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Bittersweet Heat

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Everyone in Hakuren High knew the legendary soccer team captain Fubuki Shirou. Girls were often fangirling about him and when he would pass the hall they would start an earraping squeal until the young captain would wave or wink at them... Then they would die... Guys often described him as brave, elegant and one of the greatest soccer miracles in the world. Fubuki didn't enjoy much attention though, but he knew that was something he had to endure if he wanted to be a captain. He loved soccer more than anything. It was his life and passion. Nobody could take it away from him...




But then... He found out he's an omega.




An omega has no rights and cannot stand for itself in Hakuren. Teachers don't give a dam about omegas and bullies are free to pick for them. Omegas are completely vulnerable and don't have anything like high intelligence or strength. Fubuki knew he was different than any other omega. He was born with a talent and luckily managed to avoid getting picked. But still, he couldn't stand watching other omegas getting beat up, abused or even raped in some cases. He always interfered in a fight when there was one and would do everything to stop it.




He knew that even if he was an omega, he would be protected by someone unlike everyone else.




That someone was his younger brother Fubuki Atsuya.




Everyone would have thought that being protected by younger brother is kinda shameful, but if you would take a closer look, both looked more like twins than brothers. Atsuya already helped Shirou few times when it was a close call. He would keep calling his brother an idiot stating that he shouldn't care so much for some weak omegas, but Shirou knew that Atsuya cared too. They had few friends that were omegas and were passing through terrible things.




Shirou managed to keep his nature a secret from both his brother and the whole world. He achieved many things that he couldn't let go. Becoming a member of Hakuren soccer team, being chosen as a captain, earning his brother's love and respect... He couldn't let all that go.




Normal people would say that those things don't mean anything, but to Shirou they mean the whole world. He was often haunted by a memory of his parents' death. How they loved soccer... How he loved to play it with them... After the avalanche, Atsuya grew very distant form Shirou, became a troublemaker, and stopped living his life the way he used to. Shirou pulled off an act in which he looked only sad, but in reality, he didn't eat, sleep or even focus on anyone else than Atsuya.




In the end, they managed to slowly return to their casual lives like nothing happened. To their friends, it was a relief. They couldn't stand to see the legendary blizzard brothers so distant towards each other. Since that day, they both promised each other that they'll always tell each other what's bothering them and speak truth... But Shirou still couldn't bring himself to tell Atsuya. It would ruin both dignity and pride they have.




But the bigger problem appeared when Shirou's heat pills started to get weaker. He started to have heat attacks during training, he would feel like throwing up and his scent would get abnormally high for a teen omega. He would often excuse himself and go hide in the locker room until the training ends. At home, he would barely come out of his room.




That worried Atsuya a lot.




"Oi, Aniki!" he yelled while banging on the door of Shirou's room. They used to share a room, but Shirou stated that since they were getting older, it would look weird. But in fact, Shirou was just trying to get away from the heat. Every time Atsuya would get too close, Shirou's heat would go crazy along with the chance of getting caught. He couldn't let that happen so he decided to isolate himself from everyone, especially alphas like his brother.




"Yeah!?" Shirou cried from inside the room. He was laying in his bed while watching a football match. He thought that it would distract him from the heat. But it only made him think of how he and Atsuya used to watch football with their parents. And thinking of Atsuya made him think of heat and vice-versa.




"Guys came here to pick us up so we could go on a friendly match against Raimon. Are you going!?"




"OH MY GOD, THAT'S TODAY!?" Shirou cried in surprise as he jumped out of the bed and put his uniform on in less than a second. He opened the door panting to see Atsuya standing in front of it with a bored look.




"What's wrong with you Aniki? You're not usually like this, you're always prepared for everything." Atsuya stared at him suspiciously. His brother only smiled and waved.




"Don't worry, it's just the changing of the seasons, heh." Shirou laughed while scratching his fur coated ear. He was afraid to glance at his tail hoping it didn't bristle or something. Atsuya only rose his eyebrow before leaving. As he did, Shirou slid down the door and let out a relieved sigh. He quickly put on Hakuren uniform and rushed at the doorstep where Atsuya was waiting for him.




"Aniki, you're really slow today~" Atsuya whined "I mean, even Nae is faster than you. A beta. And you're behind slacking off." the fur on Atsuya's tail was dangerously bristled and it scared Shirou a lot.




"By, the way, are you using a new perfume, you smell... Nice..." Atsuya leaned to older's neck and sniffed it. Shirou paled.




"N-no. I don't. You must be imagining things!" Shirou said and tried to push his brother but only ended up in encouraging him to drag his brother inside the house and shut the door so other teammates couldn't see them. He pinned older against the wall and started to nibble his pale skin. Even though Shirou needed sex during the heat, his brother's acting would discover his true form. He pushed Atsuya away and slapped him across the face.




"A-Aniki?" Atsuya asked as he began to turn back normal. Shirou was too shocked and terrified to stick around so he made a run for his life and locked himself in the bathroom. He immediately pushed his hair aside to reveal a very nasty hickey. His breath hitched and he could hear Atsuya banging on the door.




"Aniki! Let me in! I'm sorry! I don't know what came over me!" Shirou felt a sudden relief in his chest.




Atsuya didn't figure out he's an omega.




Shirou unlocked the door only to see Atsuya red from embarrassment staring at him. Then he saw the hickey. Shirou thought he would pass out.




"I'm sorry. H-here." he said as he hung off his scarf and handed it to the older Fubuki "You can have it. Temporarily." Shirou chuckled and wrapped the scarf around his neck. They went to the yard where their friends were waiting for them. While Shirou apologized, Atsuya began rambling about how they weren't late but they were early.




Shirou laughed.




He wanted to spend days like that without fear of being discovered...