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Forever and Always

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It’s today.


Today marks the very moment when two lost souls met on the long winding path of life. Two little seeds that drowned in endless passion for the other, flourishing into a beautiful construction of never-ending love as they cried out each other's name in the throes of ecstasy. ‘Forever and Always’, they’d whisper in desperate joy, soft promises slipping out of flushed pink lips. A beautiful scarred hand grabbed raven locks in an attempt to find solace, and golden oceans stared back gently in response. Eventually he was overwhelmed by the pure intensity of love that shone in those crystal green eyes, he automatically had to shut his own in order to not be blinded by the raw emotion. The angel that lay beneath him, crying his name in awe, was so unworthy of someone filthy like himself, tainted with the crimson of countless lives. Fireworks exploded inside him, and a feeling unlike anything he has ever felt before broke down his very being. Love. He truly loved this young boy under him. Eyes flung wide open to meet those beautiful, stunning and heartbreaking orbs…


Nothing. Kai stared blankly at the white ceiling that has met his gaze: cold, empty and lifeless; a reflection of the eternity that he has faced since that day. The very moment that marked his everlasting misery. Taking a deep breath, a deep olive skinned leg flung out the bed, before a lean and athletic body hoisted itself into the bathroom opposite, each movement without care or purpose. After all, with the way things were now? There was no need to live, no drive to achieve anything.


When he reached the mirror, a pair of heterochromic eyes glared back in disgust, a piercing golden sun and a bloodthirsty crimson orb dancing around on his sinfully handsome face. He looked away. He couldn’t bare to remind himself of the ‘gift’ he was given, a gift that cost him everything. All he had ever needed. The ungodly power that ripples through his very core left him hollow and empty. Flawless tanned skin meant nothing under the heavy mental wounds that clawed at his very being, tearing him apart. Century by century. His self-hatred grew stronger and stronger until it lay brewing behind traumatised orbs.


He huffed before he began to get ready for the long and suffocating night ahead. Moving around the large space with godly gracefulness, he let his mind go blank in a feeble attempt to block out reality for as long as possible. Until heartbreak tore him up again.


A clawing thirst came as a sharp reminder to him.


He needed to feed.


Rushing out the bathroom and throwing on whatever he saw, he stalked out his apartment with one thought on his mind. The sweet taste of crimson.


He found himself outside a bar, watching a drunk man laugh hysterically to himself, reality blurred with alcoholic illusion. Perfect.


He waited in a nearby ally. A predator ready to pounce and devour his prey. When the man reached the outside, he grabbed him roughly, supernatural strength brimming through his very bones, there was a struggle, a rather pathetic one at that, but he couldn’t find himself to care. All he felt was empty. Empty. Nothing at all. So he ripped the poor bastards head to one side, exposing his neck, ignoring the futile cries...


He tore him apart.




Izuku giggled softly at the hysterical man in front of him, frantically gesturing to some drug-induced tale and babbling nonsense in hopes to string together a coherent phrase.


Izuku Midoriya has just started his first day at the one and only UA, the school of his very dreams. An education that would lend him a shot to pursue heroics right at his fingertips. Just like he always wanted. However-now hear him out on this one- as much as he wanted to screech in complete joy, there is a slight pang of guilt whenever he thought of his situation. You see, the only reason he had gotten into UA was because of a borrowed quirk. But not just any quirk, oh no, why it just had to belong to the most heroic man in the history of the world. Bloody fucking All Might. Yeah, he was pretty fucking confused too. But here he was, current student of class 1-A, on the path to being a Hero! Just. Like. He. Wanted.


So why did he feel so damn empty.


So he finds himself here. In a dingy but homely bar, nursing a glass of apple juice- damn his chubby face and soft features- and forcefully engaging in a total one-sided conversation. Not exactly how he wanted to spend his Monday evening. But then again, he was trying to avoid certain people so he made himself comfortable while he could.


The man before him continued his story in earnest, most likely hoping to land Izuku in his bed tonight. Not the first time someone has desperately tried. Although not common among his fellow peers, Izuku is very used to leering flares and lustful words, which pissed him off but he tried his best to ignore. He didn't understand why people would find his soft yet sharp features attractive?


