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"You're really not going anywhere are you?" Lindsey asked as she looked at Tobin's new house. Tobin Heath, homeowner. It did have a nice ring to it, even if it felt weird in Lindsey's head and impossible to say for the blonde. Tobin shrugged in a normal Tobin fashion before unlocking the door. Lindsey had seen the house before, but not furnished and with everything unpacked. Allie had come down from Seattle to help Tobin purchase some new things for her home, along with Sinclair, who had been very helpful in the matter. Tobin's home felt nice and it had everything that Tobin would need, and quite a bit the attacking midfielder didn't believe she would ever need. 

"The plan is to stay here. Portland feels like home, just like Paris did," Tobin said and Lindsey smiled. "My family can come visit and stay with me, you can come and stay with me." 

"I, think I'd like that Toby," Lindsey said, leaning in to kiss the shorter woman. Tobin returned the kiss and wrapped her arm around Lindsey's waist. The two of them getting together had been quite the ordeal. It had started with hookups back in France, Tobin had felt insanely guilty about it, but Lindsey had been really into it. Lindsey got called up to the National Team and they stopped because Tobin wouldn't hear the end of it if anybody there found out. Lindsey and Tobin both found themselves at Portland and by the end of that season, it had started again. Emily had stopped Tobin in the locker room exactly a month after she'd went back to hooking up with Lindsey and gave Tobin the talk of a lifetime. Tobin had decided that it wasn't the age difference now that made Tobin feel sort of shitty, it was the fact that she wanted more, but didn't feel right asking for it. Lindsey, ever the brave soul, had taken it upon herself to surprise Tobin with dates sometimes and just before her second season with the Thorns, asked Tobin to be her girlfriend. Since then, the two of them had been together as girlfriends and Tobin couldn't imagine herself with another person, ever. Besides, Allie might have already planned their wedding. 

"I hate it when people call me that," Tobin grumbled, but Lindsey pouted at her. "Can't you think of something else as my nickname?" 

"Probably, but where's the fun in that?" Lindsey asked and Tobin rolled her eyes. "We should order in and watch a movie, maybe break in that new mattress you bought." 

"What got into you?" Tobin asked as Lindsey raked her eyes over Tobin's body. Tobin didn't think her outfit was necessarily anything to get excited over, a pair of old NT practice shorts and a UNC shirt with the sleeves cut off, courtesy of Alex during a weird phase where Tobin never saw her wear a shirt with sleeves for nearly 4 months. 

"Well, I'm hoping to get inside of you." Tobin rolled her eyes with a heavy sigh at Lindsey's joke. She knew that it wasn't a joke, if Lindsey was in a mood and spending the night, she'd manage to get herself inside of Tobin's pants. Not that Tobin had any objections to that, but sometimes it could get tiring for her. Lindsey was 25 and still had 25 year old sex stamina and drive. Tobin wasn't that much older than Lindsey, but there were only so many times that she could handle Lindsey in a weekend. Although, she had to admit that it was a lot better to have sex with her regularly than whenever they hadn't seen each other for prolonged periods of time. The longest had been three months and Tobin had been essentially bedridden for the better part of a weekend, Lindsey was packing some serious heat. 

"You've been spending too much time with Sonnett," Tobin said softly. Lindsey's stomach growled and Tobin realized how hungry she was so she got the food while Lindsey put something on Netflix. An hour after the food had come, the movie was over and Lindsey's stomach was satisfied, so her focus shifted to her next most important need. Lindsey was still shy with Tobin, especially when it came to actually going and asking for sex. Lindsey did what she normally did, getting Tobin's attention by holding onto her hand and kissing her shoulder. "Is there something you want?" 

"Mmm, yeah, you," Lindsey said and Tobin sat up on the couch. Lindsey put a hand on the small of her back before shifting both hands to hold onto Tobin's hips. "Wanna do it here first or?" 

"If we go to bed and do it, I'm sleeping then and there," Tobin said and Lindsey nodded. 

"Here first," Lindsey said and Tobin sat back more on Lindsey's thighs a bit. Lindsey sat up and pulled Tobin's shirt off, then she pressed her fingers softly, but firmly against the taunt muscle on her abdomen. Slowly, her hands moved up Tobin's torso before cupping both of her breasts. Tobin had been self conscious about her body when she had first started to fool around with Lindsey, but nobody had ever made Tobin feel as good as Lindsey was able to about herself. Lindsey smiled up at Tobin and stopped for a moment, just staring at Tobin's body for a moment, taking her in. 

