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“Please tell me you know what you’re doing.”

Jungkook sighs. It’s the second to last call to board the train. He needs to go , and Jin definitely needs to let go of him.

“It’s just a field trip for extra credit, hyung, I’m not leaving to pursue my idol dreams.”

“That’s not what I meant, Jeon Jungkook, and you know it!” Seokjin karate chops his neck from behind and Jungkook can’t help himself, he giggles.

“Are you worried someone will defile my honor?” He jokes when Seokjin finally lets him go. Seokjin punches his arm.

“I’m worried you’ll be kidnapped by a stranger you met on the internet and possibly become their sex slave. Who’s gonna eat all my food then?”

“Taehyung will.”

“Taehyung is a vegan who loves steak, I don’t trust him.”

“Jimin, then.”

“Jimin is a brat, I don’t like him.”

“I’m trying to give you options here.”

“And I’m trying to keep you safe , you ungrateful child!”

It could have been funny, if it wasn’t for Seokjin’s serious wrinkles in between his brow. He hasn’t let go of Jungkook’s backpack - translation: he’s honestly worried - and Jungkook feels kind of guilty all of a sudden.

“I won’t be kidnapped, hyung, I promise,” he says, in what he hopes is a reassuring tone. “He’s not a creep, and even if he is, I know how to defend myself. I’m not a baby anymore.”

“I know you’re not,” Seokjin says, resigned. He sighs loudly and finally hands Jungkook his backpack, hugging him again. It’s shorter than the last one, but tighter. “Text me when you get there, and keep your GPS active at all times, got it?” Jungkook nods, Seokjin ruffles his hair. “Good boy.”

It’s a long way from Busan to Seoul, which gives Jungkook plenty of time to think about his life choices.

His trip is supposed to be merely academic, a way to earn extra credits for his Filmmaking class by attending some event his university is promoting. One of the perks of being a top student is professors wanting to brag about you - and their influence they claim to have on the cool stuff you do - to people more talented than they are, which is why Jungkook is sitting on a train to Seoul, all expenses covered, on his way to show his video edits to some old dudes he doesn’t know or care about.

He’s far from excited about his professor putting both him and his work on display as if he’s some kind of circus freak, never the one to enjoy a spotlight unless he’s actively sought it. But this trip couldn’t have come more in handy.

That’s what the “think about his life choices” part is about.

Jungkook is going to attend this university event, yes. But he also has ulterior motives. Ulterior motives that happen to hide their name behind a pseud and their face behind a mask.

It all started on a random day of nondescript importance. Jungkook was mindlessly scrolling twitter when he stumbled upon a very explicit video of two masked men having sex, one blowing the other.

When one has been on twitter long enough, those occurrences aren’t all that shocking, so in retrospect he knows he could have kept scrolling. In fact he almost did, but there was something about the way the guy receiving the blowjob caressed the face of the giver that caught Jungkook’s attention.

It was tender, caring, like something not out of porn but out of one of the hundreds m/m anime fanfiction Jungkook has read in his queer life. And the guy was smiling down at the giver just the same tender way, praising him with a soft voice. It was honestly mesmerizing to watch.

The whole display made him click on the guy’s profile pic, only to find it was one of those amateur porn video sites where you can buy a full video and also watch teasers for free.

It's not like Jungkook didn’t know about those kinds of sites, but he never actively searched for one because there wasn’t a point to it. Not until Sunny’s website, anyways - a.k.a. the receiver of the blowjob.

The guy's pseud is "Sunshine Ho" but his - impressively massive - social media fan base calls him Sunny . He makes professionally edited videos he sells on his website, and also uploads teasers for free. He often interacts with his fans, seems kind and even funny. A total nsfw sweetheart, as far as Jungkook can tell.

It was out of mere curiosity, really, when Jungkook started lurking. He watched the free teasers, read twitter threads and comments - both from fans and from Sunny himself, but refrained from interacting with any of it beyond the occasional like.

By lurking, Jungkook learned Sunny was a very considerate lover - at least on camera. His masked partners seemed to enjoy themselves in every new video, and some of them came back a second and even a third time for Sunny to fuck them into oblivion.

Of course, it could be the money - Sunny makes a lot by selling the full videos and shares with his partners in due manner, it seems. But either they are all terrific actors or it is actually all true, because Sunny’s videos are definitely the most fanfiction-y porn Jungkook has ever watched, all communication and mutual search for pleasure.

It soon came to Jungkook’s attention that Sunny often seemed to be contacted by boys wanting to have a no-strings-attached good time, and willing to have it on camera - with masks on, of course; you gotta protect those identities. From tops to bottoms, from young guys to older men that could maybe double Sunny’s age. It also varied from experienced men to total virgins, who looked like they had as much a good time as any other men under Sunny’s ministrations.

It was actually that last piece of information that lead to a crazy idea forming inside Jungkook's head, but it wasn’t until his professor offered him the field trip to Seoul - Sunny’s current city of residence - that he decided to just DM the guy and ask about logistics.


Sunshine Ho
R u a stalker?

no im not

Sunshine Ho
Creep? :0


Sunshine Ho
Can I see a credential? 👀

[attached image]

Sunshine Ho
A selca wearing a white face mask

[attached image]

Sunshine Ho
Now your credit card number :3

not giving u that ¬¬

Sunshine Ho
Thought u wanted me to fuck u :(((

i do
but im not an idiot
do i have to pay u?

Sunshine Ho
Nah I’m just messing with u
I’ll do a lil bg check and get back to u soon k baby? ;)


It wasn’t long before Sunny deemed Jungkook worthy, and after making him pinky promise he wasn’t a creep nor a weirdo, they exchanged phone numbers. Which at some point after talking about stuff like age gap, music, and even dog pics and meme exchanges, lead to a request Jungkook couldn’t have imagined coming from this man.


ice cream?




why ice cream tho?

