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The Missing Diamond

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Blue POV

Yellow and I were sleeping together in our bed and she was holding me I felt safe and warm with her holding me then all of a sudden my stomach started to hurt "Yellow" she yawned "yes" "C-can you let go of me please" she let go of me as soon as I said that "w-w-what happened did I hurt you? I'm sorry Blue" "no no you didn't I just" i gaged I got up from bed and rushed to the bathroom I threw up "honey are you ok?" Yellow asked "n-no" I heard her get up and come in here she held up my hair "i'll give you some Tylenol when you're done" "thanks" I threw up again "of course" after I was finished being sick for the fifth time this week I went back to bed yellow went out of the room "yellow" I shouted "yes?" She shouted back "What are you doing?" "Making you some breakfast" "ok" i laid down in silence for a few minutes just me and my own thoughts why am I only sick in the mornings could I be no, I can't, can I, I went to the bathroom again I went into one of the drawers and grabed a pregnancy test I used it and waited a few seconds and it was positive "yellow" "yes" "yellow!" "Yes dear" I ran out to her "YELLOOOOOWW" I jumped on her and we fell over "what is it" I showed her the test her face lit up "you're pregnant!" we both had tears in our eyes I kissed her "we're gonna be moms"y we got up "do you know how many days or weeks"y "or months, no" "should we call a medical gem then"y "yeah" yellow used her communicator "hello my diamond how may I help you" "I need someone to come to my blue and i's "quarters" please" "yes my diamond" the communicator went off "why did you say quarters yellow this is our house" "do we want other gems to know we live here" "no" "exactly" yellow picked me up and sat me on a chair at the table she kissed my hand then went back to the stove "I made you some French toast" she put it in front of me "why thank you dear" "would you like some coffee or does it still taste gross" "it still tastes gross now that I know why there is a baby" "so then what would you like?" "could I have some water please" "of course" she got me some water then sat down with me I took a a few bites "so how is it?" "Wonderful just like everything you make for me my dearest yellow" she smiled there was a knock on the door "my diamond may I come in?" "Just a minute"y she got up from the table and opened the sliding doors there was a small medical gem at the door "what is it you need me for my diamonds?" The door closed "well blue had taken a pregnancy test and it's positive and we'd like to know how many months?" "I can do that" "thank you so much" I said "of course" she jumped on the table and had me stand up so she could scan my well you know "it may take a bit to load" "im sure the baby would be at least under 2 months"y I sat back down "wow that was quick" she said "it normally takes at least 5 minutes" "may we see it" she nodded and showed it to us I took a sip of water "my diamond you're 7 months pregnant" I spat out my water "w-what" "as you can see the baby is very small" I nodded "so the baby has a chance of being defective because of how small she is and how... large you are" "no" i covered my mouth a tear slipped out "it'll be ok love she will be ok" "you should probably be small so your daughter can grow well finish growing heathy" "Okay" I shrank to about the size of gem I looked up at yellow she was smiling "if you weren't my wife I'd be pretty scared at the fact of that you're a lot taller than me" she rolled her eyes and shrank as well "my diamonds I must go" "of course"y she had left I put my hand on my stomach I was startled a bit when I felt her kick "are you alright dear" i nodded she bent down infront of me "yellow what are you doing?" She kissed my stomach "I can't wait to see her" "neither can I" she picked me up "yellow!" She sat on the couch with me on her lap she kissed me "I wonder what she'll look like" "beautiful like you"