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History In The Making

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The Avengers  @AvengersHQ

We are very pleased to announce that the Rogue Avengers will no longer be considered war criminals and will be staying at the Avengers upstate facility under house arrest with @IronMan supervising them. The situation will remain like this until the Avengers and the United Nations can come to an agreement in terms of the Sokovia Accords.

                tony <3  @iamironman

                So they aren’t gonna be punished for the shit they caused?? Why are the ROGUE avengers being locked in the AVENGERS BASE ??????????????? ISNT THIS A BIT COUNTER-INTUITIVE

                natnatnat @blackassassin

                The fuck? They are literally terrorists. I bet Stark was forced into this because the UN think that they need the Rogues to fight aliens. #TeamIronMan

                so, you got detention @capnmrcia

                why are the accords being changed after half the avengers signed them?

                bzzzt @moth

                so where the winter soldier at #teamcap

                hulk @sciencybrucie

                im glad they fixed things. the accords stripped them of basic human rights, and yeah, some aren’t even human, but they either were human or were made by us. they have emotions and instincts and free will. they deserve some respect. #TeamAvengers




Tony Stark  @IronMan

I signed the Accords to take responsibility for the damage we cause during fights with extra-terrestrial and enhanced individuals, and Rogers refused to sign because he thought they took away our free will. The Winter Soldier, who had been brainwashed into assassinating people, would have been executed under the Accords or used as a weapon by the UN, which Rogers would not allow. We were both wrong and right at different times and for different reasons. We hope to resolve this with fair terms that do not require us to be labelled as property to the UN.

Tony Stark  @IronMan

I am not being forced into housing the Rogues. There is a lot of tension between us right now, but we used to be a family and none of us want to break it any more than we already have. We both made mistakes and are trying to fix them. Even if things cannot go back to the way they were, we will always trust each other to have each other’s back when defending the Earth. Thank you for your support.

                tony <3  @iamironman

                theres def something they aint tellin us

                daddy thor @godofthunder

                where’s Thor when you need him

                hawkeyyy @cawcaw

                im glad they’re at least trying #TeamAvengers




Harley Keener @potatogun

@AvengersHQ so who is actually of the avengers team now? like Spider-Man and King T’Challa both appeared to help out Iron Man

                The Avengers @AvengersHQ

                In the event that the Earth and all life on her is at risk, Iron Man, Captain America, War Machine, Black Widow, Hawkeye, the Hulk/Bruce Banner, Thor, the Winter Soldier, the Falcon, Vision, Scarlet Witch, Spider-Man, Black Panther, Ant-Man, the Wasp, Doctor Strange, Captain Marvel, Punisher, the Fantastic Four, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, Jessica Jones, Daredevil, Deadpool, the X-Men, and SHIELD will be called to battle. Everyone on this list from Iron Man to Scarlet Witch are considered Avengers.

                spiderman stan  @spiderfan

                why is the winter soldier considered an anvenger but spidey not? :(

                boom boom my legs  @ironwarmachine


                sergeant james barnes @thewintersoldier

                woaaa that’s a lotta superheroes im in love




flash @fastasfuck

All this Avenger shit going down and I’m just here eating popcorn

                mj @hmjones

                when the world ends you will not be saved




Nick Fury @DirectorFury

I started the Avengers Initiative to defend the world from hostiles that threatened mankind. This will always be the case. They may not like each other, but at least they understand that they are teammates and that there may be lives at risk. Trust the Avengers to do the right thing if the time comes.

                so, you got detention @capnmrcia

                I don’t get why people give them so much shit for ACCIDENTALLY destroying parts of NY and Sokovia when the alternative is the whole world. They are superheroes, in every sense of the word. They stand up and make the tough decisions when one on else will.

                bzzzt @moth

                but most of the world ending situations we’ve had recently have been because of the avengers, right? loki attacked to like get back at thor and stark literally made ultron

                hulk @sciencybrucie

                loki attacking wasn’t thor’s fault AT ALL, like thor wasn’t even here when he attacked, and tony wanted to build something to protect humanity. unfortunately, it ended up being a horror movie where the earth is taken over by the robots we created.




Pepper Potts  @PepperPotts

Tony and the other Avengers have been advised to stay away from the media and the news until everything calms down. We would all like to thank you for your continued support despite the recent events and ask that you stay safe since we know that there are alien hostiles and HYDRA still in the wind. Please report anything unusual to your local PD and it will be investigated by SHIELD, and if the need arises, the Avengers. Thank you.

                irene adler @sherlocked

                im just glad its over for now

                mj @hmjones

                I love a Queen

                Peter Parker @peterparkour

                I hope Mr Stark is doing okay :/

                doooweeOOOO @doctorwhom

                lmao thank god im so tired of the avengers being all over bbc news like




Damage Control @SI_DamageControl

We are happy to announce that Start Industries are planning to open Damage Control stations in every major country around the globe. It will take time, so please bear with us. Because of recent events, the second and third Damage Control building will be based in Germany and Australia.

                natnatnat @blackassassin

                Don’t you just love it when billionaires try to change the world for the better? #TeamIronMan

                hawkeyyy @cawcaw

                lol why australia

                sergeant james barnes @thewintersoldier

                prob so the stations are spread out around the world then theyre gonna fill in the gaps

                so, you got detention @capnmrcia

                I’m so happy




Thanos @thanos

@DrStrange wheres the stone

                Stephen Strange  @DrStrange

                Fuck off