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Twice Smut Collection

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Jeongyeon often times felt very grateful she got to do a special stage with Nayeon, especially one as fun as “My Ear’s Candy.” They’d practiced diligently for it, and it was a lot of fun to perform it on stage. The crowd loved it and that was the best part, everyone went wild everytime they would “kiss” on stage and when they would dance with each other. Jeongyeon found that absolutely hysterical; if they went crazy when they just put their faces near each other, what they would do if they knew the other things Nayeon and Jeongyeon got up to together she could hardly imagine. Most times performing it was a dream, and she fell in love with the stage and performing with Nayeon all over again every single time.

Sometimes, though, Nayeon liked to push things.

Jeongyeon was fully aware of how Nayeon was. She loved how confident Nayeon was in everything; her looks, her performance, her personality. What she didn’t so much love is how confident Nayeon was getting with how much she could tease Jeongyeon on stage. During practice was one thing, sure, especially if it was just the two of them. She’d even grit her teeth and pretend it wasn’t happening when they’d perform it in front of the other members in the practice room and Nayeon would get a bit handsy. All the other members knew Nayeon was handsy, she was handsy with everyone, and yeah maybe their fans knew that to an extent. Not this extent though. This was Jeongyeon’s literal nightmare.

It started off fine, just like it always did. They started on opposite sides of the stage, grinning to each other before the lights were all the way up. Once the stage lights were on and the mood was set, the song beginning, Nayeon mouthed “Love you” from across the stage, a typical sappy gesture from her. Jeongyeon rolled her eyes, but she did mouth it back, because she meant it, even though Nayeon pushed her buttons. Nayeon started her part, sunglasses on and full cool persona up, sauntering across the stage while she sang. Jeongyeon liked this part the most, when Nayeon was supposed to be the guy, because she over exaggerated it so much it was funny, but still very cool and sexy. Though she wouldn’t admit that last part willingly.

They met in the middle of the stage, hitting their marks, as they always did. Jeongyeon swore she could do this in her sleep, she’d practiced it so much. They came together, readying to do the part of the dance where they swayed together. Jeongyeon had thoroughly insisted throughout practice that they should stay a reasonable distance apart; this was a performance, after all, and she had a reputation to upkeep regardless of whether Nayeon seemed to care about her own. Most performances, Nayeon indulged her wish and stayed a ways back, though she teased her mercilessly for the request after every performance. This time, however, she placed her hand right on the inside of Jeongyeon’s hip and tugged her closed, squeezing her fingers down hard, the way she would only ever do otherwise if they were alone in their hotel room or at the dorms when everyone else was sleeping.

Jeongyeon swallowed back a gasp. What the fuck was she doing? She hated the fact that it made heat rush to her cheeks, and another place she’d really rather not think about right now. Nayeon could not win in making her a flustered mess. She had a split second to choose; either ignore Nayeon and keep dancing as best as she could, or one up Nayeon and beat her at her own game. The mature, professional side of her told her to ignore whatever the hell Nayeon was doing and just keep performing like normal, but boy was her competitive streak ready to ruin Nayeon faster than she could blink.

In an instant she made her choice as she felt herself being tugged by Nayeon’s hand closer, readying to do the part she’d always insisted they keep a little personal space for. She backed up, pressing herself into Nayeon’s front and started to sway her hips, feeling Nayeon twitch ever so slightly. She was practically grinding on Nayeon on stage, which she felt entirely embarrassed about, but getting a reaction out of Nayeon made up for it slightly. She heard Nayeon swallow hard into her mic and she suppressed a giggle. Try me, Nayeon, she thought to herself. I can be a tease too.

They separated and God did Jeongyeon wish Nayeon wasn’t wearing those damn sunglasses so she could see the look in Nayeon’s eyes right now. She was still red in the face, she was sure of it, and now Nayeon was smirking at her, which made her feel less victorious and a little uneasy. And aroused, which wasn’t particularly helping the situation. Nayeon kept singing without missing a beat, but her voice had taken on a husky quality that made Jeongyeon feel like her legs were going to shake and her knees were going to give out. She tried to get herself to focus and forget the whole stupid teasing mess and finish the song strong, without distractions. They came here to perform for their fans, not mess around with each other. Jeongyeon sang her solo part while Nayeon danced and she averted her eyes, looking anywhere but at Nayeon, who she knew was body rolling with way too much sensuality behind it because that’s just what she did. Usually it was funny. Now, it was annoying. Or something like that.

