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Little Dean One Shots

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The boys just got back from a long, stressful, and exhausting hunt. Dean needed to be little, that was obvious, both Sam and Castiel knew it. Unfortunately, Dean wasn't letting himself be little.

"Dean?" Castiel opened the door to Dean's room, "Dean, I believe you need some to regress."

"I'm fine Cas," Dean replied, somewhat harshly.

"I'm serious, you over worked yourself, you need to regress," Castiel explained.

Dean snapped back, "I already told you, I'm fine."

The rest of the day was the same. Castiel continued to attempt to get Dean to regress, but he wouldn't listen. When it got bad enough Sam joined in. They put on one of Dean's favorite little movies and made dinosaur chicken nuggets for lunch, but Dean was still suborn as ever.

Dean didn't realize that their attempts were actually kind of working. By one in the afternoon, Dean was between head spaces, desperately trying to be big. At one point Dean saw Sam and Castiel talking in the library. He almost ran over to ask them to play with him, but stopped himself. Another time he found Sam sitting on the couch alone.

The little side of Dean wanted to go climb into his lap and keep him company, 'Why's my Sammy all alone, Bubba need's cuddles," He thought to himself, before shaking that thought away, 'No, Sam's fine. But Bub- Sam, does look lonely and Daddy says- No! It's Cas, not Daddy! And it doesn't matter what he said. Sam is fine."

Dean began walking back to his room. He hoped if he got away from Sam and Castiel for a while he'd be able to stay big. On the way he started fidgeting. He had to go to the bathroom, but he didn't really acknowledge it. Dean only acknowledged it once it was too late. A wet patch was forming on his jeans, and a puddle at his feet. Dean's little side came through at full force and he broke down crying.

"Daddy!" Dean cried out.

Castiel didn't come when Dean called out for him. Dean was all alone. This only made him cry harder. He was wet, he was little, and Daddy wasn't coming to help. Dean wanted his daddy, he needed his daddy.

"Dah-Dee!" Dean was now sobbing, "Da-Ah-Dee!"

"Deano, hey, it's okay," a voice whispered to Dean.

Dean turned around to see Sam. His cheeks flushed red, he's never had an accident in front of his brother before. His embarrassment only lasted for a moment, he wanted his Sammy. Dean launched himself at Sam, wrapping his arms around the large man's neck and his legs around his waist. His force had knocked his brother over onto his bottom.

"Bubba!" Dean cried.

"Oh, Dean. It's okay, I've got you," Sam whispered, "Did you have an accident, buddy?"

Dean nodded into his brother's shoulder. Sam stood up, making sure not to let go of his brother, then picked the boy up. He carried Dean back to his room to get cleaned up.

Sam was not met with a pleasant response when he tried to start. He set Dean down on the bed, but the little clung to his body. Dean practically screamed when Sam tried to put him down. Sam quickly gave in and pulled his bother back into his arms.

"Dean, you've gotta let go so I can get you cleaned up. Please. I'll be quick, Deano, I promise," Sam pleaded with the crying boy in his arms.

"No!" Dean yelled.

Dean didn't want Sam to put him down, he wasn't done cuddling. Daddy wasn't there so he needed his big brother.

"Sam is right, Dean. You can't be changed if you're stuck to your brother," Castiel spoke softly.

Only one word could escape Dean's mouth, "Daddy!"

Dean didn't care what Daddy had said, he only cared that Daddy was back. Dean reached out towards his daddy. Castiel took Dean from Sam's arms and ran his fingers through the boy's hair. Dean snuggled into his arms instantly, finding comfort in the fact that Daddy was back.

"Let's get you cleaned up," Castiel cooed softly.

"No! Wan Daddy!" Dean cried.

Castiel sighed, "Dean, I know you're upset, but I need to get you cleaned up. I don't want you to get a rash, little one."

"Wan Daddy!"

"I understand that, Dean, but you need to be cleaned," Castiel replied, "You will get a rash if I can't change you. Can you be super brave and let me put you down for a few minutes?"

Dean nodded and finally loosened his grip, he wanted to be brave for Daddy. Castiel smiled then kissed the baby's cheek. He pulled out a changing mat and unrolled it on the bed. Dean still wined when Castiel set him down but didn't cry this time, he was brave.

"Sam, could you find his bear? I think Dean would like something to hold while I change him," Castiel glanced at the taller man, awaiting an answer.

"Sure," Sam replied.

Castiel got out the rest of the changing supplies while he waited for Sam. Soon, Sam found the bear. It was a simple brown teddy bear with a blue ribbon on its neck. Dean reached out for the bear, then snuggled up to the plush toy once it was in his arms.

"I'm going to clean up the mess in the hallway, then take a shower," Sam explained, "I'm sure it would make Dean feel a little better if I didn't see this."

Castiel nodded, "Alright, Sam."

Castiel waited for Sam to leave the room then got to work cleaning his baby. He gently removed Dean's jeans and boxers, then going in with baby wipes. Dean started to cry again when the cold wipe made contact with his skin.

"I know, I'll try to be quick," Castiel hushed the boy.

Castiel grabbed Dean's Winnie the Pooh pacifier and popped it into the baby's mouth. He finished cleaning Dean with the wipes and rubbed him down with rash cream. He got the boy situated in a diaper and picked him back up. Dean snuggled into Castiel and buried his face into his shoulder.

"Let's get you into something more comfortable, Honeybee," Castiel suggested.

Castiel grabbed a green onesie and some white thigh high socks for the boy. He decided against pants, since all of Dean's sweats were in the dirty laundry. Dean's plan's, however, required the other option.

"Pway outside," Dean's request was slurred and muffled by the pacifier, but Daddy knew what he was saying.

Castiel sighed and reopened the closet, "If you would like to go outside we will need to put some pants on you."

Dean played with his bear while Daddy looked for some pants. Luckily, he didn't have to play alone for long, Daddy was really quick. He left his bear on the bed, it always got dirty outside and Dean didn't want Sammy to put it in the loud, scary washing machine again.

Castiel got Dean into some blue jean overalls with snaps on the inner seams of the legs. He attached the pacifier to Dean's overalls with a pacifier clip, so the boy wouldn't lose it in the grass. By some miracle he managed to wrestle some shoes onto Dean's feet. Dean held his arms up so Daddy could carry him outside.

Castiel set Dean in the grass and the baby started crawling around. He started picking up cool objects he found and putting them in his pocket. Dean gave up on crawling once his pocket was full. He opted to walk so he could hold more in his hands.

Dean was proud of how many cool things he could find. He wanted to show Daddy his treasures. He found Daddy sitting on a log and set off. It took Dean a bit longer to walk to Castiel than it would normally. The extra padding between his legs reduced his walk to more of a waddle.

Castiel smiled when Dean wandered back over to him. His smiled only grew when Dean started excitedly handing him the objects in his own hands and pockets. By the time Dean ran out of things to show his daddy, Castiel was holding three rocks, four small sticks, two bottle caps, and a raven feather. Dean was obviously proud of his find so Castiel couldn't just ignore them.

"Wow, these are so beautiful. Did you find these all by yourself?" Castiel asked.

"Uh uh," Dean nodded, "Found them just for Daddy."

Castiel pulled Dean into a hug, "Thank you. I love them."

Dean took the feather from Daddy's hands and climbed into his lap, "Wook, birdie feather wook wike Daddy's feathers."

"I can see that," Castiel kissed his head, "You are so smart, my little Honeybee."