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Kitten’s All Tied Up

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Yoongi looked at the younger sitting on the edge of his bed. The tail hanging off the plug was cascading down beside his legs, the matching ears lay clipped in his hair blending in.

“What is your safeword kitten?”

“The color system.” Jimins answers were short. He had already fallen deep into sub space, he knew that Yoongi had to go over everything though.

“Good kitten.”

“From now on you know what to call me. You can let go completely kitten.” Yoongi was gentle with the younger. He didn’t want to corrupt the younger. Jimin had an innocent look to him that was far from the truth. Yoongi has been in this Sugar Daddy/Sugar Baby relationship with Jimin for four months.

It was around the two month mark that they spoke about all of their kinks and went from having vanilla sex to the sex and scenes that they had now.


Jimin seemed extra jumpy tonight. He had been jumpy all week telling him over text that the next time they had dinner he wanted to talk to him. Yoongi rarely ever felt nervous but he did then. Did he do something wrong? Did Jimim find someone more adequate to be his sugar daddy?

When Friday night hit the pair was set to have dinner at Yoongi’s place. Yoongi started the kimchi stew earlier in the day. Yoongi normally had Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays off so he reserved those days to be with Jimin. He would cook for him on Friday and allow Jimin to please him the rest of the weekend. Jimin would normally show up after his last dance practice using Yoongi’s shower before they ate.

When Jimin arrived already clean and holding a small journal, Yoongi’s nerves skyrocketed even more.

“I have some kimchi stew on. It should be done soon. Is there anything specific that you want to drink?” Yoongi didn’t want Jimin to notice his nerves so he tried to show hospitality and keep his voice steady.

“Just a water.” Jimins voice was softer a quieter today.

Yoongi was quick to head back to the kitchen to get a glass of water for Jimin and check on the stew.

“Would you like to help me set the table?” Yoongi almost missed the nod but when Jimin stood setting the journal on the coffee table and shyly walked towards him with his eyes casted down and away from contact with Yoongi’s.

Jimin grabbed the spoons while Yoongi sat their bowls out and got the pot transferred to the table. Jimin grabbed his water and Yoongi’s small glass of whiskey that he always had and set them next to their bowls before going and grabbing the journal.

“You said you wanted to talk.” Yoongi broke the silence as they were eating. He didn’t know how to confront the situation.

“Yeah.” Jimin’s voice was barely above a whisper. “It’s about us, about our arrangement. I just need to know somethings.”

Yoongi’s nerves didn’t get any better. “Wha-what do you need to know?” He had long since put his spoon on the table next to his bowl. 


“It’s about the sex.” Jimin didn’t think that he would be so blunt. He guessed that he had worked himself up too much and his body just wanted him to get this out. “It’s been great and all. I just want to be able to please you more. I mean you are paying me quite a lot and I feel like I am not doing enough.”


“If it would make you uncomfortable I don’t want to do it Jiminie. Everything that you are giving me is enough.”


“It’s not going to make me uncomfortable. If it will make you unc-“ 


“Jiminie. It won’t make me uncomfortable.” Yoongi was quick to answer. 


“Can we finish talking after we eat? I haven’t been calm enough all day to eat.” Jimin was quiet with his word but he giggled at the end. 


“If you haven’t eaten today, this stew isn’t going to be enough.” Yoongi began to instantly worry for the younger. He hadn’t put on rice because Jimin normal wanted something light after dance practice. 


“No. It will be fine. I just need something on my stomach. I don’t know how much I will eat though.” Jimin had been drinking from the edge of his bowl and had finished almost half of his bowl already. 


Yoongi watched the younger intently as he ate. He was no longer worried and his nerves had left. He was glad that Jimin wasn't leaving. They both knew that it wasn’t common for such a bond between and sugar daddy and sugar baby but they had also built up a friendship. The younger could rely on Yoongi if he needed help that wasn’t just monetary. 


When both of their stomachs were filled and the dishes washed, dried and put away, the pair sat on the couch. “Where should we start?” 


“Jimin, if you want to know about me, I also want to know about you. I don’t know what you have heard about sugar daddies but I don’t only want the pleasure to be about me, yeah you may be getting money but I still want everything to be pleasurable and happy for you.” 


