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A Known Stranger

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John was still reflecting on the proposal when he got home. Although he was still busy with affairs connected with Queen, as checking the accounting of the band, as he did every month, he kept thinking about it. It wasn't that he wasn't willing to accept the proposal, but it was something very different and unusual, that even within the parameters of the Queen he would never imagined that would happen. At least he still had more time to think.

Arriving home, he sat down at the kitchen table, his favorite place to do the math, and then opened the log book, checking the bills and numbers with agile eyes.

"John, have you been there for too long?" Veronica found him, interrupting him for a moment.

"Oh no, I just got here," he shrugged, a little awkward, "I'm sorry I didn't say hello."

"All right, Johnny." His wife smiled comprehensively and kissed his cheek and said, "Is everything okay today?"

"Oh yeah, all right, we'll record a few three singles next month," he said, "but it's just that today, we ..."

"What happened, John? Something is bothering you ... " Veronica opined, after analyzing the somewhat different behavior of her husband.

"Well, it's ..." Deaky settled his posture on the seat, joining hands on the table "we had a meeting today with Graham King, he's a movie producer and he proposed to us ... To make a movie about Queen."

"Movie? Not a documentary, well, it's ... " Mrs. Deacon was surprised, and then she was careful to choose her next words "you didn't like it ..."

"No, it's not that I didn't like it," John grimaced, feeling rather uncomfortable. "It's just that I feel strange about it, it's that the band is a big part of our lives and they're going to tell the band's story, it means that they will tell about us, our personal life and everything else and ... I didn't want my life more exposed than it already is, of which we are already used to."

"But you already decided to make the movie?" Veronica asked, worried, but understanding her husband perfectly.

"No, not yet, they gave us time to think," John added, still reserved about it.

"Well, you don't want to take it, by the way," she concluded, trying to think of another solution.

"It's not that I don't want to accept, I would even accept, I just don't want personal details exposed, do you understand?" He was already feeling tired.

"Of course I understand, my love, and I would hate to see this kind of thing too" Veronica touched his hands "but if you need to say yes to that idea, if the boys insist too much, as I know they do, don't hesitate to say that you only accept the film with these conditions. Don't forget that if they went to you it's because they want Queen's approval, and you decide what's going to come in the movie or not, and you're part of the band as well, John, you have the right to comment."

"As much as they made the proposal," John smiled when his wife finished speaking, "he doesn't even have a script ready yet, and you're right, Ronnie, King is counting on our approval."

"Probably you will be able to give your opinion in the script and who better than you to decide what are the best parts of your own story?" Veronica pointed with a suggestive look.

"Thinking about that, if I really can have all that influence, it's not a bad idea," John reflected with a hand on his chin, thoughtfully, "thank you, honey."

"You're very welcome" Mrs. Deacon smiled and kissed her husband's cheek again, leaving him with his bills and a little quieter with that movie idea.

During that same week, the band and their advisory had another meeting with Graham King, who really was determined to only make the film if Queen authorized it, the whole process would pass through their sieve.

"If anyone has to speak up, I'll tell you for myself, Mr. King, that I authorize you to make a movie about us" Freddie opined "it will be a fun and different experience, it's a very us thing."

"We're really experimental," John mused, "but what exactly do you want to deal with in this film, Mr. King?"

"Well, the most important moments of the band, from your origin to the Live Aid performance, to be more specific," Graham explained better, "we want to address in the best possible way within the standard two hour duration."

"And you can tell a lot in two hours?" Roger wondered.

"The key points in the band's history are going to conect it all," Graham said.

"And if we accept the production of the film, can we take a look at the script?" Chrissie wanted be sure to John's relief.

"Absolutely, Mrs. May" King nodded "we want your permission in everything, we want to do with the utmost respect, for you and the fans."

"Do you guarantee all that?" Brian wanted to be sure.

"Well, yes," said the producer at last.

King's sincerity was enough to convince everyone, from the most willing to accept the idea to the most skeptical, like John and Chrissie.

"Looks like we have a deal then," Jim Beach said excitedly, beginning to prepare documents for everyone to sign.

John could only hope that this movie idea was really good.

Queen focused on the work of making music and let the film crew do their job, which wasn't specifically the band's specialty. Some time later, they received a version of the script. John took his copy home so Veronica could read it too.

"What did you think?" he asked his wife after she finished her reading.

"First I want to know what you think." Veronica returned the question.

"Honestly, I thought it was great," John confessed, more lively than he appeared to be, "it really focus on the most remarkable events, but also our friendship and ... That's why I was happy as I read."

"And they captured your way exactly as you are." His wife smiled happily, "quiet and shy, but determined when you need to be."

"Am I really like this?" he asked playfully.

"You know you are, Johnny ..." Veronica shook her head.

"I think they can make a good movie." Deaky shrugged, relaxed but hopeful.

"Yes, my love," Mrs. Deacon nodded, also beginning to genuinely like the idea.