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𝕀’𝕞 𝕨𝕒𝕥𝕔𝕙𝕚𝕟𝕘 𝕪𝕠𝕦

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"Katsuki Bakugou, 19 years old, lives at 1A Residence, Heights Alliance, UA University. Code name: Kacchan."

His voice lifted at the end at such a soft sounding name.

Izuku took a seat in the desk chair of his new job. It was a padded with thick, comfy cushion. It was perhaps one of the few redeeming qualities of this place. Resting his broken arm on the side, he pretended not to notice the hundred or more other cubicles lined up around him.

To make the many dim electric blue screens more visible, the lights were off and the room was dim. Izuku looked up from his paperwork to the computer before him. It was identical to all the others - a good model about as large as four of his heads - but not massive  

Admiring the screen, he found it was already on. Already split into three. One, a black screen - the outer camera. Two, a white ceiling, the inner camera. 3, a YouTube video of study music on the screen camera. Izuku tilted his head, pulling back each screen to reveal a spot for notes behind them all.

"You'll be expected to record and report any suspicious footage. You can pic and choose the adds displayed to him if you think they'll promote a reaction and get him to spill more information. Any more questions, don't hesitate to stop by me."

"Ok. Thanks."

The man behind him sighed as the young agent tested the keyboard, easily getting accustomed. Years of gaming and stalking heroes paid off. He was fairly skilled at typing with one hand, better than the average person at least.

"Oh and- I'm sorry about... all of this. This is such a downgrade from your last job... I was one of those voting to let you keep your job in field but-"

"It's okay. Thank you for your concern."

Izuku cut him off with a smile. The superior gave a shrug and walked away. Once he left, all was silent and soothing but the hum of a dozen or more typing keys throughout the room. 

To the side, there sat a huge pair if headphones. Izuku pulled them on, leaning in to click play on the audio titled ‘phone mic’. Just like that, he was pulled into another world. 


Izuku's target enjoyed singing. That was the first thing he learned of the so called 'Kacchan'. Information and detail only built after that. His target had a low voice that was somewhere between raspy, somewhere between smooth. He hit the notes well, kept his tone level. It was a very boyish voice, occasionally dropping to hums with no words at all or disappearing into silence. Whenever it did, Izuku would hold his breath until it returned. 

When the calm voice returned to his ears, Izuku sank his shoulders and relaxed.

His target sounded nice; he was glad. Listening to him sing otherwise might have been a chore. Instead, the FBI agent thoroughly enjoyed his first day on the job.


Izuku had been lulled to sleep but woke at the sound of a click. It was the familiar click of selecting a task bar. Only the volume was up so high it was deafening. Deku squinted bitterly, watching as the screen finally moved after rushing to turn the volume down. It didn't look like anything out of the ordinary, though it was somewhat odd to watch a screen move without himself clicking it. The teen was researching word definitions. 

Limerance: the state of being infatuated with another person.


Just as he skimmed over the words, Izuku saw Kacchan for the first time.
He appeared in the front camera, face looking into his phone unguarded. Izuku held his breath because it was like those scarlet eyes were looking right at him. But they weren't. Izuku was protected by the barrier of the internet, unseen and unnoticed. Kacchan's face was too close and too relaxed. The screen showed something intimate; a beautifully sinful invasion of privacy. It was a part of the boy the world would never see, other than Izuku. 
His heart burned, oddly thrilled by the power this gave him. 

For a long time the agent did nothing more than study the boy with mild curiosity. Kacchan's hair was almond and his skin looked like untouched vanilla ice cream. It brushed down around his eyes, which were a dark molten colour. He wasn’t sure if they were brown or red in his bedroom lighting, he’d just have to wait to find out. Kacchan typed on his touch screen almost violently, mechanical clicks tripping over each other, forcing Deku to turn the volume down with haste when-

"WHAT!?" His screams broke over them. 

It was just in time as the blond looked over his shoulder and screamed.
Oh. It seemed he had quite the temper. Deku's good hand moved to type notes without even being told too. All the while, emerald eyes refused to stray from the performance before him. Whoever it was that had disturbed him, Kacchan was not happy to see them. 

"If you fuckers don't get the fuck away from my door I'll personally tear a whole in each and every one of yours!"
At least with this character, Izuku's recovery wouldn't be as boring as he’d feared.

Izuku walked home that night, successfully linking the software to his phone. It was an elite piece of technology only available to certain officials like himself. It was one of the few luxuries he accepted however, choosing instead to ditch the flashy car and live a normal life. The greenette enjoyed the slow walk and the dark wind that surrounded him, invisible to all but his skin. Kacchan had gone to bed at 9:30. For some reason, that was adorable. 
Kacchan was interesting, cute but not too cute. Depth. Depth was good! It meant Izuku could fully invest himself to exploring Kacchan. 
Dark eyes looked up at the stars peeking through building tops. 

Izuku was a genius in observing people, he always had been. It was a job he enjoyed. He took pride in the fact that if he wanted to know everything about a person, he would in a matter of days. Sometimes less.

