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The coffee shop is crowded, Tony lets out a heavy sigh. His Tower is lonely, maybe crowded is better. People aren’t too loud here so he'll be fine. The billionaire orders his coffee, something with caramel, so sweet his teeth are probably going to rot, he goes looking around for a place to sit. Sadly it seemed the shop is really full, all the seats are taken except a few ones next to people.

There was one with two girls who seems to be chatting a lot, thank you, next. One with a nice little old man and the other with a handsome, middle-aged, man. Tony has made his choice. He goes straight to the guy's table, sitting in front of him, putting his cup down on the table as well as his computer.

“Is this seat taken?” He offered a nice smile.

Stephen spotted the cocky billionaire as soon as he enters the coffee shop, he didn’t mean to, but his vision, hearing, smelling and overall senses had been enhanced by a new spell he just learned from the new book he borrowed from Wong's library. Who could ignore that expensive scent of perfume, really, he used to wear it himself, years ago, such a long time ago, he almost couldn't remember it even at the back of his mind anymore.

He had left the lifestyle behind, buried to the seventh layer of earth, glad he doesn’t have to be so proud just for wearing an expensive brand anymore, pride he is so glad he could strip off to the bone, thanks to all his teachers is Kamar-taj who taught him that spiritual achievement is more valuable than any materialistic things this world could offer. He is curious on why the Mechanic goes this far away just for a cup of coffee, he is humming, nodding and smiling to himself listening to the mechanic’s pick for his order, a caramel coffee, what a sweet tooth.

He didn't plan on prying more for the engineer business because it's rude, his ability was not meant to stalk people really, so he went back to read his book. Engrossed inside the new knowledge, he doesn’t seem to be aware that the charming genius approached his table, he almost couldn't hide his surprise when Tony asked him for the seat in from of him.

"No, I am all alone, you can have it" He offers the seat for the mechanic, not expecting that it will come the day he sits opposite of no one than Tony Stark himself. He tries to welcome him, pretending that he is not really nervous to have this chance to be this close with this man.

“Thank you, this place is really crowded” The billionaire huffs, playing with his cup of coffee, too hot still. He doesn’t want to bother the man who seems engrossed in his book, so he just stares outside the window and leaves the man be.

Tony sits down in front of the man, looking at him. Well damn, goatees weren't just a good look on him only, that stranger wore it so well. The genius might have stared a little longer, getting a bit lost trying to figure out what color the man eyes are. It makes him frown even when he realized he couldn't quite come up with a name for that color, it seemed to change at every new angle.

"Do you want to try this cake? It taste good" he offers, generous in nature, after Tony sat in front of him for a while without saying anything, a thousand thing to say in his head to break the ice, trying to be a good host for the Tony Stark, and that's what comes out, he wants to hit his head, why should he offer him a cheesecake, what if he doesn’t like it ?

Not long after he is lost in his own head, he looks up at the man again, arching an eyebrow. He snorts a laugh and glances down at the guy's cheesecake. Where did that come from? Tony shook his head. He was only a little bit paranoid. But he had been offered many ‘bad’ cakes in his life, as in, poisoned.

“No, thank you though,” He simply answers, feeling a bit rude though, he quickly adds, “I mean, it's nice of you to offer! But my mamma taught me not to accept candies from strangers.” He jokes, taking a sip from his coffee, letting out a delighted sigh.

“Ah, yes, Sorry, I understand, I was just trying to be a good host, the cake will taste so well with your coffee, not too sweet, because it's not a cheesecake from dairy product, it's a vegetarian cheesecake, it will balance out the sweetness of your coffee, it's really fine if you don't want it but I will eat it in front of you so you will know it's not poisoned, I promise" Stephen takes quite a bite to his cheesecake, over explaining, oversharing, over friendly, he is losing his cool in front of this man.

It got a genuine laugh from Tony. It wasn't mocking, and he hopes the guy wasn't mocking him either. It was just such a sweet offer. Maybe the guy really is just trying to be a good host.

Tony Stark sure as hell was pretty in the magazine or in the news Strange manage to see him in but up this close, beauty lost its meaning, because the way his eyes light up with spark when he looks at him, those round eyes moving up and down like a giant pendulum, Stephen is really mesmerized.

