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Izuku hummed softly as he listened to Mr. Aizawa describe the ancient Greek pottery in great detail, pausing a few times to yawn, he found it all very interesting. Though the rest of his class didn’t seem to agree, some of them even looked like they were about to fall asleep where they stood. The only exceptions being himself, Tenya Iida, Momo Yaoyorozu, Shoto Todoroki and Katsuki Bakugo.

When said blonde noticed him glancing in his direction he gave him a vicious glare, He flinched and quickly looked away. He had known Bakugo since they were kids but he would never say they were friends if anything the blonde had made it his mission to make sure he had no friends.

He sighed softly before he returned his attention back to Mr. Aizawa only to nearly lose his footing when the whole building started rumbling. He glanced up and saw pure fear had appeared in Mr. Aizawa’s eyes.

“Everyone quickly to the exit!” Aizawa shouted and everyone started rushing towards the exit only for the building to shake even more and the ceiling to collapse. Izuku stared in horror as a piece of rubble came hurling towards him, his body refused to move.

“Look out!” Someone cried out and Izuku felt someone push him away, causing both of them to fall to the ground. They both covered their faces when even more rubble fell causing them to almost go deaf from all of the noise.

When the noise finally stopped Izuku glanced up and saw that it was Ochaco Uraraka who had been the one to push him out of the way.

“Are you okay?” He asked worriedly, she quickly sat up and gave him a reassuring smile.

“I’m fine, what about you?” She asked worriedly and he just sat up and waved her worries away.

“I’m fine” He said simply before he glanced around only to see that the rubble had completely trapped them, there was no way out. But they weren’t alone, he watched as Bakugo angrily punched the wall while Denki Kaminari, Eijiro Kirishima, Hitoshi Shinso, Shoto Todoroki and Tsuyu Asui dusted themselves off. It didn’t look like any of them were seriously injured which was a good thing.

“Stop that, if you disturb the rubble you could cause it to fall on top of us” Todoroki reprimanded causing Bakugo to snarl at him.

“Shut the hell up half and half” He snapped angrily though he did stop punching the wall, Bakugo was a lot of things but stupid was not one of them.

Izuku stood up and pulled Uraraka up with him before they both approached the others, he quickly noticed that Kaminari’s breathing seemed to be short and shaky though he was doing a pretty good job of hiding it. Without even thinking about it he quickly approached the blonde and placed a gentle hand on his shoulder which caused him to jump in shock.

“Claustrophobia?” He asked softly and the blonde hesitantly nodded.

“Follow my breathing okay?” He requested before he started taking measured breathing which Kaminari quickly followed. After a few minutes, the blonde's breathing returned to normal.

“Thanks, man” He said before he worriedly glanced around, thankfully no one seemed to have noticed his mini breakdown. They were all to busy examining the walls to see if there was any way they could get out.

“Hey! Can you kids hear me!” They all heard Mr. Aizawa’s slightly muffled voice call out, Izuku instantly noticed the worry in their teacher's voice.

“Mr. Aizawa!” Urararka called back as she approached the wall where their teacher's voice was coming from.

“Are any of you hurt?” He asked and Uraraka glanced back at all of us asking with her eyes if we were hurt. We all shook our heads and she nodded before she returned her attention to the wall.

“Were okay” She answered and they all heard a relieved sigh escape their teacher.

“Okay the firefighters are on their way, but it will take a while till they can get you out so just stay calm” He said and they all shared uneasy expressions at this.

“Okay” Uraraka said uneasily as she shifted uncomfortably in place.

It looks like they were going to be trapped together for a while, Izuku mused as he glanced around and saw all the varying expressions of unease and frustration on the faces of the others, what could possibly go wrong?

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After a while of just standing around, they all decided to sit in a circle, with the exception of Bakugo who just continued to pace angrily. Eijiro couldn’t help but watch him as he paced, all that was going to do was trie himself out but I guess he felt like he had to do something.

“How long do you think we’ll be trapped here?” Uraraka finally asked as she hugged her knees close to her chest.

“Depending on the stability if the rubble, we could be here for a few hours at best” Shinso remarked which made everyone even more uneasy.

