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a hospital is a true setting for love

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the loud and annoying noise of an alarm buzzing fills the entire room, breaking the peaceful silence. alongside a grunt, taehyung pushes his alarm off, knowingly not pressing the snooze button because he knows that if he did push the snooze button, he will keep doing it. after contemplating about staying down for just five more minutes, he decides on waking up. he gathers all of his willpower and energy and, with still a sleepy head and a hazy mind, he slowly rises up, sitting up on the edge of the bed.

today is a special day for taehyung. it’s his first day at the new hospital he dreamt of for ages. he had study hard, worked hard and showed a lot of potential for the hospital to hire him. he is a good surgeon and he knows it, but he wants to show it off to the world. he was always the best in every hospital he worked in. yet he didn’t do it for the fame nor the money because the thought of knowing that he had just saved a life was already enough. but a person is allowed to have a bit of greed, not?

“the Seoul National University Hospital children's department is hiring new surgeons to work there. they only want the best of the best.” taehyung heard from people from the previous hospital he worked in. so he thought of the outcomes of working there. he will likely get paid better, it is closer to his home and if he gets hired then he is considered one of the best in his country. so he aimed, he shot and after a few weeks of hoping, he got the job.

taehyung can still hear Jo Yoonwoo and Park Seojoon call him a betrayer for leaving him for another hospital. he tried to explain why he wants to leave but they jokily ignored him and told him they didn't want to hear it. taehyung knows it's all jokes and laughs. he is going to miss those guys, but he promised them that he will still meet them regardless if he's working there or at the seoul hospital. taehyung laughed when they said that they will remind him of it from time to time.

taehyung looks at his phone and the first thing he sees is a text message of yoonwoo. "i thought that you said that you wouldn't forget us. what happened?" the text message also had a crying face at the end. he smiles at the message. so he opened his phone to text back. "hyung! 'm sorry. please hyung no. i didn't mean it." taehyung sends back. not short after he gets a text back. "be gone thot." he laughs, knowing it's a joke. he then throws his phone aside and tried to rub the sleep out of his eyes and his system.

after taking some time to slowly wake and progress that he needs to get ready, he stands up and actually gets ready. in less than an hour he’s already dressed and on his way to work. he parks his car in the underground parking of the hospital, but doesn’t step out yet. yes, he knows how a hospital works and operates and yes he has done this a million times, but still he’s nervous. he takes a deep breath before stepping out.

in the elevator he meets someone that works in the other department of the same hospital, lee jongsuk also known as doctor stranger. taehyung heard a lot about him. he was a nobody, a stranger in the hospital world. but proved himself as he operated on the president. he politely bows and the person does the same. it is then quiet in the elevator, so quiet that he swears that he can hear his own heartbeat.

taehyung wants to address the doctor, tell him how much he looks up to him, but his braveness of talking fails him. when he finally arrives at his floor, he steps out, relieved that he’s out that awkward situation. as he walks out onto his floor a male nurse walks past him. taehyung seems to be staring at him because the nurse looks at him with blushed cheeks and a gentle and welcoming smile.

taehyung can’t keeps his eyes from the handsome and cute looking nurse, scanning him up and down. the man has different kinds of features that battles against one another. round fluffy cheeks, pink hair and a small height, making him cute, but a round ass, plump lips and killing features like that sharp jawline making him sinful in a positive way.

“eyes up here, big boy.” the nurse urges when he catches taehyung stare at his ass.

taehyung quickly snaps his head up and awkwardly smiles. he wants to ask for the nurse’s name and even his number, but before he can, that certain nurse has already turned the corner and out of sight. he almost wanted to run after him, but he’s already kind of late. he sighs because of the loss before walking in further into the hospital to the office of the manager of the hospital. once there, he softly knocks on the door.

the manager open his door, greets him and lets him in. “please come in and take a seat.”

taehyung does what he’s told. he sees another person is already sitting down. he takes a seat on the empty chair, bowing down politely towards the other.