“I just have one true question before we start, what if you absolutely love something but it’s something that I wouldn’t want to do, would you make me do it?”


“Jimin, when we started this relationship we created a contract. In that contract it says that everything must be consensual on both ends. If you don’t want something but I force it on you, that wouldn’t be consensual. Even if it wasn’t in that contract, I wouldn’t do that.” 


Jimin nodded giving the older a small smile. “Before we start can I have a hug? I normally hug you before we eat but I was just too stressed.” 


Yoongi would never say no to hugs and quickly opened his arms to allow the younger to cuddle into his side. 


“How do you want to do this?” Yoongi didn’t know how Jimin planned on having this conversation. 


“I was thinking we make a list on paper and then discuss them.” Yoongi nodded think that was a good idea. They both made lists on some scrap pieces of paper really quickly. 


Jimin’s list: 



  • sensation play
  • toys
  • bondage
  • dirty talk
  • kitten play
  • praise
  • light pain
  • blindfolds


Won’t Do’s:


  • certain role play 
  • dark/hard kinks
  • punishment


(I don’t know what all to put on this list. I may like other things but I haven’t really tried or seen much.) 


Yoongi's List: 



  • impact play
  • bondage
  • toys
  • punishment 
  • biting
  • collaring
  • master/pet
  • sensation play
  • begging
  • gagging 


Won’t Do’s:


  • dark/hard kinks


(I am open to many things though. I would be willing to try many things.) 

When they traded papers Jimin felt some comfort because they like some similar things but also felt kind of bad. He didn’t want to be punished and he didn’t like punishment but Yoongi had that on his list. Jimin knee that he promised that he wouldn’t make him do anything but Jimin still felt bad. 


“We like a lot of similar things.” Yoongi was the first to cut the silence. 


Jimin just nodded. 


“Jimin, if you are anxious about the punishment one, it’s fine. I already told you I would never force you to do something.” 


“I know. I just feel bad.” 


“Jiminie, there is nothing for you to feel bad about.” Yoongi motioned to the younger to come cuddle. Jimin was hesitant. He was glad that their talk was over but he was still nervous.




Jimin was staring up at Yoongi with attentive eyes. When he was in subspace all he wanted to do was please. He didn’t want to disappoint or miss an order from the older. 


“Master, may I request something?” Jimin's voice was more high pitched than normal. It happened a lot in his subspace. 


“What is it kitten?” The older threaded his hand through Jimin's hair on the side of his head acting as if he was petting him. 


“Master, it has been a while since you have tied your kitten up. Kitten wants to be tied up. Would master please tie kitten up?” 


Yoongi has seen this coming. When Jimin slipped far into his headspace he loved being restricted. 


“If kitten will allow master to gag him.” Yoongi was stern with his words pulling slightly on the short hairs. 


Jimin nodded, “yes master, kitten would allow that. Kitten really wants master to tie him up. Kitten would do anything.” 


Yoongi knew that Jimin didn’t mean that and he wasn’t going to take advantage of him. 


“Master will allow kitten to choose the gag and rope he wants, follow master.” Jimin was quick to his hands and knees knowing that Yoongi wouldn’t take him anywhere is he didn’t crawl around. When they got to their storage area for their toys, Yoongi grabbed the box where they kept their ropes and allowed Jimin to search through. 


Jimim was quick to choose. He always was. He seemed to have a favorite type of rope. And it was the soft white rope that Yoongi had. He was also quick to choose with the gag. He was simple. He would almost always just choose the pink ball gag that they had. 


“Good kitten.” Jimin nudged against Yoongi’s leg when he was finished. When they got back to the bed Yoongi waited to place the ball gag around the younger.


“Kitten, do you want to be tied to the head board or just have your arms and legs restricted?” Jimin loved being tied to the bed but he also loved shibari. 


“I want master to choose. I just wanna look pretty.” Jimin was slurring his words together. Normally Yoongi would ask the question again until he got an answer out of Jimin but he didn’t want to fight the youngers head space. 


He decided to not tie him to the bed. 


“Kitten? Will you go kneel in the center of the room?” Jimin wasn’t even sure that he heard him, he just knew that his body was acting on its own. He waited and almost didn’t feel the gentle touches and Yoongi secured the rope around his arms. 


