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Ground Zero's secret

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Izuku was fully clothed as he straddled Katsuki's bare lap, holding a piece of cloth in his hand.
“You okay?”
“I'm fucking fine, just put it on.” Katsuki grumbled impatiently.
“Do you wanna go over it again?”
“No, fuck, do it.”
Izuku placed a chased kiss on Katsuki's lips.
“I love you Katsuki.”
“I love you too dumbass. Now gag me.”

A moment later, Izuku slipped off the bed to loosen his tie and pull his phone out of his pocket to take a few photos for himself before putting it away again.

Katsuki’s eyes had widened at the sight of the phone and his chest was rising and falling at a faster pace already. His tie fell to the floor, he opened the top button on the shirt and rolled up his sleeves, all the while looking scrutinizingly at Katsuki. He was tied to the headboard, his hands wrapped tightly in fabric Izuku had specially ordered just for these situations. The fabric would withstand the temperatures and force that came with Katsuki's explosions when he got a little too excited. He was strong, but not strong enough to break the rope Izuku had expertly tied him with.

A blush spread across Katsuki’s face and down towards his chest. Izuku knew he was ready when he started averting his eyes away from Izuku's gaze. He got his phone back out and smiled as he got onto the bed again, now recording everything in front of him. Katsuki immediately turned his face away.
“Look at the camera, Katsuki.”
His voice was velvet as he crawled up the bed.

The gag in Katsuki's mouth wasn't fancy, it was just a thick piece of cloth shoved between his teeth and tied tightly at the back of his head.
He was naked, already on his way to being fully hard just from being watched. But he refused to look Izuku’s and the phone’s way. He made a displeased sound and straddled Katsuki hips. He grabbed his face hard.
“I told you to look at me.” His voice was sickly sweet. Katsuki at least didn’t resist as he turned his head, but the color on his cheeks deepened. Katsuki briefly made eye contact with the camera but then they flickered away in shame. Izuku felt his cock twitch against his clad leg.

“Yeah,” Izuku drawled “Not so high and mighty now, are you?” His fingers tightened, almost bruising along Katsuki's jawline.
Katsuki's eyes were everywhere but the camera.
“Look at the little hero, strung up and helpless.”
Another twitch against Izuku's leg.
“Just wait until the world finds out that the brash hero that screams at everyone, can't get it up without being used as a whore.”
Katsuki made a choking sound and wrenched out of Izuku grip.

The slap that followed rang loud in Izuku's ears and Katsuki's head snapped sideways, an angry red mark on his cheek on either side of the gag. Then Izuku's hand came back to caress it.

“See what happens when you resist me?” Izuku murmured “if you’re good for me, I might even let you come.”
Another strangled sound came from Katsuki's throat.
“Yeah, you'd like to come wouldn't you?” Izuku wiggled his hips slowly, the mildest friction from his pants caressing Katsuki's heated flesh.
“Whores don't get to come Kacchan. You know that.” Izuku's free hand flicked at a nipple, drawing a dulled gasp from Katsuki.
“You're already so excited and I haven't even gotten my clothes off yet.”
There was a resemblance of a whine from Katsuki.

Izuku used one hand to open his pants and pull out his own hard dick. Seeing Katsuki like this always got him excited. Katsuki stared down at his crotch and Izuku would bet his quirk that if Katsuki wasn’t gagged right now he’d be licking his lips. Izuku caressed himself slowly, making sure to spread his precum and making himself slick.
Another whine.
“You want some?” Izuku mocked “too bad you're mouth is good for nothing.”
The gag was starting to get wet, Katsuki was mouthing against it, trying to get words out.
“It's not even good enough to fuck.”
Izuku pressed his dick down against Katsuki's tense abs, smearing himself over the skin, rubbing the head against the smoothness. He angled his phone so when he watched it back later he'd know what he'd done to get Katsuki to make those sounds.

When Katsuki’s abs were sticky and gross Izuku moved the phone to the nightstand. He’d prepared a place for it to lean, so that he and mostly Katsuki would be in the shot all the time and he would have the use of both of his hands. Katsuki followed it with his eyes and continued to stare at it when Izuku let go of it. His rib cage rose and fell rapidly.

“Wishing you could wave to the audience Kacchan?” Izuku taunted and pinched both his nipples, bringing Katsuki back to him.
Katsuki shook his head. The phone was part of the game, no one would ever see what the camera was recording and it would end up on their very encrypted hard drive that they only plugged in on special occasions. Like when Katsuki was out on a mission and Izuku felt lonely and horny.
“But you love when they watch you.” Izuku twisted the nipples slowly, drawing a shutter out of Katsuki’s body while he continued to shake his head.
“You’re a fucking liar Kacchan.” Izuku reached out and pushed harshly at the side of Katsuki’s face, forcing it to turn towards where the phone stood. He continued to abuse Katsuki’s nipples.
“Now, smile for your fans, like a good hero.” Izuku ordered
He watched Katsuki trying to draw the sides of his mouth up but the gag was making it impossible.
“You’re such a disappointment. How can anyone be a fan of a hero who can’t even smile?”
Katsuki’s hips were rising up against Izuku’s crotch with every word. He smiled deviously “You’re humping me, like a fucking dog, is that what you are?” His palm was still pressed flat against the side of Katsuki’s face, so he couldn’t shake his head but he heard what he thought was the word no though the gag made it slurry.
“I might as well fuck you and get it over with.” Izuku sighed.

