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You Can Run Away With Me(Anytime You Want)

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Natsuki impatiently twirled a pen between her fingers, her eyes skimming over the images and words on the page, not really retaining any of the information. She glanced at the clock, her brow furrowed. There were still 10 minutes left before the end of club. She tapped her fingers on her edge of her desk anxiously, the time passing slower than it should.

“The time hasn’t changed since you last checked it thirty seconds ago. Do you really want to leave club that badly?” Monika joked, leaning over Natsuki’s desk. Oh no no no that’s not the vibe she was trying to give.

“Oh Monika no! I love this club, I’m just… preoccupied,” Natsuki offered. The literature club was literally a life  saver to her. She just- she had things to do after club, rather than just going home to her father. She couldn’t help but grin. She remembered Yuri’s smile as she told Natsuki that there was something she had to show her after school. Just the thought of Yuri finding something and thinking wow, Natsuki would love this was enough to make her faint.

“Natsuki? You’re zoning out!” Monika giggled, “seriously what’s going on? You know that you can tell me anything. I’m the club president after all!”

“Uhm,” was all Natsuki could muster. Yuri had glanced over, probably wondering why people were talking. Monika smiled and waved at her, while Natsuki quickly stuck her nose back into her manga and pretend to be invested in it. Recently, something about that girl had made Natsuki feel giddy and nervous, a horribly wonderful feeling that was somehow addicting.

She realized that she had accidentally been staring intensely at the page in front of her, probably looking crazy. Well oops.

“Well, times up for today! See you all Monday! Have a great weekend, make sure to prepare a poem for next meeting!” Monika announced.

“Wait- there’s still five minutes until the scheduled end of the meeting?” Sayori asked, looking puzzled. Monika glanced at her, looking almost annoyed. She shook her head, dismissing the girl’s comment.

Natsuki dismisses this. Monika was probably just hoping for some action with the only boy in the club. It’s not like she was complaining though. Monika being interested in him didn’t bother her. She liked girls. And the sooner she was able to leave with Yuri, the better.

She reached under her desk to get her bag and collect her things, quickly checking her reflection in a compact mirror she kept in her bag. She didn’t want to embarrass herself in front of Yuri. God, that would be horrible.

“Hey.” Natsuki nearly banged her head on the bottom of the table. She quickly sat up,  probably looking like a mess. Yuri was standing across from her, her bag slung over her shoulder and her hands nervously combing through her hair. Holy fuck, she was gorgous.

“H-hi,” Natsuki managed to get out. She tucked her book into her bag and stood up.

“Are you um, are you ready to go?” Yuri asked, hesitantly smiling. Natsuki nodded, trying not to show how nervous she was. In a burst of what must have been confidence, Yuri reached down and grasped the other girl’s hand, pulling her out of the room. As Natsuki was being forcefully dragged out of the classroom Sayori gave her a thumbs up and Monika smirked. Fuck.

She didn’t dwell on that. She was too busy thinking about the fact that Yuri was holding her hand. Like holy fuck. Yuri pulled her along the hallway, down several floors of stairs, and finally out of the main building. Once they stopped outside of the school’s doors, she seemed to realize what she was doing.

“Sorry.” She blushed deeply and looked down, “I’m not sure what came over me. I apologize if I violated your personal space.”

“You most definitely didn’t! And thanks by the way. But you don’t have to apologize at all!” Natsuki smiled brightly at the taller girl. “Anyway, where to?”

“Oh!” Yuri clasped her hands together. “This way- it's a little bit of a walk is that okay?” the shorter girl nodded brightly.

Natsuki followed her down the street, as the sun was beginning to set. She would follow the other girl to the end of the world. Although the bickered often, she really did trust Yuri with her life. Well, that took a dark turn.

They reached a street corner and Yuri pointed at a gray wall with peeling paint. “Here.”

In all honesty, Natsuki was confused. She brought her all this way to see a wall? It didn’t really add up. All her questions were answered, however when Yuri gracefully climbed to the top of the wall, beckoning the other to join.

After several failed attempts, Natsuki sighed. “I’m too short!” She complained.

Yuri giggled quietly and offered her a hand. Usually, she would be offended by this. She was laughed at because of her height. Honestly, who did Yuri think she was? But she didn’t fight back. This time, they weren’t at school. She didn’t have to live up to a reputation. She just took her hand, and allowed herself to be hauled up onto the top of the fence. On the other side of the fence was an overgrown yard. There were trees and bushes that looked like they hadn’t been taken care of in several months. In the middle of the yard, there was a pool that looked surprisingly clean.

Natsuki looked at the other girl quizzically.

“My grandparents’ house,” she explained, “they’re on a two month trip to France. I’m not supposed to be here. I hadn’t been here in three years because of a huge fight my family had been in. Hell, I forgot this enchanting place existed until yesterday. I was walking home and recognized the place. After a little bit of investigation I learned about their trip. They’re not back for another two weeks. I thought you’d love the place. I’ve always thought of it as a safe haven of sorts.” when she stopped talking she looked down nervously, as if realizing that she had just let that all out.

“Oh- that’s- that’s really nice.” Natsuki stuttered. She was honestly so happy about the fact that she had been trusted with all of that information. Yuri probably would have found some beautiful synonym for happy, something that would make the words fit together perfectly, but she was not Yuri. and sometimes simple words are better. Sometimes they are the best way to describe an emotion.

“It’s odd, but coming here feels like running away but only for a minute. It’s as if for a second, you can finally escape reality. And I couldn’t think of anyone better to share it with,” Yuri said honestly, dangling her legs over the edge of the fence.

