sex and is it even possible. We’re two different species.” Dave joins his brother in questioning you about Terezi. “Then why is she here bro. She better not be forcing you into anything John.” You want to sink into the floor right now. From the looks of it so does Terezi. “Dave me and Terezi are dating again. However this time as matesprites rather than kismesises. She has been dropped as a moirail by Vriska and she needs some who loves her right now.” They get the reason now. 

Your parents finish cooking spaghetti and meatballs with garlic bread for everyone while you and Terezi take showers. You give her some of your clothes so you can wash hers in the laundry room. The clothes is unsurprisingly big on Terezi’s shorter and thin body. Ever since the beginning of the school year you have gotten a growth spurt. You now tower over Terezi’s height. Terezi sits next to you at the table when it’s time to eat. She eats a little bit of the spaghetti meatballs and homemade garlic bread. You encourage her to eat a little more in secret to make sure she is eating correctly. She finishes her garlic bread and eats a plate of spaghetti. You congratulate her and go to bed. You’re about to lead Terezi upstairs when your dad calls you back. “What’s the problems dad. I’m just taking Terezi to my room to go to sleep.” He gives the biggest look of disapproval. “That’s the problem John. The two of you are sleeping in different rooms. I don’t want to hear any objections or see you in the same room without some adult supervision.” “Dad I’m going to engage in risky behavior with Terezi if we share a room. You let Emily sleep in my room when she came over.” “Look at how that turned out John.” You realize your mistake and immediately take Terezi to the guest bedroom. You give her a quick hug and go to your room to sleep. You enter your room and take off your shirt. Sleep is much easier for you without a shirt making you have a heatstroke. You fall asleep in seconds upon seeing how tired you really were.

You wake up earlier than normal so you go work out in the basement. It’s 4:45 in the morning on a Saturday morning. As you were exiting your room you decided to go check on Terezi. The guest bedroom door isn’t locked so you walk in. Terezi is laying in bed sideways with half the blanket on her. She must have been very tired because you can hear the busy morning traffic that you are used to hearing. She looks so peaceful when she is asleep. Her face is scrunched up to give her a little scowl and her hair is short enough to be cute but long enough to look amazing. You should leave the room before she wakes up or your dad sees you. You go to the door but Terezi starts having a nightmare. You walk back to the bed to try comforting her. Movies have taught you that when someone is uncomfortable while asleep you must brush their hair with your hands. Her hair is soft and is almost curly. She calms down enough to continue sleeping in bed. You finally leave the room to do some morning exercises. The basement of your house has a couple rooms for everybody to use. There’s a workout room, wine cellars for your stepmom, a coat closet for Rose, and a gaming room. You get to the weights to build muscle until breakfast is ready. 



Today is Saturday, October 18, 2014. You are currently asleep at your matesprite’s house. You knew John came from a rich family but you never knew how rich. The bed is soft enough for you to basically sink in. You can finally get the much needed sleep you have been missing out on. If only your dreams got the memo. You were having a nightmare about being alone again when you felt someone petting your hair. It was both gentle and  assertive. You calmed down enough to continue getting your beauty sleep. You slept for another two hours.

You wake up to the sounds of pots and pans banging against each other. Waking up makes you forget most of what has already happened. Your first thought is wondering where you are right now. Images of last night fill in all your questions. You had ran out of school during a rainstorm and John followed you. You were scared of having your heart broken again, so you couldn’t let John get close to you. He would have made you see your problems and then face them. It turned out for best that John caught you running. He confessed his love for you and told you that he would be there to help you with your depression. You weren’t showing how weak you were and he accepted you. He is such a good person that he would help someone who broke up him. What did you do to deserve such kindness from someone. You decide to think about that later you need to use the bathroom. You get out of soft bed and head towards the bathroom you used yesterday. The hallway outside of the bedroom is very decorative with family pictures and assorted decor. You stumble into a table by accident because it’s scentless. You mainly navigate the world around you mostly from scent alone. Your cane is only used on special occasions such as annoying people. It would be very useful now if you didn’t leave it in your room. You just keep walking down the hallway on your journey to the bathroom.

The bathroom is spacious and very colorful. The scents that come to you from the room is like solid energy. The bathroom is also enough for a medium sized walk in shower. Someone must have taken one recently because you smell soap duds and dirty clothes. You do what is needed and wash your hands. You think you should go talk to John about getting a ride to the apartments. A new scent is in the air when you exit the bathroom. The scent of freshly cooked breakfast that is always attached to John. You head downstairs to the kitchen to see if you can get some breakfast. As you enter the dining room you hear John’s voice call you. “Good morning Terezi. Did you sleep well last night.” “Yeah I slept pretty good John. I have slept better last night than I did the last three weeks” John’s face shifts into a smile after hearing about how comfortable you are. You go over to where he is sitting and sit next to him. Your stomach has said that this would be the perfect time and place to growl. “Don’t worry Terezi breakfast is almost ready to serve. I glad that you’re trying to eat food instead of refusing.” He gives you a kiss on your cheek. You hear Rose enter and laugh a little at John. “Woah there John you’re going a little to fast there. You’ve just established a romantic relationship with her and now you’re kissing her.” John laughs at Rose’s remark. “Rose me and Terezi have been kissing each other since our first hate date. Remember we’ve been together for about a month already.” Rose says, “You are right John. You have been with Terezi for about a month but it wasn’t a matespriteship before.” John’s dad enters thru the kitchen door. “Hey John can you help me get everything ready? Oh hi Terezi. Almost forgot you were here today.” Both John and his dad go into the kitchen. Rose takes this opportunity to question you. “Do you love him Terezi?” You are a bit taken back by Rose’s question. “Yes. I love John.” She sits up in her chair to establish dominance. “Good because if you ever break his heart I will never forgive you. Believe me when I say I can destroy you without having to be physical.” She no doubt cares deeply for her stepbrother. You think you’ll ask the question that has been bothering you for a while. You have heard her name on multiple occasions when you were still kismesises with John. She must have done something drastic in order to be mentioned so many times. “Who was Emily and what did she do to make your dad angry?” Rose’s face tenses up. “She was John’s ex and she was very possessive of him. You would have thought they were married based on how clingy she was. She would constantly try to make him stay with her and no one else. They broke up when she...” Rose had stopped talking when everyone walks into the room with the food.

 Everyone sits down and begins putting food on their plates. Emily must be a very sensitive topic if Rose had to stop talking about her when everyone had arrived.  You decide to ask Rose at a later time about Emily. You grab a plate and begin serving yourself. Today’s breakfast spread is sunny side up eggs, honey glazed ham, pork sausages, and wheat toast. You get a bit of everything on your plate with a cup of water. Eating is a little difficult to do, but it’s much easier now knowing that people care about your health. You turn your attention to John’s dad. He was very cautious of you last night when John said he loved you to everyone. Your mind goes blank because Mr. Egbert is a really good cook. All the food you’ve eaten you never knew food could taste this good. While you were eating breakfast a certain short tempered troll was having a aneurism.



 You are currently the short tempered troll having an aneurism. Why are you having aneurism this early in the morning. Well that would have to be because your friend Terezi ran out of school during a rainstorm and never came home. You may act like a grouchy bastard, but you are really a sweetheart who cares about your friends. Terezi has been acting more weird than usual lately. She has been closed off and John noticed it before you did because he told you about and he ran after her yesterday. You have tried calling him all day yesterday night to no avail. None of your troll friends have any information about Terezi’s whereabouts. She has never did anything like this for as long as you have known her. You have only one option left in your search for Terezi. You have to call Dave Strider. He is friends with John and his sister Rose, so he must have at least some information. “Hey its ya Dave Strider. What ya need?” You are already get a headache. “Hello Dave. This is Karkat Vantas from the prospit class. Do you know where Terezi is at? She didn’t come home last night and I need to know where she is.” “Oh it’s you KitKat. Yeah Terezi is at her macdaddy’s house. Who knows they might already be married and have their unholy hellspawn in her oven.” This phone call makes you want to break your phone and bust your head. “Where the fuck is Terezi David?” “Woah there shortstack. You might want to calm down before you birth a cow. Terezi is at John’s house.” Now you know where Terezi is but you want to know why she is there. “Why the fuck is Terezi at John’s house. Didn’t they break up two weeks ago.” “Yeah but now they are matesprites. Terezi just couldn’t get enough Egbert the first round so now she going in for keeps. She has a little competition in the game.” Terezi in a matespriteship with her former human kismesis sounds like a lie but you never know. You end the call with Dave.

You go to Kanaya with the news about Terezi. Kanaya is with Feferi in their room talk with someone. “Hey Kanaya I found out where Terezi is.” She turns towards you with her phone in her hand. “She is with her new matesprite at his house. You’ll guess who the lucky guy is.” “It’s John.” You step backwards because you don’t know how she figured it out. “I’m on the phone with Rose right now.” Well then it looks like all your hard work was for nothing. You storm out of the room and go to your room. In there you can get back to your three roommates. Tavros is reading his fantasy book, Gamzee is reading the same book with Tavros, and Sollux is modding his computer to be faster. You just go to your bed to watch your romcoms under the covers. Nothing brings you a smile like Will Smith in Hitched. You wonder if you’ll ever find someone who loves movies as much as you. Maybe you will someday.

Chapter Text


Today is Sunday, October 19, 2014. You have just heard about a party in the troll district from your friend Jade. Some mid blooded girl  is having a house party for her high blooded matesprite. Everybody is invited to come over and join the party. You have already sent everyone else in your contacts a message about the party. As a cool guy you must show up at every party and stand in the corner with a red solo cup. If you don’t follow that specific  rule you’ll lose your cool guy status. A truly horrific day will be when you become uncool. Bards will sing of the travesties that have happened when you lost your cool. Cool guys everywhere will shed a a single tear behind their sunglasses after losing a legend of coolness. Your bro will mourn your cool guy persona in an trendy anime outfit. Your bro is the only person who could pull the world out of the chaos. He would carry the world out like it was some damsel in distress. You get so caught up in your own mental stupor that you don’t hear your brother come in. He just sees you standing blankly in front of the wall that has a giant outline of SBAHJ. You were the one you painted the picture, but your brother was the one who framed it. He touches your shoulder to snap you out of your head. “Hey Dave are you ok?” “Yeah, I just got caught up in my own mind for a second” He pats your back and sits on the futon to watch T.V. “Are you sure? If you need to talk about anything you can come to me.” He succeeds on both being mature and being fun. He is only twelve years older than you, yet he acts like a father to you. He became like a father to you when you were nine years old. He had turned twenty one and had applied to become your guardian. Your parents weren’t very good parents, so your older brother took you to go live with him. They hated your brother because they had him when they were sixteen. He said you didn’t deserve to be abused by them like he had been. He saved you because a year later your parents went away for selling drugs from their house. “I know thanks bro. Thank you for everything.” The two of you share a brotherly hug.

You’re currently on the bus going to the troll district. The bus is full of other people who look like they are also going to the party. Someone has two bags filled with sodas which are alcoholic to trolls. Trolls can get drunk from both sugary drinks and regular alcohol. Trolls need to have a lot of sugar in order to get drunk. A simple piece of candy would be fine but a sugary soda would have them off their ass. Troll biology is weird as hell. Humans have very little knowledge on the mechanisms of troll biology. You decide not to pay attention to the other people who get on the bus. Looking at people is a good way of starting a fight. Instead you listen to your playlist of mixed beats and read some comments on your comic. For whatever reason the comments on your comics are mainly about the links to the smutppet site. The smutppet website is a fully independent and successful business that brings a crapload of money. They are made at your house instead of a factory. You can’t count the times that you’ve been buried under a pile of puppet ass. Yet somehow people buy them like crazy, so at least you get paid for advertising space. You know there’s a kink for everything you suppose. The rest of the ride to the troll district is smooth sailing.

When you get to the house it’s 7:32pm. The house looks like a old mud hut that you would find in a desert. It has a very southern Hispanic design. You just straight into the house and look for your friends. You see Jade talking to someone in the back of the kitchen. “This is a really nice house Gredia.” “What’s up Harley. I see your already replacing us with others.” Jade turns around and welcomes you. “I wish I could find someone as ironic as you Dave. The ones I have interviewed for your position as my cool friend have all failed. None could have as many freudian slips as you.” She laughs at her own joke. “Ok I choose to retire as your ironic friend. I need to get my pension, so I can sue John for the rest of my alimony. My supply of apple juice is running short. For meantime what are doing right now Jade.” “I’m talking to my friend Gredia. She owns this house with her matesprite Helena. They are trying to move Helena’s moirail Fregoi into the house.” You shake your head to show Jade that you are following what she is saying. “Ok. Have you seen John or Rose around her. I texted them about the party five hours ago.” “No I haven’t seen Rose or John around here. The party doesn’t start until 8:15.” Gredia went to the pantry as you and Jade were talk to bring out a large dark green ice chest. “Hey did y’all guys want anything from the chest before I put er out.” You shake your head to decline her offer of a drink right now. People are beginning to crowd into the house now. You see John, Terezi, Rose, and some troll girl in the front lawn. You go talk to them.



