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Why I Hired You

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It was still warm when Peter stepped outside. Not as hot as it had been all day, thank god, but still pleasant. He took a moment to enjoy the fresh air as the glass door slid shut behind him soundlessly and his eyes roamed over the abundance of lights that were so many feet below him. New York wasn’t pretty to look at, not really, but like this, when the sun had gone down hours ago and you were far away from all the noises and weird smells and rude people, the city did seem quite beautiful. 

Peter sighed, shaking his head a little. He was tired, and he knew that he was getting pretty bad at hiding it. Usually, he wouldn’t let his mind wander like this, not when he was working. But he had been kept busy almost all day long; his feet hurt and he had been constantly fighting the urge to yawn for the past three hours. But it was all worth it. Besides, he hopefully would be allowed to rest any minute now. 

“You wanted to see me, sir?” 

Tony didn’t look at him when Peter stepped a little closer, keeping some feet between them as a sign of respect. Automatically he moved his hands behind his back and clasped them together, waiting for his boss to speak. Tony had abandoned whatever project he was working on a couple of minutes ago and had decided to retire on the most beautiful balcony he owned - at least Peter thought it was the most beautiful one. He thought that secretly, Tony must be stunned by the view as well, even though his eyes were on the drink in his hands. Peter found himself hoping that his boss wasn’t as cold and emotionless as he pretended to be a lot these days.

“Did you do everything I asked you to do?” 

Peter went through the list of tasks he had completed today before answering. “Yes, sir, I think so.”

“Coffee machine?”

“Was delivered this morning, sir.” 

“The conference on Thursday?” 

“All taken care of, Mr. Stark.”

Tony hummed. “Good job, fun size. Really seems like I can rely on you.”

Peter nodded enthusiastically, feeling proud and relieved. “Of course, Mr. Stark! You can totally trust me. I’m always glad to help you out - not that you’d really need my help, you’re super capable of helping yourself, obviously, I just mean-“

“One thing you gotta learn,” Tony interrupted him with a sigh, “is when to stop talking. I didn’t come up here to get annoyed, as you can probably imagine."

“Sorry, Mr. Stark,” Peter mumbled. He was right, he really needed to work on that. Sometimes his brain just stopped working while he was talking and it felt like there was nothing keeping him from blurting out his every thought. Which sucked. He was glad Tony had stopped him. “Was there... anything else you want me to do?”

Finally looking at him, Tony gave another sigh. “You tell me, kid.”

His eyes made Peter nervous, like Tony knew there was something he should know about but it had slipped Peter’s mind. Frantically he searched his brain for any important information he should tell Tony about but it seemed to be half asleep already and wouldn’t cooperate properly. It was maddening. 

“Well, if there’s nothing-“

“Oh!” Peter exclaimed then. Of course, how could he be so stupid? He clasped his hand in front of his mouth a second later, realizing he had interrupted Tony. Which was one of the most important rules. Do not speak when Mr. Stark is speaking. Fuck. “I’m sorry, sir, I just remembered something, I didn’t mean to-”

“Just tell me.” Tony didn’t seem overly offended. Like Peter, he was exhausted after a day of hard work, luckily too tired to yell at his employees. 

“Mr. Rogers called, sir,” Peter told him quickly. “He said that he’d be here next Tuesday, like you suggested. He and Mr... Mr.-”


“Yes, sir, Mr. Barnes. Sorry, sir.”

Tony looked at him like he wanted to take back the compliment he’d given Peter just a few minutes ago, but then he changed his mind. “Good. It’ll be your task to make sure someone picks them up at the airport. Offer them champagne when they arrive, you know the drill. Be polite. And remember their names, goddamnit.” 

Blushing, Peter nodded quickly, making mental notes as Tony spoke. “Yes, sir. I’ll make sure Mr. Barnes and Mr. Rogers feel welcome.” 

“That’s a good boy,” Tony said, causing Peter’s face to turn a darker shade of pink. “Do you remember what we talked about?”

As if Peter could have forgotten that. “Yes, Mr. Stark.” 

