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The Autobiography of Darcy

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The Autobiography of Darcy

By: Darcy



So, I have decided I need to make sure my life story is told correctly. I didn't want someone to fuck it up, so I decided to do it myself. It's the whole, "If you want something done right, do it yourself" mentality. I know that a lot of what I'm about to tell you sounds like a really good Sci Fi book. Hell, up until the Attack on New York, no one would have believed me anyway. But we live in a new world. Where five years ago, this whole book would have been classified. Now though, the early parts have been leaked online. Thankfully, the best parts came after the attack. The worst part also happened to come along as well. Funny how that happens, right? So when they decide to make a movie, or write the tell all book, I want the story to be true. You know, not complete shit. And I know you're probably saying, “Wow you think highly about yourself. You really think you'll be included in those stories?”

Well my response is this. You try being the daughter of an Avenger, and the Director of the Avengers Initiative. My aunt and uncles are Natasha Romanov, Pepper and Tony Stark, and Bruce Banner. My older bothers are Bucky Barnes and Thor. Oh and my husband happens to be Captian Fucking America, Steve Rogers. So ya, I think I will have a least a small part in the glorious stories. At least Thor says I will. Also, have I mentioned I tazed Thor once? Totally took him down on the first shot.

While my early life wasn't the train wreck that normally comes with being in this life, it wasn't a walk in the park either. This tends to happen when your family is super. This is my story of how I grew up with the two coolest dads. I was a secret agent by 18, tazed a god by 21, and saved the world by 25. All the while losing both my dads, getting them back, (one from the dead), had all my family secrets put on display, and helped my family find a semi-normal life. I helped save a world that truthfully sometimes doesn't deserve to be saved. So, sit back, and get ready for a story with it all. Action, Drama, Comedy, Sci Fi, Romance, and even some Tragedy. My life is a wild ride, and it all started with a S.H.I.E.L.D op that never should have happened.