You are trying to make your way thru the crowd of party goers. You are looking for your moirail Gamzee Makara. You have been here at this party for about an hour. It’s currently 9:27 pm. You had arrived with all your friends except Terezi, Aradia, Eriden, Sollux, and Feferi. Terezi and Sollux had arrived earlier. When you had arrived to the party you saw Terezi’s roommate Fregoi talking to a jade blooded girl and her indigo blooded matesprite. You had walked in with your moirail Gamzee when Jade had ambushed you. She was walking around with a tray of jello cups for everyone to have. The jello was made out of jello powder and fruit juice because she didn’t want to be getting people drunk off the bat from high amounts of sugar. You and Gamzee had a strawberry jello cup which was pretty tasty. You also get a cup of punch or something. It has a very tangy taste and makes you feel great about yourself. It was going great until you lost Gamzee in the crowd. You didn’t notice he was gone until you asked him if he wanted a drink. That is what happened. You searched the bedrooms, bathrooms, and outside for him. You were about to quit the search when you ran into Dave. “Hey watch where you’re going. Oh it’s you Strider.” Dave was holding onto a red cup when you ran into him. “Good evening to you to Karkat. You almost made me spill my cup of coke-cola.” He always comes into your life at the worst possible time. “I don’t have time to be talking to you Dave. I have to look for my poor excuse of a moirail Gamzee.” “Gamzee is over there with that guy.” You turned around to see Gamzee and some human making out. They were on the wall breathing in each other’s skin. The human that Gamzee is kissing is a tall and skinny blonde boy. Some of Gamzee’s make up is all over his face. You try to split them up. 

“Hey Gamzee. Want to give the guy some time to breathe air instead of your face paint.” He isn’t listening to you, so you try shaking him for attention. “Hey nookwhiffer listen to me.” He stops kissing the blonde boy for a while to talk to you. “What’s up Karbro. I’m a little busy right now showing this guy a good time. Can you come back in a little while when I’m done.” You can smell the sugary faygo soda on his breath. He promised you that he quit drinking sugar.  You attempt to pull them apart again but the guy who Gamzee is making out with throws his drink at you. Your shirt is soaked with whatever drink combo he had. You leave him alone like he asked but you don’t plan on coming back. “Wait Karkat.” Dave grabs your arm before you can walk away. “Let go of me right now Dave. I’m angry and wet right now, so if you don’t want to get yelled at let go.” He just grips tighter. “You don’t have to be angry Karkat. Just because your moirail is kissing some random guy doesn’t mean you have to be ballistic. This isn’t some romantic comedy where you have to be angry about your friend being with someone.” You shake him off your arm. “I know I just want to go home. I didn’t want to come to this stupid party anyway.” He leads to a more private part of the house to talk. “Karkat do you need help getting home. You don’t look completely sober and the night can be dangerous. I can take you home if you want to.” You accept his offer to go to your apartment.

He was right about you not being completely sober. You must have had some alcoholic substance because you can’t seem to walk straight. It was probably punch you had before Gamzee went missing. You had about three cups of the tangy party juice. Dave has to straighten your form while walking. The apartments wasn’t  very far from party so you arrive pretty quickly. Dave takes you to you room. Your stomach isn’t feeling to well. Your room is relatively cleaner than other rooms in the apartment. You try to make it presentable but your roommates don’t share the same idea. Gamzee has grape juice bottles around his bed and desk, Tavros has his books scattered around the room, Sollux has his computer parts all over his desk, and you left a bunch of movies on your bed. Dave sees your movies on your bed and decides to look at them. “Dude I didn’t know you had Hitched. It’s the shit.” You weren’t exactly expecting him to say that. “Yeah it’s my favorite movie. I love romcoms ok. You can laugh at my hobby of watching girly movies.” He doesn’t laugh instead he complements you. “Karkat there’s nothing wrong with watching romantic comedies. They are pretty good when you find the right one instead of the cheesy garbage some people produce. Your movie taste couldn’t be any worse than John’s.” You have found someone who has accepted your movie taste. A feeling of relief hits your stomach then you throw up on Dave. Red tinted mush stains Dave’s shirt and pants. That was extremely embarrassing. At least no one is here to witness this shitshow. 

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Today is Tuesday, October 21, 2014. You are currently waiting in the front office of your school for the guidance counselor WQ. John helped you schedule a meeting with her today. You would have seen her yesterday, but she had a busy faculty meeting. You need some psychological help with your issues. While you wait you decide to examine the room. The front office is painted in a creamy hazel nut brown color. It mixes with the strong scent from the coffee machine in the employee break room on you left. A few teachers are in their drinking the coffee while waiting for their classes to start. The potted plants scattered around the room have a very weak herbal scent. Someone must have forgotten to water them. The infirmary is connected to the nurse’s office. Ms. Paint the school’s nurse is in her office next to the principal’s. The principal is a guy named Andrew Hussie. You haven’t met or seen him anywhere at school. No one see him come out of his office he is just already there. A rumor has been going around that says he sees everyone with the school cameras. The continuous sounds of computer keys tapping drowns everything out. The secretary is working on a report about school attendance. You begin slouching in your chair as you wait. The chairs are surprisingly comfortable for their appearance. They’re made of wood with a leather padding on the front. 

When the time comes to enter WQ’s room you walk instead of rushing in. Her room is both very welcoming and very professional. You can smell a bit of lavender when you sit down. “How can I help you today Ms.Pyrope.” Her voice is gentle, yet shows authority like a queen. “I have some problems that I need help with. I haven’t been in my right mind for a while.” She clasps her hands together. “Could you please elaborate on what these problems are. You can speak to me about anything troubling you.” You adjust yourself in the seat so you can tell her. “I have been struggling with issues about myself for a few weeks already. It’s taken a toll on my mental and physical health. I didn’t eat for a while until someone helped me.” She tries to comfort you by putting her hand on your shoulder. “Sweetie does this have something to do with your kismesis. The school has noticed that you have less like your self for a few weeks. Has he hurt you in some way.” You are shocked that she would think that John would hurt you. He wouldn’t hurt a fly and she thinks he has been hurting you. “John doesn’t hurt me.” She sits back down in her chair. “If you’re scared of him please tell me. You’re safe here where he can’t hurt you.” Why does she think he is making you like this. “No you’re wrong he hasn’t hurt me in anyway possible. What made you think he did?” “He is your kismesis and he knows how to fight. He had gotten into a fight at his last school. I thought that is what the problem was. I’m sorry for jumping to conclusions. Can you please continue with what you were saying.” She leans back into her chair with embarrassment. You didn’t know that John had gotten into a fight. “My issues started when my moirail Vriska stopped being my moirail three weeks ago. She was my everything. I had spent most of my life being there for her. I believed that we were meant to be together. It was when she told me that she would replace me for someone better I saw that I was wrong. I was the only one making an effort while she didn’t. I had grew dependent on her to help me live. I haven’t been eating right, sleeping, and caring about myself.” You start crying while telling her everything. She hands you a tissue to wipe the teal tears. “I’m glad you found someone who helped you come here. Do you need a referral to a psychiatrist or anything.” You calm yourself down. “No I’m ok. My matesprite is helping me. He is the one who helped me get here in the first place. And John is no longer my kismesis. He is my matesprite now.” As you are getting up she writes on a paper a name and a phone number. “This is the name and number for a psychiatrist. You should go see them at least for one day. I will always be here if you need any more advice.” You go outside to go home.

You see John waiting for you by his dad’s car. He is talking to someone on his phone. “Dave I don’t know what food Karkat likes. I’m pretty sure you can’t give him one of your brother’s puppets as a gift. Just because Jade liked them doesn’t mean they are an acceptable gift.” Why does Dave want to know if Karkat wants a puppet. You just ignore it and get to the car. When John sees you he ends the call with Dave after saying goodbye. “How did the visit with WQ go. Did she tell you that you need to go to a psychiatrist.” John gets in and starts the car. “Yeah she said I should at least pay this guy a visit at least. She also thought that you were the reason for me being so messed up. I was shocked that she thought you were abusing me. Does being a athlete automatically make you a bad guy in any relationship.” John starts to laugh a bit. “Terezi if I was being an ass you would bite me with your shark teeth or worse tell Karkat to yell at me.” You also start laughing. “Yeah I would do that. I would even give Karkat a book on the rules of dating.” You and John laugh for a while until you ask him about the fight. “She also thought you abusing me because you got into a fight at your last school. What makes a good boy like you start a fight.” John takes a deep breath and sighs. “I punched the guy because he was the guy my ex Emily Kims cheated on me with.” Is that why no one in John’s family really talks about her. “So you punched someone because they were messing around with your girlfriend. Everyone in your family shuns her existence now because she cheated on you. I thought she tried something shocking like stalker level stuff.” John grips the steering wheel harder. “She told the whole school that I got here pregnant when we broke up. Everyone thought she was lying like she was known to.” “I see why no one talks about her.” “That was until nine months later. She gave birth to a baby boy named John jr. She had slept with the guy to make me jealous.” The information that was just revealed to you makes so much sense. No one speaks about her because of this. “Woah. That was some shit you had to go through John. You have won The Who Has The Worst Relationship Award.” He gives a little chuckle. “Now you see Terezi there is nothing you can do to beat me. I have won and I shall celebrate by eating a bunch of gushers.” The laughter starts up again like the entire conversation about Emily didn’t just happen. As John is driving you decide to stop at a burger joint.

When you get back to the apartments you go to your room. Your roommates aren’t in the room, so you decide to put on your old dragon cloak. Whenever you’re alone you like to put on the red cloak and pretend you’re destroying a small village. It’s better when you role play with Nepeta. You were flying over a small family farms until you hear a knock from the door. You open the door to find Karkat and Sollux with a box. “Hey Terezi do you know why Dave sent me this box. I asked Sollux to look up the boxes information from the mail code on the side. He says I should ask you why he sent this.” Sollux is behind Karkat trying to hold back the loudest laugh. The box smells like a very heavily saturated rainbow. “I don’t know why Dave sent you a box. Wait I remember Dave asking John if you would like a puppet. It might be a puppet or something else entirely.” “What the fuck do I do if it’s a puppet. Do I look like a middle aged man who watches to much animated shows.” Both Karkat and Sollux walk into your room with the box. Karkat puts the box on your desk. “If you don’t know then open it Karkat. It can’t be any bad right.” The contents of the box are hilarious for you and Sollux but horrific for Karkat. The box was loaded with plush dolls with big noses and large rumps. You laughed so hard that you almost pissed you pants. Karkat just throws the box on the floor. A letter was hidden under all the puppet ass. You only see Karkat run out of the room in rage when he finishes reading the letter. Sollux picks up the box and puts all the puppets back in. “I can’t wait to put this on YouTube. Troll opens box of puppet ass and has meltdown. It’ll probably get about one thousand views before someone pulls it. My social media profiles will explode with new followers.” You suddenly get an idea. “Hey Sollux do you think you can look someone up for me.” “Yeah sure. Who do you want me to look up for you Terezi.” “Can you look up a girl named Emily Kims on all social networking platforms.” Sollux pulls out his phone and begins searching. “I don’t know why you want me to look up some chick named ohhh. Woah that is a lot of pictures of John and the girl. There is also pictures of a human baby in some. Why did you want me to look her up.” You look over at Sollux’s phone and check her out. Emily is a beautiful blonde blue eyed girl. There are pictures showing her and John together in both friendly and in intimate manner. It’s there you see a photo of a dirty blonde headed baby named John Jr. There are some messages dissing John about being a bad father. Maybe she thinks that John won’t take the public humiliation route and get back with her. Anyway now you know what the face of the unspeakable person in John’s family looks like.