I just like ice cream a lot u.u


So here he is, on his way to Seoul to attend a uni event and also to have ice cream with the man that promised to take his v-card. To say he isn’t nervous would be lying horrifically.

Jungkook puts on his headphones and tries to make the best out of the rigid train seat, shifting on it to get comfortable, avoiding thinking too hard about what is supposed to happen after his uni event. The problem is he should be thinking about it, probably even regretting it, taking Seokjin’s concern more seriously and backing the hell out of it. A bigger problem is he’s not going to back out now, not when he already pinky promised Sunny he’ll meet him for ice cream after his event is over.

It’s not even a question of stubborness at this point - regardless of what his friends might say. It’s about practicality, about having an opportunity presented to him on a silver plate and taking it. He wants to give himself the best chance to like this whole sex thingy, to understand what the fuss is about objectively, and as he sees it, Sunny is the perfect man for the job.

Virginity is a social construct anyway, so what is there to lose? Apart from a couple milliliters of jizz and - hopefully - his utter disinterest in the whole ordeal.

His friends are just over protective. He’s going to be just fine.




The ice cream shop is crowded upon Jungkook’s arrival.

They have the best ice cream in town according to a big sign on the front, and that's cute and all but there's no way he can discuss what he came here to discuss with all these people around them practically fighting each other over ice cream.

He can't even get inside the place, let alone look for someone resembling what he's seen of Sunny, so he texts him to let him know he's outside. A reply comes right after.


Name a flavor

of what?

Ice cream, baby

u inside?

Sort of

Uhh mint choco chip

Good boy ;)


Not five minutes later, a man approaches him. He comes from god knows where, a mint choco chip cone in each hand, and wow , okay, please god let him be Sunny because he's really, really handsome - dressed in a oversized white shirt and denim shorts that show off his great legs - and Jungkook wouldn't mind giving his v-card to him.

Handsome stands in front of him, tinted sunglasses directed at Jungkook's face as he asks "Jungkook-ssi?" in a voice Jungkook recognizes from watching so many of the man's videos. As soon as he nods, Handsome flashes him the biggest, brightest smile Jungkook has ever seen in his goddamn life. He's so stunned it takes him a moment to realize the man is trying to give him a cone. He takes it dumbly, and Sunny extends his hand.

"Hi! I'm Sunny, obviously," he says cheerfully, placing his sunglasses over his styled black hair. Damn he's even more handsome without them. "But you can call me Hoseok. Or Hobi. Or hyung. Or daddy , if you're into that."

Hoseok winks at him and Jungkook feels himself blush. Blush! He clears his throat to cover it.

"How did you get us these so fast?" Jungkook asks, to divert the attention from his silly blushing self. "Do you work here?"

Hoseok smiles. "I don't, but I know someone who does. He's a regular."

Jungkook is about to ask what "regular" means but then it clicks.

Oh .

He bites into his ice cream to keep himself busy, Hoseok giving him an odd look. Perhaps he can feel Jungkook's nervousness, or maybe there's something on his face. At this point, Jungkook truly doesn't know which one is better.

"You're cuter than I thought," Hoseok says after a second. Jungkook almost chokes on his ice cream. "Why did you hide it?"

"I sent you a selca!" Jungkook defends, coughing a little.

"Yeah, but you looked hot there. I mean, you're hot in person too, but you're also very cute and I personally dig that."

If Jungkook wasn't blushing before .

“Can we talk about literally anything else?" He asks, mortified.

He has never been good at taking compliments, less so when they come from people he finds attractive. Ask Jimin and Jungkook's massive crush on him back in highschool.

"I don't know," Hoseok says, innocently lapping at his ice cream. "You want us to discuss exactly how d’you want me to fuck you, baby? I thought you'd want to finish the ice cream first."

Hoseok talks loud enough for anyone near them to hear. Jungkook's eyes go wide, turning his head from side to side to check, then back to Hoseok in awe. How can someone be so shameless?

Hoseok straight up laughs at him, but it doesn't feel like mocking somehow. It's more like amusement, like he finds Jungkook's embarrassment very entertaining. He finally takes pity on him, placing a hand on the small of his back to guide him forward.

"C'mon, cutie. Let's take a walk."

They go to a nearby park, somewhere green and pretty with lots of people around. Jungkook imagines this is Hoseok’s way of giving him a feeling of safety, but he’s still so nervous it's actually ridiculous. He shouldn't be, he knows he shouldn’t because this was his idea in the first place, and Hoseok seems nice enough. Nonetheless, knowing he’s being completely irrational is doing nothing to soothe him.

“We don’t have to talk about it if you don’t wanna,” Hoseok says out of the blue, without looking at Jungkook. He’s finishing his cone, lapping lazily at it between words, and Jungkook’s attention goes straight to his hands. They’re pretty hands.

“What?” He asks dumbly.

“We don’t have to do anything at all,” Hoseok continues, snapping Jungkook out of the trance. “Just finish the cones and part ways, no hard feelings.”

Jungkook stops walking, causing Hoseok to get ahead by a couple of steps. “Why would I want that?” he asks, now genuinely confused.

“Because you’re nervous,” Hoseok says simply, turning to stand in front of Jungkook.

“Pfft, I’m not nervous.”

Hoseok raises a brow, “you’re not?”

“I’m not,” Jungkook says defiantly. Hoseok deadpans.

“Then why’s your hand soaked in melted mint choco chip.”

“Oh, shit!”

Jungkook changes the cone to the other hand and shakes the soaked hand violently, trying to get rid of liquid without staining his clothes. Hoseok just laughs, a loud, sparkly sound that actually makes it difficult for Jungkook to remain angry at his own stupidity. Hoseok’s cheerfulness is contagious, so how could Jungkook stay mad around him?