He left the bed to get the lube. Katsuki righted himself in the meantime, looking at Izuku while he undressed. Katsuki looked stunning with his pale skin flushed red and the dick between his legs standing rock hard. Izuku made sure to meet his eyes and caress himself. Katsuki started whining again.
“You’re whining like a dog whines for a bone. Do you have no self control?” Izuku scoffed. It shut Katsuki up but his breathing was audible in the room. He could easily stand there and come to the sight of his boyfriend on the bed, it would probably excite him even more that Izuku wouldn’t even use him to come. But Izuku loved the feeling of Katsuki’s body more than he loved the feeling of his hand.

He crawled between Katsuki’s legs and he raised them without being told.
“I love an eager little whore.” Izuku smiled “Next time I’m gonna tie your feet next to your hands.”
He grabbed under Katsuki’s knees and pushed towards his chest, exposing all of him.
Izuku stared at his pink tight hole and felt saliva flood his mouth.
“I changed my mind. Next time I’m gonna have you spread your ass for me while I tongue fuck you until you pass out.” Katsuki was heaving breaths in and out of the gag. It had changed color with the spit. A small pool of precum had gathered on his abs. Izuku reached in and swiped it up before pressing those fingers harshly against Katsuki’s opening.

Katsuki’s reacted with a jerking motion moving up the bed. Izuku growled and grabbed his hips, pulling him back until his arms were stretched above his head. It looked a little painful and made Katsuki moan loudly.
“Don’t fucking move away from me. You’re not going anywhere. I’ll do whatever the fuck I want to your body and you’ll like it.” Izuku put 1% of One for All into his palm and left a red stinging mark on Katsuki’s thigh.

Small explosions could be heard through the fabric but they weren’t the signals Katsuki would use when it became too much. These were just from excitement, or frustration, or both.

Izuku bent his knees up again.
“Should I show your pink little hole to the world Kacchan? Let everyone see it so they can jerk off to it?”
Katsuki shook his head wildly and tried half-heartedly to close his legs as Izuku reached for the phone.
“Such a prude Kacchan!” he berated, easily pushing Katsuki's legs back. He brought the phone in real close “Just imagine everyone coming over their screen and pretending it’s your actual hole.” Katsuki's whimpered and his dick twitched. “Yeah you'd like to be everyone's cum dumpster, wouldn't you?”
Izuku swept his knuckles slowly over Katsuki's hole. “So sad that such a pretty hole is part of a real fucking slut.”

Katsuki's body was flush with the shame. He tried to hide his face in his arm as Izuku angled the phone up, capturing everything. Then he put it back and reached for the lube. He poured it lazily over Katsuki, making it end up over his balls and on the bed as much as over his hole. He sloppily rubbed it against his skin, dragging moans out of his stuffed mouth.

Izuku's own dick twitched as he felt the furled opening under his fingertips.
He let the tip of his finger push inside, only enough for teasing and felt Katsuki's body shudder.
“Already?” Izuku teased and pushed the finger further inside. Small whimpers were coming through the soaked gag. “You can take hit after hit from a villian but as soon as you get a finger up your ass you're a fucking mess?”
Katsuki body shook again. Precum was leaking heavily out now, clear dribbles making pools on his abs as his cock twitched over and over again.

“Are you really gonna come from just one finger? Are you that fucking easy?”
Katsuki shook his head.
He pulled out and hooked the top of his finger on Katsuki's rim, stretching it in every direction.
Katsuki almost howled and his legs twitched with pleasure spasms.
Izuku continued to lazily stretch Katsuki's rim. Pulling at the taut muscle and pushing his finger inside with irregular intervals. Katsuki's eyes had closed and a thin line of tears ran down the side of his face. He looked incredibly hot.

“Are you crying Kacchan?” He asked mockingly. The other just shook his head again.
“Such a little bitch crying from being fingered.”
Katsuki just moaned in response.
Izuku pinched the inside of his thigh “Look at me when I finger you.”
Katsuki’s eyes were red around the edges but he did as he was told and looked as Izuku pushed in another finger, scissoring them.
“Should I fuck you like this?” Izuku couldn’t look away from his fingers spreading the hole. “Before you’re even ready to take my dick.”
It sounded like Katsuki tried to say something but all that came out was just needy noise.
“You’d like that too much I think.” Izuku chuckled and added a third finger. He wished he had another device so that he could capture the way his fingers slid in and out of Katsuki and every little tremble going through Katsuki’s body.
“I could watch you take my fingers all day.” His other hand caressed down Katsuki’s thigh, towards his cock. It was twitching with every movement of Izuku’s fingers. He brushed his fingertips along the length. Katsuki twisted his hips trying to find more of the touch but Izuku quickly pulled it away.