Yoongi was glad that Jimin was flexible because it made this easier for him to secure the ropes and less painful for the younger. 


“Is that too tight or just right kitten?” Yoongi always wanted Jimin to be comfortable. 


“Perfect, Master.” 


“Do you remember your safe word for when I gag you kitten?” 


“Three snaps, master.” 


“Good kitten.” Yoongi places the ball gag in Jimin's mouth making sure that it wouldn’t strain his jaw too much before securing it behind his head. 


“Kitten looks so good. Can master take a photo?” He knew that Jimin would comply he just wanted to make sure. 


“Now, where do I start? I may go get a ring kitten, so this can last longer.” Jimim just whined. 


“I’ll be right back kitten. I may even grab some more rope to tie your legs and some art. How would my little kitten like that?” Jimin nodded. He loved the feeling of rope. Especially if it was everywhere. It was like it gave Yoongi another set of hands to comfort the younger. 


Yoongi was gentle and he tied the rope around the younger and put the ring on him. “I know my kitten loves his tail, but his master can’t do anything with it.” Jimin tries to adjust himself so it was easier for Yoogni to remove it but he fell over because of how the ropes were restraining him. 


“Silly kitten. Your master has this under control.” Yoongi helped the boy back into his prior position. He legs were spread and Yoongi had perfect access the the younger. He placed a small kiss where Jimin’s neck and shoulder met wanting to leave a bruise but at the moment he wanted to give his kitten some pleasure. 


He carefully removed the tail plug smirking when he saw Jimin clench around nothing whining. Some drool was starting to fall from the edges of his mouth where they met the ball gag. 


“My kitty looks so innocent. But that isn’t true isn’t it.” Both Jimin and Yoongi loves the youngers looks. He could hide anything behind his innocent demeanor. Only his closest friends knew that he had a sugar daddy, anyone else probably wouldn’t believe him. 


One of Yoongi’s hands travelled down to the youngers hole. It was still trying to find something the clench around. He circled around it with his finger making the younger whine and try and buck his hips. Jimim has very limited movement in the rope but he loved it that way. 


“Kitten wants his hole filled doesn’t he?” Yoongi questioned knowing that the only answer he was going to get back was a whine. 


“I bet kitten would hate master if he left him tied up here for hours. Just leaving his kitten suffer.” Jimin was even louder trying to talk. He was trying to plead for his master not to do that.


“I won’t do that kitten. Masters kind of needy today.” Yoongi kept slowly rimming the younger before carefully pushing his finger in. He didn’t have lube on his fingers but Jimin was stretched out from the plug and there was still a little lube from it. There was a choked moan as Yoongi slowly moved his finger in and out curling it. 


He wasn’t trying to his Jimin's spot just yet, he wanted to tease his kitten.


“Such a pretty kitty.” Jimin loved the praise. It made him feel amazing and Yoongi knew that it helped the younger stay away from subdrop. 


Yoongi added another finger just adding to the teasing. Jimin was perfectly stretched out for him he just knew that the younger was needy and needed release so he was going to tease him. He also knew that Jimin loved the feeling of his fingers. 


Jimin was moaning around the ball gag. He was loud. “Kitten. Are you ready? Master is starting to get impatient.”


Jimin nodded rapidly. Yoongi was still fully dressed. It was common during their time together. Yoongi would stay clothed longer than Jimin. He carefully unbuttoned his shirt placing it on the end of the bed before kicking his pants off and pulling his underwear off. He was always brief when removing his clothing. 


Even though Yoongi was quick, Jimin still started whining from the loss of contact. “Masters back kitten.” 


Yoongi kneeled begins the younger making sure that they would both be comfortable before he rubbed his tip across the youngers hole feeling him clench. He did this a few more times causing whines to come from the youngers throat. 


“Such a good kitten.” Yoongi said as he slowly entered the younger. 


He didn’t wait to start moving when he was fully in, he started thrusting in and out. He was being quite soft with the younger today. He wasn’t harsh with his thrust. He just angled them properly to hit all the places inside Jimin that made his start screaming behind the gag. 