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Today is Thursday, October 23, 2014. You are currently trying to apply for job. Why is a person like yourself applying for a job right now. You need a job so you can get money to pay a fine for having explicit objects in your room. You were able to use the money you get from the government, but now you’re going to be broke for a awhile. The is question is now why did you have explicit objects in your rooms. Well it all started two days ago when you received a package from Dave Strider. You had were in the apartment’s front office when Sollux told you that you have mail. You weren’t expecting anything since you haven’t ordered anything off of the internet recently. Nonetheless you went to go see what kind of mail you had received. You were greeted with a large box covering in a very dark rainbow wrapping. Confusion was the only emotion you felt when you say the box was from Dave. You were wondering why he would send you a large gift box. You were also wondering what was inside so you asked Sollux to search the name of the company that the box was from. Sollux told you to ask Terezi what it could be because she was dating Dave’s friend John. Terezi told you it could be a puppet or something else, so you decided to open it. He had sent you a gift of ten slutty puppets and a letter asking you out to go see a movie. Normally you would have yelled at him for even thinking about asking you out, but you’re glad he did. He hasn’t made fun of you for watching romantic comedies like all your other friends have. He isn’t as bad as you thought he was in the beginning. Instead of being an insufferable prick he was a nice person who cares for others. He may act like a uncaring person who you can’t surprise, but you know he is surprised by everything. Anyway back to what you were doing.

Not many businesses near your school are willing to hire a troll with has a slight angry problem. You aren’t very busy so you check twelve places to see if they’re hiring. Of the twelve places you’ve visited you only got an interview with three. Of the three the only job that pays enough is McDonald's. You now work as a cashier at a McDonald’s near your school. It isn’t as bad as where Terezi’s roommate Fregoi works. She has recently joined your friend group after most of you went to her moirail’s house party. She lives in the shared troll apartment complex, but she is planning on moving. One of requirements for moving out of the government funded facilities is having a stable flow of income. Fregoi works as a store clerk at some department store and often gets harassed by her human coworkers regularly. Here you at least have some troll coworkers who won’t target you for being a different species. That doesn’t mean that won’t bully you on your blood color being unnatural. You’ve been called “human blood”, “unnatural mistake”, and “the troll who is trying to be human” all your life on earth. You are used to the harassment you receive by now. That’s why you are always angry. No one messes with the weird guy who is always in a bad mood. You wish you didn’t have to work, but you unfortunately need the money for food and for your hobbies.

Three days later 

Today is Sunday, October 26, 2019. You have been working at McDonald’s for about three days. The first two days were you being trained during business hours. You now have to work like you know exactly what you’re doing which isn’t to hard because you are just a cashier. You just have open the register, take orders by pushing buttons on the screen in-front of you, and hand them their change when you ring them up. The kitchen staff take care of preparing the food and handling the food off.  Your manager isn’t an asshat like other managers are. However the universe has decided to make today the worst day possible. Some middle age brunette mother was yelling at you because her crotch goblin didn’t get the toy he wanted. “Hey give my son that ninja turtles toy. He didn’t get the one he wanted. I specifically told you to put the red one in there when I ordered the meal.” You weren’t even the one who took her order, so why is she complaining to you. “I can’t do that. The toy you receive is the one you get.” She doesn’t accept your response. “Why can’t you just go to back and get me the toy.” “Lady we can’t give you a second toy. If you want another toy you have to buy another meal.” She is raising your blood pressure thru the roof. “I don’t want to buy another meal! And yes you can get me another toy you’re just being a lazy person.” “I can’t get you another toy because we have a limited number of them. Just buy another meal and I will personally get you the toy.” She decides that this is the best time to scream bloody murder. “Just me the toy you insect! You know what I want your manger!” Your manger hears her yelling and comes out of his office. “What’s the problem?” The women sees your manger and just marches towards him. “I want that employee fired for not being respectful to me. He wouldn’t give me the children’s toy that comes with every meal.” Your manger pulls her to the side and tells her something. From what you see she gets a shit eating grin on her face while your manger comes over. He whispers to you, “I told her I would mark you but I won’t. She has been a problem here for awhile so we just give into her demands. Go get the toy she wants so she can leave.” You do just that to get rid of her. She leaves the restaurant and you can finally breathe. Until someone else comes up to the counter.

The person who comes up to the ordering counter is the guy who got you into this mess. The blonde haired prick is quietly laughing at what has just happened. Dave Strider just stands there laughing until you interrupt him. “Like the little show of me getting chewed out by some woman for not obeying her demands. Don’t worry the next show will be me yelling at you.” He stops laughing and starts talking to you. “Why did you get a job at a McDonald’s. I thought you were busy watch your movies under the covers.” You look him dead center in his eyes. “I’m here because of you and your stupid puppets. I had to pay a fine for having them in my room. So unless you’re going to order food or pay me back my money I suggest you leave.” His face sifts to a worried expression. “Sorry about getting you into trouble with the puppets, but hey at least you’ll get remembered as the guy with smutppets in his room. Everyone will see you as a legend.” You give the stink eye. “Ok I’ll have a Big Mac, apple pie, apple juice, and your number.” You are shocked by his last request. “Why the he’ll would you want my number Dave. I’m busy working so I don’t have enough time to be annoyed by you.” He just says “I want to take you out to dinner and pay you back for getting you in trouble. I only pay people who I get trouble with after eating with them.” You begrudgingly agree and give him your number. The line of people waiting behind Dave are aren’t very happy. No one likes to watch the cashier become involved with someone while on the clock. You wish your shift for today would end already. 

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Today is Monday, October 27, 2014. You are currently in your bedroom getting dressed for school. You decide on a light blue polo shirt and dark blue jeans for today. As you are getting dressed you spot your costume for Halloween on your desk. You must have forgotten to hang it back up last. It’s a long blue hoodie like outfit with a wave motif on the front. Rose made everyone a costume five years ago when you were thirteen. She has yellow hooded robes, Dave has a caped red tunic, and Jade has a black witch’s dress with coat tails. She told you that she made them after she saw them in a dream about her dead cat Jaspers. She never did get over his unfortunate death. He was killed when your nana’s joke book crushed him. It was sad because your nana also died because of the book. Your dad locked it in the safe after the small funeral. He said it was cursed. You never believed in the spiritual, but when you saw the book just fall onto Jaspers you were convinced. You stop thinking about the weirdness of past events in your life to get breakfast. Your dad has made whole grain french toast and all natural bacon omelets. Just what every normal suburban household needs to start the day off right. You eat your food like you usually do when you notice that your stepsister Rose isn’t eating. Instead she is staring daggers at her mother across the table. You wonder why.

You head off to school with Rose in your dad’s car. Rose is looks angry. The if looks could kill Rose would have committed mass genocide on all the people in morning traffic. You ask her why she is mad once you get to the school parking lot. “Hey Rose why were you glaring at the road? Is something wrong?” Rose turns to you annoyed. “John it’s none of your business if I’m upset. I have the right to have my own secrets and I choose to deal with them by myself.” “I was just trying to help Rose.” Her face is now contorted with anger you have never seen. “John do I look like a lost idiot needing you to save me. Do you think you’re some amazing hero who is going to save everyone. Do I look like a damsel in distress who has to cry until some guy has to come save me.  You already have a train wreck for a girlfriend John. I know about her being mentally depressed and unstable. She is just a ticking time bomb waiting for you to dump her so she can go off the deep end. She is heavily dependent on you John. She’ll just push you away like she did with Vriska, so just break up with her as soon as possible.” What the absolute hell is going on. The Rose you know would never say anything or talk about someone like that. You want to tell Rose that she is being a bit bitchy, but she left the car in a sprint. You get out of car after a few minutes of contemplating what has just happened. Rose just insulted both you and Terezi. She always insults people using psychological evaluations of them. Something serious must be bothering her because she only acts that way when something in her life is wrong. She thinks everyone is against her when that happens.

You leave the parking lot and go to your locker to put away your phone until the end of the day. Rose isn’t at her locker talking to Kanaya when you go check on her. You search for her to no avail. She isn’t anywhere on campus from the look of it. The morning bell rings for class to begin, so you quit the search for the time being. You think you might ask Jade if she knows anything about Rose. Unfortunately, Jade is at her house with the flu. Why did she have to get sick at a time like this doesn’t she know that you need her help. You mentally facepalm after hearing how spoiled you sound right now. The teacher walks into class while you put your head down. No one bothers you during the entirety of school. At least until someone notices you in need of some help at the end. “Hey John is something wrong.” You turn to see Terezi standing behind you. She has gained some weight back from eating, but she still has some trouble keeping it down. “Yeah I’m fine.” Terezi doesn’t take that as an answer. “John we are matesprites you know you can tell me anything. If I had to reveal my problems to someone then so do you.” You sigh because you know she is right. “I’m worried about Rose. She yelled at me earlier today and I don’t know why.” “You’re just stressed out because Rose is mad at you. John not everyone is going to be happy all the time. “Terezi she said some things that were very offensive, and she only acts that way when something serious happened.” Terezi takes you outside and sits next to you at one of the benches. “I doubt Rose could say anything very offensive. She is as mean as you are, which isn’t even a considerable amount.” “She said that you’ll go off the deep end if I break up with you.”  Terezi looks at your eyes very deeply. “Are you going to break up with me John.” You see Terezi at the brink of tears waiting for your answer. “No. I know that you love me and I look you too.” You kiss her forehead and embrace her. Enough people have broken her heart by leaving her. May a joke will cheer her up. “Anyway it’s not like you can find anyone more funny than me.” She laughs a bit. “Are you sure about that John. I have met plenty of people people more funny than you. However none of them were willing to date me, so I gotta settle for you.” The two of you continue to hug and kiss each other like some romance movie. While this is happening a certain violet eyed blonde girl is having a tantrum in a unused room.


You are having a major meltdown in a unused storage room. Why is someone who is usually calm and collected like you having a meltdown? It might have to do with you finding out that your mother lied to you for your entire life. Yesterday when you were looking for your old therapist journal in your attic you found an old box that belonged to your mother. It was gifted to her by her mother when she was your age. You had decided to open it to see what was inside when you found something. It was a letter addressed to a man by the name of Dillon Strider. You remember hearing Dave say his dad’s name was Dillon. You wanted to ask your mother about the letter when curiosity got the best of you. You opened it to find out that your mother lied to you and you’re grandparents. She knew exactly who was your father. The letter said.

Dear Dillon

This is Roxy Lalonde. I wish to inform you about something that needs your attention. I have recently learned that I am pregnant. It is yours. I want to ask if you could allow me to live with you. My parents are very old school and will probably kick me out for being pregnant and unmarried. Since this is your child I want you to have a relationship with her. I remember the nights you told me about wanting to be with me. We could get married and live happily together. Maybe after the baby is born we could give her some siblings. Yours truly Roxy Lalonde <3

Your mother told you that she didn’t know your father at all. Every time you asked her about your dad she lied to you in your face. You run to where your mother is writing her report for her astronomy job. She sees you and questions you. “Oh Rosey there you are. I was just about to call you. I wanted to know if you needed anything when I go to the store.” You stare at her dumbfounded. She acts like she has done nothing wrong. “Yeah mom do you know what I need?” She shakes her head. “If I knew what you wanted I wouldn’t have bought you that kale smoothie last week.” You walk up to her and look her in her eyes. “I want answers mom. I want you to tell me who my father is and don’t you dare lie to me.” She was about to speak until she saw the letter. She starts to cry and reach for you. “I’m so sorry Rosey. I wanted to tell you but I couldn’t.” Your face morphs into pure anger as you yell at her. “Why didn’t you tell me? Every night I asked you where my dad was you lied to me! You lied straight to my face for 15 years. I don’t know what to believe now.” Your mother is still sobbing but she can at least talk. “I didn’t tell you because you were to young to know the truth.” “What is the truth then!” She flinches in her seat but you don’t think it’s genuine. “When I found out that I was pregnant with you I went to see your dad. We had been dating for a few years by that point. I had met him at a college party when I was young and dumb.He told me that he loved me. As I was about to give him his letter I saw his family. He had a pregnant wife and a young son that he never told me about. He saw me and immediately told me to get out. I told him that I was pregnant. He told me to abort you because he didn’t want another child. He hit me on my face when I told him I wanted to keep you. I ran home where my parents told me to get out. I stayed with my friend Ali after that.” You stared at her blankly. “I see. However I don’t know if I can forgive you for not telling me when I was younger.” She continues crying until you hear the front door open. Your stepdad or John must have come home. It wouldn’t be good to see you angry and your mother crying in her room.

