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Ink and Iced Coffee

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Changbin cracked his knuckles as he began opening up the parlor. He pulled open the blinds, letting the sun soak up into his dark hair and tattoo covered arms. Sighing as the bright neon sign flashed open in a pattern that Changbin could time in his sleep. 

He checked his schedule for the day, being a tattoo artist leads to some, interesting clients and situations. So his shop doesn't get as many Client's because after the first month he set up a very strict, and very necessary set of rules. Jisung was still learning and he didn't want the kid to be scarred before he was done with that. 

Changbin got to work sterilizing all the equipment he forgot to do last night. That was, up until the bell at the top of the door rang not even looking up from his assortment of needles he knew who it was. "One minute to spare," he teased.

"Shut the fuck up," Chan scoffed, throwing his bag on one of the tables. 

Changbin put his needles down and went to grab something from the fridge,"Heard you got a new piercing last night?"

Chan groaned,"Yeah, it' fucking huts."

"Then why the hell would you get an eyebrow bar the same day you have a 6 hour appointment?" He scolded, going to sit on one of the couches while he waited for his client to get there. Chan already had gauges, a lip ring, that he only wore when he knew the hole was going to close, a nose piercing, and now the eyebrow. 

"Because Jisung is shadowing me and he drew the damn design anyway," He said looking like he was fighting to rub his temples.

"You know with a job like this I think you'd be tired of stabbing holes in your flesh," Changbin Joked.

"I'm older than you," Chan said, noticing the drop in honorifics.

"And I'm paying you so I guess we're even." Changbin smirked. Drawing his eyes to the door as it swung open.

 "I'm here," Jisung said cheerfully, sketchbook in hand.

"Oh how I dread the day when that innocence is lost," Chan shook his head.

Jisung just chuckled,"It's been gone hyung." 

"What?!" Chan stood up quickly, actually too quickly because he almost fell,"Who stole it?"

"You guys, the internet, life, a lot of things, hyung," He said in a 'isn't it obvious' tone.

Before Chan could rant anymore there was the sound of the bell at the door again and they all turned to look, Jisung turning oddly red for some reason. "Minho right?" Chan said walking up to him.

He nodded, looking over at Jisung with a slight smirk. "I texted you about everything right?"

"Yep." Chan nodded,"I already have the stencil made, so Jisung will place it where you want while I get ready." He said, guiding Minho to his station as he closed the curtain around them.

Changbin began scrolling through his phone stopping for a second when he heard the buzzing of the tattoo gun start and a slight hiss. Just then the door opened and Felix walked in, sipping an iced Coffee while holding his phone in the other hand. Changbin got up and motioned for him to go to his station.

Changbin was glad that Felix was a walk-in a few weeks ago because he did not want to have to experience all of his gay panic at once. He came in, again with an iced Coffee and asked if he could book an appointment. Changbin's Jaw almost hit the floor when Felix showed him the drawing he wanted Changbin to recreate on his body. He was also kind of excited because the design Felix wanted meant he could finally do water color. 

"Can we do Just the outline today?" Felix asked, setting his coffee down and taking off his shirt.

Changbin was confused at first, "Uh.. Wh-" then he remembered Felix wanted a tattoo on his shoulder blade. "Yeah, sure, especially since this is probably going to hurt like a bitch."

Felix chuckled and laid face down on the table,"I need something to wake me up, because Coffee ain't doin' it." 

"Just don't get too Jittery on me," Changbin said, prepping the area for the stencil so it would stick. 

 "So why did you decide to be a tattoo artist?" Felix asked.

"Seemed like the best profession to put my art  degree to good use," Changbin chuckled. He started preparing the gun and needles

Felix smiled,"I have one too, and people are always saying I need to do commissions faster and I'm stuck in a dead end job."

Changbin slowly began peeling the stencil off,"See, that's exactly it. people don't want you to rush when you're stabbing them in the arm." He held up 2 mirrors so Felix could see the placement. "This good?"

Felix nodded, taking a sip of his drink. "Hurry up and stab me so I can get used to it."

"Okay," Changbin smirked, prepping his skin and putting gloves on. He laughed slightly when Felix flinched watching as he braced for the first contact.

"Oi," Felix shouted as the needle pierced his skin.

"You good?," Changbin asked with raised eyebrows, beginning to make the first lines.  

Felix tilted his head,"yeah- Fuckin' hell," he said loudly.

"Mate, I love the fact that you're an Aussie, but I'm tying to do a tattoo over here,"  Chan shouted in an accent Changbin had only heard once.

"Sorry Mate," Felix yelled back, clenching his fist as Changbin kept moving the needle.

Changbin just chuckled,"Do you want a towel to bite down on?"

"Maybe not to bite down on but something to squeeze would be nice." He said, relaxing when the needle stopped.

Changbin, rolled over to the set of drawers he had and pulled out a towel before rolling back and handing it to Felix who had taken another sip of his coffee. "Okay, break's over, let's get back to working, shall we?" 

Felix rolled his eyes and took one final sip of coffee, before moving back into position.

It was quiet for the first few minutes, minus the screams Felix was trying to suppress. about a good 20 minutes in Chan walked in and nodded at Felix's tattoo.

"Ah, so you're the Aussie?" Chan grinned. 

Felix nodded quickly,"I thought you were tattooing someone?"

"Jisung is taking over, my hands are cramping," He said sitting in the other chair within the space. 