“welcome doctor kim taehyung. this is doctor min yoongi, he is a pediatric surgeon of this department .” the manager introduces the other man and taehyung again bows down to yoongi. they talk about taehyung’s place here, what he will be doing and other stuff that’s for importance.

the pink haired nurse walks the quite busy and chaotic hallway. here and there, there’s kid either drawing on the wall or the ground or playing with toys. the nurse sighs as he looks onto the hallway full children. he then walks up to one kid who’s drawing with markers on the ground, with a controlling and a bit of ruling posture. “kwangsoo.” his voice stern. “you know you’re not allowed to draw on the floor.”

the kid, the soon he hears jimin's voice, starts to pound himself on the head. jimin has to stop him from doing that. after he's done he screams at jimin and tries to attack him. he throws punches and kicks at jimin having the biggest anger temper. he screams and yells as jimin takes him in a hug to prevent him from harming anyone else and himself. when the kid is all calmed down, jimin asks if he's alright. kwangsoo, just looks at him before stomping off to his room and slamming the door loud.

the nurse chuckles and shakes his head at that action. most of the kids are like that, happy when they get what they want but bratty if they don’t. actually all kids are like that.  but kwangsoo, he's a special one. he then sees a girl look at him and quickly runs into the nearest room. he walks up to the room and softly knocks. “sumi. come out. that’s not your room.”

the door slowly opens and the girl pops her head from behind the door. “sorry jimin oppa.” she then stumbles out and walks away.

jimin chuckles again, seeing the little girl go in the wrong hallway. he will pick her up and bring her to her room on the way back. he then walks further, ordering here and there for children to behave or to stop messing with the walls. after a long time, thinking he will never get there. he finally arrives at where he supposed to be, the break room.

“look at who it is.” a loud voice screams throughout the whole breakroom. jimin can feel shame and embarrassment rise when everyone in the break room look at him. “if it isn’t mister i love working the night shifts.”

jimin recognizes the voice without even looking, having to hear it almost every day. “jin hyung or do i need to say sunbae.” jimin jokes as he laughs off the eyes of the rest.

jin pats him on the shoulder. “your coffee as you asked for.” jin magicly makes a cup of coffee appear from behind his back.

jimin gasps and holds his chest with both of his hands. he looks jin in the eyes with thanking eyes. “you are my savior.” jimin takes the cup and takes a sip of it. the golden and saving liquid hitting his taste buds just made his shift a tad bit better, having just done a shift of 10 hours and throughout the night. a coffee really can do wonders. “you are a true angel jin.” he praises.

jin sassy nods with an all knowing smile. “i know.” he says with such sass, if he had long hair he would have flipped it for sure. “so have you seen the new doctor? handsome looking boy.” he then comments as he also picks up his coffee from the nearest table and takes a sip of it.

jimin takes another gulp before speaking. “yeah i saw him enter, when did you see him?” he asks confused because he could have sworn jin wasn’t near him when he met taehyung.

“saw some pictures of him. if it wasn’t for a certain trainee than he would satisfy too.” jin hints along with a wink.

jimin shakes his head. “you’ve always been a flirt. how are things going with you and namjoon hyung? did he already fall for you?”

“the only thing he falls for are heighten foots of doorways and stairs. maybe i should try harder.” jin sighs.

jimin laughs at jin’s self pity. “you’re almost as bad with the whole relationship thing then yoongi sunbae and hobi hyung.” jimin points out. he doesn't call hoseok sunbae because he knows how much hoseok hates to be addressed as someone higher. he knows that hoseok believes in that everyone has an important job in the hospital and that everyone has the same level of experience. and if hoseok heard him call him sunbae, jimin would get a disappointing look from him.

jin glares at him. “first of all, they are worst because they can't even see that the other one like them. secondly i’ll make namjoon fall for me before the month ends and third, you are not allowed to speak to me like that if you don’t even can get a man for yourself.” oh, the burn.

jimin glares at him as he sips on his coffee. “i hope he continues to be clueless.” he says as he takes the clipboard with papers of certain patients that was laying ready for jimin to take.

“you are evil park jimin.” jin yells after him. “oh how many hours you still need to do?” he then asks, dropping the mean act.

jimin holds up two finger as he’s currently drinking his coffee before disappearing out of the break room

yoongi shakes both the manager's and taehyung’s hand. “i look forward to work with you. i've heard multiple good things and read some impressive things about you taehyung”. he says with sincerity as he shakes taehyung’s hand.

“likewise.” taehyung shakes yoongi’s hand back with two hands and bows down fully. 

they then both exit the office. taehyung goes off with the manager, probably getting a tour of the whole hospital. yoongi goes back to doing his job. he left off by checking his patients. so he walks up to front desk to get his clipboard and there he bumps into jin.