That is what has you in your foul mood. You glared at your mother all morning and yelled at John on the way to school. You do feel guilty about yelling at your mom and John, but yo need some time to adjust. A broken broomstick lays on the floor as a victim of your rage. It fell when you entered the room and thus had to be the first one to be broken. Some bottles of cleaning fluid are scattered around the place. One on the floor leaking and one in a shelf of copying paper. You stand in a destitute room being watched by someone. “You sure had a lot of rage for such a lady.” Kanaya is at the door frame looking at the mess. You just embarrassed yourself in front of a girl who you might have feelings for. “Yeah I had to work through some anger I had.” She has the look of someone who has experienced the same problem you have. You grab a mop and start cleaning. “Do you think you can help me clean up my mess. It will take only a few minutes.” She nods and helps you clean up the storage room. No one talks for the duration of the time it takes to clean a rather large storage room. You text John to say you’ll get a ride home with someone. Maybe he won’t be worried about your outburst in the car. Terezi didn’t deserve to be bashed by you like that. Kanaya and you talk for a while before she has to get on her bus. You walk home to find your mother crying on your stepdad’s shoulders. You see Dave’s brother Dirk pacing in the living room. John’s dad was the only real positive male role model so you often refer to him as dad. “What happened dad.” John is on the couch with Dave with their hands on their heads. When everyone notices you it gets chaotic. Dave is the first one to speak. “Rose Your mom just told me that you’re my little sister. I knew that we looked like lost siblings, but this is crazy.” Dave is having his own little mental breakdown next to John. Dirk walks towards you. “I’m happy to know I have a little sister. Your mom did the right thing when she didn’t listen to my father. He was very abusive and would probably have made you want to die.” You move away from him quickly. “I’m sorry but I don’t feel very comfortable right now. I want to be left alone for the time being.” They respected your request to leave you alone. You fell asleep when you got to your bed.


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Today is Tuesday, October 28, 2014. You are currently at your house in bed throwing up. You have been sick since Sunday morning. It might be the uncooked seafood you had with your troll friend Helena. She is a seadweller, so she always makes fish dishes when you go to her place for dinner. Gredia usually makes more regular side dishes that you eat. However you felt guilty about never eating her food so you caved in. Worst mistake you’ve made in your life and you’ve made a lot of mistakes. Your grandpa gave you some diarrhea medication to help your stomach. He is at work doing what army generals do while you empty your stomach in a bucket. It honestly hurts so you start crying out loud. This gets the attention of your big pure white malamute, Bec. He comes into your room and tries to cuddle with you. He is your service dog because you have social anxiety and PTSD from being left alone. When your parents died you were put into a shitty foster care house at age six. For two years you were abused by your foster parents and siblings. You were put into a cage, not fed, and hit almost daily. When your grandpa got custody you were a wreak. He got Bec only a week later as a puppy. Your life has only gotten better, but you do occasionally get flashbacks of that place. The foster house was investigated, but the parents had managed to escape. To this day they haven’t been found yet.

The day continues on like clockwork until 1:34 pm. By that time you have to get up and feed and let Bec outside to play. The bucket of your bodily fluids sits on the floor next to your bed. You plan take the bucket to toss out the contents. The sludge of your protein breakfast gets flushed down the toilet like the waste it is. Your bathroom is a little messy since you had to wash Bec. You decide to get a small snack from the kitchen. Some bread and water is always recommend for stomach problems. Maybe pop some indigestion pills for the long haul. What a plan for a wild eighteen year old girl skipping school. You let out the loudest sigh you have and sit in front of the T.V. A pile of classic werewolf movies sits on the small coffee table. Little Red Riding Hood is on the top of the stack. Maybe you might watch it again for the thirteenth time this week. You have always been interested in the mythical world of beastly people. The feeling of belonging and acceptance fills you whenever you put on your dog ears. That is how you found out you were a furry. Your friends and family accepted your revelation because they already knew about it before you. Aww what friends you have in life. You hear a familiar ringing sound coming from under the cushions. Bec runs inside the house when he hears it. It’s your phone.

There are over twenty missed phone calls and ten text messages. All the phone calls are from both your friends John and Dave. None from Rose which is weird. If John and Dave have been trying to reach you it must’ve been very important. Rose is always the first one to call when something happens, so you decide to call them. “Hey guys what happened.” Dave is the first one to answer. “Jade everyone went ballistic yesterday. Rose found out that me and her share the same father.” What. “I’m sorry could you repeat that.” John answers instead of Dave. “On Sunday, Rose found a letter her mom wrote to her dad but never delivered. She read it and found out that she and Dave are related.” Woah. You knew Rose and Dave looked very similar, but you didn’t know that they were siblings. “Rose told you about the letter.” Dave answers your question “No, her mom did. She called me and my brother to come over to their house to talk. Me and bro thought that they wanted to tell us about a trip we could join them on. When we got there John and his dad were trying to calm her down. When she told us about her telling  my dad about the pregnancy she broke down. I knew my dad was an asshat but to be told that he said Rose should have been aborted makes me mad.” You’re also mad about how much of an asshat Dave’s biological dad is. You give Dave’s older brother Dirk more respect than before. “I want to go see your dad and kick his ass. Rose is one of the best people that I know and to think that someone wouldn’t want her is crazy. She is one of greatest friends you can have. Dave let’s find your dad and kick his ass.” Dave starts laughing at what you’ve just said. “I wish we could but both my parents are currently in jail for drug trafficking charges. Serves them right.” You continue talking for awhile about how much of a douche Dave’s dad is. When you end the call it’s 4:30pm. Bec is laying down by your feet.

You call in sick again today for work. You work as an assistant at your local veterinary hospital. The manger knows you wouldn’t call out of work unless it was serious. Your love for any animal is unparalleled to anything else. Animal care has pushed its way into every aspect of your life. You want to be a veterinarian when you grow up. Dogs have always been your speciality. As you think about your life goals Bec drags a pile of clothes out of your room. You notice it’s his costume for Halloween. He is going to be a doggy huntsman while you’ll be a werewolf little riding hood. You can’t be the basic girl who buys a costume from a store and just wears it. It has to have your own personal touch. Bec lets go of his costume when you start tugging it away. You take it back to your room and hang it up, so to avoid Bec destroying it. Maybe you should take a nap before your grandpa gets back. Rest is always needed when you’re sick. That’s how your day was.

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Today is Thursday, October 30, 2014. You’re currently hanging out with your boyfriend John Egbert  at the McDonalds next to the school. John is eating a quarter pounder while you are eating chicken nuggets with a variety of sauces. Sweet and sour with tangy barbecue is your favorite sauce combo. You see your friend Karkat is working at the register. By working you mean arguing with Dave about where they should go for dinner. It’s like watching an old married couple when they argue with each other. “Dave we aren’t going to Uncle Sam’s BarBQ. The food is to greasy. I feel like at any moment I could die of clogged arteries by just standing there.” “Karkat it’s not that bad. At least you could die knowing you had the best BBQ in Maple Valley.” Karkat stops working on the ordering machine to talk. “I would not be remembered as the guy who was found dead in a BBQ restaurant. Why can’t we go to China Harbor. It much more cheaper and won’t give you type ten diabetes from drinking the tea.” Dave isn’t letting up. “Karkat China Harbor is filled with annoying hipsters. Who are trying to make you support their overpriced vegan food business. You don’t listen to Jade talking about nature, yet you think a bunch of snotty hipsters are good.” Like you said an old married couple. Who probably has a few adult children and grandchildren. 

Once you and John finish your food you head out. In the car John asks what your plans are for tomorrow. “Hey Terezi what are you planning on doing for Halloween.” You contemplate that question for awhile. You would always go out with Vriska to rob kids of their candy. However since Vriska got sent to Felt Correctional Center you don’t know. “I don’t have any real plans to go out tomorrow. How about you John?” John smiles a bit. “I was going to go trick or treating with my cousins. Maybe prank a few people on the journey around the neighborhood. You can join me since Maria has been asking me about you.” You are glad that John wants you to meet his family. That means he trusts you and won’t leave you without a second thought. “Yeah, sure. I could spare some of my time to join you in the pranking of unaware civilians.” John knows you’re joking so he just laughs all the way back to your apartment. When you do get home John gives you a hug and a quick kiss on the head. You are few inches shorter than him, so have to stand on your toes to kiss him. John hops into his dad’s car and drive off while you walk into the building. The apartments may be somewhat shitty, but that’s what gives it personality. You greet the same old front desk worker you do everyday. As you go to talk to him you get pushed onto the floor. The person who has run into is none other than your friend Kanaya. “What the hell Kanaya you don’t have to body check me.” Kanaya doesn’t seem to be notice that she ran into you. “KANAYA!” That gets her attention. “Oh sorry about that Terezi. I have just been distracted with my current work project.” Kanaya works at a tailor/dress shop in downtown. She is a manger who does dress designs frequently for customers. “Well ok. Could you please watch out for people who are walking around.” You just go straight into the elevators on the side ignoring people.

When you get to your room you see both your roommates Fregoi and Ramona talking. The topic of their conversation is what they want to do for Halloween. They have a random assortment of costumes on laid out on the their beds. They are likely trying to figure out which one will be the best for tomorrow. Fregoi is wearing a queen bee costume with a fake antenna headband. Ramona is wearing a very revealing cowgirl costume with two fake guns. You'll use your old redglare  flarping outfit you made with Vriska when you were younger. It’s the only other costume you have. And it looks like you put in work into getting ready. Your dragon cloak being the only piece is just shouting your lazy person. You want to look presentable to people. John will probably have an outfit with a lot of pockets to hold his pranking equipment. You have never met someone who can think of so many ways to get at someone. When you and John were still kismesises he pranked you by placing cotton balls soaked in fish oil all over school. It smelled pretty bad since you have a heightened sense of smell. You kept gagging all day until a teacher told you to go to the nurse’s office. You had missed a few classes because of that, but at least he removed it before school began the next day. The knew it was him causing all the pranks, yet they could never punish him. He was a sneaky bastard. But he is your sneaky bastard so you think you should get him something to show how much he means to you. What should you get him he doesn’t like dice or olive pirate movies so you’re dumbfounded. However right now you need to do your homework and sleep.


 Today is Friday, October 31, 2014. It’s currently Halloween today, so you have a full day to do what you love. Pranking random people on the street while hanging out with your family and friends. You are going trick or treating with your baby cousin vinny and your girlfriend Terezi. The school is allowing the students to wear their costumes if they are appropriate. Which shouldn’t be a problem since AR has made it his life’s mission to prevent inappropriate outfits. He enlisted Dave to make posters to inform the students not to do it. All the posters were of course typed in comic sans with the most glitched jpeg stock photo over forty hours of research could find. Karkat helped in the production the poster so a majority are targeted at freshmen guys. Dave will probably stretch the rule to its fullest extent by wearing a dress. Not just any normal dress a dress made out of pictures of his webcomic. Then again he might not. He doesn’t like to be predictable in his special outfits. You are predictable when you want to be such as wearing the same blue hooded robes you have for the last three years. Time to shine and head to school. You go downstairs to see your father in a vampire costume making scary pancakes. Your stepmom is in a cat-woman costume helping him. Both her and Rose will probably stay home watching horror movies while your dad gives candy. You get your breakfast and get ready for school.

The school has been decorated by the art club since after school yesterday. AR is standing at the front of the school to catch any students who aren’t dressed properly. Jade is at one of the benches adjusting her little red werewolf riding hood ears. Dave is wearing a white shirt with the word costume written in sharpie and talking to Karkat. Karkat is in a grey crab costume with tiny pinchers. Rose ran off in her orange hooded robes to hangout with Kanaya. Kanaya is wearing a vampire costume like your dad except her’s has jade green highlights. Tavros is dressed in a Peter Pan costume talking to Nepeta and Equius. Nepeta is dressed in a lion costume while Equius has a bipedal centaur costume. Gamzee is a clown. Feferi and Eridan are Ariel from the little mermaid and aquaman respectively. Sollux is a minion from despicable me. Aradia is a cyborg like terminator. However no Terezi. You look around the courtyard for Terezi but to no avail. You are about to check inside when Jade stops you. “Hey John have you seen Nepeta around here. Me and her are supposed to finish decorating the school.”  “Yeah I saw her talking to Tavros over there. Have you seen Terezi anywhere.” She grabs her messenger bag off the table. “No I haven’t seen her around here. You should probably check inside the school.” Jade runs off leaving you alone. You go inside like you originally planned and then was told to. Inside you see a few students talking by their lockers without Terezi, so you go check her locker. As you were walking you see her talking to someone. That someone being a male olive blooded troll from the derse class. He gives her something small in her hands. Whatever it is must be very important and sentimental because she stashes it in her pocket and smiles. He leaves her and she opens her locker to put away her cane. You approach her with utmost care not to alarm her. “Hey Terezi.” She jumps into your arms on reflex. “Ahh! John you ass. Why did you have to scare me? I could have hit you if I had something in my hands.” Terezi it’s Halloween, so it’s the best time to be giving people scares.” You are laughing while Terezi is scowling at you. Did you hurt her? “Terezi are you ok? I’m sorry if I hurt you by jumpscaring you.” You are now hugging her while you hear her about to cry. Your heart is beating faster than normal because you’re worried that you hurt her. As she’s in your arms she smacks you. “How about that John?” Now the both of you are laughing like crazy.

