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Mini Norse Gods

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Loki strode into the apartment that Thor shared at times with that mortal paramour of his, Jane Foster. He nearly stepped on the beanie wearing girl sprawled out on the floor, who made an indignant squawk that grated on his ears. He pulled his foot back in time to avoid being hit with her little plastic taser. It would not have done that much to him in any case. Thor was his brother. Anything short of full on lightning did not even faze him anymore. He was simply not in the mood to be poked. He only wanted to collect his youngest ones and return home. But for some reason, that imbecile was nowhere to be found. 

"Thor!" Loki called out. 

"What, no 'hey, Darcy? What's up?'" the mortal grumbled from where she was sitting by the couch, digging into a new bag of chips. Loki turned his green gaze on her, nonplussed. 

"Where is my brother, mortal?" he demanded. 

"Ah ah." She shook her head at him. "Not mortal. Dar-cee. Come on. It's just two measly syllables. I know you can say it," the girl said. 

"I do not have time for your games, you infuriating child," Loki growled. 

"You infuriating child, Darcy," the mortal corrected. The Trickster reigned in the urge to slit her throat and painted a deceptively sweet smile on his face for her. 

"Please would you inform me of the whereabouts of my oaf of a brother, Lady Darcy?" Loki asked. She narrowed her eyes at him. 

"Close enough," Darcy decided with a shrug. "He went to New York for some Avengers thing." She tossed another chip into her mouth. It made a rather deliberate crunch. 

"And what, pray tell, did he do with my children when he left without informing me?" Loki asked. 

"He took Vali and Narfi with him. He thought you'd get mad if he just left them with me," Darcy said. "I dunno why. I'm plenty responsible." 

He tuned out the rest of her response, feeling the beginning of a migraine come on. His fingers twitched in irritation. Loki let his magic swirl around him, taking him away from the room in a burst of colored light. He arrived in the middle of a what appeared to be a battle between some mechanical creatures and the Avengers. Loki angrily caused the entire dozen in Thor's vicinity to implode with a sharp flick of his wrists. He paid no attention to the other Avengers, who had just noticed him. He grabbed Thor's ear and twisted it sharply, making him yelp. 

"Loki!" Thor protested. 

"Loki, let go of him," the Captain ordered authoritatively. The Trickster did not bother turning to look at him. 

"This does not concern you, Captain. This is between my dear brother and I," Loki said. 

"Loki, what is the meaning of this?" Thor asked. The younger released his tight grip on his ear, allowing him to step back. 

"Where in the Hel are my children, Thor?" Loki snapped in a low voice. There was a blank look on Thor's face for a moment before he blinked, his lips parting in a little o. 

"Ah. Yes. My nephews," Thor said slowly. 

"Well, go on. Or are you only capable of speaking in monosyllables? I do not have all day. What have you done with them?" Loki demanded. He crossed his arms over his chest. 

"I put them over in that building while I fought," Thor said. He gestured over to a small building on the right. 

"By themselves?" Loki asked icily. 

"...yes," Thor admitted. 

"I left you with them for not even an hour, Thor. If they are not in that building when I get there, I shall first find them again and then, return to flay your hide!" Loki hissed. He plunged a small blade he had materialized into Thor's side to further drive his point home and vanished once more. 


Peter was swinging through the streets of New York City. It was a nice day. The sun was shining. The birds were chirping... somewhere probably. He had just stopped a local grocer not get robbed. All was well. But when Peter reached his arm out to shoot another web at the building in front of him, he was surprised to find that he had run out of web fluid. Peter fell down towards the sidewalk below, hitting the ground with a heavy thud. He groaned, already feeling the inevitable bruises forming all over his body. Not fun. With a grunt, Peter pulled himself towards the nearest building, which he leaned against, and began to painstakingly refill his web shooters.

Just as he was finishing up, he heard the sound of laughter. Peter glanced up from his wrists, and he saw a pair of little kids chasing each other around. They were talking really quickly in a language he didn't really understand, but then again, he wasn't that proficient in his high school French class yet. But he didn't think this was French anyway. One of them had red hair, the other black. He wasn't sure how old they were actually, but they looked kind of young. The black haired one ran toward him, the redhead in tow. Their eyes were really green. 

"Hello!" they said in unison. 

"Hi," Peter replied with a smile. "Who are you?" 

"I am Narfi," the redhead said. "And this is my little brother, Vali." Vali gave him a little wave, and Peter noticed that he had blue linear designs painted onto his face. 

"Those are really cool," Peter told him. He pointed to the lines, and Vali grinned. 

"Thank you. I made them look just like Father's!" Vali said. 

"Father keeps telling him to take them off, but he is a real pushover when it comes to the baby of the family," Narfi explained with a fond sigh. 

"I am not a baby!" Vali protested. "I am only ten years younger than you!" 

"I'm sorry. How old are you?" Peter interjected. He was a bit confused. 

"I am thirty two. Vali's twenty two," Narfi told him. 

"Really?" Peter asked. 

"Imbecile!" Vali smacked his older brother on the shoulder. "He means in Midgardian terms," the younger boy said. 

"Oh. Then we are both around four years old," Narfi mused. 

"Okay," Peter said slowly. 

"What is your name?" Vali asked. 

"Oh, I'm Spiderman," Peter said. "Do you know Thor by any chance?" He knew that the Asgardian liked to call Earth 'Midgard' a lot. 

"Yes. He is our uncle," Narfi replied. 

"That's pretty cool," Peter said. He thought about it for a moment. "Wait, does that mean your dad is-" 

"Father!" the boys cried at the same time.

Peter blinked and turned his head to see a tall man dressed in black and green leather. His dark hair looked like it had been slicked back at one point, but it was mostly just a wet looking mess now. He looked exhausted, but a smile came over his lips. He strode closer to Peter to run a hand over the boys' heads. Peter blanched as he realized just who this man was. Oh God, was he going to kill Peter for talking to his kids? He didn't even know that Loki had kids. Wasn't that just myths and stuff?