That was if the governors would let him.

But no, Izuku was here for a break from work in the field. Izuku was here for recovery. It was him who refused a vacation and wanted a compromise where he was still in some form working so he would have to limit himself to just... this. 

Kacchan sat through four hours of class everyday with a free hour in the middle for lunch and yelling at his friends. 

Once he reached home he'd work out and shower. Then he'd take the train to work. He did this every day but Friday. Fridays he'd meet his friends for whatever it was university kids did, either staying out all night or heading home before nine.
A workout and some homework later, he would find himself in bed.

Izuku was a little annoyed honestly, he'd really thought he'd been onto something with the aggression in this boy but he was just that. A boy. An ordinary, uninteresting boy with a nice face, nice body and some unexpected anger issues.
That was all.

He couldn't help sneak glances at the screen of the agent beside him, wondering if he'd gotten a better case. He was shocked to find his eyes locked on a clearly r18 scene.
Deku flinched, scrunching his nose and looking back at the agent who watched the screen with a smirk full of interest.
"Do they really expect us to sit through... sexual activity?" Izuku cleared his throat.
When the male spoke up, he had a lisp.

"Well hey I'm not complaining. You're about the only guy I know who would. Here's a deal, don't interrupt my fun time and I won't interrupt yours buddy. Unless your target is a busty girl heh."
Suddenly the greenette found himself almost butted out of the way so the creep could slide over, greasy hand on his computer and lustful eyes on his target. Now he understood the need for huge barriers between each cubicle. He'd seemed to have broken some unspoken rule when he'd peered out of his. 

"Ew it's a guy. Sucks for you dude. It's a shame, stick some big tits to match his pretty face and he might be worth a good f-"
The man Izuku would later learn to be named Mineta never got to finish his sentence.
Midoriya didn't kill him, but if this weren't a fellow agent the story would have gone very differently.

He was the FBI's famous wild card after all. Some said he was too heroic; others side he pushed the lines to the point of being almost a villain.
Izuku couldn't care less for his reputation as long as he got the job done. 

That being said, breaking a colleague's jaw for no good reason was a little too cruel and unlike him. Izuku accepted the punishment, but remained uncertain as to what had come over him. 

So Katsuki Bakugo wasn't so bad after all.

One Friday night he returned from an outing of heavy music and flashing lights completely shitfaced drunk and climbed into bed. Instead of sleeping, Deku watched as he grabbed a tub of ice cream, choosing to watch All Might cartoons until one in the morning. Izuku studied him curiously as he slept. The next Tuesday he came home and threw on a nice surprise.

An adorable All Might onesie. It caught Deku's attention because he had the same one. 
It was limited edition so only a few people did have this in common with the two of them. It was launched exclusively in a low profile event for serious fans... Kacchan must have been there too in the same room.

Deku’s chest felt warm. Seeing someone else enjoy his beloved hero brought a smile to Deku's face, staring lovingly into the flat screen with hands tracing the curve of Kacchan's sleeping cheeks. That was the perk of falling asleep watching a screen - the screen could continue watching you. The boy had done a great job hiding all his merchandise behind clean white walls and neat cupboard drawers.

But Izuku had been allowed to see through it all~

It wasn't until that Wednesday that Izuku discovered just how amazing this boy was. Katsuki met with two of his most hazardous friends that day after class; Mina Ashido and Kaminari Denki. Deku was intrigued to see them head somewhere he hadn't seen before - it was a dance studio. Before he knew it, the three were in comfy sports clothes, rehearsing a dance to the ALL MIGHT theme song. 

It was a childish song that half the kids in the continent knew the words to, but Kacchan and his friends danced to it like professionals. They laughed and bickered, pushing each other and going off on tangents of competitive break dancing, ballet and Izuku had to chuckle at Kaminari's 'belly dancing.'

But when they got down to it, Deku couldn't look away. Not as they moved in sync with each other as if connected by one grand puppeteer. Not as they arched and kicked and with fluidity and attitude. Kacchan was probably the best dancer of them all. Izuku could tell he was having fun. That made him have fun as he watched them. 
Admired them. Observed them. Izuku gawked as the blond glared at the camera, bit his lips, dipped down, high kicked, turn around and incorporate a whole world of iconic All Might poses. 
When they were done and breathless, Kaminari collapsed dramatically.

Izuku stopped recording.

He pulled up a fourth tab to replay the dance over and over. Each time he watched he saw something new. Maybe a slip of Kacchan's navel from beneath his shirt as it raised, maybe a sharp dip of the hip or a sway of blond hair as his head tilted.
By the end of it, Izuku's mouth was dry.

It was the agent to his left, a lethargic guy named Shinso. Most people in their occupation had bags under their eyes but this guy was on another level.
"What's got you smiling so wide?"

Izuku shook his head, unable to remove his smile of disbelief. "Nothing. Nothing. I just...found out my target is possibly the most amazing person ever... but that's all." Izuku mumbled. He chuckled and Shinso did too.

