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A dragon with wolfblood

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Arya always felt free on the back of her horse, the wind blew her long hair out of her face. She felt one with her horse, a beautiful golden sand steed. Her mother always joked her stallion was as stubborn as Arya herself, she had laughed at that. Her mother: Lyanna wasn’t wrong. She had names him Viserys, after her uncle Viserys Targaryen. Her uncle passed away, when she was still a toddler, there had been an accident where he had fallen and knocked over a pot of hot melted gold, the gold had fallen over his head, melting onto his skull. Arya had thought is was strange, a dragon killed by fire.


It had almost taken a her a full year to break him in, he had thrown her off every chance that he got. Viserys had given up eventually, she never did. Now however Arya had wished he wasn’t as stubborn as she is because he refused to move forward, she had known him well enough that when he gets something in his head Arya could kick him as much as she wanted he would not do what she commanded him to. They had been galloping at full speed when he had suddenly stopped, it had almost made her fall off. Her horse never stopped, he loved galloping as much as she did. He either was tired which rarely happend or something was wrong. She hoped it wasn’t the latter.


“What is it?” Arya snapped at her horse. Viserys made a sound of protest as she tried to get him to move forward before stubbornly rearing.


“Oh stop it” she hissed.


That’s when she heard it, softly at first. A whimper of some sort. And then again, harder this time. It sounded like a dog panicking. It saddened her, so she did the most logical thing she could think of. She got off Viserys and walked towards the sound, clutching the reins with her left hand. The closer she got the harder the whispers became, until she saw it. A huge wolf, sadly dead.


Before she could investigate further she heard a voice call out her name. “Arya” it was her brother Jon, on his white mare, riding with him where her cousin: Robb Stark and Theon Greyjoy. As if sensing her distress, Jon got off his horse with a worried look on his face. “What is it?” He asked.


“A wolf, it’s dead” she replied as Theon and Robb dismounted their horses.


“Well get away from it then” Theon snapped.


“No it made a noise” she snarled back


“How can it make a noise, it’s dead” Robb said.


“How I’m I suppose to know!” She replied.


“Well,  you heard it” he said. He had a point, but she really did heard a noise. What if the wolf was still alive? The wolf had antlers sticking out of its body, so Arya doubted it could still be, she hadn’t seen the chest move up and down so it’s wasn’t breathing. It had to be dead, but what could have made the noise then?


“Maybe it’s still alive?” She wondered.


“Have you seen it? It’s definitely dead” Theon sneered.


“Oh for fucks sake, I’ll take a look” Robb exclaimed. “Hold my horse” he snarled at Theon. Theon did as he said.


Robb slowly walked towards the giant beast. Studying it as he crouched down next to it. “It’s dead” he said. Theon turned towards Arya ready to give her the ‘I told you so’ speech when the whimpering noise was made again.


“See I told you” Arya huffed.


“It’s not coming from the wolf, it’s from coming from underneath it” Robb said, as he reached under the dead beast and pulled out a pup. Her face lit up before it turned sour again as Theon exclaimed “We should kill them, they can’t survive without its mother”


“No!” Arya snapped “We can take care of them!”


“Four pups, one for each of the Stark children. The direwolf is the sigil of your House. You were meant to have them” Jon said, pulling them out from underneath their dead mother. Robb has stood up again walking back to his horse, he looked distracted for a bit, focusing on something in the background before walking to wherever he was staring.


“Make that seven pups” he noted. “One for you Arya, for Jon and Aegon too”


Arya looked at Jon for reassurance, he gave her a small smile. “Go on, pick one”


She couldn’t hide the excitement that creeped up on her as she walked to Robb. She examined the pups, a brown one with brown eyes, a grey one with golden eyes and an albino with red eyes. The grey one caught her attention first, so she took that one from Robb’s arms and looked up at him. “I want this one” she said.


Robb smiled at her. “It’s yours then”


“We will assign the other pups when we get back, it’s getting dark already” Jon exclaimed.


Jon was right it was getting dark. Her mother had warned her not to ride after dark and Arya was afraid of the scolding she would get if she didn’t obey her mother. She pulled the pup tighter against her chest and walked back to Viserys, untying him from the tree and mounting him.