He was simple looking in his own opinion. Wild yet extremely soft curls of emerald green swayed gently on his head and green oceans mixed with flecks of gold were framed behind long, think and curled lashes. His body was slim, almost even feminine, but as he works with All Might, he had gained more masculine features to it too, such as toned muscle. Truly, nothing special at all. Eyes trailing off to stare at his drink, the gold liquid swirling delightfully in a rose tinted glass, an enchanting dance that reeled Izuku in. Wow, he must be reallly bored. Yet...Something. There was something about the particular  colour that made Izuku frown. It wasn’t the right shade...which doesn’t make any sense at all. Right shade of what? Right, nothing at all.


Sighing out it misery, completely tuning out the still rambling intoxicated man who had began gurgling gibberish at this point, Izuku didn’t feel obligated to try to listen. Glancing at the glass inserted door that acted as an exit, he allowed his mind to wander, just to sample a world without reality, and his daydreams were traced with the most brilliant gold.





Izuku sighed as he finally dragged himself away from the conversation, walking into the brisk cold air of the evening, the last remnants of the sun dying into amber whips of light. Walking slowly down the street, Izuku muttered under his breath, slight fearful of how late it is and how worried his mother would be. Just as he was about to pick up the pace, he heard it...


A loud blood curdling scream.

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Kai grinned.


He loved this. The blood that decorated his godly form, the power that radiated in never-ending waves, the ever growing hunger. This, this was him without control; no restraints. Just the bridling desire for the very substance he craves.





You hate this Kai, but you love him.





He used to hate it, he supposed. He once saw himself as a monster, a disgusting thing that needed to be destroyed (and if he was being honest, he still fucking does), but humanity was a thing of the past now, emotions no longer wanted nor needed when all they did was hurt him-






You deserve it. You know you do.




-and god did he fucking hate when it did. It always hurts, it never stops, but when he felt emotions, the likes of which humans feel daily, the pain’s always heightened, and what he feels only feels worse. But without it? He’d have a semblance of freedom, no matter how slight it may be. Before all of... this happened, he was a sensitive guy, as much as he hates to admit it, he was emotional and too damn expressive of himself. Back then he was like a bloody fool. But now? Well you can make your judgement based on the distorted and gnawed at corpse, eaten beyond recognition by yours truly.

So, he thought it best to flip off all things that tied him to what made him human. What made him care about the weak and pathetic creatures that were mortal. And it was so easy. After all, there was only ever truly one thing that made him human.








But he’s dead...














...and it’s all your fault.









White fangs glinted in the moonlight, blood tainting the otherwise porcelain teeth. His heterochromic eyes were painted in utter bloodlust, still reeling from the high of his kill. He chuckled quietly to himself, the temporary sensation of feeling alive made him hunger for more. And oh was he gonna get more



He’d be so disappointed-


Shut up.”


And don’t even get him started on the fucking voices.



Driven by an unholy thirst, and a now burning rage, Kai strutted towards the exit of the alley way, like a feline in search for it prey, completely disregarding the mangled up thing that was his leftover meal; splattered across the narrow walls like a demented painting. So caught up in his animosity, he barely noticed the water droplets descending upon him in a heavy pour. Grin still stretching his face wide, he prepared for his next hunt, fuelled by anticipation...


But halted as he collided into a blur of green.









Izuku has never heard such pain and terror in one single sound. He was actually kinda impressed. He himself had screamed quite a few times when Kaachan got a bit rough when he beats him up and all that.

But this? It pierced through the night sky, seeming to rip through the earth's atmosphere, heck, he swears it must of parted the heavens ‘cause it even started to fucking rain. Whatever caused someone to scream like that- must be one hell of a fucking dangerous person...good thing Izuku doesn’t know the meaning of danger, right?






Now, any self-preserving genius would know now was the time to, oh I don’t know, run the other fucking way. But! This isn’t just any fucking genius. Nope! He was Izuku frickin Midoriya, like hell he was going to give up a chance at being a hero, hell to the no! He was gonna be the best hero any fucker (god he sounded like Kaachan) had ever laid their eyes on, after all...














So, with that (much needed) burst of admittedly false confidence, Izuku raced towards the source of the scream, which had faded during some time of his inner monologue- he really needs to stop doing that- and prepared himself for whatever villain he would encounter.