Tony took a sip from his drink and sat back on the couch a bit. “You’re still willing to participate, right? I know it’s an unusual task.”

“It’s not the only unusual thing you ask me to do, sir,” Peter said quietly, making Tony raise a brow. 

“You’ve never complained.” 

“I-I know, I would never complain about it, I like it,” Peter explained hastily. “I just mean, you know, it’s unusual. Not bad or... Yeah, just not what I expected when I accepted this job.” 

“So you are willing to participate?” Tony repeated calmly. 

Peter nodded. He was so willing to participate. Of course, he had been surprised - shocked - hearing about the offer first. Tony using him for sexual purposes was nothing new. He had initiated their first time on Peter’s second workday, after all. But Peter had never thought he’d ever want to share him. Tony was possessive over him, controlling, especially during sex, so to hear him ask whether he was willing to fuck his business associates while they were visiting had caught Peter so off-guard that he’d momentarily forgotten the task at hand and all but choked on his boss’ cock. But when he’d recovered from the shock and he could breathe normally again, he’d started to like the idea. Like, really like it. He enjoyed being good for Tony, loved being praised and needed, the appreciation he got when he was extraordinarily good for him. He was pretty sure he’d do anything just to please him - plus, he would get to have sex, which there would be a concerning lack of in his life if it weren’t for Tony using him. Peter barely had any free time nowadays, way too little time to work on any personal relationships, but he liked it that way. Working for Tony most of the time, making sure he had everything he could ever want. It was nice, like he had an actual purpose for the first time in his life. 

“Yes, Mr. Stark,” he said, trying his best to keep his voice steady. “Anything you want.”

Tony smirked at that. With an expectant look on his handsome face, he eyed Peter up and down, lingering on his crotch area a little. “Getting excited, pocket rocket?”

For the umpteenth time, Peter’s face heated up. The tight pants Tony made him wear always revealed his excitement fairly quickly. He had to force himself to maintain eye contact with Tony, knowing he didn’t like it when Peter tried to hide his emotions. “Uh, yes, sir. I think it’ll be... fun, won’t it?”

“Fun?” Tony repeated, chuckling. “Tell me why I hired you, Peter.”

“My résumé,” Peter said quietly, but he knew it wasn’t what Tony wanted to hear. They’d talked about this many times before, after all. “And... you wanted to have me.”

“I knew I had to have you the moment I saw you,” Tony corrected him. “And why was that?”

“You wanted to... to teach me things. You said I looked too innocent for my own good and that you’d... graciously help me out,” Peter replied, hoping he recalled Tony’s words somewhat correctly. 

“But then what happened, Pete?” Tony inquired, now leaning forward and looking at Peter somewhat smugly. “What did I discover?”

Peter took in a deep breath. “That I wasn’t as innocent as you'd thought, sir.”

“Exactly.” Tony beckoned him closer, and Peter approached him on shaky legs, growing more excited with every step. “I’m rarely wrong, kid, but you really tricked me with those doe eyes. Never would’ve expected you to be such a little slut.” 

A little whine slipped from Peter’s lips at the word, making Tony smirk wider. He spread his legs and Peter wordlessly dropped to his knees between them. He knew where this was going. Suddenly he wasn’t tired anymore, just eager to please Tony, to gain more praises and hopefully a reward for being a good boy. 

“So yeah,” Tony continued. He emptied the glass in his hand and set it aside, all the while keeping his eyes on the boy between his legs. “For someone who gets hard just thinking about being fucked by three men at once, someone who loves sucking cock and is willing to walk around with a plug in his ass just because his boss doesn’t wanna have to prep his tight hole every damn time he feels like using it... For someone like you, Peter, it will be fun. A challenge, definitely, and a painful one at that, but fun.”

“Thank you, Mr. Stark,” Peter said sincerely. “For... letting them fuck me. I know you could pick just anyone...”

“Oh, I’m not doing this for them. Or for you,” Tony clarified. He combed a hand through Peter’s hair, tugging on it a little but stopped when Peter leaned into it in order to open his pants. “I’m doing this for me. To show you off. To see what you can take. But at the end of the day, you still belong to me. And I hope you won’t forget that, for your sake, because reminding you wouldn’t be very pleasant for you and your ass.”

