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Riverdale Imagines

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Lili’s pov.

I’ve just finished to register less then a hour ago, fortunately my house isn’t so far away from the set so I came home soon and I’ve got to do a shower before the storm’s started.

I’d to say that storms aren’t my favorite things, in fact I am really  scared...

I look at the hour and I see it’s already midnight. I’ve tried to sleep but nothing, I can’t. I have also tried to watch some tv or stay on the phone but nothing, it’s impossible to sleep with the fear I have right now. 

I look at the hour again and it’s still midnight. I take my phone and scroll down the contacts to the “M”. I read a couple of contacts I have saved with the M...Mom, Miley, Mya and here finally, My love. I press on his name and I take my phone to my ear waiting and hoping he’ll answer.

After a couple of minutes finally I hear his voice. “Hello?” he says half asleep. “Hei, it’s me, Lili.” I say. “Oh hey, it’s actually midnight. Something bad happened?” he asks. “No not really, but I was wondering if you could come over? There is a storm and I am a little scared” I say sincerely hoping I’ll come. “I’m on my way” he says. 

After about ten minutes I hear the doorbell so I walk over and opening I see Cole standing in his blue pjamas. I laugh a little and let him in. We cuddle up in the bed. “Thanks for coming.” I say softly in his chest. “Everything for you.” He says kissing the top of my head and in not so long we fall asleep in each other’s arms.



hi babies, it’s my first imagine and it’s cute but short. I’ll see you in the next postttt

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—facing reality.




Vanessa’s pov.

I was at home watching tv, chilling around. I’ve been so tired lately. I’ve just wanted to relax a little so I booked a room for a week at Miami.

I knew Mads was as tired as me so I invide her to come with me. I think it’s the right time for finally tell her that I like her.

At 3 am we took our plane. We arrived in not so long in Miami and now we are relaxing in the amazing swimming pool of our hotel. I am so happy to be here so far.

Mads is swimming in the pool and I am watching her, every single part of her cute face. She is an amazing girl and I think I am falling for her.

After dinner we go back to our room and I take it as the moment of tell her how I feel. “Mads, Can we talk?” I ask looking at her “What’s up V?” she says smiling at me. This smile is so amazing. I take a deep breathe and I start talking “I really like you since the day we met” I see as Mads smile disappear and her face starts worrying. As soon as I see that I decide to leave, I knew it wasn’t a good think to say. I was about to leave when I feel Madelaine’s hand on my jaw and soon enough she kisses me. I kiss back. We go back to the bed and cuddle up kissing softly.


Hi my babies! I hope you enjoyed it and nothing...Ily byeee