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Camelot Geeks and the Knights of the Oblong Table

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Knights of the Oblong Table:

PanDragon: Okay
PanDragon: Its official guys
PanDragon: We now have conclusive proof that morgana is evil

Sir Lance: I am almost afraid to ask.

tankthetop: yeah I don’t see how she could possibly top the x-box incident

gin-n-tonic: im genuinely scared

Leon: Uh oh…
Leon: Please tell me she didn’t


Leon: NO!
Leon: Well… Sorta?
Leon: I might have seen her Amazon basket. 

PanDragon: LEON!!!
PanDragon: I am going to KILL YOU!

Sir Lance: Guys

PanDragon: I am going to kill you and frame her

Sir Lance: What did she do?



Sir Lance: 

gin-n-tonic: i was right to be scared

Leon: Its worse than I thought

PanDragon: Its everywhere.
PanDragon: My jersey is covered in glitter
PanDragon: Im gonna look like a bloody disco ball tomorrow!

tankthetop: is the word play intentional?
tankthetop: because if it is…


gin-n-tonic: what about your underwear

PanDragon: FUCK!
PanDragon: THAT TOO!
PanDragon: That bitch is dead!

Sir Lance: I thought Leon was dead

Leon: Thx Lance

Sir Lance: Always at your service ;)

PanDragon: Staged murder-suicide
PanDragon: Obviously
PanDragon: You know i bet i could get morgana to actually kill leon

gin-n-tonic: true
gin-n-tonic: but shed get away with it

PanDragon: Yeah youre right…

Leon: Okay I am afraid for my life rn

tankthetop: there was glitter involved and you kept quiet
tankthetop: you did this to yourself
tankthetop: seriously tho. the world play?

PanDragon: … its in my hair
PanDragon: And she’s LAUGHING AT ME!

tankthetop: answer the question

PanDragon: What? Idk
PanDragon: Wait lemme ask

Leon: Even if so ive seen the them do more insensitive things to each other

PanDragon: Im not exactly in the closet percy. I mean look at my name.
PanDragon: She says it was a funny bonus
PanDragon: I think she just fell on the floor laughing
PanDragon: Besides im plotting to frame her for murder rn so…


tankthetop: so youre not offended?
tankthetop: id be offended

gin-n-tonic: yea but its you
gin-n-tonic: nobodyd do that after the whole debacle, cmon
gin-n-tonic:  besides youd snap them like a twig if someone did.

L-nyan: Whoaaaaa…

Sir Lance: Hey, Elyan

L-nyan: Sorry I missed all the excitement

PanDragon: Dont you dare
PanDragon: I know guinevere must have told you about this

L-nyan: Maybe…

PanDragon: Double murder suicide

L-nyan: I can make it up to you

PanDragon: You most CERTAINLY CANNOT!

L-nyan: Give her a hug
L-nyan: That way she’d be all glittery too
L-nyan: And Leon!

PanDragon: K i forgive you
PanDragon: Brb

Leon: I hate all of you

Sir Lance: I mean you could just not snog arthurs technically-sister

tankthetop: true

Leon: Shut up, Lance!

Sir Lance: <3 

Ouija Board Bitches:

scream my name: HAHAHA
scream my name: I am the QUEEN OF REVENGE!!!

pointyWizardry: You did it?!

Queenevere: Oh my god
Queenevere: How was it

scream my name: Ah, my darling Guinevere…
scream my name: It was… Now, how shall I put it?

pointyWizardry: Punctuation. Mustve been good

scream my name: Good?
scream my name: It was amazing.
scream my name: It was beautiful!
scream my name: It was the most breathtakingly sparkling, supremely evil thing in revenge history with just a whisper of gay to spice it up.

pointyWizardry: Well even so we’re all going to be cleaning glitter out of our asses until we graduate from uni.

scream my name: And it was WORTH IT!
scream my name: Crap gotta go

Queenevere: Damn i hadnt even thought of that
Queenevere: You know arthurs gonna retaliate
Queenevere: The odds of not getting caught up in the middle is about -2

pointyWizardry: Yeap
pointyWizardry: We’re fucked

Queenevere: Cheers…