Truth be told, there's something about Hoseok that makes him almost impossible to reconcile with the camboy Jungkook came here to meet. Not that Hoseok is any less bubbly on his social media, but this is different. He's such a nondescript - yet handsome - ball of sunshine in person you'd never guess what he does for a living.

“Earth to Jungkook. You still with me, cutie?”

Oh fuck, he spaced out again did he?

“I… yes. I am. Sorry.”

“Good,” Hoseok says, tilting his head to search for Jungkook’s eyes. Jungkook gulps. When did they get so close? “So about our agreement..?”

“I wanna do it,” Jungkook blurts out, as firmly as he's able to. “I want you to be my first, if that's okay with you.”

Hoseok’s eyes go big for a second, but then he’s beaming at Jungkook, smile wide and warm, and completely breathtaking.


“More than okay,” Hoseok assures, finishing his cone in one big bite. He swallows and Jungkook can see the bob of his adam apple. It's kinda hot. “Now follow me, baby, we've got some logistics to discuss.”




To be completely honest, Jungkook never thought a sex discussion could be so un-sexy.

Hoseok takes them to a little coffee shop near the park, nods to one of the baristas, smiles to a random customer and gets them a table in no time at all. Jungkook can’t stop wondering if they are all “regulars” or if it’s just Hoseok’s charm. Not that it is his problem one way or the other.

Once they’re both comfortable enough, Hoseok takes a funny little red book and a pen out of his bag. He starts asking Jungkook question after question, and not even about sex! Stuff like known allergies, psychological triggers, heart conditions; they all make it to Hoseok’s - not so little - checklist. He is apparently very thorough and organized, and even though the situation isn’t sexually charged, Jungkook can feel himself wanting the man in front of him to be his first, if only because he thinks Hoseok is very neat.

“So, last but not least, the very important and most definitive question of the bunch,” Hoseok announces, making Jungkook perk up in alert.

He’s nervous all of a sudden, palms sweaty against the fabric of his jeans. What is Hoseok going to ask? Is it something sex related? What if he wants Jungkook to bottom? Wait… What if he wants him to top ? What if he wants to try a freaky sex position and Jungkook ends up making a fool of himself? What if-

“Would you,” Jungkook holds his breath, “rather be the big spoon or the little spoon?”

What .


“Spooning, Kookie,” Hoseok explains with a serious face on. “Are you the biggie or the smallie?”

“I- believe I don’t have a preference?” Jungkook says, unsure.

“Oh! That’s great!” Hoseok exclaims, clapping in excitement. “Then we could try both so you can choose what you like best. I loooove teaching. I bet I can make you feel good both ways and from then on you’ll be able to decide. What do you say, baby? Want good ol' Sunny boy to teach you how to give and receive like a champ?”

Hoseok finishes his question with a wink that happens to be more suggestive than anything he’s seen the man do the whole afternoon. What the heck?

“Are we- still talking about spooning?” He asks, feeling definitely exposed under Hoseok’s gaze. Then Hoseok smirks and goddam! Does it send chills through Jungkook’s spine.

“Depends. Are you still thinking about spooning?”

“Not really.”

“Then we’re done with the silverware,” Hoseok replies, closing his little red notebook at last. “Let's plan the main course now.”




Much to Jungkook’s surprise - see: disappointment - they don’t go straight to a motel or hotel or what not. Basically because Hoseok claims he needs a couple hours to scheme the scene a little and also make all the preparations. So Jungkook goes to his hotel room, takes the most thorough shower he’s taken in his life and waits for Hoseok to call him.

He’s dozing off while watching a space documentary when his phone chirps in his hand.


Operation ‘Tap that Ass’ is a go
Let’s get this bread
[sent location]

tap that ass? seriously?

Oh sorry
Do u prefer ‘Operation Deflowering’?


Thought so.


Jungkook finds the location using Naver Maps and is really surprised when it doesn’t lead him to a cheap motel. Not even to a cheap hotel. He ends up in front of a nice looking apartment complex, with security cameras and all that jazz. The place looks fancy, expensive even. Not the kind of place where one would film some shady amateur gay porn video for further distribution. Although maybe that’s exactly why Hoseok chose it on the first place and Jungkook is just being naive? He calls Hoseok just in case.

“Hello? I think I got lost.”

“What?” Hoseok sounds alarmed, his pitch going high. “How? Where are you right now?”

“In front of a huge apartment building,” Jungkook explains. “It has a crescent moon engraved on the front door?”

“Oh my god, you scared me, silly!” Hoseok sighs in relief. “You’re not lost , you’re right where you’re supposed to be. Come on up, I already called for them to let you in. Just say your name at the front desk.”

Jungkook does as instructed. They tell him to take the elevator, floor three apartment seven, and soon enough he’s standing in front of a door, too nervous to even knock.

What if this is a mistake? Hoseok seems like a nice guy, he’s hot enough too, but this whole ordeal suddenly seems like too much trouble just to lose one’s virginity which, truly, shouldn’t really matter. What would his mom think of him if she knew what he’s using his uni field trip for? Not that she’s ever gonna know any of this unless Seokjin snitches on him or something but still, the mere thought is making Jungkook’s stomach clench.

He suddenly hears a door being opened and finds himself being pulled into a tight hug. It doesn’t last much, but he melts into it pretty quickly because Jesus did he need one.

When Hoseok releases him, something sweet and soothing clings to Jungkook’s nostrils. Is it vanilla? Jasmine?

“What was that for?” He asks, finally meeting Hoseok’s eyes. The man is smiling.

“You looked like you needed one,” he says, shrugging a shoulder. “Now c’mon, pretty boy. You ready?”

Jungkook nods, honestly feeling like he can do this. “Let’s get it.”




