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What'd Ya Do?

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Peter is a loser.

He knows it. He’s 15 years old, has no job, and lives in his mom’s basement. What else do you call it?

He tries not to feel like a loser, he really does. But stealing things can only make a person so proud of themselves, and it certainly doesn’t make a person proud of him. His mom is cool like that, not necessarily proud but she understands the best she can and she’s a great mom. It makes him wish that he doesn’t have that urge to take it even though he doesn’t need it and he has not a clue what he’s gonna do with it, he just wants it and his powers don’t make it any easier, they just taunt him and tell him that he could grab and no one would even notice and just steal it. So yeah, Peter is a loser.

So when Poindexter, Claws, and Drugs arrive and they need his powers to steal a person he wants to so bad and he’s bored and just say yes already but he’s gotta play it cool.

“That’s illegal you know” he says casually, because even if his basement room was filled with stuff, that was for himself and yeah he’s a little selfish and he couldn’t help it, but this he at least had a chance against stealing this.

“Only if you get caught,” replies the gruff man with Poindexter and Drugs.

Nice, Peter thinks as he rushes about, blatantly showing off and this man talked as if he knew Peter so why not. Also he’s super fast so it’s fun to play with people who aren't used to it but he doesn’t really get a chance to do that because yeah he knows the dangers he's just too fast to get caught but his family members aren’t, he reminds himself constantly.

“You’re not afraid to show your powers?” questioned the one on drugs who definitely was not a cop because his name sounded British and no cop used to be a teacher (“Hey what's with this Gifted Youngsters place?” “That’s an old card” Yeah well Peter was keeping it because contact information and it looked cool and also this guy obviously meant mutants by gifted youngsters too bad Peter isn't really a youngster though because he's 15 and proud.) Anyways that (mutant?) guy sounded almost to tears and amazed as if he knew a mutant who hid his powers and wow maybe it's Poindexter he looks sad and uncomfortable. Peter kept messing around.

“Powers? What powers? Did you see something? Something that somebody would believe if you told them?” joked Peter with a casual/serious attitude because it was joking and sincere. Then a thought struck him.

“What do I get out of it?” Because even if Peter’s a loner, he’ll find someone to show off to and if he does then he’ll need proof for… whatever it was.

“You, kleptomaniac,” sighed Drugs, irritated, and Peter wonders how he knows but then remembers, duh, he’s basking like a ****ing dragon in his hoard of stolen things so this guy was probably making an assumption. “Get to break into the Pentagon.”

OH MY GOD I WANT TO PLEASE hold on be chill be chill I WANT TO!

“How do I know I can trust you?” because hello, strangers asking to break into the Pentagon?

And that’s how Claws finally gets his name because Peter was totally about to decide his nickname was going to be Lumberjack but nope Claws and wow he’s a mutant too but all Peter can really say, because eww are they made of BONE?! was, “Cool, but it’s disgusting.”

Maybe it would be less disgusting if it was made of metal. Metal! Right! The guy that they’re going to break out of the Pentagon controls metal! Not only is that sick, but his mom told him that she once knew a guy who could do that. He wants to so badly. They’re like him, and somehow know he has kleptomania, wait, dragon hoard, right, and most important of all, losers can’t break into the Pentagon so if he could do this, then maybe he’s not a loser. So yeah, obviously he agrees.

“Okay,” he says, and gets up to grab all the supplies that he thinks he will need. He tries to act professional about it, but how professional is wearing a silver leather jacket and bringing only a Walkman, headphones, and silver duct tape? When Claws catches his eyes, Peter cannot help but release a small grin of amusement. The knowing and yet amused face that Claws gives him is nearly enough to forgive the fact that no, we’re not letting you run to the Pentagon, and yes, you have to stay in the car, and no, we aren’t stopping for food, we’re breaking into the Pentagon so can you not, and YOU ABSOLUTELY AREN”T DRIVING WHILE WE ARE IN THE CAR YOU ARE CLEARLY A SPEED DEMON AND STOP ASKING ME TO DRIVE FASTER 30 IS THE SPEED LIMIT SO I AM NOT PASSING IT, PETER.

The car ride back was going to be super annoying if no one in the car was okay with doing anything fun. Hopefully the guy they broke out was going to be interesting or chill, you know? Whatever. At least he gets to meet someone his mom once knew because when they told him that the guy they were breaking out of the Pentagon controls metal, Peter very casually asked if he was the only metal-controlling mutant there was. AND HE IS. And apparently that's part of the Professor/Druggy/Wait-his-name-is-Charles-according-to-that-card’s mutant power, which he doesn’t seem eager to exercise because he refuses to say if Peter’s powers are one of a kind, no matter how much Peter pesters him.

Peter doesn’t understand why Claws kept smirking at him after he asked about the metal mutant. Did he know something Peter didn’t?