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The Edge

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Inko Midoriya sat at the kitchen table with a worn-out shoe box next to her, its lid was next to it and papers were scatter over the table. There was a yellowing old newspaper in her hand, a small tear ran down her face as her son walked out of his room and over to the fridge. Taking a glance over at him, he was wearing his normal green sweater and jeans. He had such a small frame from barely eating and his cheeks were sunken in. His pale skin made the bags under his eyes more prominent than they usually were.

She feared for her child’s health, over the past few years she had noticed the decline. Especially in the past few days as it got closer to the day that her husband had escaped his incarceration. She looked back down at the newspaper clipping in her hand and stared down at the date that was labeled in the corner. August 15th, 2006. The newspaper was titled “THE SERIAL KILLER HISASHI MIDORYIA ESCAPED WHILE BEING MOVED TO THE EXECUTION SITE DURING THE EARLY MORNING.”

Her son sat across from her with a bottle of water in his hand, his eyes fell on the newspaper article in her hand. He noted that she only took those out once a year, was it that time of year already? Time was just an illusion for him, he didn’t know what day, what month, and half of the time he didn’t know if it was night or day. The paper had crease marks from years of being folded repeatedly. He wondered how it was still intact from all the abuse his mother gave it. Their eyes met as Inko set down the newspaper article, tears were running down her face. It was rare for Izuku to see his mother cry; she usually hid it so well. It made his stomach tighten and do flips.

He couldn’t even imagine what she was going through alone when he was busy at school or in his own little world. He looked down at his bottle of water and bit his lip, “Are you doing okay, Ma?” he asked softly barely audible. He was worried that she didn’t even hear him, but the thought was washed away when his mother had grabbed his hands into hers and squeezed.

“I’m alright, son. How are you doing? Is everything okay? Did you sleep well?” The questions flooded him with overwhelming thoughts. How was he supposed to answer her? Should he lie like every time she had asked him these questions? Should he tell her the truth? The truth was he wasn’t doing well, and everything wasn’t okay. His text messages were flooded with insults from his so “called” friends. There were also threats from his boyfriend Yamazaki Kiyoshi, he wanted him to stay away from Kacchan. But how could he do that? Kacchan … Kacchan was a bully, but he was his only friend. Kacchan and him had been friends for as long as he could even remember. Their mothers were friends before the two boys were even thought of.

He could already see his mother and Auntie Mitsuki asking questions, wondering why they don’t see the two together anymore. He realized that he hasn’t answered his mother yet, he gave her one of his fake smiles, “I am doing alright, everything is fine, and yes I did sleep well.” He could see in his mother’s eyes that she didn’t believe him. At least not all the way liked he wished she would. She knew about the night terrors that he had almost every night since the age of four. It was only recently that he would lock his door at night, so she wasn’t able to check up on him like she used too. It wasn’t like he didn’t want her to check up on him because he loves every bit of affection his mother would give him. It was the fact that he would sit in the corner after the night terrors ended with a flask in his hand and his journal in the other.

His journal was like a dream book, where he would right down every night of the terrors he experienced. It was also a handbook of all his favourite martial artists. Looking back down at his phone, he had to start getting ready for school, today was the day where they would be discussing the different high schools they want to get into. His dream was to go to U.A High for Prodigies, he was in the top of his class alongside Kacchan, so either one of them would be able to go to that school if they tried hard enough for the entrance exam. But usually only one can enter, you never heard about two students from the same middle school going to a school like that. 

“You should start getting ready for school before you are late.” He knew she was right. He nodded and stood up before heading towards his room to get dressed in his school uniform. Midoriya had to look at the scars that covered his body. They were either self-inflicted or from Yamazaki. He couldn’t even count all the times where his boyfriend would take his anger out on him for the littlest of things. When he thinks about it, it was okay. It was okay because it was his fault for being so incompetent and with so many insecurities within himself. He grabbed his bag along with his journal and made his way out of the room.

His mother had already put everything away when he made his way back into the kitchen. She stood up and hugged Izuku who tensed up at the affection. Inko held back a sad sigh as she pulled away and ran her hand through her boy’s hair. “Oh baby …” She whispered and kissed his forehead before moving away from him so he was able to go to the front of the house to put his shoes on. She worried about him day and night. He was her baby boy and it hurt her to see him suffer like this.

“Love you, ma. I’ll see you after school.” Midoriya called as he put his shoes on and made his way out of the door. He was met with an angry looking Kacchan pacing back in forth in front of the house. “K-Kacchan?”