Hoseok’s apartment is nice and big. It has plenty of natural light sources, some plants, a nice open living room/dining room and a cute kitchen that looks cozy and homey.

He gives Jungkook the grand tour while explaining what he likes to do here and there, how his friends sometimes come visit and cook for him, how he misses having roommates but can’t afford having them with what he does for a living. He’s all warm smiles and warm energy, and Jungkook kind of suspects Hoseok is going out of his way just to make him feel comfortable - which he appreciates a lot.

The last stop is of course Hoseok’s bedroom. It’s quite big, bigger than Jungkook would have expected. It has a two seater in a corner, a massive TV on the wall, and the largest bed Jungkook has seen in his life, currently occupied by tripods and cameras positioned strategically. Jungkook is familiar with Hoseok’s work by now so it’s not really a surprise to him. It still does something to him though, like seeing the cameras there makes everything they’re about to do all the more real.

“You’re nervous again,” Hoseok says; it’s not a question. He stands in front of Jungkook and the younger just nods sheepishly. “My cameras can be intimidating,” he admits, then goes for Jungkook’s hands, taking them between his own. They’re cold but firm, comforting, and he’s so close now Jungkook can smell that sweet note again. It’s probably vanilla. “It’s your call, Kookie. Right now and after. Always your call, okay?” He searches for Jungkook’s eyes and the movement makes him stand impossibly close. Jungkook can see the dark chocolate of his eyes, the softness of his cheeks, his heart shaped lips. God he wants to kiss him so badly.

“Please kiss me,” Jungkook says before he can chicken out, before his brain can convince him this is a mistake. “Please, please, please kiss me, hyung.”

Hoseok smiles at him, soft and knowing.

And he obliges.




It’s not that Jungkook hasn’t been kissed before. It’s just Jungkook hasn’t been kissed this way before.

It starts gentle, soothing, but it evolves to something demanding the exact same moment Jungkook needs it to. Hoseok’s hands no longer hold Jungkook’s but are now roaming freely around his body, leaving warm paths on their wake.

Jungkook hooks his arms around Hoseok’s neck, pulling him backwards towards where he remembers the couch to be. They tumble onto it, Jungkook below Hoseok while the latter sneaks his hands under the former’s cotton tee. He curses when he feels Jungkook’s defined abdomen and Jungkook mentally pats himself, all those extra repetitions finally paying off. He takes the opportunity to kiss down Hoseok’s jaw and neck, hands instinctively pawing at Hoseok’s belt to take it off.

“Hold on, baby, hold on, hold on,” Hoseok says, breathless. Jungkook is too turned on to process his words, so he chases Hoseok’s mouth instead. Without warning, Hoseok’s holds Jungkook’s wrists and pins them over his head. Damn , that’s hot. “I said hold on,” he snaps, and this time it sounds like a command - which goes straight to Jungkook’s groin, unsurprisingly.

Jungkook stops trying to trap Hoseok’s lips, laying still under his weight. He waits, enjoying Hoseok’s eyes on him, his charged gaze, how flustered he looks because of him.

“We should-” Hoseok tries, panting through parted lips. “If we’re still gonna do this, we should-” he insists, seemingly at a lost of words. “I mean we gotta… But shit you’re so hot I’d fuck you even off camera if you asked me to.”

Jungkook giggles, feeling a little bit proud of himself for making the great Sunshine Ho consider fucking him without cameras involved. But truth is he wants the cameras on. Some hidden, dark part of him wants all of this to exist forever, to be put out in the open for the world to see, for the world to know - and for him to revisit later, too.

“Turn them on, hyung,” Jungkook says after a second, looking right at Hoseok with his best bedroom eyes and a calculated bite on his own bottom lip. “Let them see how good you make it for me.”

Hoseok growls in the back of his throat and pulls Jungkook into another lip bruising kiss. Although it is short lived, one second Hoseok’s tongue is inside his mouth and the next he’s peeling himself from Jungkook’s body, bouncing from one camera to the next, turning them all on with practiced ease.

Once they’re on, he returns to Jungkook and helps him stand. He looks a bit more serious than he did a minute ago. Jungkook doesn’t like that look on him, it makes him want to kiss it away.

“It’s all set up now, but there’s still something we need to talk about,” Hoseok says, looking Jungkook in the eye. He listens. “I know you said you have no preference, but I thought maybe it’d be better if I bottom for you today? I’m confident I can make you feel good both ways but since you’re new to this whole sex thing I figured maybe topping would give you the opportunity to, y’know, do the other stuff with someone other than a hooker.”

Jungkook blinks, confused. Why is Hoseok calling himself that?

“You’re not a hooker,” he reasons, shaking his head. “I’m not paying you.”

“Glorified sex worker, then,” Hoseok says sarcastically, with a dry sort of laugh that makes Jungkook want to flinch. “‘Cause I am getting paid eventually, even if it’s not by you.”

Jungkook feels weird all of a sudden, torn between what he wants to do and what he should do. He doesn't like the fact Hoseok thinks that way about himself, primarily because that couldn’t be farther from what Jungkook thinks of him.

Hoseok’s work is very good, both content wise and from an artistic point of view - at least in Jungkook’s opinion. Moreso, he's a professional, thoroughly following a set of guidelines - like the thing with the checklist and the whole background check he did on Jungkook before even considering meeting in person. Yes, perhaps Hoseok’s job isn’t conventional, but what’s the matter if he gets naked on camera to do it? At least he's honest about it, and he's not harming anyone in the process.

These are all words Jungkook wants Hoseok to know, but there’s also complicated stuff swimming around in the mix that are Jungkook’s feelings at the moment. Stuff he’s not so sure he should be feeling in the first place, like the overwhelming impulse to hug the man in front of him and kiss his face until none of those terrible thoughts can get to him ever again, for example.

