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A Two Player Bond (Dedicated to Derpixon)

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"Hello? Futaba? Akira?" Started a girl with blue hair, as well as another color in her bang, covering her left eye as she walked into Cafe LeBlanc. Footsteps sounded from the stairs up ahead as she saw her Orange-haired best friend, Sakura Futuba, running towards her with a bright smile. 

"Taylor!" She exclaimed, hugging her close as they both shared a small giggle together. Taylor spotted Akira, leaning against the wall with a smile, only wearing some pajama pants with a black tank top, watching this cute display. Kurusu was her boyfriend, and they loved each other dearly. Futaba supported them no matter what. "Guess what! I just got a new game to play upside in Akira's Attic!" 

"Oh? Really?" Taylor asked, raising an eyebrow with anticipation, smiling as Futaba nodded quickly. "Is it two player?" 

"Yep! I thought you'd want to play with me for the day!" She suggested, Taylor nodded with a smile in agreement as Futaba jumped for joy, grabbing her hand and dragging her upstairs. As they rushed upstairs, Akira watched them, showing a smirk on his face. 








"It's been a while since I've been up here..." Taylor said as she placed her bag on Akira's futon, looking around with a smile. Not noticing Morgana, she sighed softly. Kinda liked the cat's company as well. Taking off her shoes, she kicked them to the side, smiling as she spotted the TV in the attic, as well as that game system that she remembered Futaba playing with, even Akira too whenever he had a chance to boost up his confidence.

"Here it is! It's a RPG Rogue-like game!" Futaba exclaimed, holding up the case. The girl had stars in her eyes as she spotted the game in the Nerd's hand. 

"Damn!~ It looks new too!" Taylor excitedly said, smiling as she quickly grabbed a stool, sitting on it quickly as Futaba got right to the gaming system, opening the disk drive, putting the game in. Taylor spotted two controllers on the floor, hooked up onto it as she grabbed one of them, holding onto it. Akira came up, spotting her, and then...a mischievous smirk was on his face. 

The frizzy-haired boy walked up behind Taylor, hugging her from behind, making the girl jump with surprise as her eye flashed blue. 

"O-Oh! It was just you, Akira..." She said softly in relief, smiling at him as she turned back to the screen. Akira pouted, frowning as he tilted her head back gently with his hand, kissing her face gently. "H-Hey...! H-Hehehe...Okay okay, I miss you too." Taylor said with a nervous smile, blushing as the boy's lips were quickly on hers, smooching those plump lips. They kissed for a few seconds before-

"Alright! It's turning on!" Futaba exclaimed as she sat down, grabbing the other controller as she sat down next to the stool, crossing her legs. Taylor's eye widened as she quickly pulled away from Akira, having a red face as her eye was blue, panting softly a bit. Futaba heard the soft pants, turning her head to her. "Hey, you okay?" 

"Huh?! O-Oh no no, I'm fine...!" Taylor quickly answered, embarrassed to spill anymore words out, Akira smirking in the process as he knelt down. Her eyes were on the screen as she saw the loading screen pop up. Little did she know, Akira has something planned for her...The two girls started to wait, but the boy didn't.

He crawled towards Taylor's crotch as her legs were spread open, because she was wearing jeans. He started to unbuckle them, making Taylor gasp with surprise and confusion, looking down as his frizzy head as he pulled them down, as well as her underwear. The girl's eye turned blue with fear as she noticed his actions, turning to her best friend. Futaba was staring at the screen, frowning with impatience. 

"D-Dude...! W-What are you doing-" She whispered angrily with a blushing face as Akira looked up at her, shushing her with his finger, going down again. "Ghh...!" Clicking her tongue, she gritted her teeth, hoping that her best friend doesn't take this the wrong way...then she felt something wet against her folds, making her hold her breath. Looks like they have some catching up to do...with a small audience, of course.




