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She rushed to my side, when she found me bleeding. I had managed to save my wings, after Mazikeen took them from me and hid them. She helped me up, one arm looped around my back the other on my chest. She lead me inside a motel room and helped me take off my jacket and suit shirt. I winced, as she grabbed some peroxide and whatever else she needed. She gave me these pills, small and funny looking with a glass of water. I downed the pills and water in one swig, sighing as she slowly stopped the bleeding. Her hands were gentle and soft, caressing the skin were my wings had once been. How could a mere mortal help the king of hell? I got a closer look at her, with her deep blue-grey eyes, and short strawberry blonde hair. She had stood at my chest, so she was maybe 5 feet tall.

"I'm Talyia, in case you were wondering. Not that it matters anyways, because you're probably gonna be gone in the morning." She looked away, as I faced her.

"It matters to me. I have a question though, why save me? You could've left me for dead. I'm Lucifer, the..." I began and stopped.

"You're the ruler of hell right? I read about you in the bible when I was younger. You opposed your father and in return he banished you to hell. He hated you for rebelling against him." A blush swept over her cheeks.

She finished doing my back and wrapped it up in bandages. Ice packs laid out on the pillow and I laid on them. I gasped softly at the touch, and relaxed again. She had turned on the fan and I began to feel drowsy.

"Don't worry, the medicine I gave you will help you sleep and take care of the pain. In a few hours I will see how you are feeling."

Five years later

I stood at the bar, a drink in hand and looked around. That's when I spotted her. She wore a black mid thigh lace dress, with the sleeves stopping below her shoulders. She wore galaxy converse and her strawberry blonde hair, once short now reached the middle of her back, in boxer braids. Looking at Maze, she glanced between me and the girl. She knew instantly who it was and smiled. I got confused and looked at the girl again, unsure of what to make of her. That's when it hit me, she had disappeared five years ago after my wings were cut off. I couldn't believe she was back, and in the flesh. She had a beer in hand, mingling with the guests but not fully there. Like she rather watching movies in pajamas but got dragged out here by her best friend. She looked around, not happy that it was crowded, and began to walk towards the door when I stopped her. Her deep ocean blue-grey eyes looked up at me in confusion, as if she was trying to place me.

"Oh bloody hell Talyia, it's me! Lucifer! From the beach!" I said annoyed trying not to get frustrated. I sighed and took a deep breath.

She hugged me, and I smiled, as the smell of coconut, chocolate and spearmint gum filled my nose. She pulled away, in embarrassment and looked away, hoping no one noticed. Smiling I brushed some stray hair behind her ear, and sighed. We went to my apartment and I stayed inside while she went to use the bathroom. My stomach was in knots, my palms sweaty and I was nervous. I went into my room shutting the door and reached for my cellphone to call the detective. I soon realized what it was. No, it couldn't be, I was the bloody devil! For Christ sakes, I couldn't have fallen in love with a mortal. Yet, here I was and I took a shaky breath.

"Detective, I may need some... Advice or something. How do you know if... Well this a silly question but how do you do know if you're in love?" I managed and I heard her laugh softly.

"Well, sometimes it's different for people. Sometimes, people have butterflies in their stomach or they get nervous and flustered around the other person. Is everything okay lucifer? You sound nervous," I sat on my bed and sighed.

"I, um, I think I'm falling in love or am in love with Talyia. I'm nervous, my stomach's in knots, my palms are sweaty," I explained and sighed again. My heart was thundering in my chest at the sound of just her name.

"Oh Lucifer... Just tell her already! I mean I know your nervous an all but still. It's better than not telling her and becoming jealous." I had to admit it but she was right. A knock on the door revealed that someone needed me.

"Thank you Detective, I must go though someone needs me." I hung up the phone and opened the door to reveal Talyia.

My hands shook as I stared at her. She gave me a small smile and I smiled back at her. God, I needed to pull my head out of my ass and tell her. I couldn't spit it out, and ended up pulling her in close. A small gasp left her lips as she looked up at me, unsure of what to say. She bit her lip shyly as my heart flipped. I closed the door and pulled her to the bed softly, wanting more but not wanting to go to fast.