He had never used One For All, which probably made this situation worse than it already is, but he was running on basic instinct and the frickin rain was setting the tone for his courageous actions so sue him.


Making a sharp turn left into an alleyway- he secretly hoped this wasn’t the place- then he collided into a solid brick wall.









Well okay then.





Stepping back with a wince of pain, Izuku shook his head in an attempt to gather his bearings. Once having a form of sense in his muddled brain, Izuku decided to take time to regard the stupid fucking wall that dare to appear out of fucking nowher-








Oh fuck.




A-apparently it wasn’t a solid wall of any material besides rock hard muscle- or he hit his head pretty fucking hard because he swears he sees a person with muscle that shouldn’t hurt like a mother ducking truck. His eyes continued their painful journey from fresh expensive looking shoes to stylish ripped jeans- oh, there’s the muscle again behind a tight fitted black shirt and- oh god his arms are huge. Oh. Let’s not forget the handsome, godly face that honestly shouldn’t even grace anyone. Ever. Oh (he’s been saying that a lot), the water from the rain made that deep olive skin glow.


And finally his eyes finished their long (enjoyable) journey.




Viridian pools of green met the fiery colour of god and red, an endless inferno of blazing intensity that made heat begin to pool in Izuku’s, ahem, lower regions...



...Now his eyes are the right frickin shade.



He- he was beautiful, sexy and illegal in so many ways it just wasn’t fair and oh goodness he couldn’t comprehend the pure lust and masculine dominance oozing from this guy and lord he was practically sex on legs and why can’t he look away oh he swears he’s seen him somewhere but hewouldnoticesomeonesosexyandohshithesmutteringgodfuckingdammititsjustthatthisguyispraticallyafrickin-







Yeah, that.

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Bakugou Katsuki was not in love .


Since the moment he was conceived, he had always maintained his fiery passion and explosive personality, it’s just who he is. And if you ask him? Well, he has every right to be proud of himself. As he grew older, people kissed the very ground he walked on, praising him for being…well him. The only exception to that rule was his mother, but even she couldn’t resist his matching pair of ruby orbs. So, given this, it’s one hundred percent natural for Bakugou to have an inflated ego (its fucking massive) but he would never admit to it.


But there was one person who actually cared about him...the way he actually desired to be. He can’t explain it, he doesn’t exactly want to, but dammit if he hasn’t fallen for those shimmering forest green orbs that glistens with unshed tears. The very moment he met those expressive soulful pools of viridian- he was hooked. And he hated it. Really, he despised the  churning feeling in his stomach whenever that beaming smile was turned his way. He despised the deep rooted rage that sprung up when it was directed at anyone else but himself . But most of all? He hated the fucking shitty nerd for making him feel this disgusting way.


He wanted to own them. He needed to possess them in their miserable beauty, and to be honest, no fucking four year old should be feeling such things, be he always got the damn short bloody end of the shitty stick. Because he was infatuated (in love) with. Izuku. Fucking. Midoriya. Yep, the shitty cry-baby in all his fucked up glory. But, Katsuki was adamant that the universe had some kind of twisted play in the way he felt, this- this dreadful sense of familiarity- like he’s seen stupid Deku somewhere before, in a different place, a completely different relationship, and it frustrates him to no goddamn end. Because, despite it never happening , he can imagine those freckled cheeks flushed soulfully beneath him, eyes a seductive gaze that sucked him in, lithe body arched elegantly against the bulky and muscular build of his own, enchanting voice singing sweet pleasure, sending hot pulses down to his very core and he would cry out his name, ‘’Zuku, izuku, I-Im gonna-!!!’, and would lose himself in those gentle and cruel arms and eventually to the encroaching darkness. Then he would wake up to his room feeling cold and strangely empty.


This was always followed by anger, an ugly feeling that screeched for any form of release, scratching endlessly for some kind of outlet, a scapegoat. This is where shitty quirkless useless Deku comes in, his own personal punching bag. The object of his sick desire and disgusting fantasies. The reason behind this infuriating anger that seems to stem from previous lifetimes. His useless toy.


Well he was useless.

