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Officer and a Gentlewoman

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Waverly always loved the day before Induction Day. Tomorrow all of the plebes, the name all freshman at the Naval Academy were given, mostly to demean them, would report for the first day of their summer training. She loved watching all of the families arriving in Annapolis with a child in tow that looked so nervous that they were about to puke. She could spot a soon to be plebe from a mile away. They were almost always clean cut, dressed way too preppy to be from the part of town that she called home, but not so preppy that they were from one of the many million dollar sailboats that littered the Severn in the summer or one of the people that occupied the exorbitant homes perched on the edge of the river. They looked around differently from a typical tourist. No matter where they were looking, they would always turn and peer at the Academy as if it were the boogeyman looming in the background.

She also loved watching the moms and dads that stared at their child the entire night. They looked at their sons or daughters with so much pride on their face. Having lived in Annapolis all of her life, Waverly knew what an honor it was to be admitted to the Naval Academy. You had to have excellent grades, amazing test scores, and a congressional nomination. She was aware that only about 8% of those that applied were actually accepted. Waverly couldn’t blame the parents for looking at their future midshipman like they had given their life meaning.

But, like everything in life, there was a flip side to the Academy hosting the best of the best. Most of the actual midshipmen that Waverly had ever met thought the world of themselves. They thought that they did no wrong and they often treated the local people of Annapolis, Waverly included, as a second class citizen. She had dated her share of midshipmen and swore that her days of dating those assholes were over.

I-day was different though. It was the time before the new plebes thought that they were so above anyone else. It was the time when they were so scared of the weeks of hell they would be enduring prior to the school year that had them practically shaking in fear. This was the time before they became the assholes that took over the town. Her town.

Waverly shook her head. She wasn’t being fair. She knew that not all of the mids were jerks like the ones she had dealt with. And even the ones that treated her like dirt still looked absolutely gorgeous in those uniforms. She was just so tired of dating what seemed to be a well rounded, well spoken mid, only to find that they soon became the bastards that treated her like she should be lucky to be seen with them. She was tired of every midshipman that she dated turning out to be self-centered jerks.

The young Earp girl sat down by the city dock, watching the families walk around. Tomorrow they would be saying their tearful goodbyes. But tonight there was just so much love and happiness. There was so much family togetherness. Waverly loved the day before I-day. She never felt so much love and she wanted to stay there and soak it all up. But as she looked at her watch she realized that she needed to get to Shorty’s. She wasn’t working but she knew it would be a busy night and Wynonna would be looking for her. She just wanted a little more of the goodness before having to deal with all of the upperclass detailers who would be celebrating the fact that they would soon get the chance to torture the plebes all summer.

Waverly knew that she couldn’t put it off any longer. She stood up and stretched, letting out a sigh before heading off to Shorty’s.

Waverly stepped through the threshold of the bar and saw her sister, Wynonna, standing behind the bar. She headed over and took a seat at the bar in front of her.

“What’s up, baby girl? You aren’t working tonight.” Wynonna took a second before a look of realization came over her face. “Ahhhhh. I get it. Tonight is the running of the douchebag detailers. Hoping to get a man in uniform, out of uniform, and into your bed?” She winked and slid her sister a shot of whiskey.

“Wynonna, is that all you ever think about?” She grabbed the shot and quickly downed it. “I knew tonight would be busy. I thought I would come and offer you some help as a good sister. But if you don’t want it, I’ll just take another shot.”

Two hours later and Shorty’s was packed with upperclass midshipmen, some in civilian clothing and some in uniform. Waverly had mostly stayed parked on her stool at the bar, chatting with her sister when she had the chance and watching all of the people who had filled the room. More than a few mids had tried their luck with cheesy pick-up lines on her. She had been flattered with the first couple, but as the night went on and they started drinking more, they became crass and just annoyed her.

Waverly had had enough of drunk jerks trying to take her home using some line about how they might be going to war soon when she knew full well that they had at least one more year at the Academy before they even joined the fleet. She was not impressed by their “war stories”. She had lived in Annapolis all of her life and she was too smart to fall for their bullshit. She sat at the bar and tried her best to get her sister’s attention so that she could say goodbye. But in typical Wynonna fashion, her attention was being commanded by an attractive Chief with an impressive mustache.

Just as Waverly was getting ready to leave, an attractive redhead pulled up to the stool next to her. Waverly couldn’t help but stare as the ginger tried hail the bartender. It was like the other woman had cast a spell on her, preventing Waverly from being able to look away. She had never seen someone that she had such an instant attraction to before in her life.

The other woman didn’t look like anyone else in town. Waverly knew everyone that lived in the city, but there were often people coming to visit and tourists flooded the small bay town in the summer. But she didn’t look like someone who had stepped off one of the large yachts or expensive sailboats and she didn’t seem like the type to take a vacation to see the midshipmen run around the Academy. If Waverly didn’t know pretty much everyone that lived there, she would swear this woman had grown up there with her. One thing she did know that there was no way this woman was a plebe. She was older and nowhere near as bright eyed and naive as the throngs of young men and women she had seen early as she sat down by the city docks.  

But she wasn’t an upperclassman either. Waverly had attended many parties thrown by midshipmen as well as numerous tailgaters. She definitely would remember that bright red hair and that gorgeous body if they had ever been in the same vicinity. Even if this woman stayed away from the party scene, Waverly would have had to seen her around town and she knew this was the first time she had ever laid eyes on the redhead. There was something different about this woman that excited and intrigued Waverly and she couldn’t wait to find out everything she could about her.

