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Satellite of Love

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August 20, 1985
Spot dialed up his friends, not really expecting anyone to pick up quickly. It was about dinner, but apparently no one cared. There was an immediate pick up from Crutchie.

"Hey Spot!"

"How'd you know it was me?"

"You are the only one I have known to ever call in the middle of dinner," they stated, and you could hear the mild teasing in their voice.

Just as Spot was about to reply, there was a click and the sound of the Mario theme in the background. Albert.

"Hey guys," Albert said through a mouthful of chips, making the others wince.

"Not even willing to stop dinner talk to us, Al? Or pause your game?" Spot asked in mock disappointment.

Albert laughed and in succession, the others finally answered the phone.

"Finally," Spot mumbled under his breath.

"What's so urgent that you got pissed at us for taking a moment to answer the phone?"

"Quit it, Sarah."

"Aw c'mon, he's always pissed."

"That's because you intentionally annoy the shit out of us! Anyways, my dad is out of town. Wanna hang out and get drunk?"

"That's what you're calling us for?" Boots asked, exasperated.

"Hell yeah!" Jack cheered.

"Guys, aren't we underage-"

"Crutchie…" Albert whined.

"Yeah! C'mon!!" Race exclaimed, and if anyone was with him at the moment, they probably would have seen him throw up his hands. Obviously, no one on the phone call saw that.

“I’m not getting fucking drunk,” they said flatly.

There were several ‘Oh shit.’s at Crutchie cursing. It was regular for literally any curse word except, well, fuck.

“A little alcohol isn’t gonna kill you!”

“Tell me that when you’re in the hospital or jail.”

The others groaned in annoyance at their remark.

“You’re willing to physically tackle a Delancy but not drink even a little?” Sarah asked.


"Will you at least come over? You're probably the most sane."

"Fine, Spot, but if things go too crazy I'm stealing your bed for the night," Crutchie replied with a barely stifled laugh.

"So everyone's coming?"

The group answered with various confirmations of coming over that weekend.

"I gotta go, 'm getting yelled at," Race grumbled, before hanging up.


"See ya, Racer!"

"Bye, Race."

"He's already hung up, why are you guys saying bye?"

"Shut up, Spot."