“looking out for namjoon again?” yoongi deadpan asks without even looking at the broad shouldered man. jin glares at him and that’s enough for yoongi to know that he is. “you know you can always ask him on a date.”

“and you too can asks hoseok on a date.” jin spits back.

yoongi glares at him. “i bet you that i can get hoseok before you get to namjoon.” he then suddenly says.

“is that a bet min yoongi?” jin pushes himself up from his leaning position. “okay. the first one to get their crush to fall for them gets a date paid for them from other. movie and diner.” jin offers. jin is actually not sure if he can get namjoon's attention, but he's not going to back down now and certainly not in front of yoongi.

yoongi thinks about it. “deal.” he takes jin’s hand and shakes it. “may the best win.” is the last thing he says before he walks off. he looks at his clipboard. “Hu Ji-Yung room 213.” he reads off the clipboard, not thinking much about the dumb deal he just made, maybe he's positive about it. who knows? he walks up to the assigned room and as he enters he sees that the whole room is rearranged and a bit chaotic. there are two pillows forts with a blanket tunnel connecting in between them. the blinds are down, making the room completely dark and the hospital bed has been shoved to be standing in front of the two pillow forts.

yoongi sighs and turns the light on. he can clearly see the blue doctors uniform peeking from between the bars of the bed. he pinches the bridge of his nose because he recognizes the shoes the doctor is wearing, they’re hoseok’s. although they have special shoes for on the floor, hoseok always wears his own, so that he can show his personality a bit, plus the children always love the crazy and colorful shoes that hoseok is wearing. “i can see you.”

“no you can’t.” a small and high pitched voice of a little girl snaps.

“no, not you. hoseok.” yoongi corrects.

“oh. uhm.” hoseok peaks his head from above the bed. “attack!” he then screams.

two little kids, a girl, jiyung and the boy from the room opposite to this one, kwangseok jump out of the two pillow forts and start throwing pillows at yoongi. the two little ones yell out in excitement until their pillows run out.

yoongi then looks at them with a half angrily and half annoyed look. he looks at both of the little kids before changing his gaze towards hoseok. he narrows his eyes at hoseok, signaling if he doesn't stop now, nasty things will happen.

“the monster is ready to attack. quickly hide.” hoseok then yells, not scared of yoongi's glaring.

“let’s attack him. he can’t run anyw-” the little girl screams but midway, her breathing slows and she starts to breath heavy and loudly, like she's having trouble with it before she starts to hyperventilate. she then begins to cough, it begins lightly but it quickly turns into a heavy one and hoseok stops the whole game. he quickly takes a tissue and picks up the little girl, holding her up bridal style, holding the tissue against her mouth. 

yoongi quickly joins them. “i'll take it from here. bring kwangseok back to his room.” yoongi says as he takes jiyung in his arms.

hoseok nods and then turns to kwangseok. “come on big boy. i’ll take you back to your room.”

“no! i want to stay with jiyung.” he stomps his foot and crosses his arms. when hoseok comes closer, he tries to back away. he tries to fight hoseok's hands off by wailing his arms around.

hoseok sighs. he quickly picks up the boy and carries him out the room. they leave the room with the boy screams fading away slowly. hoseok then returns after a while. he starts by cleaning up the entire room, first putting the bed back to where it first stood so that yoongi can place jiyung back down.

“are you okay? i said that you needed to rest.” yoongi carefully says.

the girl nods with a pout. “but the operation was last week.” she says sadly along the pout. “and i feel fine.” the girl whines, trying to hold back a cough.

yoongi sighs. “i know but still. your longues need to recover otherwise we've done the surgery for nothing. promise me you will stay in bed for another week?” yoongi asks as he holds up his pinky. "and if you do that i'll promise, you and kwangseok can have the whole hallway to build your pillow forts." at that the little girl nods and intertwine her pink with yoongi’s. yoongi then stands up and scribbles a few things down on the papers on his clipboard.

in that time hoseok has cleaned up the room, putting the pillows and blanket back on their places. he then holds the little girl's hand and rubs the backside his thumb. “can we play tomorrow?” he hears her lightly cough. “you heard the boss. you need to rest.” she pouts. “but i’ll come back with ice cream because that’s allowed. you can even choose your own flavour.”

she weakly smiles before thanking hoseok.

hoseok than stands up and turns on the television, putting it on some cartoons before leaving the room together with yoongi. “listen. i’m sorry. i should have been more careful.” he apologizes to yoongi.