Bakugo growls as his red eyes locked onto Izuku’s bright green ones, “Deku!” He said angrily. “What took you so long?” Midoriya was taken back by just the sight of the spikey blonde hair boy in front of him. This was rare for the boy to walk with him to school, or to not push him to the ground just at the sight of him there. “Don’t just stand there and look at me stupidly, shitty nerd! Let’s start walking.” His childhood friend grabbed his wrist and pulled him along down the street towards their school.

“W-what are you doing, K-Kacchan?” He managed to spit out as he tried to keep pace with the other. His journal tightly in his hands as he followed him.

“What do you mean? Can I not walk with you to school?” Bakugo said as he turned to look at Midoriya before looking around like he was searching for someone. “We do have the exams today, so we cannot be late.” They stopped at a crosswalk waiting for the light to turn, Midoriya just watched his childhood friend with weary look. “Fuck…” The taller boy said before grabbing Izuku’s hand and turning the corner instead going across the street. “We will find a different way to go to school.”

“Why? What’s wrong with taking the way we were going? That’s our normal way.” Midoriya said as he was pulled along by Kacchan. They took turns here and there before they got back on track on the way to their middle school.

Bakugo was silent before he was sure that they were not being followed. “I saw your boyfriend … Izuku.” His voice was softer than usual. He never used that sort of voice with Midoriya at least not since they were kids. “… I didn’t want him to see us.”

“W-why? What’s wrong with Kiyoshi?” Bakugo stopped dead in his tracks before pushing Midoriya up against a brick wall.  Midoriya’s whole body went rigid and he let out a small whimper. “K-Kacchan?” He gripped the journal in his hand for a comfort thing.

“What’s wrong with Yamazaki? You of all people asked me what’s wrong with Yamazaki?” Kacchan let the boy go and raised his hands up in the air. “Are you fucking insane?” His voice started to rise more as he started to get more angrier.

“I-I’m sorry, K-Kacchan. I didn’t mean to upset you.” He looked down at his hands as they trembled. He then felt a hand grip his shoulder tightly which made him squeak. “D-don’t hurt me. Please…”

The hand lifted, “I’m not gonna hurt you, shitty nerd. I promise.” Kacchan’s voice was barely a whisper. “I am not like Yamazaki. Let’s go. We are going to be late.” He said and waited for Izuku to look up and see that he wasn’t going to hurt him. The boy nodded and followed the spikey hair one towards the school building just up ahead. They parted ways even if they had the same class, it was always like this at school. The only time Kacchan would notice him was when he was bullying him.

The day went by slow, it was just mostly exams after exams. Him flinching every time his phone started to vibrate knowing full well it was Kiyoshi trying to get ahold of him for their lunch date. Or maybe he saw him with Kacchan this morning and if it was that case then he was screwed. He rather stay in the room for lunch, and that’s what he did. He stayed in the room until the end of class. When he walked out of the room, Yamazaki Kiyoshi was waiting out in the hall for him.

The boy stood at 5’11 with bright blue hair and brown eyes, his hands were in his pockets and leaning against the wall waiting for Izuku to come out of the room. The shorter boy’s heart stopped in his chest at the sight of the other one there. He was in so much trouble, he could see it in Yamazaki’s eyes. He didn’t need to have a look on his face, he could be totally calm and Izuku knew what he was thinking. He shouldn’t have ignored him all day, he should have went on that lunch date.

Yamazaki Kiyoshi was a 1st year at Evergreen High School for Boys. They have been dating a little over two years now and at first like all relationships, they were happy. They was nothing wrong with it at all. But then it came to be a year into the relationship … that’s when everything went downhill. It started when Kiyoshi didn’t get accepted in U.A High for Prodigies. He took his anger out on Midoriya and when he realized that Midoriya loved him so much that he was willing to accept the abuse, he took that into his advantage.

His voice was cold with a smile on his face, “Hey, Midoriya,” he said every world slowly. “How was your exams?” Yamazaki walked over to the green hair boy and stood in front of him, making him feel smaller than he was. “Why didn’t you answer any of my texts at lunch? Were you with someone else?" 

“M-my exams were good, Kiyoshi … I-I’m sorry that I didn’t answer your t-texts. I had l-lost track of time. No I spent it alone.” Izuku didn’t look Kiyoshi in the eyes, instead he looked down at the journal in his hands. He turned it repeatedly over before it was snatched up by his boyfriend. “He-“ he stopped because if he said anything his punishment would be way worse than it already was going to be.