“So what do we do in the meantime?” Kaminari asked nervously gaining shrugs from the others. Eijiro’s eyebrows furrowed worriedly when he noticed that the blonde was trying to keep his breathing steady, before he could ask him about it Uraraka suddenly clapped her hands.

“We could all talk? Maybe we can get to know each other better?” She suggested cheerfully causing Bakugo to snort in disbelief as he turned to glare at the brunette.

“What are you five? This isn’t some stupid feeling circle! Were trapped with no way out!” He snapped causing Uraraka to shrink in on herself while everyone else shot glares at the ashen blonde, Eijiro decided he needed to bring peace back to the group.

“Let’s all calm down, getting angry at each other will only make being stuck here suck even worse” He reasoned causing the others to sigh and nod in agreement, while Bakugo just huffed and turned his back on them.

“Let’s go with Uraraka’s suggestion, it would give us something to do” Tsuyu spoke causing Uraraka to brighten up while everyone, with the exception of Bakugo, nodded in agreement.

“Alright how about we go around the circle and reveal something about ourselves? And hopefully, a conversation sparks up from that so we won’t run out of things to talk about” Uraraka suggests gaining much more hesitant nods this time.

“This is stupid” Bakugo grumbled but he still took a seat in between Eijiro, who gave him an encouraging smile, and Kaminari who seemed very uncomfortable.

“I’ll go first! My parents own a construction company!” She stated cheerfully before she turned towards Tsuyu.

“Your turn Tsuyu!” She sated causing the raven-haired girl to tap her chin thoughtfully before she finally spoke up.

“Call me Tsu, and I have a pet frog named Ivy” She said which caused Eijiro to gasp as he leaned forward slightly.

“You have a frog? That’s so cute!” He gushed causing a surprised expression to appear on Tsu’s face.

“You really think so?” She asked surprised and Eijiro nodded cheerfully, he personally thought all animals were adorable and he didn’t understand why some people called certain animals gross. They were all just cutie pies who needed loving!

“Yeah! I love all animals!” He said cheerfully which caused a large smile to appear Tsu’s face. When it looked like they were both about to start gushing about frogs Bakugo quickly interjected.

“It’s your turn shitty hair” He grouched causing Eijiro to give him a sheepish grin, he was kinda confused by the faint blush that appeared on the blondes face. He decided to ignore it for now, but he would definitely think about it later.

“Okay well, I have two moms!” He said cheerfully causing almost everyone’s eyes to widen while Uraraka squealed.

“Really?” She asked as she leaned closer to him, Eijiro just smiled and nodded eagerly. He had kinda said that without thinking but he’s glad no one was making any homophobic comments.

“Yup, they adopted me when I was 9 and I love them very much” He said sweetly which caused Uraraka to coo.

“What happened to your birth parents?” Bakugo questioned causing an uncomfortable expression to appear on Eijiro’s face, he didn’t like thinking about them.

“Hey it’s okay you don’t have to answer if you don’t want to” Tsu said as she grasped his hand causing a relieved expression to appear on Eijiro’s face while Bakugo scoffed.

“It’s your turn Bakugo” Uraraka stated with an unhappy expression on her face. The ashen blonde huffed and crossed his arms.

“I’m deaf” He sated emotionlessly which stunned everyone.

“But you can hear us?” Kaminari questioned causing a scowl to appear on Bakugo’s face as he tilted his head and tapped his hearing aid, which blended into his skin so that you could only see it if you knew what you were looking for.

“Oh” Kaminari muttered sheepishly as he scootched away from Bakugo slightly.

“When did you realize you needed hearing aids?” Eijiro asked softly causing Bakugo’s scowl to lessen just the slightest bit.

“When I was ten, one of the teachers noticed I was having difficulty hearing” He grumbled out and Eijiro just nodded. When it became apparent that Bakugo wasn’t going to say anything else on the matter they all turned their attention towards Kaminari who jumped slightly.

“Um when I was five I was almost struck by lightning” He said sheepishly which caused everyone, except Bakugo’s, eyes to widen.

“How?” Midoriya questioned in shock and Kaminari shrugged offhandedly.

“I was a dumb kid who wanted to play in the rain when a bolt of lightning struck almost right in front of me” He said sheepishly as he rubbed the back of his neck.