“it’s nothing. i hope she had fun. i know that sitting down and do nothing all day can take the pleasure away and by you playing with them improves their health on a mentally level too.” yoongi assures him.

hoseok smiles with thanking eyes. he's glad that yoongi always take it easy on him. they then stand there for a short moment in silence before yoongi speaks again. “i don’t hear kwangseok throw a tantrum. what did you tell him?”

“oh, i told him that he can sit by her while they eat ice cream later.” hoseok explains. “i think the boy cares for her.”

“maybe.” yoongi nods as he looks at the door of kwangseok's room. yoongi then turns back to hoseok, who's also looking at kwangseok's door. time seems to stop for a second. hoseok's beauty is overpowering, sun kiss tan, sharp features but soft cheeks that hides a dimple somewhere in it. but hoseok's beauty doesn't only show on the outside but also on the inside, having a good personality. he's kind, has a happy aura and cares about everyone.

“well. i’m sorry again for jiyung." hoseok suddenly breaks the silence. he then notices that yoongi is string at him. "do i have something on my face?" hoseok asks as he wipes off his face.

"uhm, no. just look- i mean yes. there ." yoongi shyly says as he quickly brushes hoseok cheeks. there wasn't anything, he just didn't wanted to look as a creep. "ha got it." he awkwardly sputters, his cheeks also starts to blush. he really hopes that hoseok can't see it. he then thinks about the bet he made with jin, but before he can ask anything to hoseok, he feels nervousness and anxiety pool in his gut. what if he says no? what if he doesn't like you at all? yoongi stands there, stone like and stuck in place.

"well..." hoseok speaks. "i need to go. i have some parents come over to ask for help.” hoseok explains as he slowly backs away. hoseok is a pediatrician so he gets a lot of parents over his floor. (pediatrician = a doctor who diagnose and treat children from birth up to teenage. he does psyical exams, give them treatment for any health problem, physical exams and a lot of other things.)

yoongi snaps out of his thoughts. “no, of course. don’t let me distract you.” yoongi awkwardly and shyly tells. he looks down in shame, why is he like that.

“i wouldn’t mind.” hoseok laughs but stops when he sees that yoongi doesn’t gets it. “see you again.” he then waves goodbye before leaving off.

yoongi holds up his hand and lightly wave before going back to checking up on his patients.

a few hours pass by and everything goes by quite smoothly. yoongi checks on his patients, having here and there to deal with something, but nothing that's too big. hoseok has a lot of parents meet him so he has a quite busy day, but nothing that he never had. jimin and jin keep all the children happy. they play with them and entertain them. namjoon, being a trainee, joins yoongi to learn, helping him out with some patients.

the clock strikes eleven and that’s when things get a bit more chaotic. it’s the shift swap. jimin happily cheers when he saw the clock change onto eleven, knowing after a killing 12 hours shift that he’s finally going to get home and rest. but not only the shift swap cause for chaos, but also the children. around this time they slowly start to get hungry for lunch. so they get a bit hangry. also around this time parents come to visit them and if they are angry, then it’s game over because they keep complaining and bothering the staff.

jin and the other nurses try to calm them down as best as they can and yoongi can also feel the clideren slowly start to annoy him. but luckily the child life specialist, jungkook, also checks in, making the lives of everyone around there a bit more easier. (child life specialist = a professional who works with children and families in hospitals to help them cope with the challenges of hospitalization, illness, and disability. They provide children with age-appropriate preparation for medical procedures, pain management and coping strategies, and play and self-expression activities. They also provide information, support, and guidance to parents, siblings, and other family members.)

jungkook has barely stepped out of the elevator and already has a few nurses hanging around him, pleading him to help them. jungkook laughs and says that he will come after he gets changed.

the nurses thank him before each going off in every directions. but instead of going to the changing room, jungkook stays at the elevator, waiting there for someone. he looks at his watch, growing a bit impatient. he’s just about to leave when a small little girl around the age of eight pokes on his arms. he looks down and smiles.