"Hey, you okay?" Tobin asked and Lindsey gave her a reassuring smile and a small nod. "What were you thinking about?" 

"We've been together for quite some time now. I mean, especially if you count France. Do you think we'll get married and start a family?" Lindsey asked and Tobin wasn't sure. She wanted to, at least she thought she did, but being on the spot made her question what she wanted with the rest of her life. Being with Lindsey would be ideal, up until it was time for Tobin's retirement, then it would get difficult. Although, Tobin would travel with Lindsey whenever she needed to, probably getting a job with the Thorns management if Lindsey stayed with the team. "I want to start a family with you Tobin. It doesn't have to be now, but I want to do it sometime. I love you like I've never loved anybody before and I just really want you to know that." 

"Linds," Tobin squeaked out, tears brimming her eyes. She leaned down and kissed Lindsey softly, the blonde breaking the kiss by smiling. "I love you too baby. And I think I want to start a family with you too." 

"Really?" Lindsey asked and Tobin nodded. Tobin began to unbutton Lindsey's shirt before reaching down to Lindsey's jeans to undo them as well. Tobin got off of Lindsey's lap to let her girlfriend get up. Lindsey shrugged her shirt off of her shoulders and shimmied out of her jeans before sitting back down on the couch, pulling Tobin towards her. Lindsey was still soft, but Tobin knew how to fix that. Lindsey hungrily leaned up to kiss Tobin as the older woman's hand rubbed Lindsey through the thin fabric of her boxers. Lindsey's hips moved forward into Tobin a bit and Lindsey's hands began to claw at Tobin's shorts. Tobin took her own shorts off and then sat back on Lindsey's lap, moaning as Lindsey's mouth moved across the tan skin of her chest. 

"Baby, so good," Tobin moaned as Lindsey's thigh brushed against Tobin's core. Lindsey continued this for a minute before shimmying down the couch so that Tobin was hovering above her, knees of either side of Lindsey's head. Lindsey gave Tobin a second to remove her underwear before straddling Lindsey's face, this time ready for the onslaught of pleasure that would come from Lindsey's tongue. Tobin gripped the arm of the couch as Lindsey began to slowly trail her tongue all over Tobin. Tobin ground her hips into Lindsey's face a bit, careful not to hurt Lindsey, she was going to keep that promise to Emily because a couple of others could no longer be kept. Tobin was riding Lindsey's tongue, so close to the edge when she looked behind her to see Lindsey's hand inside of her boxers, stroking herself. "Lindsey!" Tobin came with a scream. 

Lindsey gave her a moment to collect herself before she made another move. Her hand was still around her own dick, but she wasn't stroking herself anymore. Tobin removed Lindsey's hand and tugged her boxers down before licking her lips. Tobin moved onto her knees to give Lindsey a blow job, but the blonde stopped her. Lindsey pulled Tobin onto the couch again and in for a kiss, letting Tobin taste herself on Lindsey's lips. Tobin noted that Lindsey wasn't fully hard, but she knew that the blonde wasn't going to accept a blow job that night, so she settled for just stroking Lindsey until the blonde stopped her. Lindsey was at full attention when she finally stopped Tobin. Lindsey stood up from the couch and pulled Tobin onto her feet before walking her behind the couch. 

"I wanna take you from behind down here and then we'll go upstairs and I wanna watch you ride me," Lindsey said and Tobin nodded. Lindsey looked around for a moment and then frowned. "Condoms?" 

"It's fine, we are trying aren't we?" Tobin asked and Lindsey seemed surprised she wanted to start so early. "I wanna start with you as soon as possible. I'm at a great age to start a family, especially since a comeback isn't so out of the picture afterwards." 

