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School Sucks When Nobody Notices You

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Keith had the highest marks in all his classes. This pissed Lance off, not because Keith was smart, but was smart with no effort. Lance studied twice as hard, but only got half the marks. Lance tried so hard to finesse Keith, but with no result. That wasn’t the worst part, though. Lance was obviously obsessed with Keith, but Keith had no idea who he was.

Lance knew there had to be something, anything, that could do better than Keith. It seemed impossible for a man to be so perfect. So gorgeous. So damn sexy. With that awesome mullet and his impossibly smooth voice...where was Lance? Oh yeah, Keith sucked.

Lance saw Keith walking in the halls of Garrison. Garrison was the most prestigious academy for future soldiers. It was nothing short of a miracle when Lance was accepted despite his dismal grades. ‘Keith must have been accepted immediately,’ Lance thought to himself. As lance watched Keith, he didn’t realize that Keith was walking up to a girl. Not just any girl, it was Megan Hoben, the most desirable girl in school.

Somehow, it a matter of seconds, Keith had managed to walk directly into poor Megan and caused both of their binders to fly everywhere. One minute the hall was calm and quiet, the next…BOOM paper Hiroshima unleased into the halls. Lance had never seen Keith so red, he looked like a beautiful fusion between a ruby and a tomato. And Megan…poor Megan. She had built (the now destroyed) perfect replica of the White House for her History project.

“Oh my god…” Keith mumbled. “I’m so sorry, is there anything I can do?” Keith had a genuinely sorry look on his face.

“Are you kidding me!? Is there anything I can do?” She barked mockingly. “I spent three days on this thing! There’s nothing I can do now…” Megan started to cry.

Keith tried to console Megan, but he was so flustered no comprehensible words were exiting his mouth. It was impossible to look away, it was like watching car crash. And judging by the amount of paper debris, it could’ve been mistaken for one.

In the end it all got cleaned up. Keith picked up his papers. Megan picked up the remains of her project. To the average person, it would seem like a regular case of bad-coordination-itis. To Lance however, it was the birth of a realization. Lance realized that Keith was the most awkward man in the universe. This realization was the start to something beautiful.