“Whoever gets home first, gets to have my dessert” Jon said when they all were seated on their horses, and galloped off. She was quick to follow him even catching up and then getting ahead of him. She had sand seed after all and she always won. This time was no different from other times.


By the time they got back it was dark, she was lucky it wasn’t Lyanna waiting by the stables. It was Ned Stark, her uncle.


“What is the meaning of this” Ned had said as he took in the sight of the children before him, all clutching wolf pups in their arms.


“Their mother was dead so we took them” Robb replied. Ned shook his head, Arya could feel the frustration coming of off him.


“You will train them yourselves, you will feed them yourselves and if they die you will bury them yourselves” he exclaimed. Arya let out a breath she didn’t even know she was holding. She looked down at the pup in her arms. ‘Nymeria’ she thought. ‘I’m going to name you Nymeria’


“All of you head straight to your chambers and go to sleep, the king will arrive early tomorrow” with that Ned walked out of the stables.


Arya walked Viserys to his stable and took of his tack, afterwards she gave him a quick brush and headed to her chambers.


Arya couldn’t sleep that night, her mind kept wandering to her father. Her father had died in battle against Robert Baratheon. Her mother had been kidnapped by her father because of that House Targaryen was no more. Robert had made sure that. Just her, Jon and Aegon. Robert had spared their lives because of Lyanna and she had dropped their claims to the throne. She had fled back north afterwards and Cersei Lannister married Robert Baratheon.


She was a bit anxious about the king arriving, the reason why he would visit the north was unclear to her, but she heard rumors that he was looking for a betrothed for his older sons.. She didn’t worry to much about that. Arya had not flowered yet and when she would she was probably going to get married of to one of her brothers, the Targaryen way considering her and her siblings were the last of the Targaryens. Aegon had told her that.


Robert was the murderer of her father after , even if Rhaegar had not been a good man. He was still her father. Her mother never spoke about him though. She sometimes caught her mother looking at her with a sad smile, she thought it was because of her one Targaryen feature: her purple eyes, they probably reminded them of her father. Only Aegon had been born with silver hair but he had grey eyes. Jon was the same as her, dark hair but with purple eyes.


Arya couldn’t stay in her bed any longer,the sun was already starting to rise and it was beginning to get lighter ,she doubted she could get anymore sleep. So she got up and pulled on her riding clothes with Nymeria hot on her heels she headed towards the kitchen ,the pup had been following her everywhere. Once she arrived in the kitchen, she quickly grabbed an apple and walked to the stables.


It was so early the stable boy had not even been up yet, she would have plenty of time for a ride before the King was going to arrive. She fed the apple to Viserys and saddled him up.


As she was leaving the stable she heard a voice say “Going out for a ride?” The voice belonged to Aegon. “Dont worry sister, I’m not going to tell on you” he added. “Just don’t go to far, the king will be arriving soon”


“I won’t, thank you Aegon” she said and mounted Viserys.


It had been a great ride, she had not rode to far out into the godswood. Her stallion had been behaving very good so far. Viserys had been a gift from her mother for her fourteenth name day last year. She had been so grateful that she almost cried. And despite the hard work she had to put into him she was still very grateful for him.


Arya turned her horse around, she had been gone for an hour now, it would take one more to get back, this way she was going to be right on time. But then it started to raining, not just raining it was pouring, and if there is one thing Viserys absolutely hated, it would be rain. As soon as she gave him the command to gallop, he sped off and she had not been prepared for the speed that he went. The rain made the ground slippery and before she knew it Viserys slipped taking both of them to the ground, she felt a sharp pain in her right leg, the side they had landed on.


Viserys quickly stood up, he stayed by her side. Nymeria whimpered as she sat beside Arya. Processing her fall and the pain that came with it, it took her awhile to get back up again. Her leg wasn’t broken she could still support herself on it, it still hurt badly. She wasn’t the only one limping, Viserys was as well, so she couldn’t get back on him. She was going to have to walk back, while limping she was never going to make it in time.


Her mother was going to kill her.



First of all thank you for reading the first chapter of my new story. I don’t know exactly where i want to go with this story. On a second note this is how i imagine the characters looking, apart from the show. Don’t get me wrong i absolutely love Maisie and i think she’s gorgeous but i didn’t picture the actress that played Lyanna in the show and i wanted Arya to look very similar to Lyanna.


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