“Yeah, keep quiet.” Kiyoshi whispered, “Don’t make a peep or things will be worse for you. I know you were with someone, Izuku. Was it Bakugo?” He said with poison dripping down with every letter of Bakugo’s name. Izuku’s throat was tight as he shook his head not being able to get any words out. “You were weren’t you? I know you saw my texts this morning about staying away from him, Midoriya.”

“What do you think you are doing?” Bakugo’s voice sounded clear as day and angry. What was he doing? Midoriya could handle himself, he didn’t need Kacchan’s help. He was also just going to make things worse for him. “You’re not allowed on this campus, Yamazaki. You better go before I deal with you myself.” He then looked at Izuku, “Auntie Inko told me I need to walk with you home. She has chocolate chip cookies and needed help cleaning out the attic. You ready, shitty nerd?”

“I can walk him home, Bakugo. There’s no need. You can tell Mrs. Midoriya that he is in good hands.” Kiyoshi grabbed Izuku’s hand tightly, crushing it. He could feel the blood stop flowing to his fingers and he didn’t need to see them to know that they were turning purple. “Come Izuku, we don’t need your mom being worried about you.”

“No.” Bakugo growled out, “I promised Auntie we would be at her place together. So, get your hands off of Midoriya before I lay my hands on you.” He bared his teeth and stood in front of Kiyoshi. Even if Kacchan was shorter than Kiyoshi, Izuku was a bit more afraid of his childhood friend than he was of his boyfriend. Yamazaki let go of his boyfriend and stood back not wanting to make a scene at his former middle school.

“We’ll deal with this later.” He whispered his voice sent shivers down Izuku’s spine. Kacchan you made things so much worse for me. He knew his mom didn’t text Kacchan that. Not today. Not the anniversary of that accident. Kacchan knew that too, but it was probably the only thing he could think of at that moment. The blonde hair boy took Midoriya by the arm and pulled him away from his boyfriend. It wasn’t until they were out of the building did Izuku remembered that Yamazaki still had his journal.

“I-I have to go back! Kiyoshi has my journal.” He pulled away from Bakugo’s grip on his arm. “I can’t let him keep that…”

“What do you think you are doing, Deku?” Snapped Bakugo. “You can’t go back! I fucking saved your ass. He will think something is up if you go back.” Izuku shook his head, he needed to get his journal back before the older boy took a look inside of it. That was his, his personal journal. It held everything in there. “Deku!” Kacchan yelled after the smaller boy as he ran back into the building. He already regretted it when he saw the older boy whistling in the same hall way they were just at. A smug look on his face as he twirled the journal within his hands.

“I knew you were going to come back for it, Midoriya. If you want it back, follow me into the bathroom.” Midoriya’s throat was thick with mucus and his hands shook as he made his way into the bathroom with Yamazaki following behind him. He heard the door shut and lock, the silence was killing Izuku as he wondered if Kacchan was still waiting for him. More so, he hoped that he had followed him back into the building. “You always come back because you’re a good boy.” Yamazaki stepped forward while Midoriya took a step back as reflex. The older boy clicked his tongue at the movement as he kept taking steps closer and Midoriya stepping back. “I bet you already know that I knew Bakugo was lying. Did you forget that I have your mother's number in my phone, Izuku?”

Izuku’s heart sank down in his stomach. He had forgotten that Yamazaki had his mom’s phone number. Why did anyone thought that was a good idea? Because it was. It was at first. He was a good kid when they first dated, he didn’t show any of his true colors yet. “O..oh? W-what did she tell you, Kiyoshi?” He asked as he managed to press his back up against the wall on the far side of the bathroom. Kiyoshi was only a few feet away from him, just standing there holding Midoriya’s journal in one hand and his phone in the other.

“Hey, Mrs. Midoriya, I was just with Izuku and his friend Bakugo. Bakugo said you wanted them to walk back to the house together to help clean the attic. As I was trying to see if I would be able to walk Midoriya back home, Bakugo told me that you had ask him specifically to do that. And I was wondering if I could be any help with cleaning the attic as well? If so I will catch up with the boys as we are speaking.” Yamazaki had a voice sweet as cinnamon as he was reading off the text, he then chuckled coldly and sinister look on his face. “WOULD YOU LIKE TO KNOW WHAT SHE SAID?” He snapped as he closed the distance between them.