Stephen is reading an Arabic book from the old scholar in the middle age era at the moment, thanks to the vast collection of the ever-growing library in Kamar-Taj, they got the original copy of it. He is learning about Noor a'laan Noor in the Arabic language or could be easily translated to the light above light if he had the difficulty to digest the meaning of it before, looking at Tony's stark eyes now, he might understand a little bit more about the concept of that teaching. His eyes concealed the milky way and the secret to the universe, it feels like he staring into the first burst of light in the ancient time when the dinosaurs still walk this earth.

He is ashamed of how easily the beauty of a man can sway him this much still, proof how much he still needs to learn to control himself.

"I'll leave you to enjoy your coffee then, sorry for babbling nonsense, no ill intention at all, and if you still want the cake, the offer still stand" Stephen get back to the chapter 21 of his book, page 451, and read a passage of light, he couldn't get those Bambi eyes out of his head, so he steals glances toward the man sitting in front of him not so subtly, hoping he didn't notice. Thankfully Tony stark is busy blowing his hot caramel coffee, well, that's shiny pink lips are other kinds of distraction, Stephen hurriedly lower his head again.

“I'm good really, so full, thanks for the offer” Cheesecake is one of his favorite though. Maybe he'd order one for himself later. He plans on staying here for some time. He opens his laptop, taking a sip from the sweet drink. The genius doesn’t feel so worried about his own staring, the other man isn’t being very subtle. Tony stands somewhere between flattered and embarrassed. Is the man even aware of who he is? Usually, people went like "omg is that really Tony Stark? Can I have a picture?" something along those lines.

That guy just looks at him like he was some random stranger. Some pretty random stranger, of course, Tony knows he is pretty, but people always had something else in mind; power, fame, money. It is a bit exhausting. He sighs, setting down his cup and licking his lips. He ran a hand on his hair, it was an awful mess, a bit curly too. He should probably cut it. He considered the work he has to and he is so, not down for filling up papers and shit. He looks up at the stranger.

“So... you come here often?” Very smooth Tony, really, Tony curses in his head.

“I didn't catch your name.” He can see a part of it on the man's own cup though. It started with "Ste" and Tony hopes it isn’t "Steve". It would be just his luck, he doesn’t want to be moaning that name again.

"Mmm, yeah, pretty close to the sanctum, I mean my place, I come here often just to read, there is something about coffeé shop and reading, don't you think? It just like a random package that matches, the world is consist of million things like this though, where something not related but could live in harmony, in fact even complimenting each other" Stephen says, he hopes that he makes sense to the mechanic. It seems like he does because he is nodding along while playing with the brim of his glasses.

“Exactly like that, just like your glasses, some of the material came from the deepest part of the earth, mingled with metal and other materials, and the other is from the different side of the earth whom has no business to be together in one place and the other part was created by men, purely from science, the idea forming in the neuron of brain, from nothing, formed together only to compliment your eyes” Those part Strange left it inside of his head.

"What about you, what is the great Tony stark doing in our small area? If I must pry of course, if it's not a top-secret information, or something, I don't want FBI to come my way after you telling me the reason, because otherwise, I could also pretend that this isn't Tony Stark I am currently talking too, just a pretty regular man with cute glasses and messy hair" Stephen couldn't help himself but to tease the man in front of him. It wasn't fair for him to lick his lips in front of him and play with his hair like that, it makes a carnal desire in the pit of his stomach burn. He wants and wants and keeps wanting.

It’s dangerous and unnatural.

Tony nods along, the dude was a weird one. well, Tony would guess that from the weird clothes he is wearing. Like the guy was some kind of cosplayer fresh out of a convention. It does suit him though, but Tony wonders how long it would take to peel of all these layers of clothes. Too long.

So the man actually knows who he was. Great, Tony would have been kind of offended if he didn't. Who in this world still doesn’t know about Tony Stark. He has a huge Tower with his name plastered on it, in that exact city and the tabloids loves him. They just love to know who Tony Stark is sleeping with and all that crap. They love to wonder when he'd come back to his addiction, which was very encouraging, thanks guy. Tony is a clean guy now, no more alcohol, not as much at least, and no more sleeping around, not as much.

