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The feeling of threads from the rope poked and stabbed into his flesh as he twisted his wrist in the bindings. The tightly bound restraint rubbing and tearing his skin, the feeling of blood running down his hand started hours ago. Though it was no use, no matter how hard he pulled or twisted his wrists the rope didn’t give way. The chair he sat on teetered back and forth as a voice pierced through his clouded mind.


“You still with me Ground Zero? It would be a shame to lose consciousness this early in the game.” a cold voice asked as the man pushed his foot on the chair, it took up the whole space between his legs. The seat leaned and moved at the man’s whim as Katsuki tried to stay balanced on two legs of the chair.


Drawing himself back to reality he smirked up at the ugly mug looking down at him.


“Not a chance, I’m no fucking bitch. I was just wondering if this was all you got?” the blonde growled back at the man and raised his chin in defiance.


The villain smiled wider as he pushed the chair back with a sharp kick. The blonde’s chair fell back and smacked to the floor. His hands getting crushed in the process since they were tied behind the bloody thing.


Holding in a grunt the blonde glared up at the man before him and if looks could kill he would already be dead.


The man above him was an up and coming villain in the League of Villains. His villain name was After Shock, his ability was taser. He could send a vein of lighting through people’s body and render them paralyzed but other than that he couldn’t do much else with his bolts.


Brown locks fell in front of the other man’s face but he paid them no mind as he reached down and stroked the collar around the blonde’s neck.


“Take this fucking collar off me and I will kick your teeth in Sparky.” Ground Zero growled out as he struggled a bit on the floor. The feeling of something running down his face reminded him of his wounds.


He has been stuck in this hell hole for two days and he is damn near tired of it all. He’s been tied to the same damn chair and kicked about for 48 hours. They had been torturing him for information and at this point, Katsuki wasn’t sure the villains even knew what they wanted.


They asked about All Might, about his weaknesses and where he lived. They asked about UA, the school he graduated from two years ago. They asked about the students and possible abilities. They asked him many questions and all varying in subject, he was sure they were as confused as Pikachu when he fries himself.


Granted they got jack shit from him but still, it was annoying and they got on his nerves just as much as his friends did with their stupid questions.


Hell Sparky over here even asked about the best sushi restaurant in town. He wished the shit haired moron would take off the collar and fight him like a man.


The collar he was sporting was a quirk nullification device, rendering him basically quirkless. He’s never met anyone that was quirkless but these past few days have shown him how useless they feel. He couldn’t do anything and just the feeling of helplessness made him want to throw up. So anytime he felt that way he stomped the feeling down and called it fucking stupid before he spat on it.


He had no time to feel sorry for himself and since becoming a hero he snuffed any feeling that he viewed heroically. Besides that, he was having a hard time staying conscious though he would never admit it.


Sparky and a few other thugs would come in and interrogate him and whenever he didn’t answer or gave a snarky remark they would inflict pain. Be it from cutting, burning, shocking, and breaking a few bones it all was the same.


The brown haired asshole liked using his quirk on him and the shock treatments he was getting were hitting him harder than he would like to admit. With each shock, he could feel his mind slipping into the darkness and he couldn’t tell how much time had past before he woke up again.


These weren’t small shocks either, these were like full-body convulsions that fried his nerves and rendered him confused before he pulled himself back together.


“Still talking back I see. That’s fine, I think you are past due for your next shock anyway.” his wicked smile spread over his face and Katsuki could only watch as the man before him reached towards his face in delight.


“After Shock, I think that is enough for today.” a voice rang out and Katsuki almost relaxed at the other man’s words.


“You have been going at it for two days, any longer and I fear he might die. He is still useful even if he won’t speak.” peering around the brown hair’s figure he saw a tall man dressed in a suit with familiar purple smoke for a head, Warp Gate.


“Take him to his cell, for now, Sensei would like to speak to you anyways.” the man continued before turning away and leaving the entryway to the small room they were currently residing in.


Shit for hair turned back to him with a frown deeply engraved in his pale face before reaching down and grabbing Katsuki’s shoulder. He pulled Ground Zero off of the floor and his face widened with a smirk again. Before Katsuki could growl out anything the man’s hand was upon him and electricity jolted through his body.


Before he could feel much of anything else darkness invaded his vision and took him under.




When he woke up again it was to a cracked gray ceiling staring back at him. Turning his head with only a small spike of pain running through it allowed him to see the bars to his cell with a door locking him in the small space.


A tired and pained groan left his lips before he could deny its escape from his throat. The blonde turned his head to look back at the ceiling before covering his eyes in exhaustion.


He should try to sleep, losing consciousness wasn’t exactly resting and it would distract him from the thirst and hunger that pulled at his stomach and throat.


