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And the skies rained red

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Hello friends! New fic coming at you hot hand heavy! Just real quick before you jump into this, I have some disclaimers and warnings and some context for the story. I am in NO way shape or form someone from the Military, I’m getting most of my info from other fics within the same general universe (Overwatch), google, and my basic knowledge of the military. I try to keep that part of the background small and vague so I don’t give anyone the wrong info or look extra ignorant, but I’m really sorry if anything is incorrect or offensive. I also do not own Overwatch, I have no rights to the characters, the universe, or the game whatsoever. This fic is basically a self indulgent Original Character (almost SI) fictional piece for fun, not for profit. All rights to Overwatch and the canon Characters belong to Blizzard Entertainment. You will see a plethora of original characters, including the main character, if that isn’t your thing, this isn’t the fic for you! This is my first Overwatch fanfiction piece, please be gentle with me as I get into the flow of the characters and the story. WARNING!!!! This story does include instances of violence, blood, gore, sexual situations, sexual assault, emotional and physical abuse. It will be heavy in some spots. If you are someone who is triggered by any of those things, there are many other fics for the fandom that don’t have those, and PLENTY of fluff pieces for it as well. Please read at your own risk! It will get worse before it gets better, it is very up and down, but I’ll try my best to not make this entirely angst. I hope you enjoy!


“Omnic Uprising? So far there are four incidents reported around the world of omniums attacking cities, resulting in mass casualties and thousands of injured. The government has yet to release a statement on these attacks, but local police are currently in negotiations with the government on what course of action should be taken in regards to the Omniums and their violence.”


“… here are the rules. There are three rounds, appetizer, entrée, and dessert. Each course has it’s own basket of mystery ingredients…”


The large living room, painted in cool tans and whites, was cast into silence, the only noise heard was the running water outside from a neighbor who’s routine happened to have “water the plants outside at midnight” keyed into their brain. A figure sat in the living room on the well-worn couch, slumped back with their feet up haphazardly, staring blankly into the now black screened television.

With a groan, the figure slumped to the side, closing their eyes for a moment before speaking into the quiet, “man, I didn’t realize being home would be this boring… or depressing..”

Footsteps on tile floor preceded the incoming person, who stopped in the threshold of the living room within the kitchen of the small house. She was an older woman, well into her 60’s, with salt and pepper dark brunette hair, laugh lines and crows feet, puffy from sleep and dressed in a nightgown. The woman cocked her head to the side, looking into the living room at the person on the couch with mild curiosity “What in the world are you doing up, Caoimhe? Didn’t they beat that bad habit of staying up all night out of you in the military?” she jokingly said, before turning back towards the kitchen for a midnight snack, literally.

Caoimhe, the woman on the couch, groaned again, in good humor, turning her head to watch her grandmother mull about the kitchen, replying quietly “All good habits die hard, Memi, can’t help it. All they got on TV is cooking shows and the news, I’m sure you know how depressing that is right now.” She paused for a moment, looking back towards the television, and thinking briefly of her old room, now returned to it’s closet like state from before they moved into the home.

“Besides, the only thing the military has done for me is make me neater. No one’s ever gonna have to nag me to clean my room anymore.” She joked, but it was pretty true.

Her grandmother huffed a laugh, walking into the living room, a sleeve of crackers in hand. Caoimhe sat up and shuffled over on the couch, making room while her grandmother settled in on the couch and turned the TV back on.

They chatted idly about everything and nothing at all for a while, Chopped reruns from 2018 playing in the background.

The next day was a trip to the airport, back to base, back to the Air Force, back to real life, but that night? Caoimhe was just happy to be home, with her most important people.

There were some big changes on the horizon, and Caoimhe knew to cherish these moments away while she could, thinking briefly on the application she had sent in a week prior, and the life altering effect it could have.


One week later


“Major Rian? There’s a envelope for you, it looks pretty serious.”

Caoimhe startled out of the slight daze she had fallen into while reading the third redundant mission report in a row. Looking up at the… 18? 19? Year old airman, ‘oh what was his name… adam? Andrew?.... Aaahh..’ She smiled, and grabbed the envelope from his hand, nodding at him while he saluted, before turning back to her desk and inspecting the paper in hand.

The envelope itself was… quite regular, white, post stamped with the regular American flag postage stamp, labeled first class priority.. and from the government…

The implications of it sent her heart into her throat, and she took no time at all ripping open the envelope to get to the paper inside, her hands shaking from a rush of sudden adrenaline.

The letter, addressed to her, Caoimhe Rian, was relatively quick and to the point.

She had been accepted into the highly classified, experimental government funded and conducted Soldier Enhancement Program, or SEP for short.

The horizon might have been red, the world anxious with doubt and fear, the omniums a black cloud lurking, but she would be ready. She had to be.