Izuku shook his head, he didn’t want him to yell at him anymore. Tears were starting to swell up on his face before running down his cheeks. His whole body was shaking waiting for the moment the other would start yelling at him or even worse. “It didn’t take long for her to message me back. Her response was ‘Hello dear, I am not understanding what you are asking here. I do not remember asking Katsuki to walk with Izuku back home. Nor did I ask them to help clean the attic. I do not have the energy to deal with that stuff today. As I assume, Izuku had told you today is the anniversary of his father’s death, but I appreciate you offering your help. Maybe when I have the energy to deal with it, I will contact you up.’”

Yamazaki put his phone away slowly and threw the journal in the corner of the bathroom. He got close to Izuku so their chest were touching. He grabbed the boy under the chin and made him look up, he heard the younger boy whimper at his touch. “You know what this means, right?” the boy whispered as he leaned forward. Izuku closed his eyes tightly and tried to look away, but the grip on his chin didn’t budge. “Don’t fucking look away from me.”

Izuku knew what was coming, but it still caught him off guard as he felt the balled fist make contact with his stomach. It smashed his entrails together like a hammer meeting a nail in the wall. The fist thrust upward until it hit his liver and stomach, stopping the fist from clashing into his spine. His breath left him as he doubled over just as Kiyoshi stepped back letting him fall down to his knees. His stomach felt like it was on fire as he fell down on his side, his ribs hitting the cold bacteria filled bathroom floor. He doubled into the fetus position just as Yamazaki swung his leg and kicked him onto his back.

He couldn’t breath as tears streamed down his face and a foot made contact with his throat. It didn’t crush it as there was no wait against it, but he could feel the pressure of it. He tried to swallow, but it was no use. Yamazaki leaned down a bit, pressing a bit of pressure onto Midoriya’s throat making it near impossible to breath. “If we weren’t in the school’s bathroom, you know exactly what would happen. So, you got off lucky this time.” Kiyoshi lifted his foot off of Midoriya’s throat smirking at the red outline of his boot. He then grabbed a fist full of Midoriya’s hair and forced him to get up onto his feet. “Wipe your tears and better yourself.” He let go of Midoriya’s hair and leaned down kissing Izuku on the lips before he stepped back and watched Izuku wipe his tears.
Izuku tried hard not to flinch as he saw the slightest movement from the older boy. He watched as the male walked over to his journal on the floor and picked it up. He was hesitant to take it back from the male who handed it to him with a nod from the other, he took it and held on to it closely. “T-thank you.” He whispered.

“I’ll see you later, Izuku. And remember, don’t ever lie to my face again.” Yamazaki threatened before he turned on his heel and walked over to the bathroom door, unlocking it. At that moment, the door swung inward knocking Yamazaki down on the ground, he didn’t have a moment to think when Bakugo was right on top of him. His hands were tangled up in the boy’s uniform shirt, and his eyes were brighter than normal with rage.

“Bastard!” He growls, “Why the hell did you lock the door? And why does Izuku look like he was crying?” Bakugo slammed Yamazaki back down on the ground, “Take that smirk off of your face! Did he hurt you, Izuku?” Katsuki looked up to see Midoriya just standing there in disbelief. “Did he lay a fucking hand on you?”

Midoriya stood there not knowing what to say. Did Bakugo really knew what went down behind doors with Yamazaki? Did he not hide it that well? He gulped and then looked down at Kiyoshi on the floor, he could see the smirk, but his eyes told a different story. A story to where he should keep his mouth shut. He slowly shook his head, “N-No… Kacchan. W-we were messing around. I am fine.” Kacchan looked like he didn’t believe Midoriya one bit, but he let go of the older boy on the ground and stood up. Izuku silently wished, Kacchan had came earlier than he did, maybe his abdomen wouldn’t be burning right now.

“Come on, Deku. We’re leaving,” Midoriya nodded quickly and very painfully followed Bakugo out of the bathroom without looking back at the male on the ground. Their walk out of the school was silent with heavy breaths coming from him. “I heard everything …” Katsuki trailed off as continued to walk back towards their homes. His hands were in his pockets, “I couldn’t do anything about it though … the door wouldn’t budge… I heard him yelling at you, Izuku.”

“Kacchan …” Midoriya said softly. He was still in disbelief that his childhood friend and bully was being so nice to him. He didn’t understand why. He didn’t even understand how Bakugo could be so nice to him. “…Do you know?” He stopped near a railing overlooking a pond and leaned against it as the pain in his abdomen was getting to be too much.

Katsuki stopped alongside him and looked out to the pond. He didn’t say anything for a while, “Do I know what, nerd?” He asked, but his voice wasn’t filled with the normal teasing and hatred he usually had when he called Midoriya names.