“Hey,” Waverly put her hand on the shoulder of the girl sitting next to her. The other woman spun around quickly when she felt the hand on her. “Shit, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to scare you. I was just trying to get your attention.” Waverly felt bad for frightening her. Good going Waverly. Scare the gorgeous goddess that just walked into your life. But then she watched as the redhead’s face relaxed and her mouth turned up into a smile and Waverly could feel the red rise in her cheeks as she witnessed the sexiest dimple pop out at the corner of her mouth.

“Sorry. I can be a little jumpy. I’m just trying to waive over that bartender but unless I can grow a glorious mustache in the next few minutes, I may have to check out another bar.”

She chuckled and Waverly could feel her heart practically beat out of her chest. She didn’t know what it was about this woman, but she couldn’t keep her eyes off of her. When the redhead laughed, Waverly swore that she had never seen anything as beautiful in all of her life. She didn’t know what kind of hold this woman had on her but she knew that she couldn’t let her go to another bar and leave her.

“Yeah, she’s pretty occupied at the moment, but lucky for you, I have a secret way to get her attention. If you stay here and chat with me, I’ll get you a drink. Hell, I’ll even pay for the first round.” Waverly felt a boldness come over her that she knew had to be attributed to the alcohol she had already imbibed.

“Wow. Free drinks and I get to sit next to a pretty girl?” The redhead licked her lips and smiled in a way that made Waverly’s legs weak. “Sounds good to me.”

Waverly smiled and placed her hand on top of the other woman’s hand that was sitting on top of the bar before yelling, “HEY NONNA!”

Wynonna spun around when she heard her younger sister shout. “What’s up baby girl? Need another drink?” As she walked over to where her sister was sitting, she noticed Waverly’s hand on top of the other before following it up to see the redhead it was attached to. “Well, hello there Red,” Wynonna greeted the redhead in a flirtatious tone before turning to her sister and throwing an obvious wink.

Waverly rolled her eyes. Her sister could be such an ass when it came to teasing her. “Wynonna, would you please get me another whiskey and a beer. And for my friend here…” The redhead smiled and lifted her hand from underneath Waverly’s for Wynonna to shake. Immediately, Waverly felt the loss of the warm hand under her own.

“I’m Nicole. Nicole Haught.” She shook Wynonna’s hand.

The older Earp turned again to her sister. “Haught, huh? Yeah, I see it.” She smiled towards her sister before turning back to Nicole. “And what can I get you to drink, Haughtstuff?”

“I’ll have the same. When a beautiful girl buys me a drink, I tend to trust her taste.” She smiled a cocky smile and Waverly almost lost all control of herself. Wynonna stared for a minute before breaking out in a fit of laughter.

“Damn, Haught! Or wait, Haught damn! You are quite smooth, aren’t you? Alright. Let me go get those drinks.”

Wynonna hurried off to pour the shots of whiskey. Waverly watched her, mostly in order to collect herself. Her reprieve did not last long though as she felt a warm hand set down on her thigh. Waverly whipped around quickly out of surprise. The quick motion caught the other woman off guard, and Nicole quickly withdrew. “I am so sorry if I was too forward. I really just wanted to see that smile again.”

Waverly’s face lightened and a smile spread across her face. “Ah…” Nicole smiled, “There it is.” She grazed her fingers along Waverly’s cheek. Goosebumps rose on her arms as a surge of electricity shot through her.

“You know, you are awfully forward when you don’t even know my name, Nicole Haught.”

“Well, I could always call you ‘baby girl’ like the bartender does. Or... you could just tell me your name.”

Nicole was something else. She was cocky, but not in the way that all of the midshipmen that she had ever dated were. She was softer, in a way that made Waverly want to get to know her better. Much better. She wanted to know her intimately.

“My name is…”

“Here are your drinks, Waves. Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do.” Wynonna winked. Waverly rolled her eyes again, a usual occurrence with Wynonna. Her sister had quite the knack for showing up at the wrong time and saying the most inappropriate thing. Her sister walked off and Waverly sighed. If she ever had any game, Wynonna did her best to destroy it. Waverly turned back to Nicole and saw a cocky smile that Waverly was beginning to believe was the sexiest thing she had ever seen or would ever see in her life.

“So it’s Waves, huh?” Nicole smiled wider before she took Waverly’s hand that sat on the bar and brought it to her lips. “I like it.”

Feeling Nicole’s soft lips on her knuckles sent Waverly’s head into a spin. She was lost in all things that were the sexy redhead in front of her. She couldn’t help but imagine those soft lips all over.

“Umm...Well...Actually, it’s Waverly. My sister,” she nods towards Wynonna who throws a wink back at her, “has just always called me Waves for short. That or babygirl.”

“I like it. I hope you don’t mind if I call you that.” Waverly smiled. “And sister? Hmm, I see how it is. Tricking me into staying here.” Nicole’s tone was playful and when she spoke she smiled that smile that made her dimples pop.

“I never said she wasn’t my sister.” Waverly grabbed her shot of whiskey and quickly downed it. Nicole marvelled at the way the small girl just threw her head back and drank the shot. She grabbed her drink and did the same, trying not to take her eyes off of the beauty in front of her.

Waverly grabbed her beer and chuckled to herself when she saw the look on the other woman’s face.

“How about another?” Waverly lifted her arm to signal Wynonna for another round when she felt a simple touch on her arm.

“No, Waves. I don’t want anymore alcohol. And I am not going to tell you what to do because I can see that you are a strong, independent, and capable woman.” Nicole leaned close to Waverly. Waverly could feel the warm breath tickle her ear as Nicole spoke to her in a raspy whisper that sent chills down her spine and a throb between her legs.

“I will say that I have some thoughts about other activities that we might enjoy tonight. But I need you to be able to consent to these activities. I also want to make sure that you can remember exactly why you ache in the morning.”