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Rosy Cheeks

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Bucky slowly opened his half closed and tired eyes. It was 4am and everyone in the house was asleep. Shuri was, Murphy their cat was, and until a few seconds ago he was too. The high pitched and needy cry of an infant rang in his ears. He rubbed his eyes and chuckled softly as threw his blankets off to go see what was bothering their little princess.

A combination of Bucky getting up and the crying baby across the hall woke Shuri up as well. It took her a moment to register the crying as the crying from her daughter. She's only been a mom for four months and sometimes she would forget that she was for a second. And barley getting any sleep wasn't helping her memory any. She groaned tiredly and sunk under her blankets but still kind of laughing. The fact that they were both laughing about being woken up at 4am by their crying daughter made them realize that sleep deprivation was really getting to them.

"Where are you going babe?" Shuri asked her voice was hoarse, Bucky thought that it was adorable. "Amelia wants some attention again" Bucky chuckled "Like mother, like daughter I guess" Bucky teased. Shuri rolled her eyes and laughed quietly "I can go get her, she might be hungry" Shuri said as she began getting out of bed but Bucky insisted on going to check on her.

"It's fine, get some rest my Queen" Bucky teased and mockingly bowed. "If she's hungry I'll bring her back here and she can sleep with us" Bucky whispered as he left the room. "Ok White Wolf" Shuri yawned and sunk back into her blankets and was asleep within seconds. Bucky yawned as walked across the hall and open Amelia's nursery door, it was white with yellow flowers on it.

As soon as the door open the small baby stopped crying. She was only four months old but she was big for her age and extremely intelligent and strong. She was already around as strong as a four or five years old child which was insane but to be expected given who her parents are. The doctors chocked it up to a mix of the super soldier serum in Bucky's DNA and the heart shaped herb in Shuri's combining to make one really special baby. Her metabolism was off the charts because of the serum and she usually ate every hour or so, so Bucky just assumed that she was hungry.

"What bothering you sweet girl" Bucky asked softly as he walked over to her crib. She smiled brightly and kicked those chubby legs of hers at the sight of her fathers face, she was definitely a daddy's girl. "You just wanted some attention huh?" Bucky said as her picked Amelia up and out of her crib. Amelia was the perfect mix of her parents, she had beautiful caramel brown skin and dark loosely coiled hair. She had Bucky's bluish green eyes and his nose but Shuri's lips. Bucky was convinced that he had the most beautiful daughter in the world.

Bucky checked her diaper and surprisingly she wasn't wet, thank god. That was the only part of parenthood that he hated. Bucky sat on the soft purple velvet recliner chair in the corner of the room and gently layed Amelia in his lap so that she was looking up at him. She flapped her arms and laughed as she gazed up at him, staring into her eyes was like looking into a mirror. Bucky laughed and played with her little toes and kissed her forehead softly. He lived for quite little moments like these, sitting in a dimly lit room with his daughter in his arms, the daughter that had quickly become his entire world.

He never thought he'd be able to be a Father, and never really thought about it before. He wasn't really in a situation to be thinking about his future children before Wakanda. He had never been this happy and content with his life, even before the whole 'brainwashed by hydra' situation. He never thought he would ever even see the light of day again when he was being beaten and tortured all those years and used as a weapon. Wakanda was the best thing that ever happened to him, Shuri healed him and expected him even with his flawed past, even knowing all of the horrors that he's committed.

He really gets emotional sometimes when he looks at his wife and daughter as he just realizes all over again how blessed he is to have them. Because he remembers the days before all of this, when he was lost and broken. He truly had to go through hell to get to heaven, and as he gazes at the little girl in his lap, a princess of Wakanda and the future Black Panther. He'd go through all of it again if it meant keep his little girl safe.

Amelia reached for her father signaling that she wanted to be picked up. "Ok Amelia, I get the idea" Bucky laughed as he picked her up and placed her on his chest. She was breathing deeply and slowly, the curly hair on her head tickling Bucky's chin. He could tell that she was getting sleepy, Bucky smiled down at her and kissed her rosy cheeks, her skin was soft and her hair smelled of fine oils and shea butter. Amelia yawned and stretched her legs which made Bucky chuckled quietly she was now laying asleep on his chest which put him in quite the predicament. Does he get up and put her in her crib and risk waking her up? Or does he just stay where he is and let her sleep? Bucky decided to go with the latter.

Bucky wrapped his arms under the infants bum to support her and leaned back in the soft chair as he reclined it. It was already 5am and the sun was coming up so Bucky just ended up staying in the nursery for the rest of the night and falling asleep with Amelia in his arms. He awoke to the rich smell of bacon frying and the sound of birds singing outside of the window. A warm orange light peeped through the window, beautifully illuminating the small room. He didn't realize Shuri standing in the doorway gazing lovingly at the wonderful purity of the sight before her eyes. "Good morning" She laughed with a huge smile on her face, "Bast I love this man" She thought to herself. "Morning" Bucky yawned as he got up and handed Amelia to Shuri "I missed you last night" She joked. Bucky laughed dryly "Our daughter had other plans" he said. Shuri kissed him quickly and softly. "I love you so much" Shuri said, her voice cracking with emotion slightly. "I love you too darling" Bucky said