With his erection now tenting the front of his pants almost painfully, Peter let out a quiet moan that he wasn’t even ashamed of. “I’d never forget that, Mr. Stark. I belong to you, I’m- I’m yours.”

“Good. Say that again.” Peter’s mouth started to water as Tony began to stroke his cock while he spoke, never taking his eyes off Peter. 

“I’m yours.”

Tony groaned quietly. Then he bit his bottom lip, pausing for a second, seemingly making a decision. “Get up.”

Peter frowned but complied after a moment. “Sir, don’t you want me to...?” he asked with a shy gesture towards Tony’s crotch and undeniable disappointment in his voice. 

“I wanted to, now I wanna hear you talk to me instead. Undress and turn around.” 

His heart beating rapidly, Peter obeyed. He undid the buttons on the front of his shirt with trembling fingers, his eyes unable to stay away from Tony’s hard cock for more than a few seconds at a time. It took a fucking eternity before he was finally naked in front of Tony, his face still a little pink but now from pure excitement instead of nervousness. He turned around so Tony had access to his ass, knowing perfectly well what would happen next, yet he still jumped a little when Tony’s hand settled on his lower back. 

“So pretty,” he murmured. Peter whined when he felt him press against the plug inside of him; he was so used to it that he barely even thought about it during the day, yet he would never forget to put it in. Never again. Once, after oversleeping and barely arriving on time, Peter had only realized that he felt weirdly empty when it had been already too late. Tony had made him pay with some pretty harsh smacks on his bare ass and a fuck without any prep, which left Peter unable to walk properly for a good couple of days and reminded him thoroughly of why it was necessary to wear the plug every day. 

Tony’s firm fingers took a hold of the plug’s base and pulled it out, making Peter bite down on the inside of his cheek to hold in a whimper as his hole stretched around the biggest part of the toy. Tony had used him a few hours ago, just a quick, wordless fuck over his desk to release some tension, and his come began to ooze out of Peter the moment the plug was gone. Two of Tony’s fingers slid into him as if he wanted to keep his come inside of Peter, making the boy moan wantonly. “A little patience, slut. Let me look at what I’m about to use, I don’t pay you for stressing me out.” 

“I’m sorry, Mr. Stark,” Peter apologized, moaning again when Tony scissored his fingers inside of him. 

“You’re wet like a girl. Fucking dripping.” Tony slid his fingers out and slapped Peter’s ass in an almost playful way. “As much as I’d love to fuck you over the balustrade, I’ve had a rough day. So you do the work.”

“Yes, Mr. Stark,” Peter agreed eagerly. As much as he would’ve loved being taken from behind, he was totally okay with riding Tony, too. Not that he had much of a choice. Tony’s hands on his hips were already guiding him backward and into a sitting position so he ended up hovering over his lap. A moment later the thick head of Tony’s cock was positioned at his entrance and when he sat down all the way, it slid into him with practiced ease. Peter keened in the back of throat, loving the stretch and how owned it made him feel. The feeling grew stronger when Tony pulled him towards his chest firmly, so he was leaning against him, panting as he tried to accommodate to the stretch.

“Legs up,” Tony instructed. Peter groaned, feeling Tony’s cock brush against his prostate as he placed his feet on either side of Tony’s knees. Slowly he began moving up and down, trying to get used to the position. The muscles in his thighs already started to feel tense, a prophecy of how much they would hurt in a few minutes if he kept going, but Peter didn’t care. Everything he could focus on was how huge Tony was, how fucking good he felt, how grateful he was for his cock. 

He realized that he must have said some of that out loud when Tony’s warm breath hit his neck in a chuckle. “I know, Peter, I know. That’s what I meant. You forget everything around you with my cock in your ass, don’t you? You’d do anything for me as long as I keep fucking you.” 