“for you.” the little girl says as she holds up tree flowers, jungkook knows that she plucked them from the garden behind the hospital. she looks a bit shy and unsure as he doesn't even look jungkook in the eyes.

jungkook can’t hold back his smile. “misuk-ah. you shouldn’t have.” he takes the flowers and pets misuk on her head. “these are beautiful, just like you.” he praises.

the little girl blushes. misuk always gives jungkook flowers, every day she will go to the garden and pick up some flowers and every day she will give it to jungkook because one day she will marry him. misuk suffers from a brain tumor that attacks different parts of the brain and she’s here because they are hoping that their methods and medication can help her.

jungkook couldn’t bring it over his heart to say no to her or tell her it's actually not allowed to pluck flowers from the garden, so he always takes the flowers, thanking her. but everyday her brain tumor also causes her to forget certain things so that’s why she keeps giving jungkook flowers. misuk just keeps forgetting that she gave him flowers the day prior

jungkook smells the flowers. “they smell good and they look good.” he smiles which make misuk also smile. “come i will bring you back to your room.” he holds out his hand and misuk takes his before following jungkook. they arrive at her room and jungkook notices that the door is shut. he holds his hand out to open the door but misuk beats jungkook to it. but because her brain tumor causes for poor coordination and weakness in her arms too, she has trouble opening the door.

jungkook wants to step in but misuk yells for him not to, telling him “i can do it on my own.”

jungkook sighs and retrieves his hand back. he waits patiently. this also happens every time, jungkook wants to bring her to her room. he always helps her after 15 seconds of trying.

misuk tries hard her best and after 10 second she opens her door. she pushes the door open before turning to jungkook. she has happiness beaming in her eyes and the biggest smile on her face. she happily cheers and jumps in jungkook’s arms. “i did it!”

jungkook is genuinely happy for her. he picks her up and carries her inside before placing her down on her bed. he turns on the television, putting on a kids show he knows she always watch. “i’m going to change, be good and if something happens, you know what to do right.”

she nods as she looks at the tv, having all her attention already invested in the tv than in jungkook.

jungkook chuckles before leaving. he puts the door on a crack and then leaves to go and get chanched. once ready and in work clothes he first helps the angry parents and then the children who have a bit of trouble adapting to the hospital life.

yoongi lets out a heavy sigh as he and namjoon holds down a crying child. namjoon holds the legs down so that he can’t kick anyone while yoongi holds his arms down. the entire room is filled with nurses, all trying to help in some way to keep the child distracted or down.

“i don’t want that!” the kid keeps yelling and crying. he wants to kick his legs and arms around, but is unable to. he keeps screaming and crying.

“it’s alright. this will help you so that you don’t feel the pain anymore.” namjoon explains. but the kid keeps throwing a tantrum and trying to trash his legs and arms around. "i want my mommy!" the kid cries.

yoongi finely can separate the kid’s arm and pin it in between his legs. a couple of other nurses quickly run to the bed and take the other arm and pin it down. he then as carefully as he can pricks the syringe attached to an IV with sugar water and anesthesia. they both keep the boy trapped for tab bit longer until he starts to lull to sleep. "i want my mommy." he murmurs before dipping into a sleep.

yoongi carefully put the boy's arm back and tucks him in. he then stands up and sighs as he stretches his back. “have him bring over to the operation table in about 10 minutes when we are sure that the anesthesia is fully active. there i want someone give him both general and regional anesthesia.”

namjoon nods as he writes everything down. they both walk out of the room, yoongi then goes off to prepare for the operation while namjoon seeks for someone to bring the boy to the operation table. namjoon goes to the front desk and gives the papers of the boy to someone responsible. he then sighs because that was a hard task to do.

“you seems like you need a coffee.” namjoon turns around and sees jin approaches him with two cups of coffee.

“oh please. you are a true hero.” namjoon thanks him with a small bow and then takes the coffee. he quickly takes a sip and it tastes like it came down from heaven. “thank you so much. you are truly my hero.”

jin lightly blushes. “oh, stop. everything for my colleagues.” he also takes sip from his coffee, staring at namjoon while he does it. he then clears his throat. “you... we can always can get coffee together.” jin hints.

“that would be lovely because i work here for two weeks now and i still don’t know where the coffee machine is.” he says, not understanding that jin wants to take him on a date. he takes another sip, not noticing the disbelieving glare jin is giving him.