"Alright, try not to fall for your target though."
A green eyebrow raised.
"I'm not joking. I see that look in your eyes. People have gotten too attached to their targets before. You have to remember that these aren't ordinary civilians Deku. They're people suspected of high class crimes. It's our job to find evidence of that and put them behind bars, remember that.."

The more he spoke, the heavier Izuku's smile felt. 

"You won't believe it but people have fallen in love with their targets before. It never ends well for either of them. You know what I mean, right?"

The eyes on him were sharp. Izuku felt like a scolded child. He did know. Erasing faulty agents like that had been his job before after all. Now Izuku had no smile at all, the dance paused and Kacchan was busy in the showers as his phone sat alone in the dark. 

"Don't tell me what to do."
It was enough to make Shinso blink and keep his mouth shut. He was by no means afraid of a challenge, but Izuku was usually so nice it came as a shock.
"Fine." The other breathed, "Just be careful. I like you but I will report you if I have to."

Had Izuku fallen in love before?
Of course not. He was the child prodigy that raced through school, rushed into special services by the government before most other kids learned algebra. He'd never had the time to explore the valour of being a teen. No first dates, no high school dances and no loving kisses. 

Izuku's lips rubbed together, lonely in the cold air. 
He'd had plenty of sex. Girls seemed to love his money, mind, biceps and scars.

He was more than aware that his personal experiences with love lacking. Due to this, his knowledge was suffering. No amount of movies and novels could teach him what real thing could. With his father never home, and his mother an only child, he'd had few relationships to look up to growing up.

In fact, he couldn’t name a single relationship without some form of flaw.

If there was one thing Izuku hated, it was to not knowing.

Now that he was on break from real work, it would be the perfect time to educate himself.

The agent would make it his mission to understand love, not just know it. He'd make it his own personal project. 

When Izuku motivated himself, there was nothing he couldn’t do.

Midoriya was glad that the first time he heard Kacchan's moans, he was at home in bed. The crammed office had made him nauseous for the day. Watching Kacchan eased the blow a little but that didn’t stop him from itching to leave. He watched Kacchan hum his way to sleep before packing his things and heading home. 

It was around 11:30 on a Tuesday night. This was quite a while after Katsuki usually went to sleep.
That's why Izuku was so surprised to hear the click of typing from his phone. He picked it up, squinting at Kacchan's screen as the blond quickly pulled up a result. 
It was a video.

Izuku frowned and pulled on his glasses to read the blurry title. 

Hot redhead blows best friend. 

The greenette shot up quickly, grabbing his headphones and turning up the volume from Katsuki's mic.
Gasps of breath hit his ears, muddled between Katsuki and the two men he was watching. He turned the phone output all the way down and the mic up. For a second, all was silent. Then a gentle breeze of a seductive breath wafted against his ears. 

Katsuki threw his head back, thighs bare and soft under his own roving hands. The red head touched his lover's thighs tenderly, Katsuki's following suit. He ran his tongue along the bottom of the cock and Katsuki lifted his fingers over his arousal in a slow, deliberate stroke.

"Ah..." He exhaled so quietly it was painful. His milky eyelashes fell shut, cheeks flushed in the dark room.

Emerald eyes reflected the tan body on the screen. He closed the other tab, enlarged the front cam so his target masturbating was all he saw. Fuck this was twisted, screwed up and wrong. The porn was so gentle - so slow and soft and loving. 

Did Kacchan crave that kind of sex? Or was it the love he craved...?

Izuku's hands ached to make notes but he resisted, the porn star opening his lips to suck his lover's cock inside. Katsuki gasped. The porn star slurped down around the cock, swallowing it into his throat and bobbing up and down. Katsuki imagined those lips were as soft as his were. Izuku watched as  Kacchan's tongue swiped over the dew above his pink lips, hand pumping faster. Katsuki started moaning and pumping harder soon after, working himself to an orgasm inside inside a nonexistent mouth.

Kacchan’s pleasure was simply too bright. The agent was trying not to drool, forgetting anything and everything about the rest of the world beyond Kacchan's voice in his ear and the private show before his eyes.

He didn't know a thing of his spectator, didn't put on any fake expressions or creative angles. Just a boy and his pleasure. A boy and his orgasm, hand over his mouth exhaling seductive puffs in an attempt to keep quiet.
When he came, the phone fell to the sheets and Izuku didn't see.

He didn't get any conclusion or satisfaction, because Kacchan cleaned up off camera and went to sleep, thrown discarded somewhere dark and blind within his room.

In the dark of the room, his come fell emptily into cold tissue. One desire was filled, the other felt even more absent.

But Izuku didn’t see this underlying sadness.

Because Kacchan’s pleasure was just too bright.

So Kacchan liked men.
Deku had to pinch himself to make sure he hadn't dreamed the whole thing. He was awake. Kacchan was gay. He looked down at his stomach, his erection neglected above a belly of butterflies and tightly knit nerves.

He honestly didn’t know what to do with such a feeling. He certain it was far more than just sexual. 

Was this what everyone else called love? 
Whatever it was, It was the prettiest feeling Deku had ever felt.