“Maybe the after-effects of that is why you have the lowest grade point average in the whole class” Bakugo snarked causing everyone to glare at him while a dark expression appeared on the blondes face.

“No that’s because of my dyslexia” He snapped before he pulled his knees up to his chest and wrapped his arms around them, he then proceeds to bury his head into his knees.

“Good going Bakugo” Midoriya spat before he gently wrapped an arm around Kaminari, who didn’t seem to notice.

“Not cool bro” Eijiro stated before he moved around Bakugo to see if he could provide any comfort to the blonde. Everyone else just gave Bakugo disappointed looks which caused an uncomfortable expression to appear on his face.

“Let’s just continue” Kaminari mumbled as he glanced over at Midoriya, it looked like he was begging him with his eyes to go. The green haired boy just nodded softly at this.

“I have broken my arms multiple times” He said causing almost everyone to give him confused looks.

“How?” Todoroki question causing Midoriya to give him a dry look.

“By being a dumbass” He stated simply causing everyone, except Bakugo, to burst out laughing.

“I’m pretty sure my doctor secretly hates me for that reason alone” He said cheekily causing everyone’s laughter to increase tenfold, even Bakugo’s lips twitch upwards slightly in amusement.

“Alright Shinso, you turn” Uraraka said after they all calmed down from laughing.

“I have an uncontrollable habit of adopting every stray cat I stumble across” He said sheepishly causing almost all of them to laugh while Eijiro, Uraraka and Kaminari cooed, a very faint blush appeared on his cheeks at this.

“I guess it’s my turn then” Todoroki finally spoke up before he tilted his head to the side slightly in thought. Everyone just patiently waited for him to think of something.

“This is my natural hair colour” He finally said as he gestured to his half white and half red hair.

“No it’s not” Bakugo scoffed but Todoroki just nodded.

“It is, my mother has white hair and my father has red hair. This was one of the outcomes” He said simply as he shrugged his shoulders.

“One of the outcomes?” Midoriya asked curiously.

“I have two brothers one with red hair, the other with white hair and a sister who has white hair with bits of red in it” He explained simply as he once again shrugged his shoulders.

“Huh, I always assumed you dyed it to match with your heterochromia” Uraraka commented as she gestured offhandedly to his eyes.

“Heterochromia can be in the hair as well” Was all Todoroki said. There was an awkward pause as they realized they had gone around the circle before Uraraka clapped her hands.

“Wanna go back around?” She said questioned and everyone kinda just glanced at each other as they decided whether or not they wanted to do it again.

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“As interesting as it is to learn new stuff about each other, I think I should bring up the fact that I’m starving” Kirishima finally remarked and a few people nodded in agreement. Hitoshi included, he had missed dinner last night and breakfast this morning so he was really pushing himself on how long he could go without food.

“Right we would be having lunch right now if the building hadn’t collapsed” Uraraka remarked softly as she rubbed the back of her neck.

“We could pull out any food we have in our backpacks and see if we have enough for everyone to eat something?” Kainari suggested and that is exactly what everyone did.

Hitoshi frowned as he pulled out three granola bars and an unopened water bottle, he placed it the middle of the circle which everyone copied.

Uraraka had a half-empty water bottle, a granola bar and an apple.

Tsu had a half-empty water bottle and two plastic baggies filled with cut up oranges.

Bakugo had an unopened energy drink and bag of beef jerky.

Todoroki had an unopened bottle of water and a plastic baggie filled with grapes.

Kirishima had a half-empty bottle of water, an unopened bottle of apple juice and a bag of pretzels.

Midoriya had an unopened bottle of water, a granola bar and a plastic baggie filled with cut up carrots.

Kaminari had the most food out of all of them, he had two unopened bottles of water, a bottle of Pepsi, two bags of chips and a medium sized bag full of assorted gummy candies.

It seemed with the exception of Kaminari none of them had bothered to pack much food as lunch was supposed to be provided for the field trip.

“Why the fuck do you have so much food?” Bakugo questioned as he stared at Kaminari which everyone mirrored causing a sheepish expression to appear on the blondes face.

“I always have a lot of snacks on me, I’m a stress eater. Plus I skipped breakfast this morning so I needed them even more” He mumbled sheepishly as he rubbed the back of his neck.