“I often fantasize about running away.” Natsuki admitted. “It seems so amazing, you know? I could finally get away. Away from my dad, my house in general, the people at school who tease me. But it’s not that simple. I can’t just leave impulsively and not face consequences. My father basically controls everything in my life. I just want to get away. So maybe temporarily running away isn’t a horrible solution. And like you said, you’re the only person I want to share that with.”

Yuri hopped off the fence, her skirt flying upward as she landed, causing Natsuki’s face to burn bright red. She jumps down directly afterward to hide how flustered that made her.

“Are we really going swimming right now? I don’t have a swimsuit with me!” Natsuki exclaims, worried. Yuri just shrugged. She took off her jacket and sweater vest and kicked off her shoes.

She slipped into the pool. “AH! That’s cold! Natsuki come join me!” Natsuki stripped down to her shirt and skirt and jumped into the pool. When surfacing she gasped from the cold.

“Yuri!” She whined, “You could have warned me about just how cold it is! I have to admit though, it does feel kind of nice in the heat of the day.” The taller girl nodded in agreement and wrapped her arms around the other. Admittedly, the sudden contact was sort of scary. The amount of intimacy that embrace held was intense. However, she relaxed into the other girl’s arms.

After about 30 seconds longer than a normal, friendly embrace should have lasted, Yuri pulled away. Her hands were on Natsuki’s shoulders and she was staring into the smaller girl’s eyes. With shaky hands, Natsuki carefully cupped the other girl’s face, brushing her thumb across her cheek.

And then they were kissing. And holy shit, it felt so right. Natsuki was mesmerized. She never knew that kissing could feel so good. Her hands travelled into Yuri’s long hair as she felt the other girl’s arms wrap around her waist, deepening the kiss.

And it was over almost as soon as it started. The two parted, both panting. Natsuki must have been smiling like an idiot, but she didn’t care. All that mattered was the girl in front of her. And then they were both laughing, and trying to push each other fully underwater, and her father was probably going to kill her when she got home, but at the moment that didn’t matter because she had just been kissed by the girl of her dreams, and that was the best thing that had ever happened to her.

The sun was beginning to set, and the two reluctantly climbed out of the pool and began to collect their things.

“Oh god Yuri. Thank you so much for this. I really- I had a lot of fun.”

“Of course! Would you like to come back to my place for dinner? If not that’s fine too obviously,” Yuri asked fidgeting nervously.

Natsuki weighed her choices. Staying out later than she had to was risky. Her father would be coming home soon. If she didn’t go home right then, there would be a higher chance of facing the terrible consequences. But then again, if she stayed she would get to spend more time with Yuri. And there was still a chance of her being able to sneak in the window unnoticed. It was worth it. Spending a little extra time with the other girl made it 100% worth it. She nodded slowly. Hesitantly. Yuri smiled, and the world seemed to melt away, along with all her worries.

They walked back together. Hand in hand, as the air around them cooled and the sun fell in array of colors. Everything was perfect.


“Oh Tarot cards! Do you know how to read them?” Natsuki asked, looking at the box of cards spilling onto Yuri’s bed.

“I’m learning how to.” the other girl replied, laying on her back and staring at the ceiling.

They had arrived back at Yuri’s house before the sun had finished setting. Natsuki had borrowed a change of clothes because of the fact that their uniforms were soaking with pool water. Yuri’s clothes were too big on the pink haired girl, which she accidentally called cute, causing Natsuki to tell her that she needed to earn back the other girl’s trust.

The two lay there, just talking- arguing mostly. Lots of small kisses were shared and, of course, cuddling ensued. Yuri remarked that if any of the other club members were to hear about it they would all be dead, which Natsuki laughed at before holding onto the other girl’s waist even tighter. They were both blushing messes.

Natsuki yawned, before burying her head into the other’s hair and closing her eyes. It wouldn’t be so bad to just drift off for a few minutes…


Natsuki woke up to the sound of an alarm clock ringing. Tiredly, she turned it off and sat up. She was sleeping in her own room, alone. She sighed, shaking her head. Screw her imagination and screw that dream she was having. Seriously, what the hell?

She got ready for school, annoyed at the fact that a dream had caused such a realization. Maybe she should just let it out? Should she tell someone? She was sure that she could tell Monika. Monika was trustworthy. She was the club president. She could always tell Yuri. Just the thought of telling the other girl how she felt made her shudder. So, maybe not.

Her mind was devoid of emotion as she walked to class. She was anxious to see Yuri. after that weird dream, she wasn’t sure if she would act oddly. After that revelation- she liked Yuri -her mind was scattered in a million pieces. By the time it was time for the club meeting, she was feeling a little better. It couldn’t be that bad right?

She was going to tell Yuri. She would definitely act weird once she walked through that door. It would be better just to get it all out. The sooner the better. If she didn’t tell the other girl soon, it would eat her up alive. She arrived at the club door several minutes early. She knew that Yuri was early often. The sooner the better. The sooner the better. The sooner the better.

She took a deep breath before opening the door.

Fuck. she was not ready for what she saw. Yuri was there. She was- she was kissing him. The boy. Natsuki’s thoughts were so scrambled that she forgot his name. What did it matter? She needed to get out of there. She closed the door, almost sure they didn’t realize she was there. Oh god oh god oh god what was she thinking. What was she thinking, Yuri would never like her back. What a fucking freak she was for liking girls. That’s what her father told her when he found out. Oh no no no. she needed to get away.

She ran. Down the hallway, anywhere to get away. Away from all of that. She shouldn’t have even thought of confessing. What was she doing?

Her vision was blurry, so she wasn’t looking where she was going. She was running at top speed, she just needed to get away. She crashed into another body, soon identifying that body to belong to Sayori.

“Natsuki? What’s wrong? Are you okay?”

Instead of answering, she just buried her head in her friend’s shoulder and cried. She shouldn’t be so emotional. It’s not like she ever had a chance. So why did it hurt so damn much?