Never in his life had he thought he would be training side by side with the green-haired idiot, but here he fucking was, wide-eyed and innocent looking like he hadn’t become so fucking powerful in such a small amount of fucking time. But the truth is? He wasn’t actually angry, as much as he believed he should be. There’s this weird feeling of peace when he and Deku stand by each other, forgetting the tension and thick coat of contempt, as if this was exactly how things were meant to be, fighting by each other’s side almost like they’ve been doing it for years...But that just made no fucking sense now did it?


So yeah. He wasn’t in fucking love. He’d rather die than admit it to anyone. This raging bonfire that threatened to consume even his own heat, fuelled by the terrifying power of those green orbs. Nope, he felt nothing by fucking contempt for the green eyed bastard…..


…..Shitty stupid fucking Deku




Kai had wished for many things in his long life of living. Money. Power. Fame. Heck, he had even written letters to Santa for a brand new toy for Christmas. But never, never had he wished with his whole being for something, someone, as much as he had for the person standing right there in front of him, in all his ethereal beauty. All his life, he believed that his desperate pleas fell upon death ears, or the universe was playing some kind of sick joke on him, taking deep pleasure in his bottomless suffering. He had tried everything. Nothing was ruled out, anything to bring him back. Rituals, sacrifices, spells, necromancy, soul travel, resurrection, prayer. But nothing worked. Or did it? Because here, gazing at him in a heated blaze, is-is his precious ‘Zuku. Caught up in the furious whirlwind of destructive emotions, he failed to notice the nervous beauty slowly approaching his quivering form, too busy drowning in his endless love for the boy, he couldn’t possibly have registered the concerned look the younger bestowed upon him. It was only then, standing there in the pouring rain, tears streaming down his cheeks, eyes unseeing and oh so happy, did he finally blink to find that- oh wow- he’s still there


Kai fell to his knees.


Unable to withstand the mighty weight those viridian orbs cast upon him, he ungracefully tumbled to the ground, the physical pain in his heart made it hard to breath- oh god- he couldn’t fucking breathe (even though he didn’t really need to) . Was it real? Was his baby boy really just standing right in front of him? He knows it couldn’t be, he knows it’s a trick of the mind, it wasn’t possible and this wouldn’t be the first time those gleaming seas of emerald haunted his (every) waking moments but he wanted- no needed it to be real, please dear gods let him be real...

But he’s gone.



He’s dead.



No. No. No.

And it’s all…


...your fucking fault.



























‘Hey Ka-kun? You know I love you right?’












‘Aha, don’t cry silly! Seriously you’ll make me cry too..’












Hey! Don’t worry, we’ll be together forever and ever! And that’s a promise!’




Come back.




‘And I never break a promise. So please Ka-kun…’













‘Don’t cry’


“Don’t cry”





It was this very day, after years of bottling it up, Kai allowed his wounded soul to bleed.



























‘Don’t worry Kai-chan, I’ll put you back together. Soon.’

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Years ago, a seed was planted in the azure field belonging to Zeus’ precious garden, planted with love, care and adoration. Zeus and the other gods blessed this seed, granting it unbelievable strength and magic. The seed was pure as the moon, golden as the sun, innocent as a lamb, green as the surrounding fields. 

Then came the existence of men. 



Zeus and the other Gods worked to create beings, inferior to them, but creatures nonetheless, something to keep them entertained. But control was an illusion. The newly dubbed ‘humans’ began to rebel, becoming greedy and thirsty for things that didn’t belong to them. Things only grew worse when Hermes, the God of trickery, plotted with others to use the humans to revolt against Zeus. Obviously, this backfired and they were punished, but resulted in the humans gaining unique abilities that are known as ‘Quirks’ each special to each individual mortal. But with these newfound abilities will come not only joy and curiosity, not just the evolution of science and technology, but the stereotypical and social branding of Hero and Villians.

This is where human society really fucks up.