“You skipped breakfast? That is so unhealthy!” Uraraka exclaimed worriedly causing Kaminari to shrink in on himself slightly while Bakugo scoffed.

“It’s not that big of a deal, I do it all the fucking time” He remarked offhandedly causing Hitoshi and Todoroki to nod in agreement which caused Kaminari to sit back up with a small smile on his.

Uraraka waved around her arms in indignation before she finally huffed and crossed them with a huff. Tsu just reached over and patted her shoulder comfortingly, which did not remove the pout on Uraraka’s face.

“We should probably be careful of how much we eat” Midoriya suddenly remarked causing everyone to glance at him in confusion.

“Why?” Kirishima asked curiously as he tilted his head to the side in confusion.

“Well for two reasons really, for one we don’t know how long we’ll be trapped for and we don’t want to run out of food. And also I don’t know if you’ve noticed but there isn’t exactly anywhere to use the washroom” He sated causing a very awkward silence fill the space.

“I suppose we can split up the fruit for now, and save the granola bars, chips, jerky and candies for later” Kaminari said and everyone nodded in agreement before they all reached out to grab some food while making sure everyone had a fair share.

Uraraka picked up the apple she had brought and started at it thoughtfully before she glanced up at the others.

“Does anyone have a knife so that we can cut this up?” She asked curiously only for Bakugo, Hitoshi and Todoroki to pull out a knife each causing the others to give them wide-eyed looks.

“I excepted this from Bakugo but Shinso? Todoroki? Really?” Uraraka questioned in exasperation causing Todoroki and Hitoshi to shrug while Bakugo scowled.

“What’s that suppose to mean round face?” He growled and to everyone else’s surprise, Uraraka just gave him a deadpanned look.

“What I mean is that you are a very violent person and that I’m not surprised that you carry a knife around with you” She drawled which caused everyone to laugh while Bakugo started grumbling angrily to himself. Uraraka just smirked in satisfaction as she took the knife that Todoroki was still holding out so that she could cut up the apple.

“Apple?” She asked teasingly as she offered an apple slice to Bakugo who just bared his teeth at her threateningly. She just shrugged and popped the slice of apple into her mouth causing the others to chuckle once again.

“No fear” Kaminari giggled to himself which just made Bakugo glare at him while everyone else laughed, though Hitoshi hoped no one noticed the faint blush that had appeared on his face. It wasn’t fair that Kaminari had such a cute giggle, he was just a simple gay man with a weakness for cute things. It wasn’t fair!

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Once everyone had finished eating they were once more met with an awkward silence that no one seemed willing to break, except of course for Denki.

“So what do we do now?” He asked curiously which caused the others to shoot each other looks as if demanding that someone else come up with something, eventually, Uraraka broke the silence.

“We could go back around the circle stating things about ourselves?” She suggested causing some of the others to shrug, except for Bakugo who just grumbled.

“I guess I’ll go first again, we’ll when I was little I was convinced that I could fly so I jumped off of my deck and broke my ankle” She admitted sheepishly causing almost everyone to chuckle in amusement.

“I think I was more upset about not being able to fly over my broken ankle” She confessed which only caused their laughter to increase, even Bakugo looked slightly amused.

“I think every kid has done that at one point or another” Midoriya remarked which caused faint blushes to appear on almost everyone’s faces, Denki buried his head slightly back into his knees as he remembered how after he was almost struck by lightning he was convinced that he was the master of lightning.

“Anyways, it’s your turn Tsu” Uraraka finally stated as she turned slightly to face the green-clad girl, who just hummed and tapped her chin thoughtfully.

“When we were doing dissections in class I pretended to be sick so I didn’t have to attend” She finally said causing Kirishima to nod in understanding.

“I totally understand, I fainted during it and Mr. Aizawa had to escort me to the nurse's office” He admitted causing some of the others to chuckle while Tsu gave the redhead a wide grin, it looked like they were about to start discussing how cute frigs were so Uraraka interjected reluctantly.

“Anyways, It’s your turn Bakugo” Uraraka said causing the blonde to huff as he leaned his head back to think.

“I can cook” He finally stated causing surprised expression to appear on almost everyone’s faces.

“Really?” Denki asked curiously which caused Bakugo to snarl at him threateningly.