“That doesn’t change a thing,” Jungkook settles on saying, trying to put all his feelings into words, to make it count. “I chose you,” he assures, looking for Hoseok’s eyes. “I want my first time to be with you because I trust you and I chose you.”

Hoseok’s eyes get a little glassy, but his voice is steady when he speaks again.

“Thank you for trusting me,” he says, his hands cupping Jungkook’s cheeks. “I take that very seriously and I want to make it as good for you as I possibly can, but I also insist you should save your other first time for someone you really care about, baby. Just... in case.”

Jungkook wants to say he really cares about Hoseok but he bites his tongue, thinking it could come across as weird because they barely know each other in person. He sighs.

“Okay,” he says instead, figuring dicking Hoseok instead of being dicked by him is a good enough alternative for now. “Okay, I’ll top. I’ll fuck you.”

“Hmm, we’ll see about that,” Hoseok says cryptically, a little smirk playing in the corner of his lips.

Then he drops to his knees and Jungkook's head starts spinning.

Hoseok unbucks Jungkook’s belt and unzips his jeans faster than Jungkook can process what’s going on, leaving him a bit dizzy around the edges.

“What are you doing?” he asks, in an impressive display of stupidity.

“I thought it was obvious?” Hoseok says from the floor, a cocky smile curving his lips as he looks up to Jungkook through his eyelashes. “Don’t you know what a blowjob is, Jungkookie?” He teases.

“Of course I know, I’m not that much of a virgin,” Jungkook defends himself, but he can feel his cheeks heating in response. “I mean, shouldn’t we like, move to the bed or something?”

“Not really. I have cameras angled to capture us all around the room so we can do as we please.”

“But our conversation-”

“I’ll edit the sound, don’t worry.”

“And our faces?”

“I can blur them out as well. It’s not the best aesthetic but since you were nervous before I thought maybe not wearing a mask was best.”

Jungkook can’t explain why, but he feels warmth spreading to every part of his body after realizing Hoseok’s sheer determination to make him feel comfortable during their time together. It’s reassuring, to say the least. It makes Jungkook even more sure about his decision.

Nonetheless, there’s something fixed inside Jungkook’s head ever since he decided he wanted Hoseok to be his first, and he’s not ready to let it go that easily.

“But I really…” he mumbles, barely loud enough for Hoseok to hear, throwing a conscious pout into the mix. “I really wanted to wear a mask.”

“Oh.” Hoseok says, blinking up at Jungkook. He seems to consider Jungkook’s statement for a moment before standing. Jungkook doesn’t miss the way he licks his bottom lip. “That’s, uhm… yeah that’s cool, we can do that.”

Hoseok takes his hand, leading him to the farthest corner of the room, to the inside of a very organized walk-in closet. He grabs a box from god knows where and places it on a countertop in front of them.

“These are all my masks. I’m sure you’ve seen some in my videos so if you want one in particular you can just tell me.”

“Which one are you wearing?”

“My usual mask,” Hoseok says, shrugging.

“The black carnival one with a golden pattern? ‘Cause I like that one better than the white you used on the last couple videos,” Jungkook says without thinking, then looks up in a panic. Shit, he must look like a cray now.

“You really are a fan, aren’t you?” Hoseok says, perplexed. Jungkook wills a blush away, focusing on the box instead.

He searches through the contents until he finds what he’s looking for, a soft-pink colored mask that vaguely resembles a bunny. He tries it on, sees himself in the mirror and can’t help but smile.

“It suits you,” Hoseok says to his ear. He’s standing behind him, chin hooked on Jungkook’s shoulder. He’s already using his own mask and it sends a jolt of electricity to Jungkook’s spine. “Want me to call you bunny?”

“O-okay,” Jungkook stutters, swallowing hard. “What should I call you?”

“Hyung is fine. Or Sunny. Anything far enough from my real name that you won’t mess up once we’re… otherwise occupied.”

“Hyung then,” Jungkook says, resolutely. Hoseok smiles at him, wide and bright.

“Okay bunny,” he says, leaving a tiny kiss on Jungkook’s clothed shoulder. “Let’s begin.”

They make their way back to the main room, hand in hand, and Hoseok leads them back to the same spot where they’d been standing before. Jungkook is still pretty nervous, but something about having a mask covering his identity gives him a feeling of freedom he’s never felt in the past. Anonymity will do that for you.

“You okay, baby?” Hoseok asks gently, standing in front of him. Jungkook nods. “Use your words, bunny, please,” he says more firmly, and damn, if Jungkook thought he stood a chance against that pet name, he was oh so very wrong.

“I’m okay, hyung,” he says, earning himself a smile.

“Good.” Hoseok cups Jungkook’s cheek and runs his thumb over Jungkook’s fat bottom lip. It’s a simple gesture but it sends a shiver through Jungkook’s entire body. “I’m going to kiss you now, okay?”

“Okay,” Jungkook says dumbly, just before Hoseok’s lips trap his own.

The kiss is gentle, sweet even, Hoseok cupping his face to angle it to his advantage, taking the control Jungkook gives him freely. It’s nice, and for a moment Jungkook’s mind is void of any lingering thoughts, which seems to be Hoseok’s superpower.

“Want me to help you undress, bunny?” Hoseok whispers against his mouth. Jungkook nods, catching himself just in time to not whine when Hoseok stops kissing him.

Hoseok takes his hand again and leads him toward the couch, shoving Jungkook’s chest a little until he gets the hint. Jungkook sits, looking up to Hoseok as Hoseok’s brown eyes stay focused on him.

“Arms up, please,” he instructs, and Jungkook complies, followed by Hoseok helping him out of his tee without taking his mask off. He does the same with the rest of Jungkook’s clothes and soon  enough Jungkook finds himself butt naked on the couch, wearing nothing more than the bunny mask.