 The school day passes in seconds without anything eventful happening. You give Terezi the information on where to go, so you can go with your cousin. You meet Terezi there. You are at your aunt Lucy’s house because your grandfather Leo wanted you to take your little cousin Vinny trick or treating. His mother Lucy is busy at work and his older siblings are at a party. Vinny is dressed as a old fashioned mechanic. No doubt because of your grandpa. When vinny sees Terezi he starts blabbing to her about everything. “Are you Johnny’s girlfriend? Mommy said you aren’t pregnant like the last one.” Did some higher power say you should be punished like this. “Yes I’m your cousin’s girlfriend. Let’s hope the second part doesn’t come true.” She immediately starts looking at you. You get red in the face and start mispronouncing your words. “I d..don’t know what you m..mean.” Terezi starts laughing at your misery with her soft yet sharp voice. You begin your quest to acquire candy for your cousin Vinny. You wish he had a filter because he just keeps telling Terezi what he has heard from you about her. “John said you looked gremlin on the first day of school. Then he said you were the most beautiful woman he had ever met.” You give him a little tug on his collar to tell him to shut up. You don’t need an overconfident Terezi right now hang all your words over you. She is all smiles right now. Vinny gets tired as the moon gets higher in the night sky. You take him home where your grandparents are taking staying until you get back. When you get there they want to meet Terezi in person. Your grandmother speaks first. “Ohh what a beautiful young lady Johnny has. He always brings pretty girls. What’s your name.” Oh god she’s drunk. She doesn’t usually sound like some elderly woman with Alzheimers. She isn’t an alcoholic or drinks regularly. She just gets drunk very quickly because of her body weight and low alcohol tolerance. “My name is Terezi Pyrope and I’m a teal blooded troll.” Your grandfather speaks. “Well it’s good to meet you Teresia. How did you meet our grandson Johnathan.” He can drink it’s just he can’t hear all to well at times. “Grandpa it’s not Teresia it’s Terezi, and we met at school.” Terezi move to get in front of you. “We met when he lost a bet that was rigged on every step. We dates as enemies for a while then one day he chases me and asks me out.” Your grandma just passed out from how drunk she is. Your grandfather just nods and waves goodbye. You and Terezi leave the house when you get a message Jade telling you about a the party your cousins are at. Terezi says she wants to go since she has never been to a human college Halloween party. You hop in the bus and go join your friend and cousins to celebrate Halloween with total strangers. 



The house were the party is being held is gigantic. It looks like a stereotypical frat house in college movies. A large modern industrial apartment complex with all their lights on. Multiple guys standing near their cars talking to girls who are shyly flirting with them. Upon arriving someone tells you to have some of the punch that’s in the middle of the party. John tells you that you should come hangout with him and his older cousin Isaac. You tell him that you’ll hangout with Jade when you find her. He doesn’t want to leave, but you managed to convince him. You keep your word and search for Jade. Jade is nowhere to be found in the public areas of the house. She isn’t known for being unseen or mute. You say screw it and grab two cups of the fruit punch that’s in the center of the room for yourself and John. You give John his cup. “Hey John I got us some juice. I tried to find Jade but it looks like she has already left with some guy.” You both take a sip of the punch. John is the first to speak. “Thanks Terezi. Wow that pretty strong. What the hell did they put into the fucking punch.” Did John just curse in front of you. Today must be very special in some way. You walk away from John because the scent of vanilla pulls you towards a room. You see a lot of white smoke coming out of that room. When someone opens the door you see a bunch of people sitting on the floor sucking on a large vaping station. That must be why it smells so good. A vape room or as Karkat would put it a room of douchebags sucking on black stick that emit cancer. He might not be wrong. Those guys have douche written on them both figuratively and literally in marker. As you walk away you start feeling lightheaded and dizzy. You just hang around the party until you see someone you didn’t think you would see. You see John’s ex girlfriend Emily Kims in a cheerleader uniform. It’s from the school John went to before were he said they broke up because it’s the same emblem as his old letterman jacket. She is pretending to talk to someone while starring at John’s younger cousin Maria. Did she come to this party to stalk John’s family. Rose was right she is a crazy girl for John.

You think about approaching her, but she notices you looking at her and comes towards you. “Who the hell are you? Don’t you know trolls aren’t allowed in this party. The planners don’t want any insect infesting the house.” Ohh great she’s racist. How the he’ll did she ever date John who isn’t a jackass and who’s father is pro-troll. “I can go wherever I please you asshat. You don’t know what I can do.” She rolls her eyes at you with the most annoyed expression. “I say who can and can’t come into this party. My brother is the one in charge of organizing this party. And he knows how much I hate to see trash when I party.” You can see why Vriska got sent to Felt Correctional Center. The wanting for her to receive pain is there. “If I’m trash then how do you look at yourself in the mirror when you wake up. I hear it’s not just your looks that are trash. You got knocked up with some guy on the football team and he didn’t want you. Then you tried pawning the child as your boyfriend’s when he dumped you.” You start laughing like crazy. She doesn’t like what said so she throws her water bottle at you. It was open so you’re now soaked in her water. “You don’t know anything about me freak. I know that you’re sad and alone because there’s no way in hell you have a boyfriend. I don’t see any other troll here, so you must be single. You must be a depressed that no one loves you because I can see you’re anorexic.” She hits to close to home for you to forgive her. You are about to hit her when you hear John call her name angrily. “Emily! What the hell do you think you’re doing.” Maria is stand next to John. She must have told him that Emily had approached you. Emily is startled by John’s voice. You were too John has never yell like that. Emily takes this chance to badmouth you by playing the victim. “Ohh thanks for saving me from this troll. She is dangerous. She was going to attack me like the feral animal she is. Could you please get her out of here.” John nods his head and turns to face you with his arms around your shoulders. “You gonna comes with me to breakfast tomorrow morning.” Wow smooth move John. He then turns to everyone and tells them, “Hey everyone this girl is my girlfriend Terezi Pyrope.” Most people gasp at the revelation while the others who are drunk don’t care. Emily starts sputtering insults at you. “You’re dating my boy..friend you bitch. He can’t love you be..cause you’re a d..disgusting troll who looks ungodly.” John just kisses you and tries to takes you out of the party. However you fall on your face and get knocked out. 

You wake in John’s room with a bad hangover. You’re cuddling him like your life depended on you being attached to him. You take notice of the items in John’s room. Like The fan in his room is on high making the room much cooler. He knows you get overheated because of your blood color being colder than a human. Your comfort was taken care of by him. You adjust yourself in his arms which are super muscular. How does he have this much muscle for a prankster. He wakes up. “Terezi are you ok.” He sounds very groggy right now. “Yeah sorry John. My head hurts right now, so could you please keep your voice down. Can you tell me what happened?” He pulls you closer to him and whispers. “The punch the you got us at the party was spiked with a lot of alcohol. We both drunk and you happened to get into a fight with Emily. Maria told me you were in trouble, so I ran to see what was happening. Emily had thrown her water bottle at you and I confronted her when she insulted you. We were leaving when you suddenly fell over. My cousin took us to my house because he didn’t know where you lived. I carried you to my bed and you immediately started crying while hugging me. I fell asleep and here we are.” He missed some key points like why are you wearing one of his shirts and where is your costume. You want to ask but you get your answers when you see it next to John. “Oh is that what happened. We got drunk and started a fight with your ex. You didn’t ask me out in front of a whole frat house of drunk college kids.” His cheeks get a beautiful scarlet red that makes you want to lick it. So you do. “Wow Egbert your face has best red that I have tasted.” He pushes you away but you fight him back. He ends up grabbing you by your horns that sends chills down your spine.Troll horns are extremely sensitive because you use them for navigating dark areas as grubs. They normally lose some of the nerves later on when you’re older but you never did. You were blinded at a young age so you never lost the sensitivity. You let out a few soft moans and start panting like a dog. “Sorry I forgot that troll’s have very sensitive horns. Are you ok?” You nod to him and try to speak. “Yeah I’m fine (ahh) just don’t forget about it. It’s highly inappropriate in public John.” He gets even red in the cheeks than before. “Well sorry. You’re just so weird that I think you are possibly insane, but I’m even more insane about loving you.” You catch your breath.You pull him close enough to be face to face. “Be carful John. If you continue admitting your love for me like this then your chatterbox of a cousin vinny will be telling me about your marriage proposal before you do.”  The both of you laugh and go back to sleep. You continue to cuddle with John because he is warm and you love him.


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Today is Saturday, November 1, 2014. You are tired from a mostly sleepless night. Yesterday you were with your wife and stepdaughter celebrating Halloween by giving out candy. Your wife Roxy though it would be good idea to watch horror movies when kids would come and ring the doorbell. It resulted in all the popcorn being thrown into the air. The kids who were outside waiting for their candy weren’t the slightest bit sorry. Rose was holding onto Roxy with every fiber of her being when the bell rung. You had to sit outside with the candy bowl after the second time. It was amusing to say the least. The amount of trick or treaters died out as the night grew darker. Your son John should have already have gotten back from his aunts by now. He only volunteered to take his little cousin on his mother’s side out. Vinny’s older siblings went to a party since John promised to take their brother that night. You check your phone to see if he called you. He didn’t call but he texted you that he was going to a party with with his other cousins and friend. At least you know where he was last night instead of here. He probably got home late last night because he had to take Maria home. You do remember hearing the door open early in the morning, but you thought it was Rose visiting her cats gave. He is probably sleeping in his room right now. You go upstairs and down the hall to John’s door. A feeling of uncertainty comes over as you ponder if you should open the door or just leave. You ignore the feeling for confirmation that your son is safe in his room. You open the door slowly to not disturb him when suddenly the door hits something. That something is a blind man cane. Why is there a blind man cane in your son’s room. No one in your house is blind or knows anyone blind except John’s girlfriend Terezi. She doesn’t use a cane because of her powerful synesthesia. He has said she navigates the world by scent and sound, and you have never seen her use a cane. So it leaves the question who’s cane is it and why is it here. You investigate this matter further by opening the door the whole way. The next thing you see is a blue and red outfit on the floor. It to small for John, but it looks like it could possibly fit Rose. Now you’re worried about why there’s a girl costume and a cane in your son’s room. You’re still standing at the doorframe looking at all this. You move your eyes up to John’s bed. Oh how you prayed he would be alone in his bed or at least next to a friend. Instead you see him in bed with his troll girlfriend Terezi. She is wearing one of his shirts that is practically hanging on her shoulder. They’re hugging each under the covers. You want to keep your cool, so you don’t wake up the whole neighborhood. Just close the door and go downstairs to start on breakfast. 