“What? Do you think I’m lying?!” He barked which caused Denki to shrink in on himself slightly. Midoriya and Kirishima were quick to try and comfort him but he was just as quick to wave their concern away.

“I’m fine, just take your turn Kiri” He said while accidentally giving the redhead a nickname which made him grin brightly before he cocked his head to the side in thought.

“I own a shark onesie” He stated proudly causing Uraraka and Tsu to coo while the others gave him surprised looks, except for Denki who just giggled and bumped shoulders with the redhead cheerfully.

“I have a Pikachu onesie” He said just as proudly causing a wide grin to appear on Kirishima’s face before they both began discussing how amazing onesies were while the others just watched on in surprise.

“As adorable as this is, I do believe it’s your turn Kami” Uraraka finally said causing the two boys to give her sheepish grins, though Denki couldn’t help but smile just a little bit brighter at the nickname. He hummed slightly to himself as he tried to think of something to say.

“I can’t swim” He finally said with an embarrassed blush on his face which only grew when he noticed the stunned looks everyone was giving him.

“How the fuck do you not know how to swim?” Bakugo questioned in disbelief causing Denki to shrug slightly as he rubbed the back of his neck.

“As a kid, I was terrified of water so my parents eventually grew frustrated with me and gave up on teaching me how to” He explained uncomfortably which caused almost all of the others to give him sympathetic looks, this only made his stomach roll uncomfortably. To him, it looked like they were pitying him and he hated being pitied.

“I’m not a very strong swimmer myself, so I try to avoid swimming all together” Kirishima admitted as he gave the blonde a soft smile which caused Denki to give him a surprised look.

“Really?” He asked softly to which Kirishima just nodded.

“I sink like a rock” He stated carelessly as he shrugged causing a soft sile to appear on Denki’s face as he leaned into the redhead's side slightly.

“Thanks” He mumbled to which Kirishima just nodded in understanding.

After that, an awkward silence once again filled the space before Midorya suddenly cleared his throat to gain everyone’s attention.

“When I was a kid my mother used to call me her rabbit since I never fussed overeating my vegetables as long as they weren’t cooked” He admitted sheepishly causing everyone to chuckle except for Bakugo who broke into hysterical laughter much to everyone's surprise.

“I’m scared” Denki whispered to Kirishima and Midoriya causing the two boys to nod slightly in agreement. They all just continued to stare at Bakugo as he continued to laugh until he finally calmed down, and when he did he gave them all a nasty glare when he noticed that they were staring at him while he muttered something about Deku being stupid under his breath but not very quietly because they all heard him.

“Well anyways, It’s your turn Shinso” Uraraka finally said as they all slowly tore their eyes away from the still glaring blonde. Shinso just hummed thoughtfully as he bobbed his head slightly in thought.

“I have insomnia” He finally admitted causing Bakugo to snort.

“Yeah that not a real surprise Eye Bags” He sniffed dismissively causing a slight scowl to appear on Shinso’s face.

“To be fair the heavy eye bags to do kinda give it away” Uraraka admitted sheepishly which just caused Shinso to sigh.

“Yeah, I guess” He muttered tiredly before he gestured for Todoroki to go next causing the heterochromatic boy to tilt his head to the side thoughtfully before a slight smirk appear on his face.

“I quite frequently “borrow” my father's credit card” He said smugly as he did quotations around borrowed causing the others to laugh, with the only exception being Uraraka who gave him a disappointed look.

“That not a very nice thing to do to your father” She scolded causing Todoroki to shrug uncaringly.

“My father isn’t a very nice man” He stated emotionlessly causing all laughter to instantly cease, not that Todoroki seemed have noticed because he once again shrugged.

“Besides I’m not the only one who does it, I often have to fight with my brothers just to get a turn to use it” He said dismissively causing a few weak chuckles to appear but no one was able to forget what Todoroki had just said about his father.

“Are you safe at home Todoroki?” Midoriya asked worriedly which just caused Todoroki to give him a blank look which definitely made everyone worried, even Bakugo had a slightly concerned look on his face.

“Doesn't matter” He muttered as he glanced away from them which just made their worry grow, but it was quite obvious o them that Todoroki was not going to say anything else on the matter.