“So fucking needy.” Izuku made a disgusted sound “Can you imagine if anyone knew you enjoyed this?”
A muffled sob came from Katsuki.
“Ground Zero taking it up his ass while gagged and bound.”
Another sob. Izuku twisted his fingers. His own cock was throbbing with need to be inside Kacchan. He pulled them out and poured more lube onto Katsuki twitching hole then lined up his dick. Katsuki stuttered out moan after moan as Izuku pressed inside.

He was warm and tight around Izuku, pulling him in until he bottomed out. Katsuki’s legs shook at the strain of keeping them towards his chest but he was spread so prettily for Izuku that he didn’t want to give it up. Katsuki could keep them like that for a while longer.
“Should I take my time Kacchan? Fuck you long and hard until you’re stupid from it, or just fill you up quickly?”
If Katsuki answered, Izuku couldn’t hear it. He rocked back, pulling out and watched mesmerized as Katsuki’s ass swallowed his dick again.

“I wonder how much you could take.” Izuku mused “I think we should invite Shouto and Inasa next time.” Katsuki eyes widened and he made a panicking noise “Stretch you out nice and good before fucking your hole the three of us.”
Katsuki thighs were shaking dangerously, his dick weeping so much it almost looked like he already came.
“Yeah a slut like you would like three dicks in your ass at once, I bet”

Izuku watch Katsuki's face as he fucked him hard and deep. His eyes rolled back on several occasions when Izuku found his sweet spot. His whole body was shaking, ready to come a long time ago. Wrecking Katsuki was one of his favorite things. Just watching the tension in his body bend into something else that no one but Izuku could give him. He loved taking his pleasure from Katsuki because only he knew that Katsuki loved it that way.

"Fuck baby, your greedy little ass is just sucking me in. You wanna be filled up bad huh?"
This time Katsuki nodded eagerly. Izuku pinched one of his nipples making Katsuki yelp and his ass tighten around Izuku's dick.
"Fucking whore." He groaned. His orgasm was building fast. He grabbed Katsuki thighs and put all his body weight on them, pressing down against Katsuki upper body and fucking him as hard as he could. The sound of their skin colliding over and over again was almost deafening together with Katsuki's screams of pleasure. His orgasm hit hard and he stared into Katsuki's teary eyes while he shuddered through it. They were wide and begging.

Before pulling out he said hoarsely "You better fucking keep it in there."
Katsuki nodded.
He leaned back and his dick came free with a filthy sound. Katsuki closed his legs quickly to do as Izuku ordered.

He sat back for a moment catching his breath, then reached for the phone. He forced Katsuki's legs apart, spreading his ass with one hand. Thick cum ran out of his ass and onto the bed. All perfectly caught on camera.

“Your staining the sheets, Kacchan, I should make you clean it up with your mouth.” A quiet whimper was the only response. When he looked up Katsuki's head had lulled to the side, eyes glazed over.
“You'll get your reward now.” Izuku said and reached for the toy on the bedside table. Katsuki had perked up at the first words, but when he saw what Izuku reached for it looked like he was gonna cry again.

The egg shaped toy had a string and a little box attached to it. Izuku pushed it through the mess, making Katsuki moan again. He pushed the button on the box and the toy inside Katsuki started to vibrate on the lowest setting.
“Do you want lowest or highest setting Kacchan?” he asked. Katsuki eyes went wide and he started to shake his head.
“Lowest isn't good enough? Then highest it is!” Izuku cheerfully proclaimed and pushed it up. A guttural scream came from Katsuki and ropes of cum covered his chest in an instant.
“Such a good whore.” Izuku praised, kissing the inside of his thigh.
He moved back off the bed placing his phone at the end of it. The screen showed Katsuki's spread legs and the string of the toy, the long expanse of his torso covered in cum and his sweating face.
“You can come as many times as you like. I'm gonna wash up and have some food. I'll be back later.” He walked up beside the bed and tipped Katsuki's head back sharply, kissing him over the spit soaked gag.
Katsuki were making screeching sounds and Izuku watched as another orgasm shot from Katsuki's body.
“I'll fuck you some more later. I hope your still conscious then, otherwise it's just not the same covering you in cum.”
He kissed Katsuki sweetly on the cheek this time and left the room to clean up. It had been a good idea to soundproof the bedroom, otherwise the neighbours would surely come knocking from Katsuki's scream.