“Yes, Mr. Stark, fuck,” Peter agreed breathlessly. Tony placed his hands on the inside of his thighs, pushing his legs further apart. Peter spread them obediently and earned another appreciate chuckle. Heat boiled in his stomach and his head was swimming; Tony hadn’t let him finish earlier and he felt like the tiniest touch to his dick would make him explode. As if reading his mind, one of Tony’s hands slid closer to it, down his thigh until it brushed against his hard shaft. “Mr. Stark-” Peter tried to warm him, but Tony shook his head. 

“Not until I come, Peter, you know the rules.”

Peter sobbed, muttering a “Yes, sir,” in defeat as he sped up his movements. He’d just have to get Tony to come, and even though he wanted to enjoy this as much as possible, the orgasm bubbling in his stomach was too tempting. Pre-come made the tip of his dick shiny, showing Tony just how needy he was, and because he was an ass, he took Peter into his hand in a loose grip, making Peter fuck his hand whenever he moved. Peter cursed, slowing his hips involuntarily because he knew he’d spill his load all over Tony’s fist if he kept going at his current pace. 

“I didn’t tell you to slow down,” Tony remarked, tightening his grip around Peter. “Keep going.”

“Sir, I can’t-”

“Yes, you can. Don’t make me mad.”

Peter forced himself to move faster once more, shutting his eyes as if to try and make himself forget what situation he was in. It worked for a few seconds but then Tony shifted and brushed against Peter’s sweet spot, making him whine and his dick throb tellingly. “Please, Mr. Stark, I’m gonna come.”

“No, you’re not,” Tony said lazily. “Because I’m not even close yet and you won’t come until I do. Maybe you won’t come at all if you keep being so sloppy.” 

Fucking himself on Tony’s cock faster in order to earn his reward, Peter whimpered desperately. “Please, please, please, sir, I can’t- Can you please make an exception, please, I gotta-”

“Nope,” Tony said. Peter could hear the grin in his voice. “Self-restraint, my slut. Ever heard of it?”

“Mr. Stark,” Peter tried again. He was cut off by his own whine when Tony tightened the grip around his cock even more, pushing him impossibly closer with every thrust. By then he’d basically accepted his defeat - he was so close to the point where he just couldn’t stop himself anymore, and each movement of his hips was pushing him closer. “Fuck, please, please-”

“I don’t like repeating myself, Peter.” 

“I know, sir, I’m sorry, I just can’t- please-” He’d reached it, the point where he wasn’t in charge of his body anymore. More desperate words fell from his lips as he moved his body even faster than before, feeling his orgasm build and he was so incredibly close-

And suddenly it was over. For a moment all Peter could hear was his own rapid heartbeat; he still hadn’t come, he was so, so close, and it took him a couple of seconds to understand what was stopping him. Tony’s hand, now with vice-like strength, gripped the base of his cock, unmoving and firm, so Peter wasn’t able to finish. “No,” he whimpered, stilling his hips in defeat. “Mr. Stark, please-”

“I thought I’d made my point clear,” Tony said. It didn’t sound like he was grinning anymore, and Peter became aware of what he'd done at once. He hurried to apologize but Tony cut him off by pressing his free arm against his throat, choking him with his forearm. It wasn’t enough to cut Peter’s airflow off altogether, but definitely enough to stop him speaking and focus on breathing instead. “Do you think anyone will care about your pleasure next week? We’ll use your holes, Peter, whenever and however we want and you won’t get to come just because you want to. You’ll need my permission for that, you hear me? You only come when I say so. Is that clear?”

“Yes, Mr. Stark,” Peter agreed hastily, his voice strained. He began moving his hips again, not wanting to displease his boss even more. “I’m so sorry, sir, I didn’t want to come, I was just so close, I couldn’t help it.”

The pressure on the base of his cock increased, making him whine. “Maybe I should’ve just used your mouth instead, after all. Should’ve tied you up so you wouldn’t be able to touch yourself, forced my cock down your throat to stop you from babbling.”

“No, Mr. Stark, please,” Peter gasped, fucking himself even faster to prove that letting him ride him had been a good decision. “I’m-I’m grateful you’re using my ass, sorry for almost coming, it won’t happen again, sir, only with your permission, I swear.”

