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we are infinite (as the universe we hold inside)

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Hoseok was made for incandescence. Created to shine. Made to be worshipped. Granted, this is no secret to Yoongi, for all he has ever known was Hoseok’s light; golden and burning and so, so tempting. He is a beacon of warmth and at times Yoongi can only wonder how it’d feel, how much it’d hurt to reach out and grasp him when he’s at his brightest, if it'd even hurt at all. 


Yoongi thinks he wouldn’t mind. It’d be a pleasure to burn.


And what a coincidence, that when Hoseok looks at him, he sees the way his light burns impossibly brighter, like Yoongi himself doesn’t feel his core boiling with an emotion he can only call love. It’s odd that a being such as Hoseok can love someone like him and Yoongi is well aware of how ludicrous that sounds, doesn’t doubt the younger’s affection for him, for Hoseok has never been discreet about his emotions.


He still reassures Yoongi as often as he can. In the flares of fire that emit from his body whenever he feels Yoongi a little too cold. In the whisper of his wind as he cards his hands through Yoongi's hair. In the way he says "I love you," without opening his mouth. 


They spend their days waiting for them to end, counting down the minutes until they can be together; communicating in soft smiles and the fleeting warmth Yoongi feels when Hoseok looks at him. And it’s beautiful, the way Hobi looks at him like he’s the only thing worth looking at, like the eyes he was given were given to him to see Yoongi and Yoongi only. And at times, Yoongi cannot help but become a little emotional at the knowledge that the galaxy he and Hoseok live in is massive, nothing compared to how large the Universe is.


He chose Yoongi.


“I still choose you, Yoongi.” He says in a smile shaped like the heart they share, in the love that is beautiful as much as it is scathing. The smile still prominent when their lips meet under a sky of stars, the beauty reflecting in Hoseok’s eyes, warm and chocolate and the only eyes Yoongi ever wants to look at and feel warm. It's such a beautiful coincidence, how he took a look at the curls of Hoseok's brown hair, at the heat of the chocolate that colors his eyes, at the caramel that drips from his mouth with every word he says, it's funny how Yoongi realized his favorite color is brown. 


“I’ll still choose you, Yoongi.” Hoseok says when he’s not feeling his best, when the beams of light he emits aren’t as strong as they should be. When he’s tired of burning his core for the galaxy’s warmth, when he finally succumbs to the sadness⏤ when his body is tattered, tired, worn but not broken; when he begs Yoongi, his Star, to hold him. When he asks for Namjoon's help, asks the beauty of his Moon to shield Hobi’s Sun, if only for fifteen minutes, if only.


Yoongi hopes Earth understands the graveness of a solar eclipse, that they understand the toll it takes on Hoseok's Sun, the way a solar eclipse starts with Hoseok falling into Yoongi's arms the second Namjoon's Moon covers him, sobbing over everything and nothing, beauty in the chaos he creates.  Sometimes Hoseok's grief is because he doesn't want this life, because he wants to touch Yoongi whenever he wants and not have to wait for Namjoon's Moon, other times the doesn't have a reason other than he just wants to feel Yoongi's heart beating at the same tempo as his. Each and every time Yoongi holds Hoseok in his arms, kisses his lover with everything he has, and he tells him that the only life he wants is this one, because Hoseok is the only thing Yoongi its certain of, and the thought of them being reincarnated as humans but alone is too painful to imagine. 


"I'd rather have you like this, then not have you at all." Yoongi whispers in the crown of Hobi's head, holding the younger to this chest, hoping that its enough to make Hoseok continue to choose him. 


“I’ll choose you for as long as you yet me, Yoongi.” He whispers, voice kerosene on the flame of adoration as they sit underneath Yoongi’s Stars, one hand in Yoongi’s hair, the other wrapped securely ‘round his waist, a reminder. His lips lean down to trace across Yoongi’s skin, pulling stifled sounds of pleasure that sometimes is the only thing that happens; just kissing.


But other times, Hoseok is the one who pulls away, angles Yoongi’s chin up to meet his gaze, a beautiful boy looking at him like it’s the first time, every time; eyes shining with the Universe and the Stars he has scattered across the fabric of time.


And he lets himself fall into those eyes, headfirst into pools of stars, into endless night skies filled with Yoongi’s being, for the Stars he creates are taken from body. Hoseok lets himself hold every fragment of Yoongi, every piece he can find. He holds Yoongi’s body in his arms, worships him like he should be worshiped, revels in the way Yoongi squirms, in the noises he makes, in the way he lets himself drown in pleasure.


Hoseok makes love to Yoongi whenever he can, whenever they’re allowed to. Because Yoongi’s job is to take care of his Stars at night, and Hoseok’s is to let Yoongi’s Stars sleep during the day. The nighttime is the only time they can see each other, and even though Jungkook’s Summer makes every night incredibly short, it’s still such a blessing, such a relief that they can love each other at the Sun’s dying light. 


He feels the heat Jungkook steals from Hoseok in the Summer nights, Earth is way too hot during the day, and at night it seems the only place they can stay is the coldest place on Earth; Antarctica. The core of Yoongi’s Stars are so cold they’re hot, and his body needs that freezing temperature to maintain his Stars warmth, Hoseok included.


He loves laying with Hoseok, on the blanket of one of the planets fueled by their existence, underneath the beauty of the world that worships them. He sees the natural phenomenon that results from Hoseok’s existence; the Northern Lights. A magnificent display of colors drawn from the heat of Hoseok’s Sun, distorted and spread over the coldest parts of the world, how ironic. The two watch the display, Yoongi’s head leaning on Hoseok’s chest, both of his arms wrapped around Yoongi’s waist, occasionally squeezing. His embrace is something solid and heavenly, Yoongi realizes, as they watch Namjoon shine in the sky.


It’s comforting to know that Namjoon has his own struggles; that he lets himself feel them; that he too, lets the darkness of his thoughts embrace him; that he too finally succumbs to the pain. And when this break happens, the sky holds no sign of him.


But, like Yoongi has realized, just because you can’t see him doesn’t mean he’s not there. And Yoongi thinks it’s poetic, how humans call his Dark Periods the New Moon in the cycle of the way he appears.


But to Hoseok and Yoongi, it’s his emotions that dictate the way he shines. For similar to the way that his happiness must end, there is no eternal pain, and he comes out of every single Dark Period a little more resilient, all the more beautiful, not perfect but growing.


He and Hoseok always wonder if they should go and comfort, if they even can . If the Universe will even allow it.


But then they both remember that Namjoon is tough, he is the strongest person Yoongi has ever known. And he thinks it’s beautiful, how Namjoon can be his own pillar of support, not because he must, but solely because he can. And the incarnation of Namjoon’s Moon shines just as bright as ever; a handsome young man with the soul that has aged too quickly; a man with an air of sophistication that is unparalleled; a man who knows what it means to be intimate with pain; a man who shines the brightest in the Winter, when his love, when his Seokjin brings a chill to the World that even Hoseok cannot thaw; Namjoon has always loved the cold.


And what a relief, Yoongi realizes, that Namjoon has found someone to ask for help, someone who can hold that pillar if he ever asks; someone who can share the burden of his Moon with.


What a relief that Namjoon has found someone to love.


What a relief that Yoongi has found his own.


What a relief that Hoseok is his Star.


What a relief that he is not alone.