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Ruby had a serious problem; she hadn't been able to come even once since she got into Beacon. She thought she was going to explode, when she heard about a gloryhole on campus. Wasting no time that she went to it and stuck her dick inside. Not knowing that Yang was on the other side.

Ruby released a muffled whine into her hand, which was currently shoved into her mouth. Whoever was on the other side of the wall knew what they were doing! Every inch of her dick was being serviced, even her aching lemon-sized balls, that were swollen with backed up seed were being gently rubbed by skilled hands.

Resting her head on the wall, Ruby thought about how backed up she had been, having been unable to get any time alone in order to masturbate since the morning of coming to Beacon. It was even worse considering how she had three of the most attractive girls she had ever seen as her teammates, and she had been teased the past few weeks by each of them.

First was accidentally seeing her partner naked as she stepped out of the shower. The white haired girl was beautiful, flawless skin, petite breasts, long legs, and an almost pouty slit between her thighs.

Next was Blake(Ruby grunted in her palm remembering this). She had come out of the bathroom to see Blake in only her thong panties, bent over her dresser searching for something. The image of that rear bumper was thankfully seared into Ruby's memory...and her scroll memory, he reaper having stealthily taken a picture without Blake knowing.

Finally, Yang...a choked breath escaped her mouth as she felt herself getting closer to the edge. Her big sister was the worst offender! Constantly teasing her with flashes of her large breasts, or pulling down her shorts to reveal her bare ass(not as nice as Blake's, but still nice) and pussy. What was worst was the fact that she masturbated in the shower, or even in her bed when Weiss and Blake weren't there and she was. It was like Yang was rubbing in the fact that she could get off!

Feeling herself about to release as that skilled tongue twirled around the head of her dick, Ruby knocked on the wall as a warning. Her silver eyes rolled back as the suction only increased, the mouth feeling like it wanted to not only suck her seed from her body, but her very breath as well. A loud squeal escaped her mouth, a tiny part of her mind hoping that whomever was on the other side of the wall wouldn't be able to figure out it was her.

Yang murmured happily as she swallowed her baby sister's dick down to the base, her tongue moving wildly around it. She had been surprised to see the cock that she had practically seen everyday at home stick its way through the hole, but she wasn't going to complain. It was the largest(and tastiest) of the cocks that had entered the hole in the past three hours. And she wasn't going to lie, the thought of sucking off her baby sister made her more than a little wet.

Hearing the knock that the john(or the Ruby, in this case) used when about to cum, Yang only increased her suction, her hands playing with her Ruby's balls even more.

Her eyes widened as outright massive blasts of cum started spurting within her mouth, forcing her to swallow the sweet liquid rapidly or choke. She could hear her baby sister's hands scrabbling at the wall separating them, shameless moans leaking through the wood between them.

Ruby clocked her knees and clutched at the wood before her, managing to stay upright as she finally, finally felt relief, her aching balls emptying to a far more manageable level. She took several deep breaths to calm herself, letting the afterglow(and gentle nursing sucks from the mystery person) provide a pleasant tingle. “Thank you...” she whispered, her voice low and sultry as her cock, now limp, was finally let go. Moving back, Ruby quickly tucked herself back in her panties and walked out of the room, not wanting to get caught.

Inside the gloryhole cabinet, Yang gently rubbed her slightly distended belly with a smile on her face, licking her lips and savoring the sweet flavor of her baby sister's seed. “...thank you, Ruby...” she whispered, already plotting on how to get more of it at a later date.