“Do you know … what I go through … with Yamazaki?” He broke up his sentence as he didn’t know how to phrase it. It was more like he was afraid to say it out loud. If he said it out loud, then it would become true. His nightmare would be reality. He didn’t want to make it reality even if he knew it was and there really wasn’t anything he could do about it.

Kacchan with his red eyes stared into Izuku’s green ones. They were filled with pity that Midoriya didn’t want to see. He didn’t want to see Kacchan feel pity on him, it was too much. “I do. I have known for a while, Deku.” He saw the taller boy lick his lips before continuing to talk, “Did you not realize that I see your face every day? How you were slowly breaking down? I saw the scars as we get dressed for gym. I see the fresh cuts and the bruises.” Izuku’s eyes started to water, he guessed he didn’t hide it well enough.

“…Why now? Why now that you are like this? You have never mentioned anything like this before. I could have used a friend … I could have used someone to feel safe with.  But all you did was tease and belittle me. So why are you trying to be my friend now?”

Katsuki stepped forward and went to grab Midoriya’s chin, but he let his hand drop when he saw the boy flinch and tense up. “Because … you’re my best friend, Izuku. It hurts me to see you like this …” he looked like he was having trouble trying to say what he felt, and Midoriya could understand that. Katsuki was never the one to really confess his feelings. “I know … I don’t show it that often, or when I do show it … it just looks like I am being an asshole to you. But …” Kacchan gently cupped Izuku’s cheeks and with his thumbs rubbed the tears that were gently falling down the boys cheeks. “But I love you, Izuku Midoriya and I want to protect you from assholes like Kiyoshi Yamazaki.” What came next made, the green hair boy eyes wide and his heart race. Kacchan leaned down and gently kissed Midoriya, it lasted for a few seconds and when Bakugo pulled away his cheeks were red with blush.

“I...I …” Midoriya was speechless, but he shook his head and stood back from Kacchan. “You don’t mean it … you are just like everyone else. You are … you’re going to end up doing the same things that Kiyoshi does to me …” His tears started to fall harder. “Why did you have to lie to me, Bakugo? It isn’t fair!” He yelled. With his journal in his hand, he turned around and started to run from Bakugo. The pain in his abdomen made it almost near impossible to run and breathe easy, but he managed as he ran and took turns.

How could Kacchan do something like this? How could he lie? He didn’t have the right! He didn’t have the right to toy with his feelings like this. Not when he is going through so much, not when he has to deal with Kiyoshi. As he ran, he could also hear the people that he pass. They recognize him, not because he made something of himself, but because of his father. They knew him because of his father. ‘Isn’t that Fire Breather’s child?’ ‘What? The serial killer? No it can’t be.’ ‘Look at that hair. It is his son.’ ‘The one that was held hostage with his mom on Fire Breather’s exaction date?’ ‘Yeah that one’.

It was all the same to him. It was always the same thing that was being said. It was never different. He didn’t need it. He didn’t need this weight bearing on his shoulder. He didn’t need Kacchan faking his love for him either. Before he even realized where he was running too, he was in a cemetery. There was bare cheery blossom trees on either side of him as he walked down the path, the pain in his stomach itching closer and closer. He stopped in the middle of the walk way and covered his mouth as he coughed. When he removed his hand there was blood splatter, just another thing to add to his list of things. Izuku kept moving letting his feet guide him to God knows where after a few minutes it occurred to him where he was going.

He was now in front of the grave belonging to Midoriya Hasashi. It was just a stone slab in the ground, nothing special about it. There was a broken vase with rotting flowers near the top of it. Midoriya had no idea why his feet would take him here of all places. He hasn’t thought about this grave in a very long time, he couldn’t even remember when was the last time he even visited it. “This is all your fault…” He whispered as he manage with great pain to sit down in front of the grave marker. “I wouldn’t be the way I am … if it wasn’t for you. You ruined my life that day.”

Izuku set down his journal, not a single time today was he able to write in it like he was planning on doing. Sighing he slowly unbutton his school uniform jacket and took it off winching, he then unbutton his button down shirt. There was a massive purple with black and yellow blotches on his stomach, it was nothing knew, but it hurt him. Every time Yamazaki did something like this, he just felt betrayed. He was there to protective him and love him and vice versa. But it feels like he was just a punching bag to him. It was the same with Kacchan, Kacchan never physically hurt him before, but mentally multiple times. And then he comes up with this … this thought that he loved him? Why show it now?

