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Sunday Six - Burn, Cosmo!

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Very few Saints knew of the easy camaraderie that existed between Aphrodite and Camus, even if they didn’t look like they’d get along, they did in fact, get along quite well.

“Ready to get absolutely decimated at checkers?” Camus asked.

Aphrodite who was finishing setting a table with snacks and drinks, snorted quite inelegantly, “You wish Camus, you’ll loose this time,” he said as he gave his game partner a dazzling smile.

Camus nodded, glad that Aphrodite wasn’t able to hear how loud his heart seemed to beat, “You did loose last time we played, perhaps you’ll have better luck this time and you’ll win,” the corner of his lips turned upwards.

Aphrodite was looking at Camus and did not miss the tiny smile, ‘He should smile more’, he thought, ‘he’s terribly handsome when he does.’

Aphrodite finished setting the table and the game, and gestured to Camus, who sat opposite him, “Ready when you are.”