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You Matter to Me

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Ever since he was thawed, even as he became accustomed to this new time period, Steve found himself occasionally latching onto things that reminded him of the time he grew up in. One of those things was a diner. It wasn't too far from Avengers Tower. It had been there since he was a kid. One of those family businesses that had been passed down through the generations. It looked almost exactly the same as when he and Bucky would go there as kids for hot chocolate.

Of course, certain things were updated. The seats were new, though they looked exactly like the old ones. The lights, the bathrooms, the jukebox. But everything they changed, they still tried to keep it within the time period. They would've closed down a long time ago if people weren't into the 'vintage' thing.

It never felt like a gimmick, though. The current owner, the great-granddaughter of the couple who opened the place when Steve was little, told him once that her mom kept the place the same for the veterans of WW2. A place for them to relive the old days, just as Steve did. Now she kept it the way it was because it felt like home to her.

Just like when he was a kid, Steve had a major crush on the woman who served him coffee.

It became a sort of ritual for him to go grab a cup of coffee when he got back from missions, and the owner began to anticipate it. Word traveled fast when it came to the Avengers, so it soon ceased to be a surprise when Steve would walk through the door to find a cup of hot coffee with two creams and one sugar, as well as a slice of the best apple pie in town waiting for him in his usual booth.

When he found Bucky and had to disappear for a while, he found himself missing the shop and the waitress. It was the one place he felt normal, and for that period of time, he definitely wasn't normal. So, as soon as things calmed down and they were able to return to Avengers Tower, Steve dragged Bucky down to the shop. Of course, there were 2 hot cups of coffee and 2 slices of apple pie waiting for them the moment they walked in the door.