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"You know I think that you would have been a bit better off visiting France when it's a bit cooler out," Lucy said, sitting down next to Christen. The phone call had come as a bit of a shock for the Lyon defender, but it hadn't been unwelcome. Lucy had been losing her mind a little bit, the heat, practice, and then the ongoing list of things that Lucy was apparently required to do. Lucy was 99% certain that it wasn't that she was required to do anything, but they were things expected of her. "Maybe you could come when your season ends?" 

"I'll see you then too, just like I know that you'll come visit me when your season ends," Christen said and Lucy nodded. Lucy looked around the restaurant they were in, realized nobody was watching them, and then leaned over the table to kiss Christen. "I ordered for you, same thing we got after the semis." 

"Thank you," Lucy said, taking a sip from the glass of wine sitting in front of her. "So, any plans after this?" 

"The best part of a vacation is that I can schedule my day around how I feel. I don't have anything planned after this," Christen said and Lucy moved her chair a bit closer to Christen's. Christen told Lucy about the few things she had done in France before making her final stop in Lyon. Lucy told Christen about how tiring the practices were in such intense heat. Lucy sounded confident about going into this season, having great confidence in her teammates to do well for the season. 

"Maybe one season you can get a loan to play here," Lucy said, her eyes hopeful. 

"I feel good about being at Utah right now, but maybe after this season things can be talked about for next year." Christen made sure to leave the answer open. She did want to come play here with Lucy, that would be absolutely amazing, but she also would need a break when the season ended and then it ultimately wasn't really up to her with what happened. Many of her teammates in the past had went to other clubs when the NWSL season ended to play, but that was never something so spur of the moment. Normally, that was something that had been planned out before the season even started. 

"It'd be really nice to get to play with you somewhere, it doesn't have to be here," Lucy said and Christen gave her a small smile. "Maybe I could play a season out there, I'm sure that it could be good for both leagues." 

"You are a pretty big deal if I do say so myself." Lucy blushed at Christen's comment and the two of them got ready to go back to Lucy's place for a bit. The sun was beginning to set, so it was now cool enough for them to walk. Lucy held onto Christen's hand during the entire walk. Once they got to Lucy's place, the mood shifted from the sweet and semi-domestic feeling it had before to heavier and hotter. Lucy backed Christen against a wall as she kissed her neck. Christen could feel Lucy trying to leave a mark or two for her to remember back in Utah. Christen thought it was a little silly, but she still loved it anyways. Christen pulled Lucy's head up so that she was actually get a kiss on the lips. As soon as their lips met, it was almost explosive. Christen was the one who deepened the kiss as Lucy moved them back to her bedroom. 

Lucy moved back back onto her bed and held herself up above Christen as they made out. Lucy broke the kiss to take Christen's shirt off and kiss all over the newly revealed skin. Christen unhooked her own bra as Lucy worked at making little marks on her sides. Lucy left kisses all over Christen's breasts before moving back to unbutton her own shirt. Christen reached up to touch the lace trim on Lucy's bra as Lucy leaned back for another kiss. Christen ran her fingers along the lines of Lucy's abs, loving the feeling of the British woman's muscles under her fingertips. Christen sat up and scooted further back on the bed until her back hit the headboard. Lucy followed her up and Christen switched how they had been so she was sitting on Lucy's lap. 

Christen liked being in that position with Lucy. She liked how Lucy would grab a hold of her and that she could really look at Lucy while they were having sex. Lucy brought her hand up to the buttons on Christen's shorts. She didn't immediately move to take them off, instead pausing for a moment so she could leave a trail of kisses along the column of Christen's neck. Lucy fumbled a bit when she finally did get to the buttons, but Christen hadn't said anything. Not that she would have, especially since it was completely her fault. Lucy had good coordination, but Christen was moving her hips a little and making little moaning sounds that always, always distracted Lucy. 

"Do you want to stay like this?" Lucy asked as she began to rub Christen through her underwear. Christen wasn't too far gone yet, but she definitely wasn't all the way there. 

"Stay like this, I want to kiss you and look at you," Christen said and Lucy nodded. Christen leaned down to kiss Lucy as she guided the defender's fingers inside of her. Christen broke the kiss to let out a little gasp, but Lucy kept working her fingers inside of Christen. Christen moved her hips with Lucy's fingers to help gain a little speed. Lucy moved her free arm to rest so that part of it was on Christen's back and her hand was on her ass. Christen had one of her arms draped across the back of Lucy's shoulders as the other came rested in between them. Christen moved her hand between her legs to rub her own clit as Lucy's fingers began to move faster. Christen threw her head back with a loud moan as she began to thrash in Lucy's arms. Lucy held her tightly and laid them down as Christen's orgasm began to subside. Lucy waited until Christen was once again calm to crawl down between her legs. Lucy removed Christen's underwear, tossing them behind her head somewhere, and then began to set her focus on making Christen cum again.

Lucy knew how Christen liked being eaten out. Lucy knew a lot of things that Christen liked. She knew Christen liked it faster with her fingers, but a little more slower and more deliberate movements with her tongue. Lucy made sure to do that for her. Every swipe, flick, and overall movement of her tongue was used to get Christen to another climax. Lucy could tell when it was getting to be not enough for her, Christen's hands were grabbing the sheets and her body was squirming, but she wasn't shaking yet. Lucy slid two fingers inside of Christen, keeping them in time with the movements of her tongue against the forward's clit. Christen's breathing picked up a bit and Lucy put just enough pressure on Christen with her tongue to push her over the edge. 

"I think getting a loan to play at Lyon is a good idea," Christen said as Lucy grabbed something for Christen to wear. "I'll talk to Laura." 

"I'd say I'd talk to somebody to get you on, but who's stupid enough to not put in the offer," Lucy said and Christen graciously accepted the shirt and shorts to wear. "When do you leave?" 

"My flight is tomorrow night," Christen said and Lucy nodded. "I can stay here tonight if you want me to." 

"Of course I do," Lucy said smiling. Christen pulled the shirt on and then kissed Lucy as they both laid down.