Humans slapping titles onto other humans in a pathetic attempt to create a truly justifiable system, failing miserably and ending up with a twisted and deformed concept of right and wrong. Those who can see the corruption and seek to correct humanities wrongs are punished and degraded, labelled villains and a threat to society, so they desperately resort to violence in futile hopes of spreading their message. Those who revel in the chaos are praised and worshipped for their good deeds, smiling not for the safety of others, but the new money deposited in their bank accounts. They are called Heroes. People who thrive on greed and selfishness, those who hunger for fame and recognition to fill the gaping hole in their empty hearts, trying to imitate gods despite the fact that they are merely mortal, that they don’t know anything. But there are good souls out there, and they're not as rare as one would think, but even so, the majority of humans are sick freaks


Social status was classified by how strong your quirk is. You want to be a hero? Then pray you have a strong quirk. Want to be a villain? Why simply have a quirk that makes you look or act like one or have an opinion. Do you want to be bullied tour entire life by your best friend and everyone else, have your dreams crushed then ultimately be told to kill yourself because your that useless? Then don’t get a quirk in the first place! Yeah, the world is a fucked up place.


And so, as the human population grows, that very seed the Gods planted will begin to feast upon the pain and sorrow emitted endlessly by the pitiful humans around it, twisting its once pure and godly soul into something dark and wrong. Something sinister. Eventually, the seed became a sentient being, gaining a threshold on the world it currently inhabits and becoming something that even Zeus himself fears. This being is the embodiment of power itself, a power so devastating, even the heavens weep in awful horror. 


But the seed had grown into something beautiful. His features rivalled, if not surpassed, the goddess of beauty herself. He carried himself with such grace and elegance, you couldn’t help but feel inferior. The power he radiated sent even the God of War to his very knees. Despite him being just a child.


You see, the poor little seed only desired the love he was once fed by the gods, but all he received now was fear and jealousy, rage and pity. He had never harmed anyone who lacked ill intent, he refused to. Forgetting his chaotic magic, he was a pure hearted boy through and through, wanting nothing more than to help the people around him. And he did. He saved countless lives, destroyed any demonic being sent to his home in a quick and terrifying battle, well, it was more like a slaughter. The boy, you must understand, was too powerful. With a single glance he could level and destroy entire city to the ground in a blaze of fiery flames, until not even the ashes remain. With a single muttered word he could kill an entire army sent by Hades himself. Just a simple flick of his wrist, is all he would need, to kill the Almighty Zeus who gave him life.

And this was with only a fraction of his true ability.

But the boy was kind, gentle, loving and ever so sweet . But it was never enough. They still looked at him with such condescending eyes, bestowing judgement upon him for sins he had never committed, all out of fear and spite. And he tried. Truly, he did . He desperately grasped for their love and understanding, saving their families, manipulating the weather for endless fruition, he even gave his blood, which held many mystical properties that you couldn’t find anywhere else. 


And at first, he thought he had won back the favour of his father, Zeus. The King of the Gods approached him with a big smile, asking him to join him for dinner in a deep booming voice, in which he wholefully accepted, smile beaming so bright with excitement, blinding the look of guilt and remorse that flashed briefly across Zeus’ face, but the heavy lines of fatigue and regret were still very much present. During the feast, he drank and ate happily while chattering non-stop to his father, too willing to take advantage of the opportunity while it was there, to show his father his love. He didn’t notice how Zeus didn’t touch the food; how he never sipped his drink. He didn’t notice the blank stare as Zeus gazed at his son, a storm of emotions mightier than his thunder. Didn’t take into account the tired but unsurprised face when the poison put into the food didn’t take affect.

Another failed attempt.


Kaname was the God of Blood and Darkness. His world was always dark.

You see, the realm of the Gods was a dark and corrupt place, which most would find shocking considering it was filled with ethereal beings. But it was the truth. War, hate and jealousy fuelled almost all intentions and everyone was fake to basically everyone. It was sickening. But alas, he was forced to endure the pathetic excuse of Gods that surround him, but he did hold respect for few, and it was few. Zeus, as it was expected, gained his respect by dealing with the nagging nuisances, especially those on the council. Who are the council you ask? Why they are only the most presumptuous, cocky bunch of bastards with a stick so far their ass you would think they were a kebab. They feed of the power their ‘high position’ gives them and bullies those who are beneath that. While Kaname is on the council, he was just as tired of their bullshit as Zeus was, so they bonded over that. But it didn’t help how corrupt and just how wrong the society was, and it disgusted him to no end.

