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Hades And Persephone

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A ragged sigh escaped past the god of the Underworld's dry, thin lips. He let his head fall back against the rough bark of the aged tree trunk with a quiet thud. Tired of all the constant nagging for him to go out and get some fresh air, he reluctantly agreed to travel to the surface. He wouldn't lie, it did feel nice to be somewhere other than the Underworld for a bit, but only for a bit.

A thick patch of green grass a few paces from him began rustling, a sandy colored rabbit jumping from the cover and bounding from the forest, past the tree line, to the vast, floral meadow. His eyes trained on the furry creature as it hopped through the abundant different kinds of vibrant flowers.

He wasn't partial to all the varying colors, too much brightness in his opinion. He liked his life the way it was, shrouded in the gloom and darkness of the Underworld. Yes, it was mostly solitary, but he quite enjoyed being away from his demanding, eccentric family. Why else would he choose the Underworld to rule?

The only company he had was his fellow immortal, Thanatos, at least that was what the mortals called him. His name was Taehyung, and was one of the few beings he actually enjoyed tolerating. They had mutual friendship in each other, but also enjoyed confinement once in a while. They knew to give each other space and that was what made them such a great pair.

However, it was surprisingly Taehyung who had been nagging him to leave the Underworld. Occasionally, he would travel above the earth and visit with his unconventional family before they descended and dragged him out of the Underworld themselves. He hadn't seen them in awhile, therefore causing Taehyung's reasoning.

The rabbit had now stopped at a quite vibrant looking cluster of weeds. It plucked off a leaf and quickly devoured it, before ripping off another. He admired the creature for that; though small and scrawny, it did as it pleased itself, and took what it wanted. All of a sudden, it's nose twitched violently, and Italian s ears stood at full attention, before it sprinted away urgently with abounding speed.

He was snapped back to reality when he heard the caring voice of one of his brothers followed by a high pitched giggle. His brother Seokjin, known to the immortals as Demeter, came into view, back slightly bent walking and holding the hand of a child. The child looked young, around his pre-adolescent years, glowing, tan skin, a head of ginger hair, and a bright, happy smile.

His brother was smiling down fondly at the child, leading him through the field. Seokjin was pointing out all kinds of different plants, and he could hear his brother naming them aloud to the child. The child just smiled, giggled, and skipped along holding onto his brother's hand tightly, staying closely to Seokjin's side.

For some reason, he found himself not being able to look away. He wasn't focusing on his brother, but the child. He was entirely mesmerized, the child was so beautiful. What about this being was captivating his attention like this? If it was any other child, he would want to ignore the scene before him, all the happiness and giggling would normally make him want to roll his eyes, and flee the location.

The child was now sat down on the ground, running his fingers along the various flowers in a seemingly loving way. This must be his brother's child. He found himself thinking that Seokjin didn't deserve such a precious thing. He knows his brother well, very motherly, yet quite unbearable if you were to ask for his honesty.

A small, surprisingly genuine, smile found it's way to his lips as the child plucked one of the light purple flowers from the soil, and tucked it behind his ear. He found himself thinking the sight was heartwarming. Generally, children disgusted him, but there was something special about this child, they way he smiled, the way he moved, the way he glowed.

In that moment, a crow squawked loudly, launching itself from the very tree he was leaning against, the powerful beat of it's dark wings demanding all attention. Before he could be spotted by the other immortals, he quickly ducked behind the twisted trunk for cover, cursing the brainless creature for almost exposing him to the others.

He held his breath and waited a few beats before slowly peaking around the trunk. His brother wasn't looking his way, but the child was. His jet black robes and raven hair hanging in his face helped to conceal him among the dark shadows of the forest caused by the canopy of trees, yet the child's round, doe eyes met his own charcoal orbs.

The child's eyes widened, before a huge, toothy smile graced his features, revealing small dimples near the corners of his heart-shaped lips. The child raised his hand and waved happily at his hunched figure. Before his brother could notice and spot him, he quickly ducked away and got to his feet quickly. He heard his brother asking the child who he was greeting, but the child answered untruthfully, saying he was waving at a fawn.

He knew he had to leave, yet he felt so compelled to stay and observe the child longer, but he couldn't risk getting caught by Seokjin. Who knows what kind of cloddish family reunion he'd get dragged into if he was found out?

Now, completely engulfed in the cover of the forest, he took one last look at the boy, before turning away to his awaiting chariot to begin making his way back to the Underworld.

He wasn't sure what it was about the immortal child that held his attention so much, but he knew he wanted him. Maybe it was the pure, delicate, innocence radiating off of his form, or maybe the way he giggled in happiness at the smallest things. It could have possibly been because he had seemed to understand the god wished to not be spotted and covered for him.

He didn't know, but he knew he would have that boy. He had much to tell Taehyung.