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It was supposed to be a fun, innocent pool party. That had been Alex's intention when she invited Sydney and Dom over. They deserved a break and Alex was more than happy to spend a little girl time with Sydney. Besides, Dom and Serv could go do dude stuff or whatever it was while Sydney and Alex laid in chairs and soaked up the sun. There were a few drinks being passed around, a few stories from Sydney about how things in the house were (chaotic), and then things got a little weird. 

"I swear I've never seen him cum that fast. I didn't even touch him, it was kind of insulting," Sydney said and Alex's cheeks were almost as red as her bikini. "So, what does Serv like?" 

"I don't know, I've never really been there when he watches anything," Alex admitted. "I just leave him to whatever he wants when it comes to that kind of stuff. Sometimes I think I have a bit more fun on my own ya know?" 

"No I don't, Alex I have two kids for a reason honey," Sydney said and Alex frowned. "I didn't mean it like that, I promise." 

"I know, but it sucks," Alex said and Sydney got up to hug her. "I love you Syd." 

"I love you too," Sydney paused for a moment before continuing, "Baby Horse." 

"I'm fucking 30!" Alex yelled and Sydney just cackled. "Let's go in and check on them." Alex and Sydney walked into Alex's house, holding onto each other. "Alright in here guys?" 

"Yeah, e-everything's fine," Servando stuttered out. 

"Convincing, what are you looking at?" Alex tried to look at the screen that was in between the guys, but Servando quickly shut it. "That's my laptop, gimme." 

"Ours and no." Alex crossed her arms and just hopped over the couch and took it that way. She walked over to Sydney and then opened it. At first it didn't sink in, well Sydney seemed to be able to tell immediately, but it took Alex a second. "Alex, I'm sorry." 

"Okay, I'm not mad about the porn, I am mad because that's my fucking laptop," Alex said, crossing her arms over her chest. "Is that seriously what gets you guys off?" 

"Well, y-yeah." Alex could tell that Servando was nervous and obviously both guys were a little turned on. Alex turned around and looked at Sydney. 

"You know, I think you guys could use a reward," Alex said and Sydney was a bit confused. "I think I can come up with a reward for everybody. Sydney, babe, you obviously deserve a little something special. Dom, you too, I mean you work really hard all the time. Serv, I'm sure the bench would get cold without you." 

"Sick burn," Sydney whispered to Alex as she slowly circled Sydney. 

"Thanks, been waiting to say that for awhile," Alex whispered. "What do you say Syd?" 

"I think you're right," Sydney said, putting her hands on Alex's ass. The two of them began to walk away, Sydney beckoning the guys to follow her. "Are you serious about this?" 

"Deadly," Alex said with a little smirk. She closed the door behind the guys and then sat on the edge of the bed, next to Sydney. "Rules, you don't get to touch us and as long as you don't touch yourself you can stay and watch. Maybe take some fucking notes while you're at it. Sound good Syd?" 

"Definitely," Sydney said and Alex smiled, leaning in for a kiss. The kiss was slow and sensual, seemingly unbroken for several minutes. Alex pressed soft and sweet kisses down Sydney's neck, stopping occasionally when she found a particularly sensitive spot. Alex untied Sydney's bikini top and left kisses all over her breasts before trailing her tongue down. "Alex, please, I want you." 

"Hear that guys? It's me she wants inside of her," Alex said with a smug smirk. She took Sydney's bottoms off and spread her legs. Alex pushed two fingers inside of Sydney and ducked her head down to wrap her lips around Sydney's clit. She alternated between sucking and teasing with her tongue as she slowly fucked Sydney with her fingers. Alex's mouth didn't leave Sydney's clit until Sydney had cum. Alex removed her fingers from inside of Sydney and watched as Sydney leaned forward to lick herself off of them. Alex turned back to them and bit her lip, noting that both of them looked beyond turned on. "She ever do that for you?" 

"No," Dom answered quickly. 

"Didn't think so," Alex said cheekily. She turned to Sydney and pulled her in for a kiss. 

"I'm gonna do to you something he never gets to," Sydney said and Alex turned around and pressed her ass into Sydney's front. 

"Fuck me in the ass," Alex said and Sydney nodded. Alex stripped for her as she walked over to her closet. She grabbed a dildo and harness, winking at Servando and Dom as she walked it over to Sydney. "I want you to really fuck me, show them how it should be done." 

"Gladly." Sydney ran her tongue down the side of Alex's neck before biting down lightly on her shoulder. Sydney put the everything she needed to on and turned back to the bed to see Alex on all fours, rubbing herself as she did. Sydney ran the plastic dick through Alex's folds and just barely into her entrance to get it wet. She used Alex's wetness as a lube and then slid inside of her slowly. She inched in little by little, gauging Alex's reaction with each little movement. Sydney stopped when she was felt Alex's skin against hers and Alex rocked her hips against Sydney. It definitely did hurt, and Alex was reminded why she didn't want to do this, but at the same time she liked the hurt. 

"You can move," Alex said and Sydney started moving again, very slowly. Alex's arms started to burn a little from holding herself up, but that was quickly out of her mind when she felt Sydney lean down and press a kiss to the side of her neck. Alex relaxed her body and everything came easier from then on. Alex dropped down a little bit, looking directly at Servando before looking up to Sydney, pleasure evident all over her face. "Faster." 

"Are you sure?" Sydney asked and Alex nodded. Whenever Alex said faster or harder, Sydney would listen. Sydney could register that Alex would say other things, but she wasn't listening to those things. Besides, even without actually listening, she knew that Alex was singing her praises to the guys. Sydney didn't stop, she didn't even think to stop until Alex was grabbing onto her wrist with a shaky hand. Sydney was scared that she had hurt Alex for a moment, but that quickly subsided when Sydney felt something wet dripping down the front of her thighs. Alex could sense Sydney's apprehensiveness and pushed her back against the bed with a kiss to try and appease her nerves. 

"That was amazing," Alex said, running her fingers through Sydney's hair. "We'll have to do that again sometime." 

"Definitely," Sydney said with a little smirk. She got her bikini on and walked out of Alex's with Dom. Alex could tell that both of them were going to end up having a great time for the rest of that night. Servando moved towards Alex, but she pushed him back. 

"I'm pretty spent. Oh, and don't touch my laptop anymore," Alex said, getting up to get something to sleep in. "I'll see you in the morning."