*2 Minutes Later...*




"Come on! Stupid game! I've been waiting for 2 minutes already!" Futaba exclaimed angrily as she pressed the button rapidly on the controller, impatient to play the game.

Taylor smiled at her attitude when it came to games, but her smile was quickly switched to biting her lip, her feet pushing up a bit on the wooden floor as Akira kept eating her out, a soft moan escaping her mouth as she panted, gripping the controller tightly in her hand as the other, gripping at the boy's frizzy hair. Futaba's eyes turned to them, widening from what she was seeing...but she didn't seem disgusted for some reason, blushing a little from the act... 

"Also...What are you doing?" She asked her friend, Taylor gasped as she tilted her head back with pleasure, shivering from Akira's tongue licking her clit, and then sucking on it. She turned to Futaba with a reassuring smile, waving her hand. 

"A-Ahh...D-Don't worry about him. H-He does this, e-everytime..." She replied, feeling Akira's arms wrapped around her waist, gripping her tightly as he kept going. Futaba turned back to the screen. 

"F-Fine, whatever. I just can't wait for this thing." More sounds of slurping, sucking came into her ears as she kept pressing buttons, hoping to make the loading go faster. "Come on, come on, come on, come on, c'mon, c'mon, c'mon...!" She whined, not taking any patience. Taylor panted while looking down at Akira, shivering while her eye glowed blue. 

"Hah...Hah...Patience-Mmm...Futaba...hah...It's probably loading the map, or something. You know, how long those take-AH!" She gasped out, as her body twitched, pointing her feet as pleasure surged through her entrance, squirting into Akira's mouth. With soft, shallow breaths, the girl's eyes rolled up as she tried to gain as much air in her lungs while recovering from that orgasm. "F-Fuck..." She muttered to herself.

"I-I...I think that's enough, Akira-AH!" Taylor started to say before she was pulled down onto the floor, Akira on top of her. Tugging off her black leather jacket, he pulled her shirt up, showing her small breasts to him. "D-Dude...!" She exclaimed with embarrassment, looking up at him with a red face and glowing eye. 

"O-Okay..." Futaba softly said, looking to the screen again with a red face, paying them no mind. Apparently, this kinda was a show for her. An unexpected show.




*8 Minutes Later...*




"Ugh! Really...?! How many of these is it gonna take?!" The nerd girl asked, with a frown as she was laying on her back, groaning. Taylor was lying on her back as well, with her breasts out, in between Akira's dick which he was thrusting into. Soft breaths and moans coming from him. 

"I-I'm not so sure, myself." Taylor replied. "I guess the file is hard to download all together, I think...Ahh..." She moaned quietly, biting her lip as she watched Akira thrust into her breasts. Futaba spotted Taylor's naked lower half, turning quickly away while blushing.

"Umm...I'll just return the CD later." She said, keeping herself quiet from what she was hearing from those two...looking at them again while her face was flushed.

"A-Ahh...Right. Good idea. Umm...Ghh..." Taylor closed her eye, gritting her teeth as she felt Akira's cock pulsing on her chest, feeling his movements go faster a little. Her glowing blue eye turned to the screen, seeing the 'Loading' logo go around the screen slowly. Then, she spotted her boyfriend's pajamas pants on the couch, next to her jeans and underwear, spotting a Calling Card as well, even was kinda hidden a little. 

Futaba looked away, humming silently to herself while her cheeks showed that red shade, hearing Taylor pant softly as she turned to them. "So...Are you gonna-"

"Hah...hah...Hurry it up already, Aki...Fuck..." Taylor muttered while looking at his dick. Akira's breaths became a bit heavy, but silent as he thrusted one last time, releasing his cum into her shirt. "O-Oh...come on." The girl frowned as it stained her shirt, then she gasped as some of it got on her face. "N-Not my face! Shit!" She exclaimed, turning her eye to the screen and then...



The game turned on, showing two characters walking into the 'Evil Kingdom'. Theme of Hotel Mario in the mix as well. 