The morning continues as usual as you start working on breakfast. Your wife wakes up and joins you in cooking the food. She also gets a little frisky with your behind which is making you feel uneasy. It would be appreciated on any other day, but today with you seeing John next to Terezi in bed it’s weird. What if John and Terezi were also get frisky with each other yesterday. If they did you hope John used protection like you taught him. Can trolls and humans produce offspring with each other? That’s a question science has yet to answer at this time. Nonetheless he better have been safe if they participated in those activities. Then again maybe they just fell asleep with Terezi in John’s clothes. Weirder things have happened. Such as your mother’s vase always fall despite being supported on the fireplace by numerous objects. Then there’s Jasper’s death by being crushed under your mother’s joke book that also killed her. You should probably burn it when you get the chance. Supernatural superstitions have always been relevant to you. Just focus on cooking breakfast Joel. Thirty minutes have pasted. You begin to hear the tapping of footsteps descend on the stairs. All the teens are sitting in the dining room like nothing is wrong. Terezi is now however wearing one of John’s jackets. It reaches her for whatever reason. Roxy notices Terezi’s presence and greets her like an other guest. “Oh hi Terezi. I didn’t know you were here.” Terezi looks very tired pained. “ Yeah, John let me crash here because I passed out at a party. I’m a little hungover because someone spiked the drinks yesterday.” John nods his head along with Terezi. You are a little disappointed in John for going to a party where alcohol was available. But at least they came out and said it. “John I thought you said you would be back after you took your cousin out.” John straightens himself. “I was coming back until Jade asked us to come over. I sent you a message about the party.” You know he sent you a message yesterday, but you didn’t respond back. Out of corner of your eye you see Rose comes out of the kitchen with two cups of coffee. When did she get up? “Here drink this. It will help with the hangover you have.” They both take a drink but only Terezi spits out her drink. “Uhh that’s way to bitter. How do people drink this in the morning like nothing.” Rose shrugged. Everyone eats the waffles and eggs that you and Roxy prepared. It isn’t until Rose ask why Terezi is in John’s jacket when it gets awkward. “Hey Terezi why are you in John’s sports jacket.” Both John and Terezi get tense. “I’m in his jacket because I don’t have any other clothes. I’m wearing one of his shirts under here.” Now you get the chance to ask the question that has been bothering you all morning. “Why are you only dressed in John’s clothes. I checked the room earlier and I saw that the both of you were sleeping next to each other. I told John to give you the guest room if you needed to crash here. We don’t need another troublemaker as your girlfriend!” Terezi is trying to sink into her chair as you yell at her. John protects her by arguing with him. “I’m sorry dad, but she needed me. When we went to that party we saw Emily and she tried bullying Terezi. Emily ruined Terezi’s costume by throwing her drink at her. We left the party, however Terezi passed out when she fell on the floor. Issac took us here because he didn’t know Terezi’s address and I was too drunk to remember.”

Oh they ran into that girl. She ruined John’s academic life when she told the whole school that John knocked her up. It was two weeks after they broke up when she announced it. They had dated for four years, so everyone thought it might have been true when she started showing. Hell even you believed her until it came out with the wrong skin color and blood type. John has a little bit of a carmel color, but that baby was darker than him and she was Snow White. You found out it was the wrong blood type when you tried to donate blood to it. Why did you try donating blood? You tried because the baby was sick and needed surgery for it’s lungs. You had ordered a DNA test when it came out of surgery. Results said John was zero percent that child’s father. You did expect this could happen because she did cheat on him. But you didn’t want to take a chance on missing out on your grandson’s birth. That was two years ago and you haven’t looked back. She still tried to pass it off as John’s even when Dave hung up posters that showed the DNA results. She left school when both Rose and Jade showed a picture of her and the actual baby’s father kissing. You are still trying to figure out how they did it. You offer to take Terezi home as an apology since she is crying. You might have been a little bit too rough on her. You try to console her when you hear your work phone start ringing. It’s your friend William. He quickly tells you to meet him at town hall on Sunday. 


Your name is Jacob Harley. You are an important general in the United States Army. As a general you must give your opinion about choices that may impact national security which is a long and straining job. Today is one of the days you get off. You were enjoying your day off in your comfy memory foam bed when you get a call. Your granddaughter Jade needs you to pick her up. She is at some friend’s house in the Skia Tech campus. She went to a Halloween party near there yesterday. This is a common occurrence for Jade since she has mild case of narcolepsy. It was severe when she was younger because she would just pass out all the time. Now it just pops up out of the blue at random. She could have it one day then again two months later. You are accustomed to this by now but you still get angry when she goes out. She told you that she was going to hangout with her troll friend Gredia. Knowing her she lied and went to a party with her other friends. She did admit to going to a college party, yet she betrayed your trust. This is worse than your sister pretending she doesn’t know you all those years ago. When you were a young teenager you ran away from home. You had to escape from your mother who was very controlling, but you abandoned your sister Jane. You changed your last name to Harley after your family dog and joined the army during World War Two. Your mother was a manipulative woman who came from very old money. She wouldn’t have approved of her son fighting in the war. She would have had you pulled out before you even got to training camp. You rose threw the ranks in the army quickly due to your go get em attitude and proficiency. You met your wife Alice who was a nurse at the time in the field. When the war was over you proposed to Alice and went to visit your sister. She still lived in the old house from your childhood. You were expecting to be hugged to death by her and given the death stare by your mother. What happened only scared you. Your sister said she knew exactly who you were but she didn’t care and your mother had died. That was a lie because it was your sister that died. Your mother in her full malicious glory was reincarnated in your sister’s body. You said goodbye to her one last time and went on to live your life. You and Alice lived happily with two children. Then tragedy struck like the big girl she is. Jade’s parents died in a gas explosion where they worked when she six years old. Her aunt suddenly disappeared without a trace. Both you and Alice tried to take her in but the court said you were unfit because you were away for a long time. She was put into the hellhole of the foster care system. All of this put a strain on your wife Alice. She couldn’t take it and died two months later. You did get custody of Jade two years later, but by then she wasn’t the same wild child she was. Her previous foster parents were cruel unjust. The house she lived in brought memories of invading POW camps back in the war. She was diagnosed with PTSD and anxiety, so you got her a service dog. A small white puppy that became the big fur ball that eats all your steaks off your plate. The sign for Skia Tech is now in view.

You find Jade sitting on a bench outside of the student dorms on the east side of campus. When she gets into the car you get a lot of scents. You can smell copious amounts alcohol, sweat, and axe body spray. Either she turned into a college boy or she partied with the wrong people. You’re hoping for the former. Jade is quiet for the whole car ride back home which is a little unusual. Bec sees the car pulling into the driveway from his spot next to the window and starts running. The picture definition of speed is him running to Jade. You ask her what she was up to last night. “Hey Jade do you have some time to talk for a bit.” She shrugs at you. “Good. Why did you lie to me about where you were going. You said you were going to your friend Gredia to hangout. You never said anything about going to a college party.” She stops playing with Bec to his disappointment. “I’m sorry grandpa. My friend who is John’s cousin told me about a party that was fun. I didn’t do anything illegal like drugs, so you don’t have to worry about me. I just drank a beer with a friend who wasn’t Gredia.” Does she think you’re some kid who doesn’t know anything. “Jade I know for sure you didn’t just have a beer. You went to a college party beer isn’t an acceptable drink choice for anyone. There is also the matter of you not wearing your items of clothing. I know you have been partaking in the pleasures of the carnal nature.” Jade is taken back by your bluntness. “So what if I had sex while I was there! I now how to use a rubber like everyone else during sex! I’m not some little virgin that you have to take care of!” She stomps inside of the house the whole way to her room. You wish Alice was still alive she always knew what to do with the kids. Lucky you do know someone who can help you with troubled youth. You will call that person right now. “Hey captain Harley. This is Penny.” Awww just the girl you needed to hear. “Hello Penny I require your assistance with something.” “Sure what do you need help with. Did you forget to reserve your parking spot at the base again.” She will never let you forget that happened. “No I need your help with something very important and personal. I need help talking to teenage girls.” You hear some coughing in the background of the call. “I’m sorry could you repeat that sir. I didn’t hear you right the first time.” “I need help talking to teenage girls. My granddaughter Jade is troubled and who better to call than the private who was troublesome in the beginning.” Now you hear laughing coming from the other side. “Yeah I can help you with that captain. What do you want to know.” That’s the spirit. You learn everything about why a teenager would want to cause trouble because of. It might have to do with her not being disciplined by you or something is seriously wrong with her life. 

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Today is Sunday, November 2, 2014. Today is also the day Dave pays you back for getting fined by your apartment’s management. You and Dave have managed to finally agree upon a restaurant where he will dine you out and pay you for sending a box full of inappropriately themed puppets. What restaurant have you and Dave agreed on. The restaurant is a old diner named Rifa’s Diner. It has all the stereotypical 1980’s items such as the round seats in front of a countertop, a checkered floor pattern, and booths. There aren’t any tables, so you’re sitting in a red leather seat next to a wall. You’re alone right now in a booth in the back since Dave had to go to the restroom. You’ve been watching humans walk into the restaurant with their friends or families. One human family strikes your attention as soon as they walk in. It’s two adults with a teenage girl carrying a human wriggler. They notice you starring at them from across the room, but only the daughter comes to confronts you. She has blonde hair, blue eyes, and a scowl on her face. “What are you doing here maggot. Can’t you see this place is a human establishment.” Oh she is one of the the racist humans who you’ve been warned about. “Hey listen here you fuckass! First of all, I have as much of a right to be here In this diner as you do! Second of all, where in the fuck does it say that I can’t be here!” She gets more visibly angry at your response. “You trolls are all the same. Always taking things that aren’t yours and then believing you’re equal to us.” This girl is a serious bitch to deal with. You get out of your booth to stare her down. However you are 5’2 while she looks to be 5’7 so you have to look up a bit. You snarl a little to make her afraid of you. Unfortunately that plan backfires when she pushes you. “Don’t you dare touch me you ignorant asshat.” She brings her arm back to ready a punch, but it gets caught at the last minute. “Emily why are you being a bitch to my friend right now.” Dave is standing behind you holding this girl’s fist. “David stop trying to be a hero. I was dealing with this pest who thinks that they can sit in here, so just leave.” Dave’s face shows no emotion whatsoever as he speaks. “Why would I leave him alone with you. Are you going to say he is the father of the next kid that comes out of you. Oh is that Jr. over there? Can’t wait to tell him his mother is the biggest slut I know.” Before you can get a chance to tell her anything Dave lets her fist go and drags you out of the diner like a child. “Dave let me go! I was just about to tell her to screw off.” Dave just continues to drag you away. At one point he tries to put you on his shoulder. He stops when you arrive at a bus stop. “Karkat stop acting like a spoiled teenager girl in a movie.” “I do not act like a girl! I’m trying to make you let me go you asshole!” He lets go of your black sweater. “Here’s your money for getting you into trouble now you can leave.” Why is Dave being hostile now. Maybe it has something to do with who that chick was. “Dave who was that girl and what did she do to make you angry? Is she your ex?” He lets out a brief chuckle. “No she isn’t my ex Karkat. She is John’s ex-girlfriend. Her name is Emily Kims the mega bitch of Adams High.” That jackass of a girl used to be John’s girlfriend before Terezi. How the hell did goodboy John get into a relationship with a girl who hated trolls? What about the kid she was carrying? Did John get her pregnant? These questions need to be answered. “If she used to be John’s girlfriend then does that mean he is the father. You called that kid Jr. Tell me Dave did John become a father?” He shakes his head in a disagreeable nod. “No she cheated on him with some football player and claimed John was the father. No one believed her when she announced that she was pregnant because they had already broke up. Then she started showing the signs. They had dated for four years, so the whole school started getting angry at John. It wasn’t until Rose and Jade had posted a picture of her with the other guy that she stopped coming to our school. It was was the biggest scandal her family had to deal with because her father was running for governor. Her entire family is racist against trolls for some reason. Now you know why I hate her.” Dave looks like he needs someone to talk to right now. “Dave did you want to come with me to my apartment and watch a movie. I have Hitched downloaded on my computer.” He nods his head faster than you can finish what you were saying.

The ride back to your apartment complex is nice and short. You and Dave talk about movies and ideas about purpose. It turns out you and Dave have a lot of common interests. Dave wants to become popular in the show business to prove to his bad parents that he is successful. Meanwhile you want to make life a little easier for trolls against the oppression that they still face. In the end the end both your goals are rooted in being accepted by others. When you arrive at the apartment you go straight to your room where Nepeta, Terezi, Equius, and Tavros are role playing. They always do this whenever you want to watch a movie. Dave greets them while you get your computer ready. “Hey what’s up guys. Me and Kitkat are going to watch a movie, but y’all can still play with each other.” Why does he always call you that name in front of your friends. You hate that he uses it but you also love that he gave you some other than what Sollux got. He gave everyone a nickname, but Sollux got the worst one. “Hey rezi where is Lemon Pepper.” As there it is. Your computer is locked and you’re trying to remember the password. Time to become a nervous paraplegic while you are struggling with technology.