“Thought it'd be good to... go out. Coffee shops are kind of like... bars but with no alcohol, right and less socializing.” Tony nods to himself. He glares at the stranger for calling him out on his bed hair and tried fixing it. It didn't do much, he looked like a mess, probably had dark circles behind his glasses.

“So tell me, what's your name and why, no offense, are you dressed like that?” He gestures at Stephen's clothes.

“It suits you, I'm not saying otherwise, you look really... great.” He nodes, staring at the details in the guy's clothes, chewing on his lips. He looks up at the other man.

“But it doesn't look very practical”

"Doctor Strange, but just Stephen would be nice too, Oh, my clothes? I am in some kind of cult, they require us to dress like this" Stephen is smiling looking at the surprise face Tony is making by his remark.

Tony went on an emotional rollercoaster. First, discovering the guy was a doctor had him lightening up. He smiles at him, he loves smart people, Rodhey always made fun of him for having a "science kink". Which Tony thought was a stupid concept but then remembered he once got aroused by attending to a science convention. Very embarrassing. Then the guy was named Stephen, and not Steve. Hopefully the Steven with a "ph"; Stephen. Much fancier in Tony's not so humble, opinion.

"I am kidding, it's a long, complicated story, it's a part of me now, just like the iron suit is a part of you, I would like to tell you more but not in the first meeting Stark" he winks at him, hoping Tony doesn’t feel offended by it. Seeing at the flustered in front of him, he thinks he did a pretty great job, he looks way cuter trying to hide those blushes.

Tony choked on his coffee when he learned the guy was in a cult. Already even more worried about the cheesecake, it was probably drugged so Stephen Strange could drag him to his cult and force the famous Tony Stark to join. He shivered at the thought but relaxed and even snorted a laugh when he realized he had been fooled. And he ended up blushing and looking away after Stephen's wink. God, he was too weak to handsome people flirting with him.

"You didn't answer my question, what brings you here to Bleecker street area? We only have ordinary folks around here, not the one with a fancy car and a fancy suit" Stephen closes his book, a thud sound could be heard when he places his heavy book on the table.

“Why not? My kid said, I mean... not my kid but like, my uh... apprentice or something, he said it was his favorite coffee shop so... yeah I came to try it.” He simply shrugged it off. He had almost bought the place for Peter but the Spider kid had been against the idea.

The sorcerer didn't mean to slam the book that hard but he just didn't actually hold the book with his shaking hands, he used magic a while ago to make the book appear like it's being held by his hands when in reality, he barely touches it. "Sorry," he apologized when Tony stark kind of startled by his action, these hands, really, one day he will make peace with it but for now, it still quite difficult.

He jumped slightly when Stephen closed his book too hard. Nodding quickly at his apology. He was still sensitive of loud noises, after the events in New York, with Loki. Mainly that but other things too. He was getting better, seeing someone for his anxiety and PTSD. He was recovering.

“It's alright I'm just... so easy to get startled.” He nods, offering a smile.

“So... you're a mysterious guy huh? Planning some mischief or something? I'd have to take you down you know? Damn it, why is it always the hot ones who are the villains.” Tony jokes, grinning at the man.

"Barely a villain, don't need to worry about me, I promise, I will not make trouble for you, love" seeing the attempt of flirting in Tony's voice makes Stephen feel more confident to play with his words.

“Great, I'd feel bad for hitting on yet another villain.” Tony snorts. That time when he flirted with Loki. And let's not even mention the other when he slept with Victor Doom. For his defense, Doom was both hot, and a doctor, and a villain. In other words; bad idea which meant, totally Tony's type. Now that he thought about it he also had a thing with Tiberius stone but they were young and Tony didn't know yet he'd turn out a villain. He shakes his head, coming back to himself and smiles at Stephen.

"Sorry again for the book, my hands, it's never been the same after the accident," Stephen said feeling anxious and too exposed all of sudden by his hands, he massages the ever throbbing hands slowly.