Hoseok stands in front of him, staring at Jungkook as if he’s the most interesting thing he has ever seen. And for that short moment, Jungkook feels like he is.

He bites his bottom lip, feeling exposed under that gaze, and Hoseok smirks in delight. “Cute,” he says, leaning forward to peck Jungkook’s waiting lips.

Hoseok undresses next, mindful of his own mask but confident all the same, sexy in a way Jungkook can’t explain. He folds their clothes neatly, placing them in a pile on a nearby coffee table. Then he comes back to Jungkook and wow, damn, holy fuck Hoseok is in great shape. He’s not buff like Jungkook but his muscles are defined and lean, abs slightly on display.

Jungkook’s gaze keeps going down until it meets Hoseok’s neatly trimmed pubes framing a slender cock, still semi soft and slightly darker than the rest of of his body. Admittedly, Jungkook has seen Hoseok naked in his videos, but nothing can compare with having the real thing in front of him. Those damn cameras don’t do him justice. Hoseok is gorgeous . How can Jungkook be so lucky to get to fuck him?

“Bunny, you’re staring,” Hoseok says fondly, an amused smile curving the corner of his lips.

“I’m sorry, it’s just- You’re so beautiful, hyung, holy shit!”

The statement causes a reaction Jungkook isn’t expecting. Hoseok stays still for a moment, eyes big in surprise. Is he really not used to people saying that? He should be, given how fucking stunning he is, and the fact that he seems unaware of this is honestly unacceptable.

Jungkook doesn’t have much time to mull over it, because the next thing to happen is Hoseok moving to stand right in between Jungkook’s thighs.

“Aren’t you a flirt?” He says, leaning forward to whisper right in Jungkook’s ear. He can practically feel the smile on Hoseok’s lips. “I wanna do what I was gonna do before, is that okay?”

“Yes, okay, more than okay,” Jungkook says, nodding enthusiastically.

Hoseok giggles.

Then drops to his knees again.

And Jungkook almost spontaneously combusts.

The thing about blowjobs, you see, is that Jungkook knows what they are, how they work, and even hadone failed college party attempt from his freshman year under his belt. The other guy was so drunk Jungkook decided against it and paid for his cab, and after the fact Jungkook was too busy or too uninterested to try again. However, no amount of porn watching, fanfic reading, or intense fantasizing could have prepared him for the reality that is having Hoseok’s perfect lips prettily wrapped around his dick.

Hoseok works with intention, every ounce of energy seemingly focused on one solid goal: turning Jungkook into a useless, boneless excuse of a human being. Jungkook is too overwhelmed to know exactly what Hoseok is doing to his cock or how in the everloving fuck he is doing it. All he knows is that it feels like heaven is taking him in, and christ Jungkook is so ready to die there and then.

Hoseok looks up at him the entire time, an absolute sight for sore eyes. He massages Jungkook’s taint gently, not a preamble but a teasing touch, perhaps a way to tempt Jungkook to try sticking something there in the future - as if Jungkook needed any more temptations. It feels so fucking good he literally can’t help the little high pitched moans escaping his lips. It’s… quite a lot.

“What do you need, baby, tell me,” Hoseok asks after releasing Hoseok’s cock with a pop. Was Jungkook actually talking before? To be honest, he can’t remember much apart from how good it felt and how badly he wanted to be closer to Hoseok, as if it was even possible.

“I wanna… I need-” he tries, words failing him. Damn, he’s never been so turned on in his life. He can’t even string two thoughts together. “I want you,” he says in the end.

Hoseok smirks, cupping one of Jungkook’s cheeks and kissing him filthily.

When Hoseok breaks the kiss and stands up, Jungkook honest to god whines. “Shh baby, I’ll be right back,” he says, smiling fondly at him. He pecks Jungkook’s forehead just below the hairline and runs his thumb softly over the apple of Jungkook’s cheek before walking to the bedside table.

He comes back a moment later, bottle of lube and condoms in one hand. Jungkook’s eyes go wide, everything that’s about to happen hitting him at once, his breathing quickening a little without him realizing. Hoseok drops the stuff next to Jungkook on the couch and stands between his thighs again, lifting his chin with two fingers so Jungkook can meet his gaze.

“What color are you now?” He asks in a calm voice.

They discussed using traffic light colors as a safeword system back when Hoseok was filling his big checklist, but somewhere inside him Jungkook thought they wouldn’t really need them. Is his nervousness that noticeable?

“I’m green,” he says sincerely.

Hoseok’s brows furrow. “You sure?”

“Yes. It’s just…” He breathes in, out, tries once more. “Can you kiss me again, please?”

Hoseok smiles at the request and leans forward, trapping Jungkook’s lips in his. The kiss is long and plush, the thoughts leaving Jungkook’s head with every passing second. So much so that he barely registers Hoseok moving until the man is already straddling his thighs. He keeps kissing Jungkook but now it’s more urgent, deeper, and hotter. Jungkook wants to feel more of Hoseok, wants to touch every part of him. He just wants so much it’s almost overwhelming.

“Please, hyung,” he says, not knowing what he’s begging for.

Hoseok shushes him gently, kissing a path down his jaw and to the crook of his neck, rocking against Jungkook’s erection with a cadence only he knows the rhythm for. Jungkook feels Hoseok shifting to grab the supplies he dropped a moment ago and Jungkook’s dick twitches, his mind providing a visual of what should happen next and holy shit! He definitely wants to take an active part in that too.

“You want me to-” Jungkook starts, moaning when Hoseok’s hips roll particularly sharply. “You need-?”

“What, bunny?” Hoseok asks, kissing down the column of Jungkook’s neck and his collarbones, using his teeth to trace the skin.