He looked back down at the grave and fresh tears started to fall as he remembered the night of the incident. Too many thoughts at once was flooding into his head, that night, Kacchan, Yamazaki, but the ones about the night was stronger than the rest. He was only four years old, but he could remember vividly of the news channels and his dad’s face plastered on them. He would always ask his mom why dad’s face was on the screen and she would tell him that its because he was on the run for something pretty bad. He never understood what that was though.

One day when he was watching the television, a news article came on. “Midoriya Hisashi was captured, he was expected to kill up to ten citizens, but only five was discovered.” He remembered asking his mom what the word kill meant, she explained it to him, but he didn’t understand why his father would do such a thing. His mom then turned on cartoons and asked him to watch it as she made a phone call.

In the kitchen he could hear the voice of Auntie Mitsuki on the other line, “I’m glad that bastard was caught. Can you imagine what he would have done to you and Izuku if he ever came back? He deserves the capital punishment. I want to see him be hanged for hurting you.” It wasn’t even a week later that, his father was at their door. He was so happy to see him and his father was happy to see him too. He wanted to know why his father wasn’t home more. It was good for the first couple of hours, he didn’t notice anything wrong. Now he knew his mother was scared to death, he knew she was acting calm for him.

The rest of the night was blurry, he could remember the police sirens, yelling from both of his parents. Him crying and hiding. He could hear the grunts from his father and the silent whimpers of his mother and the skin on skin contact. He remembered the hours slipping by, he didn’t know how long it was, he just knew it was long. Then the morning came … that morning was something he could never forget. His father was ready to surrender himself, he pushed his mother and him out of the house where they were taken into protective custody of the police. His father then walked out with a smile on his face, he had pretended to reach for something, or at least he thought he was pretending.

He heard the gunshots go off. Bang! Bang! Bang! His mother tried to shield his eyes away from the scene in front of him, but it was no use. He saw his father go down with a smile on his face staring right at Izuku. He saw the light slowly fade from the man’s eyes and a puddle of dark liquid surround him. From then on he always had the look of his dad’s face in his dreams until it slowly faded into a blurry nothingness. Why did he put himself through this when he knows it was just going to hurt him more than it is now?

“Why did you do it … why did you decide to kill all these people? What was going through your head? What was going through your head when you held mom and I hostage? Is Kacchan doing this because he knows today is the anniversary of that night? And this is his way of trying to make me happy?” He said out loud. It isn’t like anyone could hear him so he doesn’t even know why he was talking to himself. “I hate you …”

He laid down with his head on his journal and uniform jacket staring at the headstone. “I hate you so much. Maybe I wouldn’t be so fucked up … maybe Kacchan wouldn’t be lying to me like he is now. Maybe … maybe I could even leave the relationship that I am in …” He sighed and placed a hand on his throbbing stomach. “I could even pursue my dream of becoming a pro martial artist like All Might or Endeavor. Wouldn’t that be great? I could protect mom better than I could before. I could even protect myself.” 

He took the journal from underneath his head to just lay on the jacket now. He flipped through the pages, his head feeling light headed and his stomach started to growl a bit. He then got to the drawing of All Might. He was a massive famous Martial Artist who went into hiding two years prior. No one has seen him in a while, but his dojo is still standing in the same place that it has been for years. He never seen it in person, but he always wanted too. His vision was getting blurry as he stared at the page in the journal. His pain in his stomach was a dull ache now barely able to feel it.

“You know … dad … someday I will join you… wherever you are. Because the way I know I’ll be leaving this world … isn’t going to bring me to heaven. So, I will be seeing you soon. Then I can personally tell you how much I hate your guts. Hopefully. I know it will make mother sad … but I think it will be the best for her and me. That way she won’t see her child crumble in front of her anymore. Wouldn’t that be great?” His words started to slur as his vision became blacker and his breathing became shallow.

From there he was in and out of sleep, listening to the birds chirp in the sky as he held onto his journal with one hand. Midoriya didn’t even know when someone had picked him up, but he had came to in someone’s arms. All he could see was red … maybe. No … blonde? He didn’t know for sure. Whoever he was, he knew where he lived. He closed his eyes again as the pain from every step racked against his stomach. The next time he came too, he heard a sweet voice, multiple voices. Sounded like Kacchan, and his mom, but there was also another one he didn’t recognize. But it was a beautiful male’s voice, soft with each word he used.

But that was it. He didn’t see who he was, and for the first time in a very long time. He slept through the night with no nightmares, no dreams, just pure blackness.