"Yeah, I'm just surprised," Lindsey said smiling. Tobin loved seeing that smile, it was one of the best things about Lindsey. Lindsey turned Tobin around and bent her over the back of the couch before nudging her legs apart with her thigh. Tobin had been taken from behind by Lindsey several times, it was Lindsey's favorite position to fuck in. And Tobin knew that Lindsey liked to fuck, sometimes even more than she liked making love. Tobin used almost all of her self restraint to keep herself from pushing back into Lindsey, which was why when she felt Lindsey push herself as far in as possible, Tobin made a very undignified squeak. Lindsey didn't smirk, she was too busy inching her way in and out of Tobin slowly. Lindsey bit her lip as she pulled Tobin against her to match her thrusts, knowing that eventually Tobin would get the message and not hold anything back. 

"Ah, Linds," Tobin moaned out as Lindsey really picked up speed. She was seconds away from just slamming into Tobin to the point where she'd probably have to be carried upstairs. Luckily, they had a break, which was why Lindsey had told Sonnett not to call or text her until at least Tuesday. Lindsey leaned forward a bit to bite Tobin's shoulder, knowing that would send her girlfriend over the edge. Lindsey felt bad about rushing them, but she had been thinking about taking Tobin in a house that would one day be theirs together for a long time, so she was a bit over the waiting game. Technically, Tobin hadn't asked her to stay yet, but Lindsey had a whole section in Tobin's closet that was bigger than Tobin's section. 

"Fuck baby, cum for me." Lindsey's voice was husky and breathy as she whispered into the shell of Tobin's ear. Lindsey kissed down from Tobin's ear to her shoulder before lightly sinking her teeth in and not letting go until Tobin's walls were clenching around her dick, causing her to cum inside of her girlfriend. Lindsey waited until Tobin was completely down from her high before she slid out and tried to stand on shaky legs. 

"We could rest for a moment," Tobin said and Lindsey leaned against the couch, hovering over Tobin's body. "You recover quickly, but I know you're not ready for another round already." 

"Well, at least let me clean you up," Lindsey said, pushing herself off of the back of the couch. She walked to get a warm kitchen towel and then cleaned Tobin up before the two of them went upstairs, Lindsey only half-carrying Tobin. When they got to Tobin's bedroom, Lindsey practically ran onto the bed and laid back on the mattress. Tobin noticed that Lindsey was already getting hard again. Tobin was impressed by how long that Lindsey could go before she got tired, but then again, with Lindsey's on-the-field stamina, Tobin shouldn't have been surprised at all. 

"I presume you told everybody not to check on us already," Tobin said, knowing Lindsey had a tendency to have to tell people like Sonnett and Sinclair not to call them on their weekends off sometimes. Lindsey nodded and Tobin crawled onto the bed. She was a little sensitive, but she felt like she was ready and she knew that Lindsey wouldn't last as long this time. The longer they went at it, the less Lindsey was able to last, but Tobin didn't blame her, she had the same problem. Lindsey managed to get herself hard without having to be touched and Tobin easily situated herself above Lindsey before sinking down on her. Tobin held onto the headboard as she moved up and down on Lindsey's dick. 

"Fuck Toby," Lindsey moaned out, throwing her head against the pillows. Tobin was going to outlast Lindsey this time and both of them knew it. Lindsey wasn't upset or anything, she may have been competitive, but this was a battle she didn't mind losing. Lindsey sat up a bit to take one of Tobin's nipples into her mouth, trying to get Tobin as close as possible before she came. There was something special to Lindsey about cumming at the same time as Tobin that made their experiences so special. Normally, it would take them a bit longer into their nights together to get to that point, normally at the end. 

"Linds, baby." Tobin's knuckles were white as she felt Lindsey shoot out thick ropes of cum inside of her. Lindsey's hips stuttered a bit and Tobin fell forward as she came. Lindsey was coming down as Tobin was coming undone, so she got to watch Tobin reach her own little divinity. Lindsey moved Tobin off of her and went to clean her up again before laying back down in bed with Tobin. Tobin held her arms out and Lindsey cuddled into them, resting her head on Tobin's chest.  

"I think you're gonna be pregnant now," Lindsey said excitedly. "Do you think we'll have cute babies?" 

"I agreed to a baby for now, and if the kid looks like you, they'll get whatever they want from me," Tobin said and Lindsey craned her neck to place a kiss to the underside of Tobin's jawline. "I love you so much." 

"I love you too, and I'm always going to love you, no matter what." Lindsey sniffled a bit and Tobin wiped the few tears that had escaped Lindsey's eyes. 

"Always and forever," Tobin said and Lindsey nodded. 

"Always and forever."