“oh painful.” yoongi interrupts them with a small evil smirk. jin glares at him while namjoon looks at him with confusion. “what’s painful?” he asks clueless.

“nothing. namjoon would you bring these reports to jungkook and these one to hoseok.” yoongi hands over a blue and pink folder to namjoon. “blue, jungkook and pink, hoseok.” he repeats when he sees that namjoon didn’t pay attention.

namjoon nods before grabbing the folders. “right away. oh and jin hyung thank you for the coffee.” he thanks jin again with a small bow before running of to look for jungkook and hoseok.

yoongi then turns to jin. he wants to say something but jin stops him before he can say anything. “don’t even.” he spits before taking his coffee and walking away. yoongi has a victorious smirk on his face before he walks off too.

hoseok scribbles down something in the folder of the patient he's having over before turning back to little girl sitting on top his examination table. “okay. we are almost done, just one injection and then we’re done.”

the girl starts to panic and shiver upon hearing hoseok’s words. her eyes start to water as she begins to plead. “i don’t want that. it’s going to hurt.” the girl is almost tearing up. she crawls further away from hoseok when he tries to approach her while holding the syringe.

“it won’t, i promise. look.” he takes the syringe and stabs himself in the arm. the syringe is a fake one, but the little girl doesn’t need to know that. he then changes the fake one with a real one. “are you ready? it will be quick.”

the little girl has a small tear in the corner of her eyes. she makes grabby hands towards her mother. hoseok smiles as the mother apologizes and sits down beside her daughter and holds her hand. “okay i’m going to count to three. one. two.” after he counted to two he pricks the syringe in the little girl’s arm.

the little girl lets out small whimper of pain and hides her head in her mother's shoulder.

“you are doing so good.” hoseok empties the whole syringe before slowly pulling it out. “there. you are so brave. see, that wasn’t that bad right.” he says as he cleans her arm and put on a bandage. “princesses or superheros?”

the little girl retrieves her head and looks at the two bandages hoseok is holding up. the mother wants to point at the princess one, but the little girl is faster than her mother and she points at the one with superheros. she watches as hoseok put the bandage on her arm and then pat it so that it sticks on good.

“alright.” he bursts as he stands up and walks back to his bureau. “she’s meeting all the milestone, she’s healthy.” he reads off her documents, he then flips the page. “the only thing you should be worrying about is that she takes her pills and if she ever gets an attack again then feel free to call.”

both of the parents nod before thanking hoseok by giving him a hand. “thank you so much.” the father thanks.

“please don’t. i do it with all pleasure.” hoseok bows a little as he holds open the door. he again shakes their hands as they leave before closing the door behind them. he has just taken a step away from the door when he hears a small knock coming from it. he opens his door again and finds namjoon behind it, holding a folder.

“yoongi sunbaenim told me to give this to you.” he says as he holds the folder up.

“thank you.” hoseok takes the folder and thank him.

namjoon smiles at him and bows out of politeness. but as he wants to leave hoseok stops him. “listen, i know jin for years now. he won’t back down if you ask. so go get him.” hoseok says with a wink before closing the door, leaving namjoon all blushed and embarrassed.

as late evening peeks around the corner, everyone decides that it’s time to roll out. hoseok packs his bag and tidies up his office before closing the door and leaving, only to be back the next day. as walk the kinda empty hallway, he hears someone read a story from one of the slightly open doors.

he doesn’t want to interrupt the person, but to his knowledge only jimin reads stories to the little kids and he could have sworn that he waved jimin out before he left. so who could this be? his curiosity got the best of him and he carefully peeks his head through the crack of the door, seeing a particularly blond haired, small, pale man reading from a book.

"Let me in, Let me in, little pig or I'll huff and I'll puff and I'll blow your house in!" yoongi reads with much exaggeration and excitement. the little boy laying beside yoongi listens carefully with an open mouth at yoongi.

hoseok finds it cute, both the boy and yoongi. in all this time working here, he never knew yoongi did this. he first though that yoongi was stone cold, but upon beter knowing him, he found out that yoongi is actually was just shy and reserved, but that he is actually like a small marshmallow. but one thing he never saw yoongi do was play with the children, because he finds it too ‘dangerous’.

hoseok decides to leave the two alone and back away from the door. as he walks over to the elevator to leave, he smiles, thinking about how really cute that was. he is so going to use what he just saw against yoongi.