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Purple Haze

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Thumbing through vinyl records, Mina sighed, tossing her head back in frustrations.

“Yaomomo,” the pink girl whined, “This is impossible!”

An aisle over, Momo smiled, riffling through a stack of classical records. “She’s going to like anything you get her.” The dark-haired girl laughed, returning her attention to her hunt for melodic 50s tunes.

“Untrue,” Mina quipped back. “You know Kyoka’s got refined taste ,” she groaned the last few words, spreading her hands out dramatically before her.

“Maybe, but she’ll think it’s cute that you tried,” Momo reassured. “Anytime someone acknowledges your interests it feels good.” She blushed, eyes glazing for a moment as she lost herself in thought. Dropping her jazz hands, Mina snickered, getting the distinct feeling the other girl was thinking about a crush of her own.

“Do you think she likes American music, or?” The pink girl mused, twisting a curl between her fingers as she browsed through a crate of foreign rock records.

“Mina,” Momo giggled affectionately, “You’re overthinking this. That’s my brand. You can’t take it from me.” Mina sighed, fingers hovering over a colorful record that screamed 70s rock. Decidedly, she pulled the brilliantly yellow record from the crate, flipping it over to read the tracklist on the back.

“Ever heard of Jimi Hendrix?” Mina called over to Momo, whose arms were now full of several vinyls.

“Nope,” the girl murmured, her gaze moving to fixate on a stack of opera records.

“Hmm.” The pink girl chewed her lip. “Purple Haze… that sounds cool, right?” Lost in her own world, Momo didn’t reply.

“Ugh. Why can’t Kyoka be into like mainstream music or something?” Mina groaned to no one in particular. “I should have asked Bakubro for help.” The pink girl sighed, taking the record to the front to make her purchase.

Handing her record over to the cashier, Mina glanced back at her friend. “Yaomomo, let’s go! Isn’t that enough?” With amusement, she eyed the hefty stack in the dark-haired girl’s arms.

Momo blushed and hurried over, heaving twelve records onto the counter. “Sorry,” she replied sheepishly.

Cool evening air filtered into the dorm common room, wafting soothing scents and sensations into the dimly lit space. Kyoka, having claimed a couch, was lounging happily with her headphones in, tapping her fingers against her knee as she composed playlists on her phone. Engrossed in her music, she didn’t hear her classmate approach her, jumping at the soft tap on her shoulder.

“Sorry,” Mina blushed, cheeks deepening in hue. “I didn’t mean to startle you.”

Calming herself, Kyoka stretched and removed her headphones, offering a half smile to the pink girl standing nervously beside her.

“What’s up?” She replied, trying not to be distracted by the way the pink girl’s alien-inspired “I Believe” t-shirt was cropped. It hugged her tight through the top but hung loosely around her midsection, framing her pink belly.

Gods, she’s cute. To Kyoka’s embarrassment, her own cheeks were growing warm, dusted pink by a faint blush.

“Music. You like it, right? Ha!” Mina ran a hand through her curls, cursing her nerves for jumbling her words.

“Uh,” Kyoka’s brow creased, confused and amused by the pink girl’s word vomit. “Yeah?” She fought to keep the amusement from slipping into her tone. She didn’t want Mina to think she was mocking her.

“Ugh, sorry,” Mina muttered. “I’m not good at this stuff.” Kyoka’s brows rose, painting a question across her features.

“This stuff?”

“Yeah, uh…” The pink girl trailed off, digging through her backpack. “I got you something.”

Kyoka’s heart skipped a beat, her mind raced momentarily at the thought of Mina thinking of her enough to buy her a gift.

Stop, you’re reading way too into this.

With a weak smile, Mina shoved a flat, square-shaped object into Kyoka’s lap, turning to make her escape.

“Wait,” Kyoka called, looking down at the record. “Is this… is this Hendrix?” The pink girl froze and turned back to face her crush.

“You know him?” She laughed, nerves coloring the sound.

“Know him? I love him!” Smiling, Kyoka pulled the vinyl out of its protective covering, running a gentle finger over its grooves. “Mina, this is seriously sick.”

A ripple of relief relaxed the pink girl’s shoulders, bringing a wide smile to her lips. “I took a gamble on that one. I tried to have Yaomomo help me, but you know how she is,” Mina giggled.

“Yeah,” Kyoka laughed. “Love her, but I can’t see her being helpful with this kinda thing.”

“To be fair, she did reassure me,” Mina supplied. “I might have chickened out otherwise.”

“Chickened out? Why? I don’t bite.” Kyoka frowned, concern swatched across her features.

“Well,” the pink girl started, “I kind of,” she paused, fingers worrying the hem of her cropped tee. “I didn’t just get it for you as a friend.” Heat rose under her pink skin, lush red coloring painting her cheeks in a sunset of vulnerability.

“You-” Kyoka stared at the pink girl dumbly, her mind unwilling to accept the implication despite her heart’s desire to race ahead in summersaults of delight.

“If I’m making this weird,” Mina muttered, panic at her boldness rising in her chest, “Just tell me, and it can deff be just a friendship thing.”

Setting the record aside on the couch, Kyoka rose, reaching for Mina’s hand. She took her classmate’s hand into hers, holding it lightly so that the pink girl could pull away if the gesture made her uncomfortable.

“No, I-” Kyoka swallowed. “I kinda have a stupid crush on you, so…” She paused, watching Mina’s eyes blow wide and her pink lips part in surprise. “I don’t want it to just be a friendship thing. I want it to be more than that… if that’s what you had intended.” Electric currents danced on her skin as she waited for Mina to reply.

“Dude,” the pink girl laughed shakily. “You’re seriously freaking me out right now. Do you really mean that?” She squeezed Kyoka’s hand, eyes searching her classmate’s face.

With a small nod, Kyoka pulled the pink girl in, dusting a light kiss on the pink girl’s cheek. “Yeah, I do,” she murmured.

Feeling brave, Mina reached up gently to cup Kyoka’s face. The pink girl waited for a beat, allowing time for the other girl to pull away, and closed the gap between their lips when she didn’t. Shivers of excitement spread up the girls’ spines, and Kyoka placed her hands on Mina’s hips, marveling at the softness of her exposed skin.

Breaking the kiss, Mina whispered softly, “So, you’re gonna invite me over some time to listen to that record, right?” Kyoka smiled, closing her eyes and kissing Mina again.

“Yeah, of course.”