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Collection of Homestuck Twitfics

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Karkat was hanging out on the couch, eyes mostly glazed over as Jake's ass played on the TV in front of him. The sound of his name shook him out of his mild stupor. He twisted around to see Dave, who was stopped halfway down the stairs.

"Earth C to Karkles."


"I was asking if you wanted to check out that new sushi place down the street. You know. Pretend like we have palates built for more than pizza."

"SURE, WHATEVER." Karkat twisted back around to the TV.

"Cool." Karkat could hear Dave's steps back up the stairs and to his room.

His eyes were beginning to glaze back over, his brain turning off, when suddenly a light bulb clicked in his head. He leapt off the couch and began hurrying to Dave's room, before catching himself and slowing his roll. He knocked on Dave's door and waited an anxious few seconds until Dave opened it.

"What up?"


Dave shrugged. "I figured like eight tonight. Do you... have other plans or something?"


"Uh. No? I figured it would just be us. Do you want me to invite other people?" Dave asked incredulously.

"NO. IT'S FINE. FORGET IT." Karkat whipped around and headed into his room.

Once inside, he closed the door, walked over to his bed, grabbed a pillow, then shoved it into his face and, well, tried to scream wordlessly, but nothing came out. He dropped the pillow and stared at it for a moment before slamming open the door of his closet.

"WHAT," he pondered, "THE FUCK DO YOU WEAR ON A DATE?"


It was a quarter 'til eight when Dave knocked on Karkat's door. "Yo, Karkles, you ready?"

The door opened to reveal Karkat dressed in a tuxedo shirt with a real bowtie and mostly unwrinkled khaki shorts that came down to his knees. His face shone a deep red underneath his grey skin.

"Uh," Dave said.


Dave, before he realized what he was doing, cocked out one elbow toward Karkat, who blushed more but grabbed hold.

Outwardly, Dave was silent as he and Karkat walked to the restaurant, but inwardly he was having quite a lively conversation with himself.

"Is this a date? Did I mean for this to be a date? Does Karkat mean for this to be a date? Should this be a date? Have we had dates before and I didn't realize it? Should I clarify this is not a date or lean into it? Am I a moron? Yes. The answer is yes."

With that settled, Dave calmly held up two fingers to the host and followed a server to their booth.

Though they were seated across from each other, Karkat studied his menu and didn't even glance up at Dave. However when Dave opened the menu and saw "Alternian Roll" listed as an option, he decided not to take it too personally and instead pondered on what that could possibly entail. Though honestly he didn't know what was in most rolls, so he ended up just ordering something random when their server came back, and from the sounds of it, Karkat did the same.

The pair sipped their waters in silent for a few moments.

"So," Dave began. "Seems nice so far?"

Karkat grunted his agreement.

Dave glanced around at the other patrons in their definitely-not-casual wear and back at his own standard t-shirt and jeans. "I feel a bit underdressed, though." He laughed.

Karkat cracked a smile. "YOU'RE THEIR GOD SO I CAN'T IMAGINE THEY CARE."

Dave shrugged. "True enough. Godhood has its perks, I guess." He paused. "You look nice, though."

Karkat aggressively leaned his face into his chin, but not before Dave saw his widening smile. "WELL SOME OF US HAVE STANDARDS IN THEIR 'GODHOOD' I GUESS."

Dave chuckled.

They maintained light conversation throughout dinner (which was okay, but probably not going to become a staple in their diet) and walked back to their home in comfortable silence.

They were about to part ways to their separate rooms when Dave said, "Uh, Karkat?"

Karkat turned back around. Dave was fidgeting with the ends of his shirt. "WHAT?"

Dave leaned in and kissed Karkat on the cheek. "Thanks for the nice date." He then went into his room and closed the door behind him, leaving a very flustered Karkat in the hallway, cupping his cheek and smiling.