Nayeon started slipping the jacket off and the whole crowd went wild as she flung it to the side. Jeongyeon slid the sunglasses on, mostly because it was what she was supposed to do for the performance, but also because she was grateful to have a way to cover her eyes while she alternated between forcing herself not to look at Nayeon and straight up ogling her. Why did Nayeon have to dance like that? She certainly did not need to be moving her hips like that, in that dress that hugged her curves in all the right ways, and she really did not have to be giving Jeongyeon long, lingering stares while she did it. Jeongyeon knew she was fucked the minute she saw Nayeon stop singing, just standing there panting for a second, and it made her throb. She’d never been more mortified in her life.

They came back to the middle of the stage, parts alternated, and Jeongyeon made sure to keep her hands high up, only touching Nayeon’s shoulder. She didn’t want to give Nayeon any reason to start up the teasing again. Apparently, Nayeon didn’t need a reason, as the minute they came together she backed herself fully into Jeongyeon and started grinding back up against her, teasing a hand on her thigh ever so slightly. It was probably hardly even noticeable, especially to the people in seats very far away, but holy shit was it all Jeongyeon could focus on right then. Nayeon knew her thighs were sensitive, and she was just going to graze her fingers over them on fucking stage like that was normal? Jeongyeon’s hand slipped from Nayeon’s shoulder closer to her neck and she let her head tip forward, almost without her permission, and she let out a pitiful whimper into the curtain of Nayeon’s hair blocking her from the older girl’s ear. Thank God she’d had the sense to move her microphone down before she did it.

The absolutely devilish grin that came onto Nayeon’s face after she heard it was enough to make Jeongyeon go weak everywhere, and when Nayeon moved away to her next mark she felt herself briefly following her before snapping back to reality. They turned and faced one another and Nayeon gave her such a false look of sympathy, accompanied by a little tug under her chin, and it made Jeongyeon wanted to grab her and pull her off stage right then and there so she could finish what she started. Jeongyeon sang her part, hoping since she was now only using her lower register, the nerves (amongst other things) wouldn’t be as evident in her voice. When Nayeon moved up to sing her part she moved back, and she could feel herself dancing with less precision than usual. She wasn’t sloppy by any means, but she was jittery now, and she was far too focused on the ache between her thighs to really concentrate on hitting the isolations perfectly.

She saw Nayeon moving back to her next mark and then Nayeon reached for her, startling her, and Nayeon dragged her hand painstakingly slowly down her chest, lingering over her collarbone and then flitting over her breast so quickly she thought she could’ve imagined it. Nayeon’s little smirk confirmed it wasn’t just a figment of her stupid, arousal fogged brain, and she nearly rolled her eyes at the older girl. As they turned and began walking back to their final spot, Jeongyeon felt that little competitive streak coming back, urging her to do something big to really shock Nayeon and get her back. The crowd behind her was the only thing making her hesitate, because it was one thing to do things just to get on Nayeon’s nerves to be funny, or tease her relentlessly when it was just the two of them, but doing it on stage felt wrong. And yet Nayeon had been doing it the whole damn time, just so she could see Jeongyeon melt into a flustered mess. She could practically hear Nayeon teasing her now, calling her “Poor Jeongie” and making fun of how easy she is to get worked up. She needed to do something to at least settle the score, if not totally out do Nayeon at her own stupid game.

They settled into their final positions, the lights dimming, and Jeongyeon slipped her sunglasses off, giving Nayeon as confident of a smirk as she could. They walked towards each other for their “kiss”, which Nayeon always laughed about after when she was really kissing Jeongyeon. The glint in Nayeon’s eye, like she felt she had already won, made Jeongyeon bite back a grin at what she was about to do. She grabbed Nayeon and pulled her in, making sure their hair was covering their faces at least somewhat, before pressing a searing kiss onto Nayeon’s lips. She felt Nayeon gasp in shock and took that as an opportunity to slip her tongue into Nayeon’s mouth, turning them so Nayeon’s back was to the audience. She put her hand right on Nayeon’s ass and squeezed, hard, and she felt Nayeon let out a small, involuntary moan into her mouth.

When the lights were down and they finally broke apart, turning to head off into the wings together, she heard Nayeon giggle a little bit, but she didn’t say anything to Jeongyeon directly. In fact, she barely even looked in Jeongyeon’s direction for the rest of the night, much to Jeongyeon’s dismay. She couldn’t tell if Nayeon was doing it just to press her buttons or if she’d actually gone too far and upset Nayeon; knowing the older girl, it was probably the former.

In their dressing room, all the other girls were absolutely hysterical, teasing the both of them relentlessly for their more than PG rated performance.

“Nayeon unnie!” Mina called out from her place on the couch. “A bit handsy, huh?”