“Prepping,” Jungkook blurts out, breathless after Hoseok’s hand finds his cock and gives it a stroke. “Do you need me to - ah! - prep you? I can do it, if you teach me.”

Hoseok stops, straightening his back to look Jungkook in the eye. “That sounds tempting,” he says, stroking him shallowly. “But I did it myself before you came here, so I’m okay for the moment.”

The knowledge feels like a blow and Jungkook can’t pinpoint the reason. He tries to stay neutral about it, collected, adult. Of course, he fails spectacularly.

“Hey, now, why are you pouting?” Hoseok asks him, amused.

“I wanted to prep hyung,” Jungkook says in a tiny voice. He already embarrassed himself, he might as well play along now.

“Oh, baby, aren’t you the cutest.” Hoseok pinches his cheek. “Maybe next time.” He winks.

Next time?

Okay .

It’s a bit of a blur after that. Hoseok overwhelms Jungkook’s senses by kissing him silly, distracting enough Jungkook barely notices Hoseok putting a condom on him and lubbing him up. He only stops kissing Jungkook when he lines up on his cock, towering over him, looking him straight in the eye.

“Fuck you’re stunning,” Jungkook breathes, stopping Hoseok in his tracks, the look of utter bewilderment back on his features for just the tiniest second. He recovers almost instantly, smiling down at Jungkook, bright and genuine. Then he starts sinking down on Jungkook's cock and everything around them narrows to the exact place where they are connected; to the space their bodies occupy over the couch, and nothing beyond.

Hoseok fucks passionately, rolling his hips along his entire upper body, using Jungkook’s shoulders for leverage. He manages to go up and down as well, strong thighs flexing under Jungkook’s vice grip. All Jungkook can do is stare in awe, trying to meet Hoseok’s movements with his own thrusts, enthralled by the feeling around him, by the sight in front of him; by the ethereal creature currently riding him like the world is ending.

The sounds Hoseok makes are also stunning, all of him is mesmerizing, and Jungkook finds himself unable to breathe more than once. Hoseok always notices somehow, slowing down the pace so they can kiss properly, calming Jungkook’s anxiety even before it can properly spike. It’s good, everything is so damn good some part of Jungkook doesn’t want it to end ever.

But it has to, because this is a one-time deal and he knew that from the get go.

...he’ll cross that bridge when they get to it.

“Bunny can we- do you want to-?”

Hoseok is trying to tell him something but he’d spaced out, lost in the feeling of the other man all over him and around him. He focuses on Hoseok again, surprised to find him so flustered, skin glistening with sweat, hair sticking to his forehead, cock bobbing between both their bellies, still untouched. When did he become so debauched and why is Jungkook so eager to break him apart even more?

“What do you want, hyung?” Jungkook asks, voice steadier than he thought himself capable of. “What do you want me to do?”

“I wanna go to the bed,” he says against Jungkook’s temple, slowing down his pace, breathless smile in his voice. “Time to put that damn sixpack to good use.”

“On the bed?” Jungkook asks, perhaps a bit cocky. He cranes his neck to look Hoseok in the eye. “I could use it to pick you up and fuck you against the door, if that’s what you’re aiming for.”

Hoseok stops moving altogether, eyes wide open. Then he all but growls and kisses Jungkook again, grinding down onto his cock and making them both moan in pleasure. It’s filthy and frantic, his tongue thrusting inside Jungkook’s mouth, mimicking the movement of his own hips.

“You- fucking- tease-” Hoseok says between kisses, only to stand up and off Jungkook’s dick after biting hard on Jungkook’s bottom lip. Jungkook barely has the time to mourn the loss before Hoseok pulls him up by the hand and basically yanks him toward the big bed. “You’re lucky I need something soft under my back right now,” he says, falling on his back on the mattress and dragging Jungkook with him.

“But the door-” Jungkook jokes, his words failing him once Hoseok throws both his legs over Jungkook’s shoulders, practically bending himself in half. Holy shit he’s flexible.

“Next time,” Hoseok breathes, low and dangerous. He takes Jungkook’s cock inside him again in one swift movement, digging his heels on Jungkook’s back to prompt him forward. “Next time.”

Jungkook braces as best as he can, trying not to behave as thoroughly inexperienced as he feels. He rolls his hips, dragging his cock in and out of Hoseok, searching for reactions with every thrust. He seems to be doing a decent job, if Hoseok’s little sounds are any indication. Nonetheless, now that it’s his turn to take the lead, Jungkook really feels out of his depths.

He wants to make this good for Hoseok, as good as Hoseok has made everything for him so far. He just doesn’t know how to do it. Of course, Hoseok hasn’t shown any indication of not having a good time, but still. Jungkook hates not being good at something, and even if it is expected of him to not be as great right now, he kind of wishes there was a way of becoming really great all of a sudden, if only to give back Hoseok what Jungkook has been taking from him since the start.

“Bunny, you’re thinking too loud.” Hoseok’s voice pierces through Jungkook’s mental swarm. He places a hand on Jungkook’s cheek and Jungkook focuses again, Hoseok’s smile so kind it makes Jungkook’s heart melt a little. “What’s wrong?”

Jungkook feels vulnerable, exposed in a way that is entirely new to him, which makes it all scarier. For an instant he considers lying, but realizes fairly quickly that there’s no point to it. Hoseok has been nothing but sweet and open with him, both before and after they met in person; if there’s anyone he can trust right now, it’s definitely the man below him.

“I- really don’t know what I’m doing,” Jungkook confesses at last. Hoseok laughs, clear and bubbly, but there’s no malice behind it. Moreover, it makes Jungkook feel at ease, like his worries are less heavy because Hoseok is there with him to face them… or something.

“Of course you don’t, it’s your first time,” Hoseok says casually, like Jungkook isn’t currently buried balls deep in him. “I was wondering if you’d try to push through.”

