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"Come on, follow me," Alex said as she grabbed Tobin's hand. The two of them walked through all the chaos of the locker room celebration. Both of them were a bit drunk, but Alex was sober enough to know what she was doing. Although, she wasn't exactly sober enough to figure out whether or not this was actually something she needed to be doing. Alex had been dancing around her feelings for Tobin for years now and she finally felt like she was in a good enough place to go after what she wanted. Besides, if anybody questioned it, she was definitely been drinking enough to blame it on the alcohol. 

"Where are we going?" Tobin asked and Alex pushed her into a corner. It was a little darker than the rest of the locker room and secluded enough so that their teammates most likely wouldn't be finding them easily. Alex pressed her lips against Tobin's and was surprised when Tobin flipped them so that Alex was against the wall. Tobin and Alex continued to make out, neither of them minding that it was a little sloppy at times. Tobin dipped her head down a bit to kiss along Alex's neck as she pushed the forward up a little bit. They were short on time, they'd been told that after Pinoe got there, they'd have less than an hour before they had to get back to the hotel. Tobin needed to be quick, so she decided that she would be, even if she had wanted nothing more than to have a nice, slow time with Alex. "Tell me what you want." 

"Fuck me Tobin, I want you to fuck me," Alex answered in a breathy, higher pitched tone. Tobin wasted no time in putting her hand in Alex's shorts after she said that. Alex moved against Tobin's hand, trying to get just a little more from her. Tobin watched Alex's hips move for a minute or two before she finally gave Alex what she wanted. Tobin pushed Alex's underwear to the side and slipped two fingers inside of Alex while her thumb rested over her clit. Tobin had thought about what it would be like to finally, finally, be inside of Alex and it was so much better than she had even thought it could be. Alex was smart enough to keep herself quiet by kissing Tobin's neck as her teammate fingered her in the corner. 

"Don't bite so hard," Tobin hissed as Alex's teeth clenched down near her pulse point. Alex quivered in her arms and Tobin realized why she'd been bitten so harshly. Alex was quick (for somebody who had been drinking) to soothe the bite mark with her tongue. Tobin let go of Alex's legs and almost fell into Alex's arms. Her legs felt like putty and she wasn't sure how she was still standing, but she was certain it wasn't on her own. 

"Can I fuck you Tobin? I really want to, I have for a long time." Alex batted her eyelashes and Tobin nodded, gulping. Alex turned them around so that Tobin was leaning against the corner as Alex dropped down to her knees. Alex pulled Tobin's shorts and underwear down in one go, then dragged her tongue up from Tobin's entrance. Tobin twitched a little at that and gave a small moan, but Alex wanted more. Alex didn't care whether or not Tobin was quiet, she wanted to hear Tobin screaming her name as she came, even if their teammates would hear it as well. Alex pushed two fingers into Tobin and leaned in so that she could tease Tobin's clit with her tongue. She kept a steady pace with her fingers, not moving too slowly, but making sure not to be too rough with Tobin. That seemed to be working fairly well as it was bringing Tobin closer to her climax much faster than Alex had anticipated, so she decided that to push Tobin over the edge, she'd do something a little different. Alex lightly scraped her teeth over it and felt a surge of warmth go through her at the noise it had pulled from Tobin. 

"Alex!" Tobin screamed as she came. Alex quickly pulled Tobin's shorts and underwear back up and then barely caught Tobin as she began to fall. Most of their teammates didn't hear them, so they didn't come to check out the noise, but the only two not drinking, Tierna and Christen, did and they came over. 

"Are you guys okay?" Tierna asked and Alex nodded. 

"Tobin tripped," Alex said with a little giggle. 

"Tierna, let's go," Christen said, pulling the rookie away from them all. Alex and Christen shared a brief moment of eye contact that sobered Alex up pretty quickly because it told Alex everything she didn't want to know in that moment: Christen knew and she had all along.