“Oh, shove it, Mina.” Nayeon laughed. “It’s all performance.”

Momo let out a loud shriek of laughter. “As if I don’t have to hear you two fu-”

“Momo-ya shut up.” Jeongyeon hissed out. Momo mocked offense, pretending to faint onto Sana, who rolled her eyes and shoved her off gently. Jihyo laughed, shaking her head at Jeongyeon knowingly.

“You two are gross.” Tzuyu declared.

“So gross.” Chaeyoung agreed with a solemn nod, which was kind of ruined when she started giggling.

“Like, please spare my young eyes gross.” Dahyun chimed in, which earned her a glare from both Nayeon and Jeongyeon, making her put her arms up in surrender.

“You’re all so dramatic.” Nayeon sighed out, coming over to Jeongyeon for the first time since they ended their performance. She looped her arm through Jeongyeon’s, continuing, “It’s just a performance, right Jeong?” She peered up at Jeongyeon with such a fake, innocent look in her eyes, it made Jeongyeon swallow hard, suddenly made aware again of the unsatiated ache between her legs.

“Right.” Jeongyeon forced out, her throat tightening on the word, barely letting it out.

The ride back to their hotel room was uneventful, no different from usual. Nayeon sat wedged between Momo and Sana in the first row of seats, Jeongyeon in the back row with the window on her right and Mina on her left. Everyone else slept for the whole ride, but she just couldn’t find it in herself to doze off. Mina was slumped over on Dahyun in a matter of minutes, so Jeongyeon just stared aimlessly out the window, watching the world go by. She was so tired, but she couldn’t focus on anything other than the fact she needed Nayeon so badly it hurt. They pulled into the hotel parking lot, where they’d tiredly bicker over who was sharing rooms in the parking lot, and she knew she needed to get a room that was just her and Nayeon. From what she’d heard, it was going to be three rooms of two and one room of three, so her chances weren’t awful.

“Unnie,” She whined, reaching forward and shaking Nayeon awake. Surprisingly, Nayeon turned around immediately, already fully awake. She must have been awake for the car ride as well and Jeongyeon just hadn’t noticed.

“Hm?” Nayeon hummed out, eyebrows raised.

“Can we…” Jeongyeon trailed off. “Room together?”

“Don’t we always?” Nayeon laughed softly.

“Well yeah, but…” Jeongyeon didn’t know how to clarify what she was really asking without saying it out loud.

“Don’t worry about a thing, Jeongyeon-ah. It’ll be how it always is.” She winked at Jeongyeon before turning back around to gently shake Sana and Momo awake. Jeongyeon sighed, and then she turned, waking Mina and Dahyun, who both woke Tzuyu. Eventually everyone was awake enough to clamber out of the vehicle and squabble over rooms, though Jeongyeon and Nayeon immediately headed to their manager, asking for a key because they’d already chosen each other. Once the room key was in Nayeon’s hands they hurried off to the lobby, to the elevator. It was late, way too late for anyone else to be up, so they were alone in the elevator.

“Quite a bold move you made there on stage.” Nayeon said offhandedly.

Jeongyeon scoffed. “As if you didn’t start it.”

“I didn’t do a single thing that wasn’t part of the choreography.” Nayeon grinned, knowing she was about to get on Jeongyeon’s last nerve. “It’s not my fault you got all riled up by it.” She moved over to Jeongyeon’s side and leaned up to whisper in her ear, “Poor little Jeongie, just can’t help yourself, huh?”

“Nayeon,” Jeongyeon let out in a strained breath. The elevator dinged, telling them they’d reached their floor. Nayeon immediately stepped away from Jeongyeon, leading the way out of the elevator, peering around until she found their room and she slid the key card in, shoving the door open. She let Jeongyeon in first, shutting the door behind them and dead bolting it. Right as she went to move over to Jeongyeon’s side, a loud knock came at the door, and she let out what Jeongyeon could only describe as a growl of frustration, going over and answering the door. It was one of the staff members, dropping off their suitcases, and Nayeon eased up, thanking them before slamming the door shut again and locking it securely.

“Why couldn’t you just do it like normal?” Jeongyeon said in frustration once she knew nobody else could hear.

“I was just trying to give a good show.” Nayeon laughed a little as she spoke, turning to face Jeongyeon. “You’re the one who decided to take it that far. Not that I minded.” Jeongyeon rolled her eyes; obviously, Nayeon hadn’t minded. Her whole goal was to get Jeongyeon annoyed and flustered. “Little exhibitionist, aren’t you?”