“Master wants to fully hear his kitten. He is going to remove the gag.” Yoongi knew that Jimin was probably too far in his headspace to hear him but he always told the younger what he was going to do. He didn’t want to do something unexpectedly and break the younger out of his headspace. That never ended well because most of the time it ended with Jimin experiencing subdrop which hurt him mentally. 


“You feel so good Master.” Jimin was quick to moan out once the gag was removed. He wasn’t even bothered by the drool that dropped off of his chin. 


“Such a good kitten.” Yoongi started thrusting a little faster drawing long whines and gasps from the younger with every thrust. “Kitten feels so good. Is kitten gonna allow master to breed him?” This was something that both of them fell in love with after doing a little research. 


“Please Master.” 


“Please what kitten?” Yoongi knew exactly what Jimim wanted but he wanted him to say it. 


“Please breed me. Fill your kitten up. Kitten really wants it Master.” Yoongi immediately repositioned his hands to get a better grip on Jimin before he sped up even more. 


Jimins whined are non stop and he feels tears start to fall from his eyes. 


“I’m gonna cum kitten. Gonna fill you up.” Yoongi said before he stopped thrusting. Jimin loved the feeling of Yoongi’s seed filling him up. 


“Good kitten.” Yoongi said once he caught back up to reality. “Gonna pull out and put the plug back. Okay kitten?” 


“Mmhmm.” Jimin was trying to come back to reality. Yoongi felt so nice that he pushed him to a dry orgasm with the ring keeping him from releasing. 


Yoongi was quick to realize this and did everything very gently. He didn’t want to mess anything up with the younger. He carefully pushed the plug back into Jimin so he could hold his release for a little longer before moving to remove the ring. 


“I think kitten deserves to cum. He was really good for master today.” 


“Really good?” Jimin loved the praise. 


“Yes little kitty, really good.” Yoongi was gentle with removing the ring from Jimin. He knew that Jimin already had a dry orgasm and having two orgasms that quickly usually hurt and was overstimulating. 


“Good good good.” Jimin kept repeating. He was so far in subspace it seemed like the only words he knew were kitten, good, master, and cum. 




“Kitten. Are you ready?” Yoongi knew he wasn’t going to get an answer. 


“Kitten good.” 


Yoongi gently wrapped his hand around Jimin's cock, moving his hand up and down gently. “Kitten can come at anytime.” 


The whines that Jimin let out made Yoongi feel proud. He was proud to be in this relationship with this young boy. He was glad that he was the one that got the younger to fall apart. 


Jimin didn’t last long shooting his release over Yoongi’s hand and his own stomach moaning loudly. If he was gone earlier, he was far gone now. He didn’t register the rope being untied to Yoongi gently pulling everything else off. He only came to when he was sitting in between Yoongi's legs in the bathtub. 


“Thank you Jiminie.” Yoongi's words were soft. “You were really good today.” 


“Shhh. Just want quiet.” Jimin mumbled out cuddling back against the olders chest. 


Yoongi wasn’t going to argue and just massaged the youngers arms and stomach. He made sure that the younger had no pain and was completely relaxed before he slipped out from behind him so he could wash the youngers hair. The small snores that fell from Jimin made him smile.  


“Jiminie? I know you are comfortable, but we need to move you to the bed kitten.” He carefully woke up the younger.  




“I know you are warm kitten. But the bed will be more comfortable and warm. Plus I will be able to cuddle you.” 


“Cuddles?” That always got the younger moving. He was a very clingy person. 


“Yes Jiminie. Cuddles.” The younger started moving, allowing Yoongi to help him and move him as he needed. Yoongi new that the younger didn’t like having clothes back on so he dried him off and made sure that his hair was dry before he head him to the bed in the room. 


“I have a few things I need to do really quick baby. I won’t be gone for more than five minutes. Is that okay?” He laced his fingers through Jimin's hair. 


“Just hurry please.” Jimin didn’t open his eyes just cuddled into the blankets. 


Yoongi hurried with his actions grabbing all the toys that were used and laying them in the bathroom for cleaning before taking the rope back to the drawer where they belonged. He also stopped by the kitchen to grab a bottle of water for him and the younger and a banana. 


“Jiminie. One last thing. Can you eat this banana for me? And drink some of this water. Then I promise I will cuddle you.” 


Jimin complied. Anything to cuddle with Yoongi.