"I think there's something going on with Jisung and Minho," Changbin said, still focusing on the tattoo.

Chan nodded,"I know right, there's so much unspoken tension over there I can barely breathe." 

"I can hear you!" Jisung shouted.

Changbin just shrugged his shoulders and continued working,"Who's getting lunch?"

"Seungmin's bringing it today," Jisung said.

"Do you want me to just open the curtains?" Chan asked, standing up and doing it anyway.

"We need to get that kid more friends," Changbin said, shaking his head slightly. 

"How much longer," Felix groaned, putting his head directly on the table. 

"You think you're tired?" Minho scoffed, he was getting his collarbone tattooed and that alone made Changbin concerned for Jisung.

Chan stood up and cracked his knuckles,"Well i'm going to get a soda from the fridge, you want anything?"

"Nope, close the curtain would you?" Changbin said, focusing on a particularly difficult spot in the tattoo.

It was quiet for a few minutes, minus the muttering of Jisung, Chan and Minho, plus the music he had playing in the store.

"So, what are the perks of being a tattoo artist?" Felix asked once he had gotten used to the pain.

Changbin paused for a moment to think before answering and continuing to ink Felix's body,"Well, I get paid for doing something I love, the hours are actually pretty flexible, and the biggest expense I have is rent, both here and my apartment. But the emotional scarring is, something that can really deter you."

"What happened?" Felix winced as Changbin had to make a particularly deep mark.

Changbin hummed and tilted his head,"the more tame experiences would be that I've witnessed multiple arrests within the same room, one of which while I  was tattooing the person getting arrested, the cops paid me double so I guess it was a win."

Felix had his mouth wide open,"holy shit, that's crazy and I can tell you were barely scratching the surface."

Changbin sighed,"Yeah, I refused to work at that parlor anymore so I opened this one. Those two came quickly after," he quickly gestured to who he was talking about.

"You guys seem close," Felix said looking at Changbin.

A small smile crept onto Changbin's face as he leaned forward slightly and whispered,"Don't tell them but they're like my family."

Felix chuckled and Changbin wondered what his laugh would sound like, as good as he was at hiding his infatuation, especially with his clients, sometimes it sneaked through.

There was a comfortable silence for a few minutes until Felix asked a question that Made Changbin have to stop and collect himself,"So, are you in a relationship?"

Changbin had to stop and put the gun down because he started choking on air. As confident as he was, when gay panic hit, it hits him hard. "No," he said once he had calmed down. 

"Oh, that's good," Felix said with a smirk.

Changbin felt his ears turn red in slight embarrassment, luckily he only had a few more strokes to do, "And....done, when do you want to do the next session?" He asked holding up the mirrors again to show Felix.

A small smile spread accross his face as he saw Felix's eyes light up, so he took it as a good job. "I thought we were just doing the outline today?" he asked,"It's not that I'm mad, it just looks like a black and white version." 

"Yeah," Changbin nodded, taking off his gloves ad rubbing his wrist,"water colors are pretty but they're a bitch to put on the skin because most of the color just fades. so I just do extremely light regular dark  ink under it so the color comes out better where I need it to."

"Why don't you just layer it? I don't mean to tell you how to do your job but-" Felix began sitting up and putting his shirt on.

Changbin immediately grabbed his hand and stopped him,"I need to put something over that." he said grabbing the bandages.

"So about that appointment," Felix said as Changbin put the bandage on his fresh tattoo. "I know that the skin needs at least a week, so how about this time seven days from now?"

"That's fine but I need that payment in advance," Changbin said opening the curtains and heading towards the register. "Here's a card with how to take care of you tattoo," Chanbin handed him a small piece of paper as he walked up the, taking the last sips of his coffee.

"Can you put you number on that?" Felix smirked leaning on the counter.

'Damn, that was smooth' Changbin thought, but he could be smoother. he wrote down his number but right as Felix was about to take it, he swiped his hand away. he handed Felix a regular card and leaned forward as well, his face across from his,"I'll give you my number after the next session." 

"Deal," Felix said standing up and handing him his card to pay.

Once Changbin handed him his card Felix headed towards the door,"See you next week," he said. Changbin watched as he opened the door and walked out of sight. Once he was gone he collapsed on the sofa and looked up at the ceiling, letting the AC hit him. He sat like that until Seungmin walked in and the smell of food hit his nose.

"So, what'd I miss?" Seungmin asked, sitting next to Changbin. He pulled out a burger and some fries and handed it to him. 

"Hyung is whipped," Jisung said.

"I'd throw something at you if it wasn't a liability," He said coldly, before taking a bite of his lunch.

"Okay but why is he whipped?" Seungmin asked, not batting an eye.

"He always liked the cute ones," Chan smirked. "His last client asked for his number in the best way ever, but the response." He made a kissing noise and held up an okay symbol."beautiful."

"Shut the fuck up!" Changbin yelled.

After a few minutes of debating, Chan and Jisung Finally finished Minho's tattoo. And when they walked out of their little bubble Seugmin had a look of shock and excitement all over his face. "Holy shit!" he screamed, once Minho was gone.

"I know" Jisung groaned, reaching into the bag and pulling out a burger for himself.

Changbin got comfortable,"Explain," he said.

Jisung held up a finger, signalling that he would get to it. once he finished chewing he stood up. Causing the other two to get comfort able as well. 

they knew it was going to be a long, interesting, story.