“I’m not pushing through,” Jungkook defends himself, but it doesn’t have any heat behind it.

“Yes you are. But that’s fine, we’ve all been there. The important thing is to be willing to learn. Are you gonna let me guide you, bunny?”

Hoseok's voice shifts into something deeper, pupils blown, tongue darting out to lick his lips. Jungkook nods enthusiastically, because fuck he’d do literally anything Hoseok tells him to do if it means he can keep fucking him for as long as he'll let him.

Hoseok leads from there, topping from the bottom, as he so cheerfully calls it. Jungkook lets him have it because one, he really appreciate the guidance, and two, because it really is what’s happening. He instructs Jungkook on how to roll his hips, how to build a rhythm, even how to kneel properly so his back won’t suffer. Jungkook gets the hang of it after a moment, moving on his own accord, feeling the heat in his gut spreading again.

“Now you gotta try to hit my prostate,” Hoseok tells him, his voice breathy and a little high pitched. “Angle your hips up, like you’re trying to see your dick through my belly.”

Jungkook snorts, he can’t help it. “What the fuck kind of advice is that, hyung?”

“A helpful one,” Hoseok says, unfazed - or as unfazed as he can be with a dick up his ass. “Now try it, bunny. Make your ancestors proud.”

“Please let’s not talk about my ancestors while we’re fucking. They’re probably so disappointed because I’m not straight.”

“I bet they’re proud of you for being out and about, y’know. A great deal of them were probably closeted gah! Goodness gracious right there !” Hoseok says, eyes rolling back into his head and spine arching impossibly. Jungkook can feel it now, the little bundle of flesh inside Hoseok that’s making him shiver and curse under his breath. So he angles his hips and hits it again.

And again.

And again .

“Holy shit, bunny, don’t stop, don’t stop,” Hoseok pleads, voice pitched higher than Jungkook has heard from him before. He sneaks a hand between their bodies to stroke himself while the other claws at Jungkook’s back for leverage. Jungkook doesn’t mind, he kinda likes the pain.

All of a sudden, Jungkook feels Hoseok’s walls closing around him. It’s such a trippy feeling, so unexpected that it launches him fast into the clift of an orgasm.

“Hyung, I’m close, I’m gonna-” he tries, thrusting up, losing any sort of rhythm.

“I know baby, I know, I know,” Hoseok hushes him, lifting himself to pant into Jungkook’s mouth. “Lemme cum and then you can cum, okay? I promise it’ll be worth it.”

Jungkook nods, kissing Hoseok’s lips and aiming for his sweet spot one, two, three more times until he hears him cry out brokenly, white ribbons hitting his chest and neck. It is so hot on its own Jungkook could have cum from it alone, but then Hoseok fucking clenches so tight around him it makes him pound hard and fast into Hoseok’s hole, until he’s spilling inside the condom, collapsing on top of Hoseok and perhaps blacking out a little.

When he comes to his senses, Hoseok’s legs aren’t over his shoulders anymore. They are tangled between Jungkook’s, slender fingers running through Jungkook’s hair and back. Neither of them is wearing a mask anymore. It’s really nice.

“Well that was… something,” Jungkook says, snuggling his face on Hoseok’s chest just to feel the giggle rumble from it. “Now I know what all the fuss was about.”

“Did you like it, then?” Hoseok asks, sounding tired. Jungkook worries he’s doubting himself, but when he looks up, Hoseok is smiling at him. A handsome, warm smile that makes Jungkook’s stomach flutter and his heart rate speed up. Damn , this isn’t good.

“I did, hyung, thank you,” he says sincerely, ignoring his body’s responses. “Was it good for you too?”

Hoseok seems surprised by the question, but he recovers as quickly as always.

“It was,” he says, brushing Jungkook’s bangs off his forehead. He places a kiss on it and Jungkook can feel the warmth of Hoseok’s lips several moments after it’s over. “Thank you for choosing me.”

“Thank you for having me,” Jungkook replies, wishing he was better with words. There’s so much he wants to say to Hoseok, so many feelings he can’t put a name to, all swirling inside his chest, threatening to spill out at any given second. But he manages to keep them in check, settling on safe territory. “Thank you so much.”

They stay like that for a long moment, so long Jungkook’s mind starts drifting - or maybe it’s just sleep catching up with him. Somewhere in the room, his wristwatch makes a loud bip that has him focusing again.

“Shit it’s late!” He says, sitting up, startling Hoseok in the process. Was he asleep? “Sorry hyung, I really should get going, my hotel is not that close and you probably have stuff to do anyway so I shouldn’t have overstayed my-”


Jungkook looks up from where he was gathering his discarded clothes, breath catching in his throat. Hoseok is looking at him, touching Jungkook’s wrist gently to get his attention. His hair is a mess, there’s still some dried cum over his chest, and his eyes are a little puffy from having dozed off before. Nonetheless, he’s the most beautiful fucking thing Jungkook has seen in his entire life.

Uh oh .

“What if you stay?” Hoseok says, and it takes a moment for Jungkook to process the words.

“Stay,” he repeats. “As in here ? With you ?”

“Yeah.” Hoseok nods softly. “I mean, it is pretty late, and your hotel room is far, and I really, really don’t want you to die or get kidnapped or something so I don’t know, I just thought you could, y’know, stay. With me?”

He says all that with a unsure smile, one Jungkook hasn’t seen before, so he doesn’t know how to catalog it. But his hand is now gripping Jungkook’s wrist more firmly and the other one has come to rest on Jungkook’s hipbone and oh. That’s actually so nice.

“What do you say?” Hoseok insists, searching for Jungkook’s eyes.

It takes exactly an octave of a second for Jungkook to make up his mind.

He nods.

And he stays.