You are now the nervous paraplegic. Wait a minute, no you’re not. Your name is Tavros Nitram and you’re not nervous. You are currently in your pupa pan costume playing a board game with your friends. Your roommate Karkat has just brought over Dave Strider from school. Dave said he came over to watch a movie with Karkat on his computer. The game is just flarping but on the floor in a room instead of outside. “Terezi could you please continue continue with your turn. I want to finish this before Gamzee gets back.” Karkat stops whatever he was doing on his computer to ask you a question. “Where is Gamzee? I thought he was here in his room.” He doesn’t know Gamzee went with his friend. “Karkat he has been gone since 12:45 today. He went with his friend lil Cal to some place to in his words ‘Chill the motherfuck out.’ He said he wants to have a feelings jam when he gets back.” Karkat is now annoyed that Gamzee has been hanging out with Cal. You don’t think he is a bad guy, but he is known for having weed at all times. Terezi makes a comment about him. “Karkat don’t worry about Gamzee getting into trouble. He is a big boy and you aren’t his moirail, so how about you come join us in our game. It’s not like he is the best of friends with this Cal guy.” Karkat just huffs and goes back to his computer. Nepeta and Equius are in the corner braiding each other’s hair for some reason. Equius’ outfit is a centaur who has a braided mane. Nepeta is his adopted lioness sister who has pigtails. Terezi is in her dragon cloak playing a coin. Dave is now sitting next to you. “Rezi are you ok? I heard Joel yelled at you yesterday for being in John’s room. I also heard you were about to fight Emily at a party.” Who’s Joel and Emily they sound mean. Nepeta stops braiding Equius’ hair to talk to Terezi. “You ran into John’s psycho ex at a party and you didn’t tell us. Is she as bad as Jade says she is? Did you see John jr. with her or did she leave him at home?” Equius joins in. “Was this Emily girl that Nepeta has informed me about strike you. I noticed that you have a rather large bruise on your cheek.” Dave crosses his arms and say, “Oh course Jade told you about Emily. She has a bigger blabber mouth than Vinny who told his mom about his cheating dad.” You all say in union, “We didn’t now that.” Dave goes to corner and hides. Terezi pulls everyone’s attention by coughing. “Well yes Emily was as bad as Jade said. She threw her drink at me when I told her about her having a kid with some dude. She instantly tried to play the victim when she saw John coming out of the crowd. She told him to get rid of me, but instead he asked me out to breakfast in front of everybody. The face she made when she realized we were dating was priceless.” Karate laughs and says, “I would have loved to see that bitch’s face. We ran into her earlier when we went to Rifa’s Diner. She was extremely racist when she noticed me. She told me that the restaurant was too good for me to be in it.” Everyone except you laughs at both Karkat’s and Terezi’s stories. You hear Dave’s alarm start ringing. You know it’s his because as soon as it started he ran out of the room saying, “Bye guys I’ve got to go to work.” This causes Terezi to ask her question. “Hey does anyone know somewhere that’s hiring. I’m looking to get a job and some extra money.” Nepeta gleefully says, “Ohh the bistro where Equius and I work at needs more waitresses right now. A lot of the previous wait staff left because of college.” That reminds you that you have work tomorrow after school. You work at a veterinary clinic as a caretaker for the animals. You have been working their for about three years. As if on cue Gamzee makes his entrance.

Your moirail Gamzee comes into your room smell like a skunk’s den. “Gamzee what is that smell? Did you run into another skunk trying to steal your sandwich.” His eyes are glazed over like a he hasn’t had sleep in awhile. “Nah man. I was with Cal and his friends at their house. We were enjoying a sick organic elixir  his friend made when we started kissing. He tasted like orange soda and grapes. You should have been there when we started watching movies. They had the Spider-Man movie you have been wanting to see.” He is swaying by just standing. He ends up falling on your bed face first. You tried to catch him, but that only made him fall on the metal bars of your wheelchair. What will you do with him him. “Hey Gamzee could you uhh get off my bed. I don’t want my sheets to smell when I go to sleep.” He just continues to lie down. “Hey Tavbro when are you going to ask out that human girl out. Her name was Jade right.” You scan the room to see if Karkat or anyone else has heard what he has said. He is the only person you’ve told about your crush on Jade Harley. She is just a dream come true with her long flowing black hair and sweet but deadly attitude. “I’ll ask her out when I get the courage of course.” He starts laughing very lightly. “Tavbro you have always waited until you got the courage. You need to march up to her house and confess your love for her like the guys in Karkat’s movies.” You know he is right, but you’re afraid of rejection and humiliation. Vriska has destroyed your self esteem and confidence when you were younger. She would publicly made fun of you in middle school by always locking your wheelchair in the hallway. Anyone who tried to help you got in trouble with Vriska and her lackeys of Terezi and a few other cerulean bloods. Terezi stopped bullying you but the others didn’t. Then again she got sent to Felt Correctional Center which is a living hell from what you hear. Maybe you should try to ask Jade out. You’ll ask her out on Monday after school with a flower. It’s what Rufioh would want you to do.


Chapter Text


Today is Tuesday, November 4, 2014. You are at a Mexican bistro named The Lone Burro with Tavros. Why are you in a Mexican restaurant with Tavros? The answer is he asked you out yesterday. You were packing your messenger bag with your homework when Tavros rolled up in his wheelchair and gave you a bouquet of flowers. You were confused on why he gave you flowers until he asked if he could take you out for dinner tomorrow. You accepted his proposal because he is a sweet guy who is the first to asked you out romantically. Some of the other guys you’ dated just told you to meet them at a place then leave. That is why you’re here eating with Tavros who is paying. You were willing to go 50/50 but he said he wants to do this right. You choose the restaurant because you wanted to see Nepeta. You need to talk to her about setting up the fall festival for the school. For a first date he is doing pretty well. The both of you took the bus coming here since none of you can drive. That means if you were to storm out of here you would see him again. However you don’t plan on leaving since you’re very hungry right now. When you entered the restaurant you saw the beautiful decorations that are in every Mexican restaurant. The multicolored banners to the wall art of things from the past. The place is a little busy, so you have to wait to be seated. The person in charge of seating people just happens to be Terezi, John’s current girlfriend. She gets you and Tavros a table next to a window. A waiter comes to get your order as soon as you sit down. “I’ll have a Coke with the chicken mole plate. Could I please get the salad in a different bowl.” The waiter writes your order on his bright neon yellow notepad. “Would Pepsi be ok? We ran out of Coke a few days ago and we’re waiting for our delivery.” You nod your head at his suggestion of a different drink. He gets Tavros’ order next. “Can I get a tea with a beef Gordita, but I get the pinto beans changed to refried beans.” He writes down your orders and puts it on the swivel with other orders. You think you see Equius grab your ticket. Both your friend Nepeta and her moirail Equius work here. Nepeta is a waitress while Equius works in the kitchen cooking and carrying the heavy stuff. Nepeta has tried to make you join the the staff, but your heart belongs to animals instead of people. Tavros starts up a conversation. “Hey Jade I heard from Nepeta that you work at the dog hospital next to the mall. We seem to have that in common. I work at the veterinarian office next to the county.” His is a man after your heart. “Yeah I work at that clinic, but that’s nothing compared to where you work at. Did you ever treat any horses there.” The food arrives after about fifteen minutes. You and Tavros share stories over the animals you’ve taken care of and gave each other tips. “Did you seriously have to pretend to be a cow to calm down a horse. How do you even do that.” You’re laughing with Tavros about some of the animals that people have given him. You finish your plates and go to the register to pay. 

The bus ride back home is filled with more stories about animals. You tell Tavros about the time someone forgot to bring their dog to the clinic. “How does someone do that. Wouldn’t they notice when the dog isn’t making any noises when the reason they’re going to the vet is because of noise.” You haven’t had this much fun with a date since middle school. At that time your date had taken you to the carnival. When you get home you finally say goodbye to Tavros. You give him your phone number and a small kiss on his left cheek. “Can’t wait for the second date.” You leave him with the deepest brown blush on his dimpled cheeks. Both your grandpa and Bec are sitting in the living room watching Avatar. Bec runs ups and starts licking your face. “Hello Jade. How was school today? Did you finally finish getting help on your biology homework?” You push Bec off of you so you can speak. “Yeah, John is helping me with the homework. I had a great day today. I went on a date with this guy who had the same interests as me.” He get off his chair to talk to you. “How long have you known this boy that you speak of? Is he one of the boys that you have been fooling around with at these parties? Please tell me Jade.” You get angry fast. “No grandpa! I have only been on one date with him and he is from my school! I haven’t slept with him if that’s what you’re asking! He isn’t that type of guy and why did you think I slept with him!” He also gets angry. “Well I’m sorry if I’m concerned about your health and well-being! You never know if someone has some disease in their parts! I’m just trying to be a good guardian to you! You’re the one who has been sleeping with guys before!” You have heard enough of his yelling so you run to your room. There you can cry into your pillow because your grandfather thinks you’re a slut.


A few hours ago

You are currently at your new job as a waitress/seater in Mexican bistro The Lone Burro. Today is your second day on the job. You are working because you want to do something for your matesprite John. He has provided you with food, love, a place to sleep at times, and trinkets. Overall you feel like you’re using him. Which is bad for you because he is the only person you know who will tolerate your antics and still love you. Your friends do care about you but they won’t love you like he does. You applied on Sunday when Nepeta told you that they needed waitresses and instantly got the job. It’s good money and the manger isn’t an ass like your roommate Fregoi’s is. You sit people who are in the waiting area and get drinks for people who are waiting. It’s pretty easy work especially since Nepeta is your guide. She taught you the basics of course, yet she still persists on helping you if you need it. Today was going normally until Tavros brought Jade here on a date. You didn’t know that they started dating until right now that is. You know they are dating because Tavros gave you twenty dollars to get the most romantic table available. You gave the man the most romantic table that had a window and was decorated. Nepeta is probably in a corner updating her shipping chart on her phone now. You decide to keep an eye on them. (Ten minutes pass) A family of five has just been seated when you see both Tavros and Jade laughing like crazy. They are getting along pretty well. Maybe you should stop watching them it’s creepy. A deep voice coming from behind gets your attention. “Hey Terezi right.” You turn around to see John’s older cousin Issac with some guy. “Yeah that’s right. I remember you from the party on Friday. Issac Martin I believe.” He shakes his head in a agreeable manner. “Yeah. Could we get seats for about twenty people in the next five minutes.” The rest has mainly cleared out so you can try. This is very awkward. They get their seats in the middle of the restaurant while Tavros and Jade leave. Your shift ends in a few minutes, so you just rough it out with the new arrivals. 

You join Nepeta and Equius on the ride back home. Nepeta puts her head on Equius’s shoulder and sleeps like a cat on a blanket. You get back to your room to find your roommates painting each other’s nails their blood colors. It seems like today a lot of people are finding love. Maybe you should consult them on what to get John. “Hey lovebirds what is an acceptable gift to get for your matesprite. Fregoi is the first to speak. “I would have to say a piece of jewelry would work. Ramona loves it when I get her necklaces with maroon beads.” Ramona says, “I would suggest their favorite snack with their favorite movie. Then you cuddle with them to make them go wild.” Fregoi is blushing a bright yellow and panicking about be outed as sappy. Well now you have a plan.