“Nayeon,” Jeongyeon huffed out the older girl’s name, feeling heat in cheeks and between her legs at the teasing words. Nayeon knew just how to get to her. “You’re being mean.”

“I’m being mean?” Nayeon’s eyes flashed as she giggled under her breath. “Oh I’ll show you mean, baby.”

Jeongyeon went to reply, but sudden shrieks of laughter caught both her and Nayeon’s attention. They both looked to the hotel door, hearing the other girls out in the hallway, laughing loudly, surely waking the whole floor. Sana’s high pitched laughter echoed out and then Jihyo was shushing her, ever the responsible leader. Jeongyeon knew they were heading to their rooms, and she realized that they’d be able to hear whatever went on in her and Nayeon’s now. Unless they went right to sleep, which it didn’t sound like that would be the case. Fuck.

“If you thought that little bit of teasing was mean, Jeongie,” Nayeon went on, still listening attentively to the sounds of the other members’ laughter fading as they broke off to go to their own rooms. “You’re really not going to like what I plan to do.”

“F-Fine, then,” Jeongyeon wanted to sound confident, but she stumbled over her words. “Sh-show me mean.” Nayeon was still turned towards the door, even though they could no longer hear the other girls.

“On the bed. Now.” Nayeon instructed, not even looking in Jeongyeon’s direction, waving her hand in the direction of the bed. Jeongyeon obeyed, like she always did, crawling onto the bed.

“On my back?” She asked in a tiny voice. Nayeon let out a sadistic laugh that settled low in her throat.

“Hands and knees.” Jeongyeon was quick to do as she was told, waiting impatiently for Nayeon to just do something. She wasn’t hearing any movement, and she wondered if Nayeon was just observing her, but then she felt her pants being yanked down roughly, and she jumped at Nayeon’s sudden presence. “You’re in for it tonight, babygirl, you know that?” Nayeon hissed into her ear, making her whimper.

“Unnie,” She mumbled, huffing out an impatient breath.

“Grabbing my ass on stage,” Nayeon scoffed, helping Jeongyeon get all of her clothes off, throwing them to a corner of the room. “As if you’re not the one who can hardly sit sometimes because you get spanked so hard.” Jeongyeon let out a muffled moan. “Oh be loud, kitten. You didn’t seem to care before who saw or heard.” She let out another laugh that made Jeongyeon get even more wet. “Whimpering in my ear like a pathetic little whore.”

“Unnie, please.” Jeongyeon whined.

“You’re going to take your punishment like a good girl.” Nayeon said, kneeling next to Jeongyeon. “You better count.” She landed a few hard spanks on Jeongyeon’s ass, Jeongyeon whimpering out the number of each one as they came, until they reached ten. “Wish I had the paddle.” The thought brought tears to Jeongyeon’s eyes, and Nayeon tutted when saw. “Babygirl you did this to yourself.”

“I’m sorry, unnie,” Jeongyeon pleaded. Nayeon sighed, stroking her cheek. “Please, please, just-” Nayeon abruptly grabbed her and flipped her onto her back, leaving her breathless. She was always shocked by how much strength Nayeon had in her tiny body.

“You were bad, Jeongie.” Nayeon cooed at her. “Isn’t that right?” Jeongyeon nodded furiously. “You got all worked up just from me putting my hand on your hip? Oh kitten you are precious.” She started toying with Jeongyeon’s clit, eliciting a gasp from Jeongyeon that made Nayeon smile. She leaned so her face was level with Jeongyeon’s. “Wanted to act all big and bad on stage, trying to grind your pretty little ass on me. Where did all that confidence go baby?”

“Unnie, unnie,” Jeongyeon whimpered out, rutting into Nayeon’s touch. “Fuck, please.”

“I bet thinking about all those people seeing got you all wet, huh?” Jeongyeon turned and hid her face, feeling the blush rising in her cheeks. “You sure seem to be soaked.” Jeongyeon let out a low whine. She knew Nayeon told her to be loud, but it embarrassed her, knowing all of other girls were in rooms nearby and would hear. At the same time the thought of it served to make her more wet, slick dripping onto the bed sheets. They’d have a really fun time trying to clean that up later. “Oh it is making you wet, isn’t it? You wanted all those people to think you’re the one in charge.” Nayeon scoffed, slowing her motions on Jeongyeon’s clit. “Well come on, kitten, show me what you got.”