He was just about to close his eyes when he hears a noise back where the door to his cell was. The sound of a lock clicking and the metal hinges groaning as the door opened.


Quickly Katsuki opened his eyes and whipped his head towards the door. His body lurched forward and it wasn’t until now that he noticed his left arm was chained to the wall. The force of his movement almost pulled his shoulder out of his socket.


Moving back towards the wall he looked back up to finally observe who had come into the cell. The figure standing in front of him was definitely not the person he thought it would be.


A short male who probably only came up to his shoulders was standing in front of the light casting him in shadows. Though the blonde could still tell he had a mess of curly hair and was holding something in front of him.


“What the hell do you want short stack?” he growled out as he bared his teeth in a silent threat. Inhaling he realized the man before him was an omega, man his senses must be damaged from all the frying. First, he didn’t feel the cool of the metal against his wrist and now he couldn’t smell the omega at the front of his cell.


“I-I am here to p-patch you up.” a small voice said and looking closer Katsuki could see his arms quiver.


“Why the hell would they want to patch me up?” he squinted and continued his interrogation of the small male.


“I-infection, they don’t want you to get one. T-they still want you for something.” the smaller male said as he cautiously stepped into range of the angry alpha. The movement brought a rumbling growl from deep within Katsuki’s chest and he was moving before he even realized it.


Katsuki lunged forward again but this time the small male was in his reach so he towered over him. The growl still rumbled through him as he glared down at the omega.


From here the blonde could see that the mess of hair was green with darker undertones and his eyes matched. Dark freckles ran ramp over the man’s cheeks as he looked up at the blonde with wide forest eyes.


The omega stood completely still before lowering his eyes and tilting his head to the side. Pale skin and soft freckles covered his neck and undoubtedly followed under the loose shirt he wore.


The omega before him was submitting and it struck more than one feeling through him all at once.


“I could rip your throat out. How stupid could you be?” the blonde growled but it seemed like the male in front of him was frozen with how still he stood.


“You’re a hero, you wouldn’t” words spoken like a secret ghosted across Katsuki’s collar bone.


“You are a villain so the rules don’t apply.” he countered quickly and the only reaction he got was the green-haired fool stiffening under his gaze.


“Do I look like a villain to you?” his words spoken even softer this time and it was then that Katsuki looked closer.


The omega before him was dressed poorly and had looks to match. His hair was a mess but not because of its curls. It was dirty and looked like it was handled rather harshly, some ends flattened against his head and others pulled like someone had tried to rip them out. His clothes didn’t fit and were as dirty as his hair Moving his eyes back to the other’s neck he could see bite marks all around his gland but none on them. Each bite seemingly different from all the others and none close enough to his glands to claim the omega.


It was likely this was a captured omega now forced to follow whatever the League told him to do. He was being held against his will much like Katsuki himself, both captured and at the will of the Villains.


“You shouldn’t submit so easily.” was all he found himself saying before he sat back down against the wall and looked up at the omega still standing before him.


“I didn’t in the beginning but over the years I’ve learned to do as I’m told.” the green-haired omega said as he kneeled down next to Ground Zero and placed the tray next to himself.


Red eyes fell on the tray to see a small bowl, plastic cup, and a spoon but no medical supplies. Katsuki was about to open his mouth when the small omega reached forward and rested his hand above one of his wrists. A soft green glow radiated under his hands as he placed it on Katsuki. Expecting to feel pain he tensed up but nothing like that followed. If anything it was more like cool air being pressed against his hot skin. Relaxing and Soothing.


The omega worked like this on each of his wounds and every time he pulled his hands away not a single wound was left behind. Even the feeling of pain was chased away with the cooling air and soft touches.


The hand pressed against his cheek was scarred and rough but it caressed his wound with a butterfly-like touch. As the green light died from the omega’s hands he began to pull away. The feeling of discomfort and strain was written on his face.


“You should eat and then rest. I don’t know when they will pull you out aga-” his words died on his lips as the blonde’s hand darted out and encircled his holding him in place.


“I’m going to get you out of here. When the other Heros come to get me, I will take you and anyone else with me.” The words left his mouth before he could stop them. Since when has he spoken so gently to another human being? It must have been the shocks to his brain.


The response he got only sent chills down his spine.


A small chuckle left the omega’s mouth as he reached up with his free hand to cover his mouth.


“Sure, Mr. Ground Zero.” when he pulled his hand away from his face Katsuki can now see the disbelieving look on his features and the doubt in his eyes.  


Never has someone looked at him with that expression before and without knowing his grip on the omega loosened. The green-haired male was out of his cell and halfway down the hall when he spoke again.


“Eat and sleep Mr. Zero.” he spoke softly and it only furthered the feelings resting deep in the alpha’s chest.


Never has he seen someone who has utterly and truly given up hope.