Chapter Text


4:30 pm

Today is Thursday, November 27, 2014. Today is also Thanksgiving day. You’re with your father, stepmother, and stepsister at your grandparents. Some people think inviting your new family to your in-laws is bad but not you. Your extended family love both Roxy and Rose because they were there for you when your mom died. They were honorary family members way before that though. Rose is talking to your grandma Juliet about her knitting. You bought a knitting kit as a joke when you were younger, but since then both your grandma and Rose have been knitting buddies. Your dad is outside smoking with your grandpa Leo and uncle Vincent. You’ve only ever had one cigarette in your life and it was awful. How they enjoy the smoke in their lungs alludes you. Your stepmom Roxy is talking to your aunt Levi about how to deal with a teenage daughter. Sarah is five years younger than you and herLevi’s husband Aiden is watching football on the big screen with your uncle Lincoln. Lincoln’s wife is watching Jeff and Vinny play with their action figures. Your cousins Sarah, Maria, and Mark are on their phones. Issac is with his girlfriend Zara on the couch making out. You wonder if you should have invited Terezi to come with you. Then the whole family could have met her and checked her out. Vincent and Levi are still upset about the whole Emily incident two years ago. They thought she would’ve been the one for you, so they had invested their money in helping her and her family. You come a well off family on both sides. Your nana came from distant royalty and had shares in an baking empire. Your dad’s dad used to be a governor and owned a bunch of prank shops that raked in thousands. Since your dad is an only child he got all the assets of his family. Your mom’s dad owns his own automotive business while her mom owns a few tailors. Neither you or your dad grew up spoiled because that’s how you lose money and your dad didn’t know about the money. You stop thinking about money and start back at Terezi. You should call her. However you should go into another room to talk or else your cousins are going mess with you. You head into your mother’s old room. Your phone has Terezi’s number marked as teal gremlin. The phone rings for a minute until you hear the call get accepted. “Hey Terezi. How’s your thanksgiving going. Mine is pretty boring since I have no one to talk to.” “I wish I could say mine is better, but sadly I can’t. Karkat is busy talking to the others while I here all alone. I really shouldn’t have yelled at Nepeta for spilling tea on my plushies. They are the only memory I have left of my lusus dragonmom. She says it was an accident but I’m still angry. They were already destroyed long before she stained them but it still hurt inside. What should I do John?” Should you tell her to just forgive Nepeta about stain her dolls. You would be upset if someone ruined your stuffed salamander you have in your room. You got that from your mom as a gift for being good. It means a lot to you, so you can understand why Terezi got mad at Nepeta. “Honestly I would also be angry at Nepeta if she ruined something that my mom gave me. But I would have to forgive her at some point in time. How about I take you out to buy another plush animal tomorrow.” You can heat her giggle. “Sure John. I can’t wait to make you spend all your money on a plushie that I’ll use as a weapon we you come over. However I have work tomorrow how about Saturday.”  “Yeah we’ll see about that but yeah Saturday works for me. Would you also like to come to my house and enjoy a movie.” You continue to heat Terezi giggle on the other side. It sounds melodic and soothing to you. “Are you trying to get me in trouble with your dad John. I’m pretty sure if we hangout at your house anymore he might assume we have grandkids already. I don’t know about you John, but I’m to young to be buying hard candy for no one to eat.” You also start laughing. “Woah cool your horses Terezi. I haven’t even proposed and you’re talking about having kids. I’m a person of class, so you have to take me out on a third date to even consider having kids.” The hilarity just continues. “John I can’t slow my horses they just ran away and I need your help putting them away. And we have already been on five dates including three hate dates.” “I know can’t you see me telling the children about how life was hard back then. I had to use a manual car instead of the hovercraft they have today.” You’re thankful you have some to talk to when you want to. You and Terezi continue to have a conversation until you hear a knock at the door.


4:55 pm

You are at the dinner table at your stepgrandparents waiting for your stepbrother John. Why aren’t you at your biological family for thanksgiving. Your mother’s parents kicked her out when she was pregnant with you, so their out. Your dad and his parents are out of the picture since they’re in jail. Your brothers did invite you to their house, but you chose to go with John and his family. Speaking about him he went upstairs about twenty minutes ago and hasn’t come down yet. When the time came for the family to start you noticed that John was missing. Lincoln was the first to speak up. “Hey dad were is John?” At that moment you heard laughing coming from one of the rooms upstairs. Your grandpa Juliet was the first to standup. “I’ll go get Johnny real quick everyone else please wait up we have to pray with him.” You also standup with her. “I’ll help you get him.” That is how you and Juliet ended up listening to John’s conversation with Terezi. They are joking around some pretty serious topics like it’s nothing. Like how John will make sure the kids don’t lick everything in their peripheral vision. It is at this time you decide to get John back for pranking you yesterday. You give the door a light knock. When he opens the door you say, “So John when do I become an aunt? What kind of aunt should I be? Do I drink a lot and provide advice on how to scam the government or am I the cool aunt who lets them do stuff?” John’s face becomes as red as a ripe tomato in the seconds that pass. Juliet gets the cue and continues. “Oh sweetheart is the first going to be a boy or a girl. Does her parents have any suggestions for names because we have a tradition of naming the boys after our grandfathers.” You and Juliet get the greatest gift of all the lose of John’s prankster gambit. Ohh how sweet it taste until the bittersweet end of John trying to reclaim it. John calms himself down enough to talk. “What are you guys doing up here spying on my phone call. What would you have done if it was an inappropriate conversation.” Without missing a beat Juliet says, “What kind of inappropriate conversation does a boy have in his mother’s old room. All of her old pictures are still on the wall, so the picture of her in her Girl Scouts uniform is watching. (She lets out a soft laugh as she says this.)We came up to tell you dinner is ready.” You all get downstairs to be asked why you are laughing and why John is red faced. You give a little hushed finger. Everyone gets the hint and doesn’t ask any more questions. You finish the prayer and start eating the turkey dinner. Your grandpa Leo made the turkey, your grandma Juliet made the filling, your dad Joel made the pies, and your aunts and uncle made everything else. The potatoes, gravy, casserole, and vegetables are delicious. The night is filled with more laughter, food, and joy. By the time you have to leave you bid farewell to everyone. You are thankful that you are accepted by others who are biologically connected to you. The ride home is a while so you text Kanaya and talk about the festivities of today. You and her have been getting along pretty well.


5:00 pm

You are having a thanksgiving meal with your older brother. Dirk is cutting up the turkey he cooked on the roof all day today. You tried inviting Rose since you did find out she is your sister recently. She politely turned you down to go with John and his dad. You get it. This is big news for the both of you, so she can take as much time as she needs. You haven’t shied about any details about your parents. She knows her mother made the right choice, but she still feels betrayed since her mom lied. Both your parents were abusive to both you and your brother when you still lived with them. You were blind to your mother using you to smuggle her supplies around the neighborhood. You just thought your mother was just being nice when she walked with you around the block. It was weird that she would carry your school bag instead of you but why would it be suspicious. It wasn’t until your brother got you out that you realized what was happening. They didn’t keep you around because they loved you. They got paid by the government to take care of you which they didn’t. Dirk was the one who fed and took care of you while they spent the money. He learned how to program so he could get money by taking it out of your parents account. When you did something bad like make to much noise he would try to take the beating. They would hit you and him then preach from the lord bible. They were hardcore Christian, so when they found out your brother swung for the same team they were angry. He left with you as soon as he could and never looked back. You remember playing with your red stuffed crocodile when your brother came into your room and told you to pack your bags. Was he taking you to go visit that man in a suit again? He always asked questions about your parents and often made you take of your shirt and show him where mommy touched you hard. Your brother would take you out to get ice cream if you promised not to tell mommy or daddy about that man. Instead he took you to a office building and told you to stay safe for a few days. Different people would come in and ask you questions or check your mother’s marks. You would hold onto your crocodile waiting for your brother to come back. The same man in a suit would put you up and take you to some house to sleep and eat. After a week of being there you saw your big brother again. He was crying but he said they were happy tears because he won. He then took you to the apartment you call home. He would always hangout with this guy who would pretend to be like your dad while your brother would be your mom. Pushing their faces together while making noises. He would always laugh while your brother would be jumpy when you would walk in the room. He stopped coming and your brother started crying but would stop when he saw you. That is what your childhood was like. As you grew up you began to understand what had happened. Your brother took you to a social worker and fought your parents for custody over you. That guy he hung out with was his boyfriend at the time. You were such a blocker as a kid. “Hey Dave.” Dirk could have been getting lucky but you just had to get your apple juice. “Guy who drinks all his advertising money on cheap Walmart aj could you please talk to your brother.” Like seriously what if he was naked when you walked in. “Insufferable prick do you rodger. We entering the enemy’s territory right now could you respond rodger.” That would have been weird. Is your brother still a virgin because of you. Someone is tapping on your shoulder right now. “Ohh hey bro. Did you need something?” He stands their confused. “Uhh yeah would you want some gravy for your food. I’ve been trying to get an answer from you for the past five minutes. I thought I lost you to sleepy bitch disease again.” Ohh he’s been trying to get your attention for a while. Your surprised he didn’t just put the gravy on your food and just leave. “Sorry I was stuck in my head for a bit. I was thinking about what I’m thankful for this year. I’m between having my comic becoming more popular vs finding out my best friend has secretly been my sister.” He shifts in his chair. “You should be thankful that I didn’t smack you upside the head. Now eat the food I had to slave away at for the last five hours or so. We eating turkey for the next two days.” You can’t tell if he is serious or just playing around with you. “Hey bro I have a question for you.” He puts his fork and slice of bread on his plate. “Ask away little man.” You just come out and say it. “When I was younger and you were hanging out with that guy on the couch. Did I ever you know block you. I just remember always seeing you on top of him kissing and...” He is even more confused now than he was before. It’s like you asked him orange soda is better than orange juice. “Yes you did. You don’t know how close we were to basically ripping each other apart. I was just about to get unbuckled when you walked in asking if you could have some juice.” You nod your head and slowly start eating. “Well thanks for not killing me for doing that. Also thanks for saving me from our psycho parents.” You are thankful for your brother loving you like you were his own kid. 


4:50 pm

You’re sitting on your couch with Bec on your leg asleep. A bunch of reruns are on the being shown on the T.V. You’ve fixed things with your grandpa since last time. He bought you a slice of cake from your favorite bakery and put your favorite movie on. Neither of you could stay mad at each other for very long. You have been seeing someone that your grandpa asked to talk to you. Her name is Penny Messenger and she used to be as reckless as you are. You know that party late at night and having sex with random people is risky but its your problem. No one else's. Definitely not Penny’s who is a communications director in city hall. What does she know about you that you don’t know yourself. It seems like a lot because she knew some of the things you have done that you never told anyone. Like smoking weed with some blonde guy at that party for Helena. Or drinking drinks you know are spiked with alcohol or something else entirely. She has been helping you get through most of these things. Everything has been great. However you seem to have gotten sick again because you have been throwing up every morning for the past three days. Every day like clockwork you woke up and immediately had to put your dinner down the drain. The food you had on your recent date with Tavros did smell a bit off. It’s weird because when he took you there a few weeks ago it didn’t smell bad. You thought it might have been your nose acting up, but now you know it wasn’t just you. Should you call Tavros and ask him if he is sick too. He might be busy with the whole thanksgiving dinner at the apartment complex he lives in. Your toll friends have told you about a huge dinner in the cafeteria where you get in a line and get your food. It’s sad for those who don’t have any quadmates to spend the holidays with. Gredia, Helena, and Fregoi are probably in their house enjoying the holiday. You heard Fregoi has recently gotten a matesprite who helps her. You wish you could find someone to be your boyfriend for girlfriend. You’re not picky on the gender, race, or species of your lover. You have Tavros but you feel like he will get over you sooner or later. You’ve been more cranky about things lately. Maybe it’s your period acting up that’s causing this. It is a little later than usual. Then again you are a young girl, so it’s to be expected since your body is still developing. You’ll have to ask Rose’s mom Roxy about this since she is your only informant about the female body. You hear the front door open and close quickly. Ohh it’s your grandpa back from the store. You had asked him to go to the store to grab some items you needed. A heating pad and a bag of your favorite candy recess pieces. He is always ready to go to the store or another place to grab something you need. Dinner is almost ready. The turkey in the oven should almost be ready to serve. You already know what you’re thankful for. Which is a supportive guardian who willfully go across enemy lines to get you where you need to.



You’re at one of the many cafeteria tables in your apartment complex. All your friends are gathered around you since you managed to claim the table. All except Terezi Pyrope. She isn’t sitting next to you or anyone since she had yelled at Nepeta for accidentally spilling a little tea on her plushie. Terezi’s doll was already ruined way before Nepeta even got close to it. But Terezi has never been known to take things lightly. It all started earlier this morning. You and everyone else were going over the plan to get a table, so you all wouldn’t have to be scattered around the room. Terezi had brought her stuffed dragon that was already falling apart when Nepeta tripped over Sollux’s feet. She was drinking her morning tea with extra lemon juice for her sore throat. She had been yelling all day since one of her coworkers wasn’t doing their part. The tea got more on your bed than it did on Terezi’s dragon. But nonetheless she berated Nepeta for staining some more darker than the tea. Nepeta was close to tears when you stepped up in front of Terezi and told her to get out of your room. She marched out and it wasn’t until later you saw her sitting by herself. She didn’t get any of the food that was being provided. Some of it tastes like a rubber ball’s ass but some of the others parts are good. There she sat by herself until she left to take a phone. You ignored her until she walked to your table and told Nepeta sorry after twenty minutes. Everyone forgave each other and lived happily ever after. Unfortunately that didn’t happen because you still had some fight left. “Terezi what are you planning to do to Nepeta. You don’t forgive and forget with people. So what are you planning.” Her face is more confused than you were when she said she was dating John. You don’t believe it though. “Terezi if you were truly sorry you would have did it over phone or something. You’re not ver face to face person.” She tries to stay still. Is she quivering? “Karkat I’m just trying to let Nepeta know that I forgive her. If it doesn’t look genuine then I’m sorry.” She just runs to what you would assume is her room. Was she trying to be genuine about forgiving Nepeta if it was John she talked to. You hope not otherwise you’re an ass. At least you can be thankful that you’re accepted as a common blood now.