“It's no big deal, handsome.” Though the remark on an accident had him looking at Stephen's hands. Which were big, which was nice, and the scars honestly made them look even better. Tony was certain he'd like the feeling of them against his skin. He probably shouldn't be lusting like that for a poor stranger.

"So, what's your opinion on this coffee shop then? Planning on coming back?" Stephen couldn't stop himself but to ask this question, he hopes he would get another chance to have an easy conversation like this. Stephen didn't expect it would be this nice to be in the presence of Tony Stark, his overall Aura is calming and in tune with his own, he could say that he sees a purple chakra exudes out of him, the highest form of energy in the human body, this man really is destined to do great and to be great.

“Pretty great, like the people in here.” He grins, winking at Stephen. He would definitely come back if it meant seeing that man again.

"I hope that you are coming back here, same hour same table if you are wondering" Stephen finishes his tea, he doesn’t even drink coffee in a coffee shop, he hopes Tony didn't mind his peculiar behavior.

“It's a date then.” Tony sighs with a grin. He hadn't been on a date in such a long time. Maybe this wasn't exactly a date but he'll consider it that way.

"Fancy meeting you, Tony stark" this time Stephen extends his hand confidently, seeing the other man reciprocate his humor and he could say that they have a good conversation together. Tony takes his hands hesitantly at first but grip his hands firmly after that, his hand is small in Stephen's grip, cute chubby fingers, nice and solid on his palm. What nice things this tiny hand could do, he has the urge to bring Tony's hand to his lips, to kiss it tenderly, but of course he couldn't do it, at least not now. Too soon, pray he will get the chance again.

“It's always fancy meeting me.” He winks at the man. Tony doesn’t hesitate, he brings Stephen's hands to his lips and softly presses a kiss to them.

“You have great hands Doc.” He compliments in a flirty tone. Stephen's hands were a little shaky in his, and he had noticed they were just shaky in general. Maybe because of the accident he has mentioned earlier.

“I'll be there, you better not leave me hanging, I don't take rejection greatly.” He huffs a laugh, letting go of Stephen's hand.

"My hands are not great, don't lie, such a daring display of scars, I sometimes wear gloves not to make people uncomfortable to see my scars, but honestly, I am grateful for it, they made me who I am today" Stephen extracted his hand from Tony's grip, being kissed like that on his hand still feel unnatural for him. He appreciated the sentiment really, but Tony doesn't have to try that hard to win him over, only if he knew that he already won.

Tony raised a brow but gave a soft smile. He understood that. It must be like his reactor scars. Though his reactor scars were truly ugly and huge. He didn't have the reactor there anymore, so it was less bad. “I really meant that, I love some big hands,” Tony smirked. “And I have my share of scars.”

"I hope you don't have someone at home that will be upset because you promise a guy for a date" Stephen adds, his reputation precedes him, he doesn’t wish for Tony Stark to be a single man or anything, he knows he always has someone on his side, he wondered about that beautiful secretary that he has all the time with him, Stephen could swear that they are more than casual colleague.

The engineer frowns at Stephen's accusation. It hurt a bit, being honest. “I'm a faithful man, surely I have some playboy, man-whore reputation in the past but I'm a different man now.” He wouldn't flirt while being in a relationship, maybe a little harmless flirting but never taken it too far. He wouldn't ask someone else on a date while in a relationship surely. “I thought my status went to some public shit, huh? It was a mess when I left Rogers.” He shrugs. More like, when Steve left him, but he had too much pride to voice it that way.

"My place is close, you can call my name from this place and I could hear you, the problem is, what if the one who will not show up is you, I don't think you could hear my calling right here, what I want to say is, Can I have your number?" Stephen finishes not so sure because he might have crossed the line by asking such a personal question like that, otherwise, how could he contact him really, He could just pop up in front of his backyard, of course, opening the portal with his sling ring, but they are not there yet.

Tony considers the man request. He isn’t one to give his number easily. They just met, after all, even though Jarvis filters most of his calls, sure, but still. He shrugs and pulls out a card, his professional card. “Here, you can text me, send me a dick pic or something.” Tony laughs at his own silliness. No way the man will send him a picture of his dick, Tony wouldn’t mind it though.