Jeongyeon whimpered weakly, grasping Nayeon’s wrist, trying to make her go faster. Nayeon stopped altogether, sitting back on her heels, just staring at Jeongyeon. The younger girl panted out labored breaths, kind of wanting to cry because she was just so sensitive and Nayeon wasn’t do anything except looking at her. “That’s exactly what I thought.” Nayeon smirked, moving closer so she was practically on top of Jeongyeon. She started teasing Jeongyeon’s entrance, which only served to make the younger girl more desperate. “You’re all mine, and you listen to me, isn’t that right?”

“Yes unnie,” Jeongyeon agreed immediately, swallowing back a plea for more. “I’m your good girl.”

“Oh how sweet.” Nayeon kept teasing her, running her fingers up and down rhythmically, and Jeongyeon moaned loudly, feeling the tears welling up again. She just wanted Nayeon so badly, she was so sensitive it hurt, but she needed it. “My good baby.” The praise made more slick spill out and Nayeon laughed when she felt it. She took her fingers away again, eliciting a whimper and a pout from Jeongyeon. “Taste.” Nayeon ordered, putting her fingers to Jeongyeon’s lips. Obedient as ever, Jeongyeon took Nayeon’s fingers into her mouth, moaning at the taste of herself, whining for more until Nayeon pushed far enough back she gagged. The tears spilled over, falling down her cheeks, and the older girl gave her a look of mock sympathy. “Poor little Jeongie, crying because you want it so bad?” Jeongyeon nodded hesitantly, going red at the words. Nayeon took her fingers out of Jeongyeon’s mouth, grinning at the drool that stayed on the younger girl’s lips and chin. “Dumb drooly baby.” She tutted. Her fingers suddenly returned to Jeongyeon’s clit, going faster than before, and her other hand came up to toy with her nipples.

“Unnie, go in, please.” Jeongyeon pleaded, desperation evident in her voice, tears still streaked on her red cheeks. Usually, Nayeon would deny her, especially when she’s already been punished for something. But Nayeon complied, roughly pushing two fingers inside her, the lewd noises filling the hotel room and making Jeongyeon let out a strangled moan. She knows the other members’ will certainly hear her now, and the thought makes her get even more wet, much to her embarrassment.

“Poor baby’s been worked up all night.” Nayeon whispers in her ear as she keeps fucking into her hard. “My little Jeongie, such a mess for me huh?” Her coos made Jeongyeon gasp, already feeling close. Usually she could last longer, but she’d been so worked up and needy for so long she wasn’t in the mood to try and make it last.

“Can I come, unnie? Please?” She begged, holding onto Nayeon tightly, loving the feeling of the older girl’s body so close to her own.

“No.” Nayeon said simply, but even the plain denial made Jeongyeon have to clench to hold back her release. Clearly, Nayeon wasn’t going to let it be short and simple. She was still making good on her promise to be mean. Everytime Jeongyeon asked to come, she was denied, and it began to get on her nerves. This was all Nayeon’s fault in the first place, she’d been such a tease on stage and now she was denying Jeongyeon her release. Jeongyeon found that more than a little rude, but she knew better than to point that out; it would only earn her more punishment for being a brat.

“Unnie,” She moaned out, desperate. She could tell that soon it wouldn’t matter if Nayeon told her no, she would come anyways. “I have to, I need it so bad.”

“Too bad, babygirl.” Nayeon pressed harder inside Jeongyeon, bringing a loud moan from the younger girl.

“I-I need-” Jeongyeon started, stopping to focus on holding back her impending release. “Unnie, I-I h-have to, I n-need it I-” A harsh exhale. “I-I’m going t-to-”

“Come for me, kitten.” Nayeon demanded. Jeongyeon did, a loud gasp that resembled a shriek falling from her lips as she did, and then she collapsed onto the bed, exhausted. Nayeon gently pulled out, cleaning her fingers off on a tissue, and then she pulled Jeongyeon into her arms, whispering, “You did so good for me, Jeong. Good girl.” She showered her with kisses, knowing she needed some sweetness and praise after being treated so roughly.

“‘M tired.” Jeongyeon mumbled into Nayeon’s shoulder, burying her face into the crook of her neck. “Wanna sleep.”

“Soon, baby, you just have to put some pajamas on.” Nayeon told her sweetly.

“I’ll just sleep naked.” Jeongyeon said with a weak laugh.

“Uh, no.” Nayeon replied with a giggle of her own. “You okay, Jeongie? Did I hurt you?”

“No, no, ‘m good.” Jeongyeon started leaving lazy kisses against Nayeon’s neck. “I can return the favor.”

“Don’t worry about it, babygirl. I know you’re tired.” Nayeon rubbed her back comfortingly.

“I love you, Nayeon.” Jeongyeon whispered, feeling content.

“I love you too.” Nayeon sighed back, kissing her head. “Always.”