"Finally...!" They both exclaimed as they saw the game start up. Akira moved away, sighing as Taylor sat up, looking down at the mess Akira made. 

"Ugh...I'm totally gonna have to wash this later." She said, Futaba cringing a bit from the sight of sperm on her friend's shirt. With a smirk, she turned to the game, getting her character ready as Taylor did the same, until...the girl was being lied down onto her stomach instead, feeling something soft on her lower half.

A pillow? Must be. "Uhh...Akira? W-What are you-" Taylor started, stopping her sentence as she felt his dick, hard and ready, coming inside of her cunt. "DOING!" Finishing her phrase, her eye glowed again, shivering as her body trembled. "Hah...oh fuck...You are so, going to get it..."




*5 Minutes Later*




"This is a cakewalk!" Futaba exclaimed while playing with a smirk. The two girls kept playing together, going into battles, gaining experience, buying equipment and items, while Taylor keeps getting fucked in the ass by Akira, who's still going. Both of them kept talking to each other as they played, working together.


"Uh, I don't need this, I don't need this, I don't...hmm..." 

"Oh! Ahh...D-Do you need this one?" 

"Right! I do need this..." 


They kept playing until they got to a section of the game, showing two health bars of the characters, fighting a hoard of monsters. 


"Uh...What is this? I-I forgot what these kinds of things were..." Taylor asked, looking at Futaba with a red face as she panted softly. 

"Oh, one of these quick-time thingies." She replied. 

"Right...Nnn...!~" The girl turned back to the screen, gritting her teeth as she mashed buttons with Futaba, going crazy at the battle on the screen. Critical hits and attacks were going ham at the monsters, no match for the two gamer girls. Akira grunted as he thrusted faster into Taylor, the girl trying to ignore the pleasure, and actually focus for once.






The two girls looked at the screen as Taylor let out a moan with wide eyes, seeing the two characters on top of the dead monsters, holding bags of gold in their hands. With a smile, and some gained pride, they gave each other a high five, looking at each other.

"Bam! Told ya that was easy." She said to her best friend, who looked all bothered and hot, giving a smile back at her. 

"Y-Yeah. It was." Taylor replied, turning to the screen, waiting for the next scene to happen...but it never came in the next few seconds. 

"Uhh...Wait. That's it?!" Futaba exclaimed with shock as the screen literally said; 'That's it!', answering her question. "Lame...!"



Taylor groaned, unamused with this fast ending...until Akira started pounding into her, making her gasp while gripping the controller. "A-Ah! F-Fuck! S-Shit...Hah hah...Games...these...days...! Mmmm!~" She moaned out, panting while looking up at the ceiling. Futaba looked at Akira who was just fucking her best friend next to her, quickly blushing at the show. 

"And you're...really...getting physi...physical, huh?" She said, looking down at Taylor who was just taking it like it was nothing. 

"O-Oh...This boy gets physical whenever he has a chance with me, all the...Mmm...fucking time...Hah...Hah...It's not like that I'm tried of it, really, it's just...Oh shit, I-I-I'm cumming..." The girl replied as she bit her lip, panting with her tongue out, and then...she squealed with pleasure as she curled her feet, climaxing.

Akira's grunts came to her ears as she felt something warm and sticky shoot inside of her core, coating it with white as he pulled out of her. Taylor was utterly embarrassed, having sex with her boyfriend in front of her best friend.

"Man...I'm so sorry, Futaba. He practically can't help himself...Hey, how are the others doing...?" She asked her, looking at Futaba with her flushed face. 

"Oh, the others, well...I guess you can say they're busy..." She replied to her friend, as she looked at Akira, panting from what he did. "If you wanna train with others so badly, then Mementos it is...!" Holding up her phone, she started putting up the app. 

"W-Wait, Mementos...? Hah...G-Give me a sec..." Taylor panted out, catching her breath as her hand twitched, still trying to recover from that intense fucking...





Into Mementos they go....