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Tobin let out a little squeak as Alex's lips trailed down to whatever skin they could find. A night out at the bar had taken a bad turn when some guy kept hitting on Tobin after she'd turned him down several times (Alex did it for her technically, but that's neither here nor there) and Alex had gotten a text from him. Alex wanted to drink to distract herself, but she knew Tobin couldn't necessarily handle her liquor and had already had a few drinks. So, Alex got herself one more very strong drink, cut her losses, and dragged Allie and Tobin out of the bar. Allie was passed out on the couch and Alex knew that Allie wouldn't wake up until the morning. It had been about a week and a half since Alex and Tobin had their moment together and it had secretly been on both of their minds since. Tobin wondered if she had ruined things between them because she swore that Alex was acting at least a little bit different, and Alex was just trying to get ahold of her feelings for Tobin and figure out where in her life they fit for the time being. 

"Alex," Tobin moaned and Alex dropped onto her knees in front of Tobin. She looked up for approval and at the little nod from Tobin, she unbuttoned Tobin's jeans and began to pull them down her very tan and toned legs. Alex could smell that Tobin was wet, it was all she had been smelling in her dreams. Alex hadn't dreamt about anything other than Tobin and the things that they could eventually be doing to each other if Alex could get things just right for them. Not a single part of her had believed that she'd find herself in between Tobin's legs less than a month after their encounter. "Alex." 

"I'm here, right here," Alex said, looking up at Tobin. Tobin's breath hitched as she looked down at Alex. "What is it Tobin?" Alex's tone was soft and made Tobin's heart melt a little inside of her chest. She had heard Alex speak that way before, but it had never been directly at her. 

"I don't know how to," Tobin confessed and Alex stood up. 

"You don't have to do anything you don't want to," Alex promised and Tobin nodded. "If you're scared, it's okay because I think I am a little bit too." 

Alex dropped back down to her knees as she chuckled darkly at her own statement. There was no joking tone in her voice and Tobin was concerned for a moment, but the second that Alex was lifting her shirt up to kiss her abs, it was all gone. Tobin pulled her own shirt off and Alex continued doing what she had been. Tobin didn't think she needed it, honestly, Alex could have decided to pick any moment to push her against a door or wall and Tobin would have been ready for whatever she wanted. All the midfielder had been wanting for the longest time was to have Alex want her. It didn't necessarily have to be sexual, but Tobin would take whatever bones God decided to throw down at her. 

"Tobin, baby, can I?" Alex asked and Tobin nodded. "Words Tobs." 

"Yes, please do," Tobin said and Alex smiled at her. She hooked her fingers around Tobin's underwear and pulled them down her legs. They were kicked off and Alex moved right in between Tobin's legs again. She put one over her shoulder and then got to work with her mouth. Alex licked and sucked Tobin's clit as she teased Tobin's entrance with a finger. Tobin was squirming and ready for her to keep going almost immediately, but Alex always liked to have a little fun with her prey before she went in for the kill. Tobin's mouth fell open, but no sound came out except for a broken gasp when Alex finally pushed her finger into Tobin. Alex looked up at Tobin as she added another finger and continued with her mouth, watching as Tobin's face was warped with pleasure. Tobin's legs began to shake a little and Alex could feel her body scrambling to prepare itself for an orgasm. Alex removed her hand from in between Tobin's legs to hold the midfielder steady as Alex continued to bring her pleasure with her mouth and tongue. Tobin shook in Alex's arms, nearly falling over had it not been for Alex's hold on her. 

"I've got you," Alex said as she stood up, holding Tobin against her. "I've always got you."