“Yeah? So if I remove my hand, you won’t come until I tell you to?”

“Yes, sir,” Peter agreed, trying to ignore the voice in his head telling him he shouldn’t promise things like that right now. “I’ll be good, so good. Please, sir.”

“You sound so pretty when you beg,” Tony said. “Fine.”

Both of his hands settled on his hips, allowing Peter to gulp in air as his cock twitched against his stomach. “Thank you, Mr. Stark,” he moaned. At least he wasn’t seconds away from coming anymore, whereas Tony seemed to be getting closer at last, judging by the groans that hit Peter’s neck whenever he moved his hips down. 

“Such a polite little whore, aren’t you?” Tony said right against Peter’s ear, making the boy shiver. “So eager to be good for me?”

“Yes, sir, just wanna be a good slut for you,” Peter whimpered. “I’ll- I’ll do whatever you want me to do, I’m yours, your slut, sir.” 

“Fuck, Pete,” Tony cursed, fingers digging into the boy’s skin. “Keep talking like that.”

Peter nodded. “It-It feels like you own me when you fuck me,” he admitted, letting the words fall from his lips freely. “Like I’m your property, and you can do anything you want with me, and I love it so fucking much.”

Tony began to meet Peter’s thrusts, moving up in time with him in a way that made their skin slap together loudly. “I’m gonna come,” Tony said in a low voice. “You want it in your ass?”

“Yes, Mr. Stark,” Peter pleaded. “Please, I want it so bad.”

“Good boy.” 

Tony’s hands tightened on Peter’s hips as he pressed him down, cursing against his neck as he emptied inside of him. Peter moaned appreciatively, enjoying the feeling of it. He knew he’d have new bruises on his skin from where Tony was holding him, and he already looked forward to them.  

Still panting a little, Tony pushed Peter’s feet off the sofa and told him to get off after a few moments. Peter slid off his lap and onto the space on the couch right next to Tony, on his hands and knees with his back arched, knowing what the next step was. The obedience earned him another playful smack to his ass before Tony pushed the plug back into him, keeping his come from seeping out. “You’re not done yet,” he reminded him. “Suck me clean.”

“Yes, Mr. Stark.” Peter hurried off the sofa and onto the floor between Tony’s legs once more, gingerly taking his softening cock into his mouth. Tony hissed but threaded a hand through Peter’s hair encouragingly, so Peter kept going. The taste of come and himself was thick on his tongue, but he didn’t stop until Tony pulled him off, satisfied. 

Peter sat back in his knees, watching Tony with big, hopeful eyes as he closed his pants. Noticing this, Tony raised a brow. “You’re not seriously about to ask me to let you come.”

“I...” Obviously, that was exactly what Peter had been hoping for. “Yes? I mean, I was good, wasn’t I?”

“You almost came without my permission.”

“Yeah, but... I didn’t? So please-”

“No way, Peter,” Tony said with a sigh. He got up and patted Peter’s head in a taunting way. “Maybe tomorrow.”

“Mr. Stark, please, I’m so fucking hard, I-” 

“I would’ve let you come if you’d behaved.” He shrugged. “Go home and get some sleep. If you’re good tomorrow, you’ll get another chance.”

“I don’t think I can get any sleep if I don’t-” 

“See, and this is where you stop talking because you realize I don’t care.” Tony’s fingers tightened in Peter’s hair once more before he let go of him and walked away, heading towards the door. “Put my glass away, will you? See you tomorrow morning at 7.30. Don’t be late.”

Peter was still kneeling in front of the sofa, not wanting to believe he was not getting off. “Please don’t leave me like this, sir.”

“7.30,” Tony repeated, sounding almost cheerful. Then he turned around once more. “Oh, and I assume you know what else I’m about to say?”

“That I can’t touch myself?” Peter guessed with a sigh.

“Good boy,” Tony praised him, but he was already walking away again. “Goodnight, Peter.”

“Goodnight, Mr. Stark.”