After all, it was his fellow gods who created the disturbed and chaotic mess that people like to refer as humanity. He, at first, had loved the idea of having other beings beside the stupid Gods he was stuck with, but alas he was proven wrong. As he went to explore this new world, he tried to ignore the slow signs of cockiness and disrespect, he had fallen in love- if you could call it that- with a beautiful young woman, with big doe eyes and pouty lips. But truly, it was simply the fact that she was human that made her so appealing. She was different. As he would soon find out, she was a manipulative bitch who seeked to abuse her- aha sorry- power over him. Funny, yes he knows. Just ask her corpse trapped at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean. So she was no different from the other pathetic mortals who thought they could play him. But anyways, Kaname had practically given up on pretty much any living thing, he lacked any hope and failed to see the reason behind existing.

But then a pure angel was born and Kaname's world exploded in light.


“Kana-senpai! Kana-senpai!!! Close your eyes, close ‘em!!! Pleasee!!”


Letting out a chuckle, warmth flooding through his being, Kaname obeyed the voice filled with childish innocence.


“Hmmmm okay, okay!! Almost doneeee”

Kaname felt a feathery weight being placed upon his head. It shifted constantly until the child in front of him let out a satisfied sound


“Andddddd finished!!!! Wowww it looks perfect, open your eyes now pleasee Kana-senpai!!”


Sitting in a beautiful meadow, bursting with vibrant colours, bathed in a golden light, a chorus of various animals singing in harmony around him, Kaname sat with a flower crown upon his head. Green eyes sparkled with utter happiness, beaming at him with joy and admiration. The boy couldn’t be older than 6 years old, his chubby cheeks and small size giving it away. Waving his hand, the child created a gorgeously crafted mirror in a burst of green, before shoving it in his face.


“Look! Look!”


And what he saw almost brought tears to his eyes- the God of blood and darkness does not cry…(he may if shed a tear). A flower crown place so gently upon his head. But no matter how hard he tried, he was only enchanted by beauty sitting beside him.

The realm of the Gods was a dark place, filled with lies, hate and deceit, trickery and pain. And yet here he was. Blinded by this young boys light.

“Oohhh. You’re smiling Kana-senpai!! Yayyy!! Mission accomplished”, boy cheered, arm raised in victory. Kaname sat stunned, a genuine smile spread wide across his face. A crown, just for him, constructed by flowers by the angel in front of him, who did it purely because he wanted to see him smile. He couldn’t help the happy laughter the fell in joyful burst out of him, innocent giggling joining in. He hoisted the child into his arms before spinning him around, the atmosphere brimming with life. 


Eventually, they tumbled to the ground, laying in the grass with grins on their faces, Kaname on his back and the child happily resting on his chest. Kaname had never felt anything like this, butterflies pounding against his chest, a raging bonfire that threatened to consume him whole, a gentle stream that made him feel at peace. This was what true happiness felt like.

“Izuku your father requests your presence”

he’ll never feel it again


Izuku stares at the door in front of him, took a deep breath, regretted his life choices, prayed for mercy and knocked.


Bakugou laid back, trying to get some homework done for first period with Aizawa tomorrow. The sleep deprived fuck only gave the class one day to do it. But it was expected, he always knew UA would be a challenge, and that was exactly what he wanted. Hmmm, maybe he could invite- threaten- Izuku to come over so he could help the useless idiot with the homework he was definitely not struggling with-

Knock. Knock.

Urgh what now”

Knock. Knock. Knock.

“Who the fuc-“

Knock. Knock. Knock. Knock.

I swear to fuck if they knock one more godda-“

Knock. Knock. Knock. Knock. Knock. Knock.

Shut the fuck up”





Bakugou huffed as he stormed to open the door, annoyed as hell, ready to give whoever dared to disturb him a peace of his bloody min-


“Aha, h-hey Kaachan”




It was Deku. Deku smiling sheepishly. With an unconscious man- who looked to be in his early twenties. In his arms. Deku. Looking kinda hot dripping in the rain. Man. Stay the fuck away from Deku. Fuck. Is it hot in here. Fuck, fuck , fuck.


“Uhhh. K-Kaachan?”


Bakugou started blankly into nervous green orbs for what felt like three long ass minutes…

Then slammed the door in his stupid face.